When Your Teenager Has a Stalker

Monday, November 27th

Are girls more forward than boys?  With a note scrawled on the family trash can, Julie's discovered that her teenage son has somebody who really -- we mean really -- digs him.  As a mom, what does she do now?


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I'm scared silly guy banks and Evelyn Kerry. Oh and one more thing welcome to our podcast. Try. So how do you think. Girls are more forward than boys and I'm yes girls in yes yes yes he did yes. I believe you may be rushed. So over the weekend we had just incidents happened where on my garbage can there was a phone number or outdoor curb my front door garbage canyons now recycling bit and as a matter of fact. Bomb in the marquis marquis permanent marker. There was a phone number now instead call me Bobby. And then a putting and might need to comment. So M via as well. I was like why the X. So my daughter ciphers is you eleven turn her friend were outside playing and elect mom look at bestseller why oh why it took a picture of it right. Apparently she did too old and sent it to Bobby my son and could I when I thought that I was like what is going on here I said there's more intact. You know this then than body's not telling me something important Scioscia he's got a girlfriend going on yeah yeah. So she gave him a heads up because the little sisters do only once they get along and they DNN they do get along and sent to screen China Brad Kassell lunch sentiment screen shot that Saddam mom thinks your hiding some things. So he comes rushing home huh and was like mom I never saw this I don't know what you think I'm being a Mike whatsoever. So I think to have a moment. What's this all about I believe him by the way the I didn't he'd like I don't know but I think it's this girl and Bob. Whenever so I am olives behind the analysts behind us and let me back up and say a couple of months ago I was in my house and we had the doors all open does a nice day. And a bunch of girls screamed. Bonnie we'll love you interact alleyway and then and now it's like we'll look at it my own little club going on with. So what are three world where girls yeah I'm glad that I'm just kidding around with who doesn't getting and I really don't even in the they are no idea what they look like Celtics. I thought I said the body which we do about this news but we'll call on my car right I will. I called the number put her on speaker phones like they're on speaker. And he cheap I yes I kind of surprised her. And I think it hello whose death sentences and a who's who and I fed Emma did you know that this is written on my car. Says she she didn't know but she too overtly. Surprised. Casino. Is the digital actress she blamed her friends and they'll. She blamed her friend and I hold saying it all this kind of stuff so long story short. She apologized and then about two hours later I got a text that she said I'm so sorry my if you really read did text message because there's no way she wrote this text message. Kindred to Texas and well in fact treated tear because this sounds like someone. Told her what to write. An or right for her hello I am so sorry about what happened I found out which friends did it and told them to take it off they had a skewed perspective a voice on what fifteen year old assaying skewed perspective. And therefore crossed a boundary audio again momma momma won't happen again I'm sorry on behalf of my inappropriate different. Also. Yeah there's you know signing your name like that that her mom wrote that for her. A 1000%. I love you we you're an idiot if you owning her mom that's all I'm just impressed that she wrote me a text at all not an issue did have her mom. Duet. Tell Howard to right then she told her mom right 'cause you by fear just getting in more trouble so of course I tell. My dad this story might eighty year old guy who in on the scene and meanness is constantly. Being head on at the age of eighty. I go to the doctor's office I have more women ask me about my dad since I was a kid people about their he's very handsome. I'm on east of San all the time now your father thinks he's still paint so my competing in this car and women do kind of throw themselves at him. And so I told him the story and he found it to be oh so humanism I'm probably very proud and you're like wow here's my grandson and I'm like hello OK okay he's a big dork because his paltry fifteen and didn't know what to do the best. So he's like you gotta be careful of the girls that's on my dad's response last. He's right at that age girls are so much more for work. Then guys hours like many older men tend to be more forward. My boys are sold like awkward in all of you like only your younger and then on its video pictures and and I tell people that they think I'm crazy. I'm Bobby really is like one track mind right now he's obsessed with basketball videos anything planes working out he. I know he's not interest and may he gusting girls are pretty attractive whatever. But he's not dating anybody good does that he would have found a girl with similar interests to assess the basket like him and help find her Bobble walk right right. But your dad's under present right because when you told me the story. I decided to annoying and said there was kind of a double standard here. Because of Bobby had written a son Amma has trash canned. Handle my putting our. Here's my phone number and then Bobby told am I had been buying him an answer and that she would let and I do it on her back that she was sending them direct messages. But had done that and how would have been able to take that to the school not Bobby in trouble. Because old might your son is harassing my daughter or is he won't leave her alone. But because it's a girl doing it to a guy it's like well good for you Bobby it's such a double standard. It really really is and I realize that. He didn't know how to handle it and at first I wasn't gonna call her. But then I said no you'd be faced my garbage can put something really on appropriate yes it was just a phone number OK that's fine I understand you have. You know by the island you call me Mario like I get it when you have a collect I was an annoying girl I start by peoples' houses I'm enjoying -- because we are more forwards and guys backed the day I you know younger brain you're younger your like mind but it was really silly and I didn't really know sack and like honestly and thinking back like I don't know what I would have done if there would have been like yeah. Exactly it's been a long and never went to dinner in London which is why we're always. Rates so. It girls are more forward and down as a result now I'm gonna be watching. My alleyway quite a bit skin when slickers are out there yeah I wanna know all the family. I just wanted to know she is when she looks like a lady she's fifteen I know this isn't it Scola chizik as to what is he or she looks like an O line does commuters think of the girl there like that because I told my best friend a storage and what you look like comic. Don't know you wanna put a face of this story and picture like. Is she aware of like brazen is my parents at home mom looked like Lola not might not want to be like got Montel I don't care amount like the mowing you know you have needing no I just don't understand is. Well like fist. I don't like what's happening here. How hollow on his body taking a shower. I'm very long time okay. So. Here is the daily Al we're gonna talk about this tomorrow morning and a radio and I would like to know what ridiculous things you did as a styling had a crush on company and what would you dent in this scenario would you call I think you did the right thing when I might have gone to the house. That's a somebody sadly I might have done the house just to talk to her face to face and possibly catch the model. But that's kind of mean but it just depends what kind of Nino event and how my son wanna reacted you know yeah. But yeah I definitely would have done something not doing another thing one of the Vietnam and I knew I was gonna be some guys that know what right. So you did the right thing by calling and I mean her mom takes you back a 100%. What it does skewed perception of what's funny. Brief thing knowing your Christine. Not exactly and I am a genius to thank you for joining us right I had an opponent has a plus iPod. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry each workday morning starting at five eighths on one of one point five lite FM and blight Miami dot com.