The World Is A Classroom

Friday, November 3rd

It's never too early, or late, to learn a life lesson! After all, the world is a classroom.


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We need this today we did I saw this tree in a I don't office a doctor's office actually went out hit my man lol. And yes different. That's the that's the cool kids are saying as well and when I looked it up on. Lines of student find it they're yes sometimes some weird happened though woman who posted it she found it at another doctor an up or phonics. Appointments okay pleased doctor's office apparently had the power of positive thinking and doctors opposite okay short. And it's basically called the world is our classroom. I've learned that. And it's just people all different different ages which I like wearing wire Wednesday. This is really great app for my six years cents a gallon ID for instance seven year old Atlanta you can't hide broccoli and a glass of milk. Very very important lesson to learn through a I've learned that if you wanted to yourself up we should try tearing up someone else aged thirteen that's nice pairing and it and a teenager to. This I really like to I've learned that the important thing is me and that's a 38 year old and I think that's important because you know we we're raised to be self did not to be self you're told to not be selfish. But I think we all heard that phrase charity starts at home and I think we all think about it being your house but I think that you are. You know spiritual home here is your bodies here you know they say in the airplane you got to plan your mask first strike so I think it's really important that. To be able to take care of everyone else and be self lists. 59 year old I've learned that happiness is like perfume he can't give it away without getting a little on yourself. So you're saying yeah. I love this 129 year old I've learned about the sun group is worth the extra cost met and I can't I have. I have got to indulge myself and that one of these days seducing her partner right then and follow last line really nice 61 I learned that everyone has something to tee it's I think in this day made the lane where everything seems to be your all disagreeing with each other instead of listening and learning from each other. You know I'm maybe make a difference be kind to one another would be nice that's for me. And many I'm damn business. I. Read them all certainly is so I'm putting a link to this up so you can just take your leisure. Check it out and read damage there really some acute some of them are profound nick and I think hopefully you'll enjoy them as not just Libyan I did you go. Yeah surely that. Day and got some funding. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.