What Comes First: The L-word or the H-word?

Tuesday, October 24th

Since when do you make the decision to buy a house together -- and neither of you has yet said, 'I love you'?  So ... Evelyn knows this very couple.  And Julie is aghast.


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Hi it's Julie Guy and a voluntary. And one more sanctions. We are not. Welcome to our podcasts happy Monday to you hopefully had a good weekends. And you aren't too exhausted. Tonight we both are were very tired today ha and it's not like I have likened the most fabulous weekend to either now. Just training a lot you know how it goes in any case this was incredibly fascinating note to us to Mir you. Really great scenario. Glad to go ahead and share because yeah it's your share everything with you could really Sharon Arafat's guys I know right so. I have two friends that are in their thirties who gets him per appropriate to set this scenario he used to paint the center stage and yeah. So different in their thirties. Been dating to seriously now since March. Yeah I'd like they went to Europe telling me about Sanmina. There was tear together in July finally big trip it's not like you're just going to weekends in New York City or went right you're going to Europe so they were on for how long. A week in us is first time out of the country. Oh my god asks so is a big big deal. Both of their leases are out in February. Aiming at that point now whereas men in the united Joe's house says her that I in their thirties that's important race continues he has keys to his apartment because he has a dodges the dog zone has you know helped out the dog a walk off their hair yes. Federer AD leases up not tanked when he -- yes what is in the months away my own to do the math remember December during for fronts. Anyway. And she sighed and I am gonna move in together and she'd like to buy a house. They wanna buy a house because you're gonna laugh but it's a result Iowa house is asked for the dogs they both have two big dogs wanna backyard. They want that freedom in the being an apartment and yes a lot of times you can't have a big dog in an apartment not even not just to give them the space to Rome to let him hang now be free and well that's they want us they wanna buy a house together and now in February and they would both be on the DX than any candidate and yet okay. Month and so my friend the girl is currently going through divorce over a year and a half now it's been a very awful long process the X is being around pain. So that's not really an issue. But apparently it is an issue because I make you finally did daily she's kinda how they've started talking about house's angle. CN move in together if you have Lehman's that I love you yet. And she gets all red and she's the flu and a little lower and they haven't said I love you know. But they're going to buy a house together and give any hasn't smarts it's a long time to not have levee. Seven months yeah I you know at this point yes you know to a procedure in my house I should know can she tell me. But so why hasn't she told him 'cause she's a key issue in her head first. Well why hasn't he said Iowa and apparently he has set and a couple times drunk which means that if she has not reciprocated. I can understand why he hasn't started so where she didn't fare back and always he's like he didn't Ian Anbar. My. Home Mayan word so we need the L word to come out big time and I like kind of walk on glass here with her and egg shells near yet. Because my friend is the type where in the moment when and telling her my opinion and I feel. She's kind of quiet and digested and then like hourly Anderson coming to take your bones her. I understand least she's tomorrow look for at least that's good at least she sits there and processors. As opposed to do is reacting right break in the moments I never know if I'm saying too much or too little or she wants me to say more like you there's a step right there's no immediate response she's ever is it all hang out have a great night I flying its. Funny isn't that award Babbitt here here's this. That I find I'm. Not is. I love you I mean those are heavy words right after. Now we say answers are. We fit into our parents and I say to my kid then and the first time you say in that first week is awkward hum yeah I say it's right there is every tell us it's weird because I cut out I grew up. You know. You don't have to do this my family is we are very very loving. And an even more in we no adverse that I love you growing up I Hercules is the weirdest thing and then I married a man. Who and I tell you that he tells me he loves me. Thousands of times today didn't hang up the phone it would I don't know I don't think the door without the united gets his shot is and it's morbid. What if I never see you again I want economic with and I got you huh. I know pure fluff may you find. It's can I like it don't become like a month make things clear it's different for you. Yes I went from one extreme to another and my point so you can meanwhile you can change is what I'm trying to I don't hate us this it was her no I know because she's got the divorce things she said her I had to weirdness and all of feeling you're still technically married and evidence is the piece of paper or straight operated our looked utterly littering your slip been on the same bet. You sync up together. Had. On some some Blake formalities that are silly I mean I think that entire house is small. Bigger deal than saying I love even somebody yes. I am committing. So don't Brit living in the house and breed in the same heiress you every day in an hour breaking copy using the bathroom now all the things that are like. You don't do until general and ultimately how men and I'll watch it right here yeah bigger to meet with the bigger hurdle. Dancing MW I mean that was a big deal it was sad by. IA and. Did you say unarmed person I come from a really easy to. Give my hands have a hard time relating. But I know now and I'm kind of in the middle I guess not lay Cuban I'm not like her and I'm wearing a man I need a little bit at times I need to get used to an idea yeah. I think that she has syrup superseded the time now she needs to teach me I know she needs to get off the he's met her dad. Her brother her sister her law she's met his sister and family. CN by editor Joe's house and to go back home with him for Thanksgiving. It's like oh come on and so then maybe. Here's my suggestion. But I just come on spot and now well my my did you catch up. Yeah and I had our close to hand knows maybe your husband's. I think from guide got like you saying is gonna. Not fond dead ears it yet he's gonna be like. Hearts but another guy. Now I could say it too on I could say to Morgan enough friends that I could say its own. But he would be like a good going against your friendship with car break in you don't indeed. You gonna have the girl love about still is back in June they were planning this trip to Italy was very last minute he is a very intense work schedule arias like blocks of time furry. They had a plan a specific week in July. I invite you honey can't go to Italy atlas sees your boyfriend. As you do that thing or should laugh and like coming to shut and Ali don't need to have that conversation. And I'll unlike. All my gun. Unlike you I don't surfing or thirties you need to know whether or not he is your boyfriend and you hit introduce a night we all get hung up on that I mean I can understand that pat why do we get hung up on and being. Labeled I think people are so afraid. Fears so silly. What is she afraid of she's that I love you but he's not gonna say back he's fine house's Hugh Hugh loves you I guys. Listen just my limited experience. Men don't do anything they don't wanna do with the woman. Or in a relationship let's just say. Now some people get complacent. Tim make a big move like fat man won't do it unless he wants to. Yes but by how it's yes I'll. I think it also Lisa I'm not saying in this case and talk in my case as it can be selfishly convenient. OK I don't deny that I would just assume in light of what you've told me. That there's love there Sony this generation Mary Jane. AG is she told me how was her birthday or Greek or two ago and he gave her key text means like this like otter MI deadly Q so cute about it. Angie tech tomatoes like oh my god has card made me balls. Like crying because she didn't get a lot of banner previously Jeanne ship and I continue to. Let them let go when I love you will have to read the call her but how does it for album so frustrated he no like. And. Now near isn't as they will say it's and when they do it will really really that the good thing about this whole scenario is that once they say it. It will really be meaningful. And they'll really do you know what I mean because it's taken so long and maybe he's afraid of saying I. You sit on her birthday. Because she didn't say when he says when she was drunk when he was drunk a couple times he said are wanna strangle her I know myself well listen. We will give you a report on whether the L word was said as soon as we get more I is that right Evelyn curry you better believe night thanks for joining us. Listen for a bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry feature for. Wednesday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and blight Miami dot com.