Man Stayed In Downtown Seattle Tree For 2 Days

March 23, 2016
Why has #ManInTree been trending? Tuesday afternoon a homeless man in Seattle was just having one of those days and decided it would be a good idea to climb an 80-foot tree located near a downtown department store. 

When first responders arrived on the scene, they used a ladder truck to try to negotiate with the man and try to get him to come down safely.  He wasn't having it and began to throw apples and pinecones at officers. At that point roads were closed causing severe back ups in Seattle's already terrible traffic (ranked 2nd worst in the nation). 

While Hillary Clinton was making political stops in the area, everyone's attention seemed glued to live coverage of #ManInTree. Seattle Police were waiting the man out and laughed off crowd suggestions to "tranquilize him like a bear and catch him on a trampoline." 

At one disgusting point, a TV live camera feed didn't turn away when he *ahem* sent a present from above to the street below. 

He built a nest in the tree and spent the night. This morning he yelled, "How much taxpayer money are you wasting, this is not an emergency!" Eventually he came down without incident. Police say he will not be charged and is undergoing a mental health evaluation.