When You're Bullied as a Grownup

Thursday, October 26th

Bullying doesn't end in high school.  Evelyn's found that her gym is home to a couple people who are making things uncomfortable for her -- and all she wants to do is work out in peace.


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Hey is Julie Guy and I am encouraged opens and one more thing yes please welcome to our podcast. We are so glad you could join us so if you listen this morning we were talking about this new. Proposed law we'll know it did pass in one city in Western New York yes like now they are proposing at aha. Everywhere else and actually it was on or harass miss seeing dot com hope something right anyway this is a website where it's strictly about. But they poll people about all kinds of the Eid holiday season topic citizens and so one of them in particular was should parents. Being held accountable for their Childrens actions I east this instance specifically not specifically like bullying. Being out past curb fees or any other city laws like that exactly so if you and 50% of parents did agreeing. Right up the pack your initial reaction has aspired to be held accountable however. Yes the consequences are. 250 dollar fine yeah which is okay frank and sixteen days in jail. Which is a lot 'cause especially one if you're single parent and jailed on rape and what you're single parent you don't go to school work for two weeks to take care your to your kid is a big fat brown fat in any case on. The board this morning people were like now it's not a good idea that but then we had the people who were like look the finer worry if it is sign him but not the jail time because obviously but we are so unfortunately too I didn't mention this on the air earlier. Was use you're getting get these people who come from lowering Conn families that are gonna get stuck in a vicious cycle. You know I mean it and then they come from a broken home with a single mom and accused Alley past curfew so mom has debate to fifteen she can't afford then the kids in key break in the roles in the just going to be nonstop nonstop nonstop so that would our issue this morning calm and it was it was interesting conversation because I love how people have differing views. Yes. A lot of people seem to agree that in in that Obama is right right and that kids even though they come on the same parent. Two kids can be very different. But. Parents do need to be held accountable in some way yes they need to be aware of what's going higher is the biggest thing so here is the thing that we're talking about today now. In light of that and when and you know what I have kids and my daughter is in middle school which is when their real age Julie star I doubt it doesn't happen in high school. But I middle schooled everybody's console hernia so we're in now I'm in the weeds as they say right now but you know this doesn't just stop. When your are now eighteen this continues throughout life and yes I think there are bullies. Everywhere in our lives they could be your bonds they could be your significant other they could be your friends yes. They could coworker color yes you could have been in your life and it's normal how you. I handle it so I think I bit lucky at not a couple but I don't know that I realized there Paterno medics and yes which is kind of good. But you are going through something now yes find. Quite interesting yeah I parents are aiming Dion there but a room at the gym I might I love my gym for the most part but there is a group of people. Who are. Almost like it's their gene that makes sense yet have been there since the beginning. Have made comments and who owns the land the gym is on. Because you were shrunken construction company. And just has been going there for years you know on the Mena. Once I mean made the comment that he reached two weeks to talk to anybody because they have such a quick turnaround of members. How to animals like a person says that you think you deserve to wait two weeks to talk to somebody while gas so it just trying to paint the picture here. I'm in the gym while there is I like it is because very competitive and all of that and a competitive person. I believe that you know hammered as being competitive makes me better because you trial little harder you know short. But they almost take it too seriously or sometimes it isn't that deeds. It's just that got the Olympic now it's just exercise like it is exactly this is not our job this is right come per fine it's just exercise. So I don't know really how to deal with it because I feel like I'm in a lose lose situation to speak up against this couple and their friends. About a couple their two people yes Biden oh he had done the wife told one of my friends that you know she knows we don't like each other. And that her husband is likely because I walk in every day just talking being allowed who want yeah I do I'm not the kind of person that. Takes a lot of comfortable somewhere and that can irritate people especially people think I. Need to earn my spot somewhere hours I come and I talked everybody and I I act that I've been there before but not rude way to set. But it doesn't know all the idea. You know you've you're nodding your head as you know that's what I do painting an accurate it yourself and I don't do it out of cocky yes I do it just because that's who you are I would say this is the value you are genuinely you know there is no. Where where he comes in late. Every day it's a running joke he comes and has dozens clothing comes on his lunch break. Coming in my everyday tosses Jim met on announcers like barking about like what hurts today want says that now mom out and it is different. But all he doesn't like me who AFLAC it is early every day and talks everybody. He's a Heidi dealer that I don't know I've I've thought about talking. To the owner. But again in the light what would you say to the owner because I'm not the only one who's dealt with the bullying from them. I have friends have told me stories and things about while people have sent to them. But the promise like. Are they gonna do what ot it it's not a lot and kicked out of the gym. I just don't want you to ruin that no one environment where I come tend not to think about anybody else. And just this is like my time right I don't need you just put a lot of people consider their gym time to exercise kind of money it's any time I. I don't need you sitting there questioning my score. In honor Brett tie dye and saying things to me. Like I don't I onetime I lost and I looked kind of like common gym for you or for everybody else because I come here for me. Like a ten yeah more like. Quit worrying he comes like we have a border here it's her name down. You know from the 5363730. Class early and usually people right there scored aqsa. How stand at the beginning class staring all the scores to kind of get an idea of where he needs to be for the day. Like this person and it's weird because yesterday. Too easy yes we were the last owns an engine after the class. Music I am on holes like nine have a today cook but it was so where maybe he's changing his tune now all he. There's days orally finally I talked to turn these days Giuliani that I shaved six reps off my score and then there is days where. My kids and I you you do not like his picture cuts when it comes to exercise. Well even Nat like a great like I wouldn't cheat or do anything like that. Range play doubles IV here. What does it matter to you traded right no I agree yeah it's not cheating myself right so you don't need to worry about exactly like the student at school asks you how much did you study. Because she's worried about how why are gonna do to spite of us yeah. That's a good analogy. So. It's so of course now you are to adults they're dealing with that some gains. You had done nothing my guess is you have enough I've I would not have had in school we don't wanna rock the bell we are so you're going to pat okay well thank rang I understand. I would argue it's much the same in life although. Sometimes when you get older you like around Quetta. You're at this point our this is someplace that you you are will only going Alex cool where you have to go wreck your willingly going here. You have the option to go somewhere different things you do great. And you did before anyway prior to this place right and or confronting him and or. Going to the owner but I don't think the and the owners kind of like the teacher what is he gonna do. I like. The best case scenario I'll sit down and hash out. Like that now would be the best thing they exited confronts him and be like what is yours truly what is your issue with me do how to lie and I kind of have done not because I won't talk back to Olympic listen dude like. Just mind your own business you know like again I come here for Meena Freel. But I am not the point now where I kind of just ignore him I don't engage with them anymore I'm not mean I kind of just before races say hey enough not to say anything. So I think the next time he tries may. I might say. I did among well a table like what is your real issue is made I don't ex girlfriend but what is its you know I mean like I just. I think it's gonna get to that point Reilly just. Because. I don't know I am I'm not looking change jams. Enemy like yes I don't think this is a good reminder that. Bullies that lurk everywhere and you know what I Danny and two young I was gonna say I don't you I don't think he thinks he's a bully. He probably just thinks you know he's assertive. He's. Yeah I told the front desk that I went to high school OS that you met yet she's again he's really cocky. Everybody knows that people excuse and not right and so there's that either is so you. As we get older and it's important said. May be kind of learned this when you're younger if your have a child to instill within them and is like Q sad to think about EO Mary about you but I did you how you react. Is you your decision. And it's easy for me to say this of course because I'm a reactor time someone new if you make me mad I'm gonna yell and I react and then and so I'm not always because you're not always like that it not always depend on the situation develop person to yes but think about fat in this scenario two and figure out what the bigger picture is. And one thing I always tell my kids as cream rises sit atop. So and I can cut. Came when you kill with kindness people don't know what to do they just don't know what to do when your rights and like rock and don't have a response from her because she's nice I still don't like her. But she's nice and so look like to be good advice for you and for anybody who's dealing with like seeing a nice round ivory talkback. Okay and you know what you need suggests either confront tenants say can we talk about what your issue is with me or war. Union did you say to yourself maybe it is time for you and others if it's gonna bother you that much root and be the bigger person. You know now on engines I have other friends there aren't you know I just started here in April. And it's not fair enough they're all around us you got to remember that you. You killed with kindness is my best advice and I can say but also Al. You know. This is your time so you have to you have to figure out how much of this if you're gonna let it affect your entire life tonight I mean I don't. Well off I go to go more talent and a parent will find out what happens part B could talk thanks for joining us. Listen for. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry each workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and blight Miami dot com.