Local 10

Help the Bahamas with Local 10 CARE FORCE

You’ve seen the devastation Dorian has wreaked on the Bahamas… and of course, you’ve wanted to help. 101.5 Lite FM is joining the Local 10 CARE FORCE, to give you a quick way to get supplies to those in need.
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Sad Woman

Mental Health Awareness

You really never do know who is suffering. Hopefully, we can together end the stigma that is put on mental illness so that won't be the case anymore. The more we talk about it, the more someone suffering may reach out for help . Singer Halsey recently spoke of her struggles with bipolar disorder...
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Todd Tongen

In Memory of Todd Tongen

We are all still reeling from the news of Todd Tongen's death . We were dealt another shock upon finding out the manner in which he passed. Todd was on Local 10 for 30 years , so to many of us, he was like extended family. LITE FM is also partners with Local 10, so this hits especially close to...
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