Frankenstein's Demon

The LITE FM Players (2011)


The perfect Halloween story: classic radio drama, adapted from Mary Shelley's original 19th century horror novel, brought to life by The LITE FM Players.


The LITE FM Players:
Host – Ellen Jaffe
Walton – Dave Corey
Victor – Rob Sidney
Elizabeth – Susan Wise
William – Dillon Purchase
Alphonse – Bill Stedman
Ernest – Adam Schneider
Clerval – Paul Tei
Justine – Jeanne Ashley
Monster – Dave Corey
Market Woman – Luann Cardinal
Officer – Bryan Shine
Servant Woman – Sheila Miah
Blind Man – Steve Gladstone
Boy – Beth Jordan

Original Theme – Michael Hoffman
Sound Design – Matt Corey
Written, Directed and Produced by Dave Corey

Frankenstein tells the story of an artificial life experiment gone terribly wrong producing a monster. Mary Shelley began writing the story at age 18; it was published when she was 21. 

The actual storyline was conceived during a dream in which Shelley had a conversation with three writer colleagues resulting in a competition to see who could write the best horror story. Frankenstein was born! 

The story is often considered to be the first true science fiction story. 

Frankenstein Factoid: The name "Frankenstein" often refers (incorrectly) to the monster. In the actual manuscript, words such as "monster", "monster", "fiend", "wretch", "vile insect", "daemon", and "it" refer to the monster. Frankenstein is actually the novel's human protagonist.

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