Your Relationship: Are You Expecting Too Much?

Monday, November 6th

Once you're married -- do you still celebrate the other little anniversaries in your relationship?  Like your first date?

Evelyn thinks it's important to buy little gifts and keep those traditions alive; Julie can live without the trinkets -- as long as he remembers those milestones.


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Hi there answers we got painted. In handling really well one I think most welcome your podcast we're so glad you could join us hopefully everybody had a nice weekend AM Monday is going well smoothing we are going by smoothly. Some people on the Friday off till McKinney and talk. Oh this coming Friday at veterans day yes my Musharraf. I'm alone stand for the reminder. My new and trying to gain. All right anyway. So you really interesting conversation with some friends of yours and it's about anniversaries. Now we're not talking about your typical wedding anniversary. Shell I set it up yes go ahead. Okay there's a big group of us eating at Shea check on Saturday. Classic technique known as. I totally get more than one now and yeah I got to nothing we we know those of us work our hang in our sit outside BS and beautiful Libyan there is this weekend he gathers to lose 34567. CNET to had ten of us with a big group and while talking and I'm Rhonda on the subject to how basically Mike and I are screw it comes to December January and February. December 1 or dating anniversary then we have Christmas. Then his birthday is the thirtieth and December than our wedding anniversary dinner sixteen. Then there's mounts and stay and then two weeks that is my birthday everything kind of happens in a three month period that went out he's got a commemorated joke about higher ready know what I'm getting emperor's birthday. Now that what are you getting MA music none. And then my friends Sarah and rob were like you still celebrate eared dating anniversary you know once your married he'll sovereign debt anymore. And unlike. Some. Not. And many is that Kiev also gets you a Valentine's Day gift. Yes. I am very vocal about what I expect. And it kind of sitting here asking for a person's an expensive shoes every Valentine's Day. But do I expect Mike to get me flowers in Jakarta may do it one other thing a box of doughnuts are a T shirt that I like you just. And jam us something I just want some effort slashing thought of me on Valentine's Day yes I expect those things does that make me about a person I don't care. Fox. I didn't think you did care. Now I we have our first date anniversary. Unknown and we don't buy guests because now we've been together. Oh my gosh so we're gonna be married twenty years this coming year and trying another 21 years so which he always argues with me about he thinks it's when he two years. Like oh my god man please. Anyway no we don't tell we used to we used to celebrate back and that was only date that we had and we re letting dates and that was our date but we just kind of hurt her. Yeah how we just kind of remember it like now I'll send him attacks like you know what today not ready to date in and I finally yes the day that I was an idiot and it's and we joke around or whatever but. Sometimes he'll get me a card but we haven't but we still remember it. Like they're kind of right in the sense that we don't necessarily do gets Ford because all these years later you know and it's sad era I don't expect I'm not backing for a diamond necklace now but we do remember it I want some recognition. I want taxed may be a card may be flowers mainly go to dinner but just like you said some kind of recognition that this happened because I saw the light in the car after we left Lego. Yeah our married that you better not ever ever stop dating me. I goalie we have to date forever like brown won its second possession had kids. Yeah and that I'm you said that because I think a lot of couples go through that obviously get married a long time yet consider Islam. And things are not exciting and things are not you know they die down because you've. Nick Eaton you're living now yes it's always exciting in the beginning in its trash and it's like huh. We get to do this together we get to do that together and when you've done that together for so many years you're like. But god now it's very easy to get into that complete set routine so it is fun to have whatever it may be an excuse our first date. Mino the first place you've ever cast what they see as silly in that wasn't you know girls. Duke is meant or really are very simple week we make things complicated. But it would you know if you don't held mamet. Are they won't know which is why I tell my husband and my expectations are very clear I don't like to play games might knows that I expect certain things certain times. I and I think that makes me. I mean better as a life and a partner because I'm not playing games with him and sitting around writing in to read your mind just talent is there a lot. I'm you know I started the last the other there read an article about a woman who was really mad at her husband's and then she was more mad because he didn't know why she was Matt. And I started last because I can relate to that Don Knapp where he did not have any clue that I was not about something and then he was like well I didn't know he didn't tell me announce a wish. New you know me anyway you know but they're Jim is just weird our own had a so is your significant other yeah I cannot expect and I always know what he's having a bad day maybe he's mad at me. We're not perfect night from contrary to the many things that I believe. But I do think that it's important that you say something so maybe they don't think this couple that if first day anniversary is important or maybe they think another thing is important and not amount via whenever. But. I think it's important to keep things fresh because otherwise it's so simple uneasy is just so can I throw the towel. Exactly I always tried to tell my comb peeling like Naeole and I always tell him. Again a day Lou into a really nice to eating house from when you texting like how many dishes again I was like seven. This is like a pre fixed menus and I made the reservation and I found their doing that it's like Canada day were married it's all same money railing beside Mike took me out to dinner. So I told and I got I can Danny every now some analysts you're returned to take me out on date because I think being asked me like you're right. And he just like I tell those things because Gavin de it's not about him began the checks were married who cares about the point. But I was the one you found eating house I said oh this looks good I made us renovations and brought it up like I want him to contribute ideas still. Well it's funny I am I do like to get dressed up and Galati in my heart and does not. But he knows and we do it so sparingly because it is no time and there's no OK there's dig out the really there's no time. Between our schedules and our kids and their busy lives. Very rare but when we do have we did it last week on Thursday then we went to dinner we went yeah I remember when the restaurant is telling me we were the first people in the restaurant at 530 you locked and we were like you know who cares. We had a really nice dinner for then we went home and I think that was really nice the following need. And you know you really don't need anything else I just need to go out I don't cook. What I thought the whining and go home. I am I like effort like I do Islam like I I am always constantly thinking of ideas and suggestions are looking ahead Mike makes fun mammal is like. Deputies out of Orange Saturday and yeah I'm the same way in a planner Scott's not he's very much in the moment spontaneous. Which is good still. So you got I have to try if define balance which is why am vocal and I'm like okay I picked that dinner like him and even big when Anders in Delray you know and I. I don't play games they tell you don't run the story right there the moral of the story as it doesn't matter why anniversary you wanna celebrate by. Also be vocal about let's say you do want to celebrate right there to date our first guest. Or you like to go out to eat or pay now it's your turn as you mentioned yeah we don't tell. Our significant others what's important to us they can't figure it out there really can't and we can't play these games like more young and they should known they shouldn't it done they don't now and can do it they didn't know there are oil is there they're bullies and some believe peers Aaron rob for Reagan timing out thank sorry and that's just one more thing by. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry each workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and Blake Miami dot com.