Is This the Oldest Living Cat in the World?

( WBBM NEWSRADIO ) -- A Spring Grove man's cat just may be the oldest living cat in the world. Or a close second. People learned about him from a post on Reddit showing the orange cat's picture with the words: “This is Tiger. He just turned 31.” The post was made by Robert Goldstein’s step-daughter...
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Grumpy Cat

Meet Louis The Cat!

We lost the f amous Grumpy Cat last month. There's a cat out of Austin, Texas that makes Grumpy Cat look happy. In fact, Louis looks downright pissed off ... and for that, we love him! Fresh cut ---- #Louis #Persiancat #Persianbaby #bootswiththefur #bestcat #kitty #meow #cutepets #smooshface #...
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This Cat That Looks Like Friends' Ross Gellar Takes the Internet by Storm

It may have taken the internet a few weeks, but they’ve finally solved one of life's greatest mysteries. This cat, which took Twitter by storm earlier this winter, looks just like the character from Friends, Ross Gellar.Wait. So this is REALLY a thing? Yes. Yes it is. So Twitter user wtrprks posted...
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Furry Fursday: Meet Eric!

ERIC Meet Eric, an adorable and chatty kitty. Once you walk into the room, he will meow and look at you with the cutest little face until you go to him and give him love. Eric is a great companion to have by your side and cute as a button, too! This guy is eight years old and still searching for...
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Furry Fursday: Meet Ralph!

Ralph Looking for a running buddy? A playtime buddy? A furry buddy? A lifetime buddy? Ralph has got your back! This one-year-old German Shepherd mix enjoys all the little things that make life great like running around, tennis balls, cuddles and kisses! What he is missing...a forever family to do...
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Furry Fursday: Meet Milicent!

Milicent Milicent is a five-year-old kitty who is super sweet and playful. This little gal loves to have e a variety of toys to play with; any kind at all will spark her attention! Watching her reaction to cat nip is always a treat! After she’s spent her days playing with her cool toys, a few cats...
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