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Welcome to *Beyond Reality Radio* -- a daily discussion focusing on the
paranormal ... the strange ... and the weirder side of life, hosted by
internationally-known paranormal experts *Jason Hawes* and *JV Johnson*.
Each Tuesday through Friday on this page, you'll find a new
'listen-on-demand' edition of *Beyond Reality Radio* featuring paranormal
'A-list' guests and experts in their fields, bringing a level of
sophistication and expertise you won't find on any other program.  
Beyond Reality Radio originates live Monday through Thursday nights from 12
mid. to 2 a.m. (ET).  /Blazing trails and finding answers: It's reality
radio -- focusing on topics that are Beyond Reality./

*Jason Hawes: * Creator and star of SyFy's long-running hit reality
television show, *Ghost Hunters [1]*.  Entering its 11th season, Ghost
Hunters not only began the paranormal reality revolution but has remained the
top show of its kind.  *Jason* founded and starred in Ghost Hunters
International and Ghost Hunters Academy.  He's a best-selling author and
maintains a social media following of several million fans.
 /Twitter: *@jchawes [2]* / 
*JV Johnson: * A 30-year radio pro and publisher/editor of the leading
paranormal publication, *TAPS ParaMagazine [3]*, *JV* has experience where
it counts. As a noted paranormal expert, he's often quoted in media and has
made guest appearances on Ghost Hunters and other paranormal radio and TV
programs.  /Twitter: *@jvj_paramag [4]*/  
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