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Water Conservation / Mega Job Fair

Sunday, August 6th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Jennifer Herdoe, Director of Natural Resources Planning and Management Division for Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Department, about the need for water conservation, how Broward is involved and how residents can help each day.  In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Tiffany Price, General Manager for JobNewsUSA, about their upcoming Mega Job Fair at the BB&T Center, how job seekers can get noticed and get hired and how companies can sign up.  

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one of one point five Slade SL. W a YS HD woman WL YUS from any camera phones Coral Springs. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent. Without Florida today we are joined by Jennifer Corrado. She's the director of natural resource is planning and management division for Broward County environmental protection group department. If you're gonna talk with a about water conservation which is the huge hot topic for us felt Floridians. We deal with it every single summer. The idea of how we can can serve more water and the environment becomes a national problem we look to people like Jennifer and the folks at the Broward County environmental protection and groove department. To help set the trends and rules that will help us preserve water. Today she's gonna talk to us about water conservation its importance and the ways that we can help hello Jennifer how are you doing today. I'm doing very well thank you actually. Let's start with the basics what exactly is a water shortage condition. Well I'll water shortages are declared and now the South Florida area by the South Florida water management district when there's a concern about the amount of they water in the system available to meet all the user needs its. And so we have many years Thursday agricultural only natural systems considerations than urban water supply. And so when conditions do occur generally a lack of rainfall that creates drought either localized or regionally. That's when and we have concerns about drops and ground water levels and so forth. That's when they cash shortage would be declared then and that's when. To use its restricted. So why exactly are there potential water shortages and what triggers these situations aside from marine drought like you mentioned. Well it's typically is paid. Meant that an issue with regards to seasonal precipitation. And my receives most of our rainfall during the Atlantic season today made an early December. And that's what have our system gets recharged and and the dry these then. That runs from about December and too late April. That's when we generally have a shortage at any time. That we have chronic condition where were always a little bit below average that's when. Generally water shortage might occur. They laugh about other condition that could also contribute to water shortages. And that might occur as a result of water management operations and say comic we have low. Coupled with. Decreasing ground water levels throughout the region and an inability to bring more water in killing the offense or for recharged. Those are all kind of bad combination. Of natural causes than operational considerations. That difficulties with long term water storage. They can all pick and jointly contribute to a water shortage circumstances. What kind of typical these. Can you face with a long term water storage. Well how come in our community because we're fell flat and low. Lying we don't have a lot of area to restore water without causing drainage and flood control condition. And so in the South Florida region would probably recognize there's a lot of can now alternate. Are generally operated to provide drainage and flood control what we have. Storm offense did. But when were also working with the period of reduced rainfall we might also manage that system to help. Or water within those canals and recommend that being important because there's. Almost a direct connection between the surface water and ground water by virtue of Powell. Porous our rock refer to themselves that provides a good way to allow us to store water it. At least temporarily in canal and then recharged. But. Beyond that storage capacity that we have in the canals. Water is also. Technically stored within the Everglades system that says that at big. And I area allotted a courageous and we receive natural recharge at our awkward first from the Everglades region but we have to be careful about not relying too heavily upon the Everglades there are. Gary. And significant policies with regard to not. Impact that actual system through urban operations. And and so they needed this other opportunity for storage really end that occurring through reservoirs and in our region Lake Okeechobee is that that that big storage area but we don't really have. Water supply reservoirs that are benefiting saved. Broward County or Miami Dade County we haven't seen some reservoirs that are being constructed. Per variety of purposes and are hoping to be able to advance. Reservoirs or long term storage or for our community. But about the difficulty of this one Alaska they courage and to again because our awkward first so poor that hard to hold water so we may need to construct something that's lying in order to do that. So where does the majority of our water come from then. Well rainfall has said that trade principle source of free charge. And and so when it's raining we have water. And we do receive continuously. Recharged. I'm from being ever equate natural system. Either in a way of surface water deliveries or ground water recharge so those are that that the primary component. Now on did the did gain Auckland earth is our source water directly beneath our feet you know dense than those. Condit at the very shallow and highly productive ball of fur but we also get water from armed to the Florida and I'll refer. Which is lower lying and it's they have practice water off offer. And and it's being developed to a greater debt today that it has historically. Because we do recognize that we experienced water shortages and now. We need to have other water supplies wet not raining. So how does this city decide there is a water shortage. Generally a water shortage is declared by deep South Florida water management districts so very regional. All water management agency that have the jurisdiction and that includes. All or portions of sixteen different counties and that is the lower East Coast which is. Paul beach and Miami Dade Broward and Monroe County were all we're all part of the South Florida water management district. So win eight of water shortages declared to by deep water management district and Eric that's state agency. There may be different provisions Beckett and established with regard to usage and restrictions. But we also have the capability at a local level for record I think. Or circumstances. That require. More prudent use of water resources themselves. As that countywide basis in Broward County for example. Our and county government has adopted a two days per week. Permanent. Water conservation measure and that limits landscaping irrigation Kindle more than two week days per week no matter of what's happening regionally and. So once it water shortage is declared what are the steps have been taken in order to conserve water or alert the public what what happens next. Well it indicate that. Many of the communities there could be further reductions on irrigation. So let's go to community doesn't already have two. I days per week water restrictions on landscape irrigation. Those might be imposed and depending on the severity of the water shortage we may even see landscape irrigation limited just one day per week it's. They're both great deal lived there are taken to monitor. Water quality of ground are well steal because when we have water shortages. I'm generally our water table is dropping and that means we have the potential for more salt water. From the coastal area. Can move inland and potentially in our infect our drinking water well and cross contamination and salt water ourselves. Our water management practices that the whole. Are managed with that that concerns and the urban environments for potable water supply. We also may have covered restrictions put in place on that require. Cars to be washed on European. Surfaces such as on the land to Paris the lawn rather than on concrete world that water would just run off. And being blocked to dig drainage that stands. So that would be another conservation measure and clearly they're conservation and protection that could be put played with regards to. Golf course irrigation. Agricultural operation. That the principle one we think about it our community tend to be landscaping irrigation. So how does he think he determined that a water shortage is then over you guys looking for a certain love full and all of our water storage areas. It generally their return. Not ground water levels. And done ample storage with them like Coca Tokyo as a result says. Recovery in our precipitation. And beat South Florida water management district again would be monitoring these conditions and communicating. With they counties and cities. And when I look like the system is recovering. In yet then I'd been a water shortage could be lifted him. So give us some of the facts here how exactly are households using and wasting water. Well the majority ads. I shouldn't say the majority actually they have found the water that he used it in the home and estimated. That to occur through landscape irrigation. And that's that unfortunate you said water because. Often times that if it's potable water drinking water that's being used so it's been treated at a very high standard only to be applied on a landscape. And furthermore a lot of that water all funds that being locked into the system of the desperation. And and or. Orbit. And maybe irrigation system operations that can also can't run off so. One of the ways in which residents and save water out until word is the group's. And creating landscapes. That are drought tolerant. And these are generally generally landscapes that include a lot of native plants and minimize the use of turf graft. Turf grasses the most water to thirsty. Part of education at our landscape with the exception of some of the annual then that might also get planted throughout the year but generally we are watering our. Well on our our landscape in accordance with the water needs church scrapped. And if we minimize the turf grass and he is a lot more trade shred that drought tolerant ground covers etc. we can continue to maintain a very attractive landscape. With nominal neat for supplemental watering outside of what would just a term what the actual precipitation. And that didn't toward. There's also opportunities for water conservation. By on improving a lot of the alms. Infrastructure at a plumbing fixtures that we have in the home and and and appliances that we have a home toilets. Can't account for nearly 30% of of the water usage indoors. Clothes washer at. Are close that's Kentucky. And so via upgrading our our clothes washers and replacing older toilets that maybe utilizing as much as. I gallons per flush with high efficiency model that you just one point. Two gallons per flash there's a great. Opportunity can't achieve the water saving the chip still one time benefit that you walk away never need to think about it again you're dating water from that day forward. Water conservation is a very hot topic that's what I wanna take a second to re introduced Jennifer purge ago. She's the director of natural resource is planning and management division for Broward County environmental protection and groove department and they she's talking with us about water conservation. The ways that we can help. The ways that Broward County is trying to help us eight and the various policies they put in effect that have shown that we're helping save water different things again for joining the program so tell us about. He Broward water partnership and conservation pays program. Well I'm in Broward County we have a number of municipalities. We have 31 municipalities. We have got just over two dozen water utilities that are all responsible for helping to meet the water supply needs of our community. And we realized that we had a real great need. To come together. At the partnerships. To help advance water conservation. Come across our community and conservation trillions part of our long term water supply plan for helping to meet the needs of our community not just today but in the future. And so we have a number of partners eighteen municipalities. And water utilities including Broward County government. Who are partnering to. Talk about water conservation. And act provide. And a lot of media coverage and radio spot and information about how we can save water indoors than outdoors. And then also facilitating. Water conservation. By offering rebates on high efficiency toilets. And making available free devices such as shower heads and thought that there raiders and fragrance spray bounce then main commercial application. All which her high efficiency and served as safe water as well. So BC. Partnership is about all the municipalities and water utilities coming together as part of the Broward water partnerships and conservation paid. If they program that can be asked accessed online at tat conservation paid it. Dot com. And that residents can be if they are not available for a rebate or any. My efficiency plumbing device that can be made available now in charge. So are there incentives that way. And they are also some New York County ordinance is flaky talked about key tell us some more about the ordinances that you guys are coming up with an order to help with the school. Yes well on Broward County their board of county commissioners adopted a two day per week I'll limit on landscape irrigation. And then subsequent to that we made other progress that we adopted a model landscape ordinance that really that's the standard for how to develop and maintain. Aid drought tolerant low water use I'll landscaped. At some of our municipalities. Have also adopted that same. Ordinance and it's also decide to help protect water quality fruit the best management practices that are. I'm detailed. And in maintaining a landscape such as fertilizer applications to make sure that doesn't ensure our water and our surface water other things that we've done have invented dance through the Broward water retort that task force which is they body of our policy makers are. Commissioners throughout the immunity. And day at camp they've recommendation. To require here forward. High efficiency. Want Maine are all new construction. So we have a new plumbing standard that will take effect in Broward County commencing. On June 1 of this year. And others also in new standards being employed for cooling towers as well as on. How we manage content state from large air hand lettered cents and that those might. Found kind of foreign to there were more ball with that residential structures that cooking towers are. The way in which many of the large warehouses. And they condominium towers. Would provide. Cu link for air conditioning. And they can account for as much as 80% of the buildings operations then so there's some new technology south there. That can substantially reduced water consumption and those cooling operations and that the day. At the June 1 will be part of our new building code requirements and Broward County it's been a very significant advancement. So if someone is clearly overused in water or breaking any county ordinance is what can you do. Well the enforcement. Landscape irrigation. Measures. Or restrictions is generally and forged by the police think more authority or code enforcement. Authority. Within a municipal area. Kelly an individual could go our online. Two Broward dot org. Forward slash. Natural resource says and and through that web site. And identified they're responsible authority for reporting. Eighty violation. Landscape irrigation measures then. And there is little schedule whereby the date of the week are determined by address then and so there. Each can't necessarily get identified based upon the day of the week there's other considerations of course that's and you can also Eli the toll answer and address or use the man out. American cattle for identifying. Did there it they're responsible enforcement entity so those could be called Cendant reported at the point. Where residents get a copy of all these water regulations and rules on that same website. It is available through them to Broward dot org natural resource that gets they have the landscape irrigation rolled on the enforcement. On on measures that are posted there deep is building code requirements are probably not posted on the web site that they would be available through. Bomb the any of the municipal. It building offices there at that board of rules than the peel them Broward County. Yeah I think I wanna know about is your water resource is task force. Well believe that passport was convened and 2008. And that task force play. It basically brought together again our elected officials throughout the region because. Some changes in policy. That were going to require. All of the water providers can go about meeting future water supply needs in a very different way. And got that meant that there were restrictions on future use that against Cain all refer to meet. Urban water supply needs and then the reason for that restriction is because that's not concerned about and it happened on the Everglades. Natural area. And there overall sound. Requirement. That have been passed down legislator bleak. That will require the development. Beneficial reuse they're treating. Waste water to an appropriate standards for this for beneficial applications such as landscape irrigation. And with that and recognition of the fact that we were really changing the whole paradigm as it relates to how weak. How we meet our water supply needs and bank of water resource that. This task force was convened to think about whether or not we might be more successful working regionally rather than independent play. And to advance alternative water supplies to help protect. Against water shortages from the future to try and do it cost effectively so that we can maintain low water rates. And that also think about how it could be more accessible through water conservation initiative which on the conservation paid program was. Is is the result of many ads that the recommendations of that task force and ultimately the task force adopted forty different recommendations. On designed to help. Create edit add add better line of regional collaboration. And each team meeting water supply needs that I indicated. And many of those that on a recommendation to being advanced today. It includes the modification. To building. Standard and cloning efficiency. It includes. Conservation paved the program. And today we're also advancing eighty our regional reuse master plan double act ideally bring together. A strategy. For how we coordinate reuse projects across Broward County so that really really becomes the more prominent part. How we meet our regional water supply needs. And every due to the demand on our all with her which could. Then better be used to support potable water supply and answer that for drinking water. Some people don't think about the negative consequences of their actions. Can you tell us some of the implications week it had if we don't start to watch our water consumption. Well I think the one that people most often respond to without a rate it and it generally thought that water rates than South Florida are low. But I think that that's changing many of our utilities ads within the last maybe five years and do it. If they had to pursue very significant increases in water rates because. What it will cost to develop. New water supply if we're not successful with conservation. And these water supply projects can be. It would require significant capitol coughed up front and hundreds of millions of dollars potentially throughout the county. And sell what we'd stayed through water conservation. Can help reduce the diet. And delayed the timing for those expenditures. So on. Today our long term rates that is significant. I think. And it looked compelling. Short term however when we could save water not only use saving the amount of water that's used here also not happy did you freaked out water and as a way to slaughter that you shaped quite on your water bill and that's an immediate cost savings. And the other I think very significant elevator have to be data are natural system. And the Everglades restoration. Is going to be very significant. To. The long term sustainability of the disk and awkward turn again our primary drinking water supply. And if we storm water ran the Everglades for an actual system benefits it eventually. Reaches the urban environments and help supplement. And recharge Rockwell fur. And if we are wasteful and our use of water and create them to have gone. Everglades restoration. Not only are we impacting the environment and a very unique environmental world could jeopardize things. Our our own viability. Long term and and and driving in need. Or water supply project could that'll be. Only costly bet that also harmful to the environment because thumbed. Alternative water supply projects that require more energy and more treatment. Also have negative on that negative ramifications from energy conservation. Perspective. So give us some of the stats here how exactly are households using and wasting water. Well the majority. I shouldn't say the majority action they have turned the water that he used it in the home and estimated to occur through landscape irrigation. And that's an unfortunate is that about water because. Often times it. It's it's it's potable water drinking water that's being used and it's been treated at that very high standard only to be applied on a landscaped. Furthermore a lot of that water all funds that being locked to that system up evaporation. And import. Orbit. And maybe irrigation system operations but I also can't run off so. One of the ways in which residents can save water out toward fit the group. And creating landscapes. That are drought tolerant. And these are generally generally landscapes that are included a lot of native plants and minimize the use of turf grass. Turf grasses the most water thirsty. Part of education in our landscape with the exception of some of the annual and that might also get planted throughout the year. But generally we are watering our. Well on our landscape in accordance with the water needs of cheer ground. And if we minimize the turf grass than he is a lot more trees shred the drought tolerant ground covered but that direction we can continue to maintain a very attractive landscape. With nominal meet for supplemental watering outside of what would just occur with the actual precipitation. And then into words. There's also opportunities for water conservation. By on improving a lot of the infrastructure at the plumbing fixtures that we have in the home and and and appliances that we have a home toilets. Can't account for her nearly 30% of water usage indoors. Clothes washers. Are close that's ten to. And felled by yeah upgrading our our clothes washers and replacing older toilet that maybe utilizing a much of five gallons per splash with high efficiency model that is just one point two gallons per flash there's a great. Opportunity to achieve a watered dating but just don't one time benefit that you walk away never need to think about it again you're saving water from that day forward. So I'd like to wrap up all my conversations by asking what you think the three most important things are for people to take away from our conversation this morning. One water conservation is important both short term and long term. There's there are resource those that are available. To any individual. And there conservation efforts. Available at conservation. Paid dot com. And three there are many tips that are available through the Broward County web site at Broward dot org. Forward slash natural resource says. Went information on how to save water indoors and outdoors including through the nature's gate Broward program. So there's a lot of resources available there's a lot of incentives available and the costs are paid for. Time and time again. Jennifer was a pleasure having you want to talk today about our water issues thank you so much for joining us. Thank you Freddie opportunity yeah. You're here in South Florida in the spotlight on one of one point five lite FM. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Bogart. Looking for a job well this shows for you are gonna share tips on how to get hired how to stand down and where ago with us Tiffany price. General manager with job news USA thanks so much for joining us thank you so much for having Maine. Now I know we have a job you're coming up at the end of this month. So first let's talk about that and I get into that first. Love each upstairs actually going to be on Wednesday August 30 it's over at TBB and T center. I'm nativity from tended to looked pretty large events on. Make him make good on a calendar it's police going to be. Say got a what they're looking for when and what kind of experience they have so obviously and you got set on many different companies coming that you have lots of people who can talk about. I guess before. We go there let's talk about a different employers who will be there. Well there's and there's. Yeah. I really wide variety of companies that are at this job fair it's not by any means a specialty events for any certain type of industry. I'm at a job fair. We have right now we have over forty companies party side nine. And we still have veto a couple weeks away so we're projecting to have anywhere between 675. Different employers at the job fair. And some companies attending just to give you an idea. And what that company at contemporary service corporation. They're looking for over a hundred people who have or can obtain their class Steve's security licensed now this just kind of cool on because. That positions that are security ushering ticket teaching. And parking but the police isn't going to be working you're gonna be the Marlins ballpark and make and American Airlines Arena. Tom blew by Hume. I'm happy you ansari in the BB&T center so. At this shot you get to do a lot of the like outdoor music festivals cruise is the games shows concerts so cool you know. Into duty editors class. And then Chile dot com and they're looking for 300 customer service reps. And right now there are over in Kenya beach but they're going to be moving their customer service team over to a brand new facility in Hollywood in October an event British. And I'm Joyce really cool too because it's a perfect place if you love you know. Pets and animals they always have pets in the office there is have your little puppies and things like that so. And they also do age you know happy hour for Friday on the balcony and nerve and fights on Friday so. Kind of vocal wow different type of environments. And you know going off of you have between that and the other company that you can work. You know advancing concert sound kind of a different on that and does your blood bulk hiring 30000. Openings. And then I'll please only and they have a hundred openings as well for new dealerships that they have opening in October so. Kind of you know big bulk of our hiring for some of these companies will be at the event and that's gonna begin on August 30 up from ten detail. OK so when they're looking for something like customer service rep is typically. I think looking for someone with a little bit of experience. Palmer's is somebody had argued about the same well it all depends like for example linked to care and some companies are looking forward to take a contemporary services corporation. No experience is needed yeah and other companies might be two years it all depends that we haven't been out of added the companies that will be there probably you know 30% will be looking for customer service reps and some of these a lot of them actually have over hundred. Openings for each she held to wow companies so we're protecting this movie pretty big job fair I'm with a lot of opportunities here looking for a job. Most of these companies have. A 1020300. Openings not just one or 20. So that's a lot of opportunity somebody who's coming eyes and pretending there's at least 2500 plus jobs at the fair itself and that's as of today right so he knows of Allah the right exactly. And eat and adding we know that they're not gonna fill 300 openings and yeah. Yes Terry. I'm and then another like so there's a customer service kind of more entry level type jobs but on the B and I contractors. They're looking for people who work at Cleveland clinic which is a big project that they have going on and also the Norton museum and they're looking for. And HVAC service tax plumbers plumbers helpers pipes failures welders. And they actually they have that and some kind of cool options to they have the apprenticeship program so maybe. And if you just can't school and kind of deciding what's gonna be when you grow up I think it's a cool in to get into because they pitching in the apprenticeship program and you learn your trade. That it's very idea that someone who's just starting out and has no waiting. To learn and here's your opportunity he could be new to the area needs to know that you've always been you know good with your hands and he really to get out there and you know get some decent hard work. And going and doing something like that and getting to an impression program and then unity yet occurred. So that that's another one that date they are looking for more on specialized type people announcer tonight. Everyone can go away and you know I know that I probably wouldn't ever going to be a candidate who. You can't have settled on the vita might be fairly dinner cruises they're looking for over 200 check in agents. And that company that's another I mean like I said there's a lot of really interesting jobs that are going to be at this event. It occurs is what they do what they're looking for is people who check UN when you're going on a cruise. So think of that cash that's gonna be a nice customer service type job most people if you're about to leave to go on vacation. And you're pretty happy he's picked it. A lot of people unless there's a long line and then you're traveling is the deadline you're happy yes look for the most part accretion trying to go when they're supposed to go into Blakey now at the airport. Thanks for the most pretty juicy didn't see a lot of happy people at night. You know complains all the hate him up like I customer service like over the phone or something. So I'm. That's that's another one there that make today's the day jobs that are gonna be there they're going to be interesting companies and a lot of the dynamics and that dead recruiters. Have been giving us a lot more information instead of just. Great benefits could work here they're telling this kind of a silly can help paint a picture for a job seekers they know. A little bit more about the company then just you know build their standard. Job description mental CL mind. And a lot of the times of the job fares well we've been hearing a lot lately is. A lot of people calling in to our office or even you know onto FaceBook or never and say you know. And I went to a job fair and are these real jobs are these companies really hiring you know until that they kind of think that it's Mormon advertising tape and how. Yeah. Because the problem is that there are some companies in this market that do host's job fairs that might have. A lot of multi level. Are giving tech companies are a lot of schools they are so they feel lake on that you know they may begin to one or two and had a bad experience and so they think that this is like that. And it's not these companies are. I'm thinking yeah they're roping them in to go for event. To buy something nice to Cheney as his RES hire you but first you have to take these classes and give us 5000 dollars different yes. So I mean like city of sunrise will be there they're looking for a ton of people I mean they're doing it and a big big hiring and they're looking for a director of field operations. And engineers graphic design in terms of lifeguards. Payroll specialist so I'm certified in non certified police officers. And also doing and for a real police department will be there as well looking for certified non certified police officers. And I've since found a four letter please turn actually shared with us to that they're going to be looking to fill twentieth openings. At that event. And they're also looking for some civilian positions as well let the starting salary if you know someone is looking to get into that. It's 55000. A year and this is starting salary and they can make up to 85000 if they complete after they complete their probationary period. So those did you like. Real jobs. Career tradition that you could find there actually find your career and job museum I think yes you can we've actually had. And that whenever past events one of the island sunrise police officers that at the deviant teens told us that he found his job at our job thirty years ago. So which it's always nice to hear those kind of yelled from the of that story. Had absolutely. Yes or not we've got to a little bit of a lay out of what's out there and people are now interest in mobile. That's explain before they head out that you would suggest that they pre register. I'm it's good pre register and the reason why they wanted to do that by going to our web site which is jobs news USA dot com. And then when you going to do are you in a pre register for the event because expressions are doing it a couple weeks out a couple of days out even life happens people are really busy. And so that way you'll get automated emails from the company reminding you about the job fair and also tips. I look to do when you get to the job fair in case some people might need that there's also resonate help on that you'll get emails as well. And when you employers sign on and from the time that you register for the pre register for the job fair to the time of the event you'll get a notification as well so. You might have registered when we had forty companies today. And then it gets 25 more came in you get to the event and you didn't have time to kind of do your homework on them or you weren't even for enough copies a year resonate. So it's good pre register for the job fair player up to date on everything that's going on yes. Our right now so. Let's talk about the obedience he says cut and and exactly how the seriously doubt and the best way to work and job fair I think. Well John first of all of when you get to the events you're gonna park and down. You come you know you'll see the signs for the job you're gonna come in and register if you haven't already registered online. To register with us at the table takes you know two seconds it's your name how you heard about it. And I'm when you come and to be AT&T centered we have the bottom concourse. So it gets a big loops of girls Wear comfortable shoes he will be walking it is a bit there's a lot of companies it's spread out. You're on your feet so we always see I see people and it's that sometimes you can tell they may debating when to go all the way around because there's anything yeah. I'm a lot of featured so that somewhere comfortable shoes and also girls leave the big bags at a home. It slows down the line they will check everyone when they come and you go to didn't you know security and so the bigger the person more of luggage and briefcase Nagasaki have the longer it will take for the line to get an and the more people be standing outside in the it is so hot out here yeah. And the last thing you want to be doing is standing outside in the heat. And you see it in her. So we suggest to leave the big bag at home and we make a once the event they want to stop and talk to all the employers. Even though maybe you have only two or three that your interest it and like is that a lot of these companies are doing mass tiring so going out having a positive attitude and awareness around looking sharp professional. And talking to each one of them gullah teach listen let them know. You know this is what I've been doing this isn't you know what skill set I have this is especially to what type of things you have available. And sometimes they might not have something but they might have been networking event tonight before and have a business card from someone in the of the points in the right direction. These people who are running the booths at the job fair are hiring managers and recruiters so there's the airlines are gonna carry or advancing to the next step in the hiring process so it's really important it. You'll be professional with them don't walk up to a table when you are there are you on a cellphone or with. A drink or eating some food because you wouldn't do that if you walked into a job interview. So you don't want you wouldn't you don't be sitting in someone's waiting room and walk continue to have an interview with and talking and yourself. So at the same thing they're paying attention to that type of stuff at the event. Because keep in mind that these job fairs let's say we had. Seven companies in every company had a hundred positions open. At 7500. Jobs a lot of people show up to that event she. 50070101000. People. You have to stand out from the crowd not for the wrong reasons so and if they're seeing that type people and they remember the one guy who is like yelling and is. You know frank on the idol winner had you know and doing something that was not professional bill remember that because you'll stand out but for the wrong reason. Right so I'm when you register on our site before the job fair you're gonna the Friday before the event. The day directory will be posted and I'll show you where every single employer is going to be located on the floor plans and a list every position that their current four. Underneath the employer so we suggest. Is because it's Fontana till. Only four hours it's four hours that's a lot of companies it's a lot of talking we suggest to get their attack and not too ill. Because by 2 o'clock and players have talked a lot of people they're burn outs and they are burnout as well right. And so they also won a seat to that if you're showing up by 155. Minutes of correct to. You know the early bird gets a warm they wanna see that you're eager and you get out there currently is but it will be open until 2 o'clock. I'm so when you do get to the job fair and what you wanna do is kind of have a game plan from going through that directory. And it does help if you have out of the fifty companies are semi five companies there's ten companies that you're extremely interest in a working went. Take a time pre apply online with them. Who printed out and bring it with deal. And that way when you're going happened you know they've seen a hundred people for that day and you've pre applied online. In you have your resonate and everything's going well you've kind of skip that step. So they don't have to tell you when you leave to go home and apply online and keep eating you know that to define your name and all of that a lot of them have a computer there with them and if they're really interested and they take you over to the side and he'll find him very TS system and doing it when I won in Israel right there right there actually could actually hire you on stock picker what I'm guessing pending like the him. Stuff about asset Fiat back when Jack and all that's episode but every company does a little bit differently so the hiring practices are different you know for each individual company. I'm but there are a lot of companies that are going to be conducting on the spot interviews. And the reason they do that now we didn't have as many that we're doing that may be in this time last year and we've encouraged him more and more because what happens further job seeker. It's great for a job seeker because you going to talk to all of these company is she. But the employer went to Harry that one person that they talked to that day so if they if they do it will one on one interview with the job seeker at the actual event. When matchup when you leave as a job seeker you feel really good about working with that company and you're committed to working with that company. And so more and more companies are doing that on the spot interviews and we have a whole big space that the BB&T center. And I think where they have the club level the club area. That they'll be able to go into one on one interviews with sonoco stepped inside somewhere else wears quieter yes he's actually getting in Manhattan connection and yes thank you make it Braylon Edwards absent. And players have a job seeker really intolerant and there I really care so. We want to stress that suit that this is not me. It's not a fair it's not you know it is a interview that you're going on with potentially 575. Company is. So they wanna treat it like as sucks so. We will do not have a copy machine a thirty AT&T center and it is a huge place. So far I every now and then we'll have someone who needs copies means like of their resonance out. And by the time where I can find someone who even could make a copy and walk over to find them and find that person to give it in the copies. So much time will have passed just I suggest me the copy is. The closest place is you know not right down the street I mean it is that by the time he'd walk all the way down from the BB NT senator Cardin tries to come back. So to be prepared on before they come and bring analysts say bring at least. Thirty to forty copies of your resonating with young and then Korea planned land with the companies say you're really interception before he could now. Now when you say pre apply online is it is there a link on your website where you look at the company or do they need to just look at company kind of election ought to just look at that company go to their website now when you're on our website you can take and the company named. That if they have some job postings which a lot of them deal. On our site you'll be able to apply directly to our site or you could just take the companies in and apply through their online portal. So there's multiple ways around it because again the company's. Are coming to the job fair because they want to meet you in south that I am mine is just kind of taking that extra. That before you go out in and I hit them. Yeah it's being extra prepared I think yes seven and everybody else gets it he just joined us for speaking to Tiffany price general manager for job news USA. We've got an upcoming Megan job fair August 30 ended a months they've got plenty of time to prepare and get out a new suit who. Look good and and I get on those trust me copies. Yes make copies of their resume and when he said he went to see a lot of people know if you're looking for a job and if you don't have a brand new suitor something has changed over the past you know couple months or whatever and it doesn't fit you any words to bigger and ever. You got to go out and buy it and bring you Al Fisher two to go to a doctor. What ever you have just looked sharp if you if you haven't played a white shirt and that's all they have to Wear iron it. You know looks sharp kind of come to an address clean cut I guess is actually a professional. Yelled leave them the baggy pants at home flip flops shorts hats jeans for the most part. I'm in just try to come out and I'm be professional because it's your first impression and they're gonna see a lot of people so you want to look of regardless of fair price for the plumbing job her turn RN UW let it come out and be dressed just. It's been your best you can send us talk a little bit about the do's and don'ts. Because I know you've got how it's laid out but now if your coming and in the first thing you would say is. I'm you have your resonate we have plenty of copies yeah that's Smart yes now let's talk about some of the do's and don'ts of. Dress okay I'm overwhelmed later said he don't want to have you know flip flops shorts packed activists are fine. I'm would you suggest I mean I suggest an elbow ice I always know who's listened to the show or her heard me say it is and and the past because I can tell if I'm if I've. Made a comment that maybe Wear something that stands out a little bit. I'm that in a good way whether it's you know had a pink tie or yellow scarf or. You know just something with a little pop that an employer might. For much. Yeah it'll jog their memory because you can is talking to a lot of people and when you're acting events after it when you talk to the mules and ask them for business card. We and they'll give you want to make sure it's their business card that the person that you actually spoke with or ask for their contact info. Delhi bright when you get home and you get to a computer you wanna send them thank you letter. And you wanna say thank you so much for taking the time to meet me today and and speak with full. I'm so excited about working with your company's you know please tell me what the next step is by the way I was a girl the yellow scarf you know ours or something to kind of jogged their memory. And because sometimes that does help and you know economies and smiles until you know when they're going to on the substantive. I do remember her marriage remember that kind of had that. The pink tie on and Eric that complemented by your issues or this or that. It's a perfect way just think you would to adjust your. Doesn't mean you're done now yeah thank you and hello Ivan and I've I've done all these interviews I'm gonna have a job no problem. Let us follow through your competing with how many others to write you Afghanistan. Exactly the same thing it's the same content you know when your playing online if you just apply online in just hit apply check check check and apply NASA plans a bunch companies. And then sit back and wait your kind of just you know. You're going to be Wayne for a long time because they're getting a lot of people doing that but that's one of the great things about going out to a job fair is that. The person who's sitting behind their computer reading your rest made it's going to be standing in front via. So make the most sense out of it and follow up with sound. I want you asked some good questions and be prepared with your elevator speech that they're gonna ask you as well. Because they're gonna ask Tony why you wanna work here what do you know about my company things like that so it's really good to do a little bit every search. I'm I've seen people have to job fair set up her daughter directory before the event and then they kind of go online and they have little cliff notes that they right next to each company. I'm the director is an arrogant way and that way when they're going to don't have. You know a book of printouts but they have little you know things like this one has if you don't. 41 K from day one this one does pizza parties on Friday. Things like that that though right on their so that when when an employer asks them you know anyone who work here you can kind of give and some of the and I Freddie Mac he had. And I want governor and I don't Friday and bring my popular keynote. That would add Julian say yeah I love that he has. Sounds I'm inside the other companies to just I wanted to kind of put that in there on Carnival Cruise Lines is when I forgot to mention earlier and they're going to be there as well. And any. They kids out of two free and the crowd friendship cruises for years to their employees. So if you like you. How do you think this jobs for years if you like to travel fly with them a pilot dinner cruises are good to see people coming back and forth from travel maybe could do it. Both jobs and those part time because we're going Theo carnival and a hundred has. And and then we also have to get a foot apartment. Harold they're gonna be there they're looking for LPN's Allen health services representatives. We also have. There was another company that's looking foreign nurses. And none are and now. Mobile health has and openings in Boca for software developers. A way that's another thing to these companies are not just hiring for Broward County. A lot of these companies are hiring from Miami Broward and Palm Beach. I have a company coming all the way down from Delray Beach to recruit for this event I have a company coming from homestead. So just because it's at the BB NT centered doesn't mean that the job's going to be right Darrin sunrise a lot of the employers know that most of the you know. Advertising that's done for this event in Miami Broward it's going from Miami all the way to north Broward sometimes even into south Palm Beach and just by the one source so people come onto the event and it's centrally located by the highway that. It's not that bad image I've it's not that's arguably driving every single day. So I discourage anyone on if you live in maybe late folk are mania and need to be coming out to this doctor because he employers are hiring for all throughout South Florida. And they have multiple locations some employers students out. Yes yeah they have positions at locations all over you know South Florida most of these companies have. I'm in South Florida pediatrics that was another one that that kind of vet jog my memory there you're looking for LP and and they're looking at all throughout South Florida and to fill those openings. Found Florida Panthers will be there they're looking at the find people at deviancy is so. That companies are kind of all over South Florida but they need to we'll have some that are right there. And intend Rackers sunrise plantation DB NT center Cyrus was smaller processor right there. So they have a video wide variety and anywhere from warehouse. There's companies looking for CDL drivers security health care management customer service. Police officers. I'm Lou tax reject if for jiffy lube so. Really it's a wide and my camera and if you job. He should go to that yeah maybe August 30 two be on your Kellan yeah I think. Now in terms of its a big fear right now then you're expecting it to get even bigger and you do have room right if India lawyers are listing anti you know this might be a great place for me to go. What did they do. And they go on to our web site which is shocking news USA dot com or they can call the office Rackley on the number in the offices in 954. 2526640. Were right in Fort Lauderdale. And they can get all of that information as well online in the website make easier since writing its job news USA dot com. And they can register and we did these events son. Feels like every other week. And Christine we do them four times a year I'm we have four times a year and nationalism any leaks four times in West Palm Beach and to marry out and Okeechobee in 95 and we do them four times a year and Coral Gables at the University of Miami. We did in four times you're in Fort Myers and Naples so well look if any hire someone and they she's gonna get going to the website and we can you know. Actually take care of them. It is so basically every three months you're somewhere. Well it now if you hit it there actually I think. Every month every other week we just had a really large event on Ed and mainly sent unsolicited tell. And July 19 and that product over 2000 people to only 32 companies at that event. So that one is actually one that we do run out of space that because there's only so let's. The others it's not about to be AT&T center weakens you can accommodate. So many coming Canadian T center typically concede you had to sell off. On is there along light out site at 10 o'clock in the morning aren't is that pretty tame there is a long line outside in the mornings yes in the morning because I and everyone does have dignity security and and we would. Sometimes like if it's rain or real thing it's gonna rain will make other arrangements and kind of have people inside like and one of the areas of the concourse because we're not gonna happen for a senate side. But I'm in the morning when the players are trying to come in and unloading all of that we try to carry keep the line outside so. It is good to be there at ten on the line does look very long when you show up if you show that eight. You're going to be waiting for a long time outside I suggest that you waiting in the vehicle or something until you see the lines formed summit. The line and they did deviancy staff is awesome. They helped so much at that event and making sure ever gets in Ridley quickly. And so that's nice and again you know leave it whatever you can do to help expedite the process if it's leading smile and Anke has a name yeah yeah. Don't have everything kind of ready when you're when you're getting there because it's we will July does move very quickly but I do suggest you know feces in the morning it's Florida. Bring an umbrella and you know he's seeing the little rainy because even if you you know when you get there at a park it's still kind of a little bit of distance to lock up so that. And transient thing that I'm thinking of you seeing other 10 o'clock and you're sweating you know and melts and that an is that OK I was on dressed in pretty before I got him. Mountain I'm gonna market and write a good suggestion would be if you have one of those I can't even not decent theater Sanders and a deck as I mean we all know we live here. Yeah about it he's. It really you do your make every year that morning imagine you walk out your cards she's young audience here is that. So on you're just be prepared and the morning when you get carried out there will be aligned by we get ever won in really quickly and then once you're inside and so nice arena thanks in cold inside the home. And then you freeze because it is so cold in there yes the other way yet that if someone can't make the August 30. Do you have any more information about it on your website or I'm just say sign up for the next. Well we'll have we were hoping that if you don't make August 30 one on our website we have a ton of jobs on their Chillicothe and a lot of these employers to let postings on our site. So I would suggest I'm registering on our site because you'll get updates with jobs are next one is an until the end of November or mid November Seattle and await. From August and November and Julie weakening of the unit job before it and so I'm going to the website which it in his shop news USA dot com. And when you pre register for the job fair you can opt in to also get alerts for jobs that are in your area. And I don't and then again this is free yes. This is for an answer viewer winner what do I have to pay to write your own not a job hunters and this is free this is the job news USA yes everything about industry. Street parking don't worry about having a partner pay to park at AT&T. It's free admission. All we ask is come and you know come looking for a job not to think of a bunch of pens and things like that are bag. Come looking for a job and come with a good attitude. I'm if you had if you had some struggles you know looking for a job over the past couple of weeks John expressed at the employers you wanna be as positive and where's my talent he deadbeat dad. And he did Annan. Always into the posit yes and found that in this a lot of great opportunities so and if you're looking for a job. With all the opportunity at this event I would hope to see too. If anyone who is listening and when you when you get a job at the event to go onto our website and write to us and let us know we'd love to you know. Hear that information as well that you know you've got a job at a job fair and how worked out for him. We have we love to hear the success story and you can come back and tell us about it yes I can write these guys thank you so much Japanese USA made a job fair. August 30 obedience he sat there thinking yeah. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM. The opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to. Late SM that's life Miami dot com. That's still in the NL YTE Miami. This is an Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FMW a Y yes Miami temper pines Coral Springs.