Woman Told to 'Burn the House Down' After Discovering Cause of Broken Toilet

A woman was told to “burn the house down” after she discovered the cause of her broken toilet- four snakes. “I sort of looked at them for a second and thought… that’s not right,” she said. She then called a friend to help her wrangle them out.
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Flushing Public Urinals May Spread Coronavirus: Study

New research is highlighting the potential risks involved with using a public bathroom. The study out of China says flushing public urinals may spread COVID-19.
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Study Finds Flushing the Toilet Could Spray Coronavirus Particles Into the Air

Wearing face masks, washing your hands, and putting the toilet lid down – these are all behaviors that will help prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. Read more about the importance of putting the lid down.
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Snake In A Toilet

It's happened again! A Coral Springs resident went to use his facilities only to find a 4-foot long python in his toilet. As Baltazar Jimeno lifted up the toilet seat, the snake rose up and bit him on the arm. Mr. Jimeno is okay as pythons are non-venomous. We're okay with the fact that Mr. Jimeno...
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