Drinking enough water could make you happy

Drinking enough water could be the key to feeling happy. Science says so. It found that we are three times more likely to feel “very happy” if we feel we drank enough water. What's enough? On average, we drink about five glasses a day and feel that's about average. But experts believe we should be...
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You Can Now Drink Wine-Flavored Water!

There are some food and drink items put out by manufacturers that I just do not understand! The latest one is “wine water,” and it is boggling my mind. It's a non-alcoholic drink called O. Vine , which lets you enjoy the essence of a bottle of wine without the hangover. I’ve heard of near beer, but...
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Raw Water is the Latest Drinking Trend That We Don't Totally Understand

It's a new year and that means there will be a bunch of new health trends and diets for us to try. There's one that's getting a lot of attention all over social media and it definitely made me curious. The internet is raging about "raw water." Wait, isn't all water raw? What is raw water? Raw water...
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