Pepperoni Shortage Has Caused a Number of Restaurants to Raise the Price of Pizza

There have been plenty of shortages due to the coronavirus including toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and coins, but this latest shortage is one that’s bound to affect all pizza lovers. Find out about the pepperoni shortage now.
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Where Have All the Coins Gone Amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

Here’s an odd effect of the COVID-19 pandemic: With fewer people dining and shopping in-person, there’s a shortage of coins in circulation. Read more!
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A tortilla-pocalypse

If you love tortillas, you may want to start making them yourself. Taco Bell apparently is experiencing a shortage all over the country. From New York to Tennessee, there have been reports of tortillas not being available at their restuarants. No official word, but some are saying it's a warehouse...
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