Social Issues

Following Disney, the NBA Is Getting Political

Disney and Marvel released a statement this week saying they will no longer film movies in Georgia if the governor of that state signs a “religious liberty” bill into law. The bill allows religious officials and religious institutions to deny services to people based on their sexual preference. The...
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Damn, Sam, You Got Slammed

Sam Smith won an Oscar Sunday night for Best Original Song (it was "Writing's on the Wall" for Spectre, the James Bond movie). During his speech, he misquoted Sir Ian McKellen, saying "no openly gay man had won an Oscar." What Sir Ian said was no openly gay man had ever won the Best Actor Oscar. So...
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Um, What Was That, Exactly?

Perhaps the most awkward moment of Sunday's Oscar - heck, of any Oscar show - is when Stacy Dash made a two-line appearance on the stage. Chris Rock, host of the shindig, introduced her as the new director of the Academy's Minority Outreach Program. There was a lot of controversy before the event...
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