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Kendrick Norton

Kendrick Norton

Miami Dolphins player (and former UM player) Kendrick Norton was involved in horrific wreck July 4th, resulting in the amputation of his left arm. He recently sent a message from his hospital bed, thanking everyone who checked in on him. He'll need several more surgeries before being able to be...
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Crawling Dude

Gone Galloping Lately?

Remember Joanna Rohrback? Our fellow South Floridian introduced us to Prancercise : Well, it would seem a woman named Ayla Kirstine has taken it to a new level...
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Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes Gets Kissed By A Girl

This is so sweet! Shawn leans in to hug a fan and this little girl takes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lay one on him! The girl on the right, though?!! She's all hands in his hair and then runs her hand down his back! Shawn will be here July 28th, Triple A - Good luck, and no groping please...
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Fireworks Warnings

Fireworks are a beautiful sight to see, but best left to professionals . Join LITE FM at the 4th of July Spectacular presented by the City of Ft. Lauderdale - it's free, and you keep your body parts intact. Also, your neighbors' pets would really appreciate you NOT lighting up those boomers ...
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Bottle of Water

Bottle Cap Challenge

Here's the Bottle Cap Challenge in all its glory: This challenge is way too much of a -- fest for my liking. I nominate @stellamccartney @caradelevingne @karliekloss @christineandthequeens @lynn_ban @cassandragracey #bottlecapchallenge #challengeaccepted #noplastic STOP USING PLASTIC BOTTLES...
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New Law

New Laws Go Into Effect Today

New laws go into effect today, the biggest being texting and driving becoming a primary offense . Before, you couldn't be pulled over soley for texting while driving. Now you can. You'll get a warning through the end of this year. Then, you'll be ticketed, with court fees and points on your license...
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Elderly weightlifter

An 81 Year Old Weightlifter

81-year-old Shirley Webb just competed in her second World IPF Championship in Sweden where she received two gold medals — for deadlift and total — and two silver medals, for squat and deadlift. She’s worked her weigh up to being able to lift 225 pounds. Watch her go:
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A Unique Dying Wish

A 93-year-old grandma who has been good all of her life wanted one thing to happen before she died. She wanted to get arrested!! A big thank you to @gmpolice for "arresting" my Gran Josie today. She is 93 years old and her health is failing, and she wanted to be arrested for something before it's...
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Sad Woman

Mental Health Awareness

You really never do know who is suffering. Hopefully, we can together end the stigma that is put on mental illness so that won't be the case anymore. The more we talk about it, the more someone suffering may reach out for help . Singer Halsey recently spoke of her struggles with bipolar disorder...
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Bad Driver

Oh, Hialeah!

Say it ain't so! Hialeah has the worst drivers in the entire state! If this is any indicator [pun intended>: The caption... #ded ------ ・・・ Finally someone using a blinker #ONLYinDADE | -- zoe_guwop #Repost @onlyindade with @get_repost A post shared by Kimba (@me_kimba) on Feb 13, 2019 at 3:44pm...
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