Watch: This New iOS 11 Feature Could Save Your Life

This is great news for all iPhone users, and parents may want to teach their kids about this feature too. In fact, if you look after elderly relatives, this is a great feature you'll want to enable on their phones as well: Sometimes we find ourselves in scary situations and need to call 911. The...
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What to Expect as Apple Unveils New iPhones Today

Today is the big day! Apple will unveil the latest (and greatest) version of its popular iPhone today. The announcement will be made during Apple's keynote address. The address begins around 1pm ET. The iPhone, which is actually celebrating its 10th anniversary, is expected to get a complete...
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Test your Solar Eclipse IQ

Are you fully prepared for the big, total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21? Test your eclipse knowledge now!
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Need to Break Your Phone Addiction? Try This!

Are you addicted to your phone? This simple trick may help. Digital addiction can cause some real problems for the addict and those around them. It has a negative effect on your life, of course. Well, this simple hack will help make your phone and tablet a lot less tempting. The idea is to turn...
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The Average Person Will Take This Many Selfies in Their Lifetime

Ready for this? The average person born after 1980 will take 25,000 selfies in their lifetime, according to newly released data. Samsung shared the surprising statistic when they unveiled an improved front-facing camera at a recent product launch. Samsung say we'll take 25,000 selfies in our...
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