Harry Potter

Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint Says He is Often Mistaken for Ed Sheeran

You’d think that being one of the stars of the Harry Potter movie series would result in being frequently recognized in public. Well, for Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley in the series) it’s not that simple.Grint says, however, that he is often mistaken for another British redhead, Ed Sheeran."...
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Author J.K. Rowling Got Rejected (Even After Harry Potter)

Every good artist gets rejected, but Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling got it after she became wildly sucessful. Despite selling 400 million copies of her Harry Potter books, she had trouble getting her novel The Cuckoo's Calling published under her alais Robert Galbraith. Galbraith/Rowling got some...
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