worst drivers

Are you among the nation's worst drivers?

You can blame your bad driving on your career. Study finds that if you're a bartender, ticket sales rep or journalist, you are among the nation's worst drivers. The best drivers include music composers and postmasters. This is based on moving violations, speeding, driving under the influence and...
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Where are the worst drivers

So is it any surprise that Florida ranks in the top five for worst drivers in the nation? No, not really, given the large amount of trendy watering holes, the urgent need to get anywhere as quickly as possible and the lack of understanding of four-way stops, yellow lights, and the basic yield of...
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Bad Driver

Oh, Hialeah!

Say it ain't so! Hialeah has the worst drivers in the entire state! If this is any indicator [pun intended>: The caption... #ded ------ ・・・ Finally someone using a blinker #ONLYinDADE | -- zoe_guwop #Repost @onlyindade with @get_repost A post shared by Kimba (@me_kimba) on Feb 13, 2019 at 3:44pm...
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