Hugh Jackman accepts the Hollywood Actor Award onstage during the 22nd Annual Hollywood Film Awards

A 7-year-old from Plantation meets crush Hugh Jackman

It's always great when you get to meet your celebrity crush and he or she is everything & then some.
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Done and Done

Are you done being the responsible one?

Are you the one person in your family that remembers everything? Are you done being the responsible one? This blog feels your pain - but warning, there is some salty (albeit understandable) language!
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Apollo 11 Crew

Man on the Moon

It was 50 years ago today , the Apollo 11 crew blasted off for the moon! Four days and 240,000 miles later, they landed and history was made. Musuem of Discovery and Science will host 'To The Moon and Back' activities from noon-4p, Saturday (July 20th).
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Apartment living room

Would You Share An Apartment With A Stranger?

It's called co-living . You rent a bedroom but share the rest of the apartment with others who've rented the other bedrooms! In some cases, you're able to share the bedroom as well. It's like finding a roommate only you don't determine who lives there. Renters are vetted - standard criminal, income...
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A Letter To My Dog

A new book is out - Letters to My Dog - a collection of letters to dogs by their guardians. One of my favorites is Kristen Bell's letter to her dog Lola: The Matriarch of Our Family Things you taught me: When we are around other dogs who are barking and yapping, you remain calm and stoic, which is...
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Thank you teacher

Teacher Prep Event

Target's Teacher Prep Event runs Saturday, July 13th throught Saturday, July 20th. Teachers can save 15% on supplies, but first must verify your status !
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Kendrick Norton

Kendrick Norton

Miami Dolphins player (and former UM player) Kendrick Norton was involved in horrific wreck July 4th, resulting in the amputation of his left arm. He recently sent a message from his hospital bed, thanking everyone who checked in on him. He'll need several more surgeries before being able to be...
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Crawling Dude

Gone Galloping Lately?

Remember Joanna Rohrback? Our fellow South Floridian introduced us to Prancercise : Well, it would seem a woman named Ayla Kirstine has taken it to a new level...
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Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes Gets Kissed By A Girl

This is so sweet! Shawn leans in to hug a fan and this little girl takes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lay one on him! The girl on the right, though?!! She's all hands in his hair and then runs her hand down his back! Shawn will be here July 28th, Triple A - Good luck, and no groping please...
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Fireworks Warnings

Fireworks are a beautiful sight to see, but best left to professionals . Join LITE FM at the 4th of July Spectacular presented by the City of Ft. Lauderdale - it's free, and you keep your body parts intact. Also, your neighbors' pets would really appreciate you NOT lighting up those boomers ...
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