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Saturday, October 31st

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101 point five lite FM and the latest offensive players percent. The war of the worlds by HG wells. An adaptation of the Orson Welles and the Mercury funeral near broadcast of October 30 19:38. Good evening I'm eighth Corey. That broadcast written by Howard Koch which reached an audience estimated to be approximately six million people. Caused widespread panic according to some accounts reaching urban legend proportions and others. Truth is that while thousands of listeners were frightened out there where it's there's no evidence that any of them left their homes or took other drastic actions are. Some skeptics contend that the idea that wells is radio drama touched off a national scare is more of a hoax and the broadcast itself. Wells never intended to fool his listeners ignores that the intention of lite FM. Since it is Halloween night however we do hope to grab hold your imagination and taken on a terrifying point that you remember this is a dramatization. And sadly our planet in South Florida in particular lost one of its shining stars. On August 20 this year Jack core Conroe stargazers. And executive director of the Miami space transit planetarium. Passed away. We were honored to have Jack share his incredible. Sadness production. We humbly dedicate this broadcast to be enthusiastic. Man who inspired the song to keep looking up. So if you're feeling brave and adventurous. Turned on the lights and imagine it's real. As the light at ten players present. The war the war. We know now that in the early years of the twentieth century this world was being watched closely by intelligence is greater than man's. And yet as mortal as his own. We know now that is human being as busy themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinized. And studied. Perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply and a drop of water. With infinite complacency people went to and fro over the earth about their little affairs. Serene in the assurance of their dominion over this small spinning fragment of solar driftwood which. By chance or design man has inherited out of the dark mystery of time and space. Get across an immense fear real gold mines that are to our minds as hours are to the beasts in the jungle. In collects vast cool and unsympathetic. Regarded this earth with envious eyes and slowly and surely. Drew their plans against us. In the tenth here the 21 century came the great disillusionment. It was the end of October. It seems the economy of the country up heartbeat away from panic but in South Florida mild temperatures and balmy breezes provided welcome relief from troubled times. On this particular evening October 31 2010 and unsuspecting public embrace their oblivious nature. It was after all Halloween night. Where the boundary between the living and the dead is all but erased. And fear is consumed like a sack full of suites. And we are broadcasting live from Mercury mystery mansion on Los Ellis boulevard spent a half mile or so from Fort Lauderdale beach it's a perfect makes certain ghosts goblins and other ghoulish to lights plenty of prices to be want from cost students 20 yes isn't wise you're on what I want great I played FC and it will be here until the witching hour of midnight Mac do you mood gene. Your work. Days sounds best when your more refreshed. What a one point five lite FM. Yeah. Oh. And yeah. Yeah it. It. I. Yeah. Yeah. And it's. Here. The. Anyway it's. Aluminum. Well yeah. Yeah. He. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Okay. Me. I. Yeah I'm real. Yeah. Yeah. Marine. We're. Show. It's. When the one point size latest them this is Jean nationally M sorry but we're gonna have to interrupt our music to bring US. The special bulletin. Within the past hour professor Farrell of the mount Jennings observatory in Chicago reported observing several explosions. Of incandescent gas occurring at regular intervals on the planet Mars. This Spectra scope indicates the gas to be hydrogen and moving towards the earth. With the enormous velocity. And I wanna panic cube but stargazers Jack court Clymer of the space transit planetarium in Miami science museum confirms sales operations. And describe the phenomenon as well. Like his chest of blue clean shot from the gun uncorked. Have more on this developing story is get a decent shots. I'm playing. When one point isolated them Cristina actually following up on the news given in our bulletin a moment ago. NASA has requested the large observatory is of the country to keep an astronomical watch on any further disturbances occurring on the planet Mars. Due to the unusual nature of this occurrence we have arranged an interview with star geezer Jack court timer will be giving us his views on the sentence in a few moments were gonna take you to the Miami science museum's space transit planetarium. One of one point five flight SF. Yeah. Seeing. You okay. In Tampa Florida and I'm sure it's true man and I'm. Will say you. It's. And save. Room where no. Yeah and. Back. Hundred years. To name. It's. What do one point five lite FM okay we're ready now to take you to the Miami space transit planetarium at the Miami science museum where Alan Jaffe is standing by with famous star gaze or Jack court calmer Allen. Thanks Jeanne I'm here inside the Miami science museum's space transit planetarium. And I'm standing in a large semi circular room. It's pitch black except for an oblong split in the ceiling. But through the opening I concede just a sprinkling of stars and they cast this beautiful frosty glow. Over the telescope it's huge it's very intricate mechanism. And the ticking sound you hear that's the vibration of the clockwork. Mr. mark timers standing directly above me on a small platform peering through the giant Atlantans. I'll just be patient with any delays that may come up during our interview. Besides his constant watching the heavens mister court timer may have to answer his cell phone. Obviously this is not a normal event and he's very much in demands. And during this period he's in constant touch with the astronomical centers of the world not to mention the many media outlets looking for scoop how low. But Jack maybe speak with you now my pleasure island mr. part timer could you describe exactly what you see as you observed the planet Mars three your telescope. Nothing usual at the moment Allen a red deer swimming in a blue seat that was semi interesting. Dark lines. Quite distinct not because march efforts to meet and his point nearest the earth at opposition as we call it. And in your opinion what do these dark lines sickness are often not canals I can assure you. And seat although that's the popular conjecture. Of those who imagine Mars to be inhabited but from a scientific viewpoint so dark eyes are merely the result up. Atmosphere conditions here on earth. As we look at the planet whenever we look at Mars he she had to Earth's atmosphere and it distorts the image quite a bit. Then New York quite convinced as a scientist. That leading intelligence as we know it does not exist on Mars I'd say the chances against Barack. Thousand don't want well then how do you account for these gas eruptions occurring on the surface of the planet at regular intervals well Alan I. She can't account for by the way Jack for the benefit of our listeners how far is Mars from the earth approximately forty million my house that's what. It seems safe enough and excused and get one of those interruptions we warned you about someone has just sent mr. part timer a text message. While he's reading it let me remind you were speaking to you from the Miami saints museum's space transit planetarium. Where were interviewing the world famous astronomer Jack four timer. I've been a fan for years but one moment please he's showing me the message she's just received. Mr. park cameraman I've read this to delay FM audience sure thinks you. This is from doctor gray of the University of Miami division of marine geology and geophysics. Quote. 9:15 PM eastern standard time. Seismic graphs registered shock of almost earthquake intensity. Occurring within a radius of two when he miles of Fort Lauderdale. Please investigate doctor Lloyd gray unquote. Mr. part timer could this occurrence possibly has something to do with the disturbances observed on the planet Mars how. Our male and this is probably on media writes I'm an usual size and its arrival at this particular time is. Well merely a coincidence but will conduct a search as soon as first light begins thank you mr. Wertheimer my pleasure again Alan. There you have it. For the past few minutes we've been speaking to you from Miami science museum space transit planetarium. Bringing you a special interview with seemed stargazers Jack court timer. This is telling Jesse back to our lite FM studios. What do one point five light SMT national with the latest bulletin on the Mars explosions. This comes from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Toronto Canada. Professor Morse. And nick knowing university reports observing a total of three explosions on the planet Mars between the hours of 745. And 820 deceiving. This confirms earlier reports received from American observatory is. No closer to home we're hearing from Susan wise on last coalesce boulevard near Fort Lauderdale beach it's reported a huge flaming object believed to be. Meteor rates fell near our broadcast area about a half a mile from the beach Susan Light on the scene right now in joins us Susan what's going on. Is. And absolutely wild scene Jeanne I mean the flash in the sky was clearly visible to all of us here. And quite frankly we thought it was some kind of fireworks display that can easily come from the ground up not the other way around then we heard a huge impact it literally shook in the the rebound we're standing on Susan I know we feel the floor shakes here in the studio where what. Toy miles or so south who. Are we getting a ton of calls as far as Florida city and as far north as Jupiter and that would be Jupiter Florida. Class anyway. We've not moved from our application and the young Mercury missed financial loss almost boulevard in Napa worked their way to the beach and I'm with my engineer date here on who fortunately for us is quite the hobbyists and things extra terrestrial you may have seen his blog ET phone and meet well I mean I hardly know where to begin to have to do for you a word picture of the strange scene before my eyes it's like yeah about modern Arabian nights. And we got here a few moments ago so we haven't had a chance to to look correct yes. I guess that's it yes I guess that's the thing directly for. Half buried it a vast yet. Message struck with terrific force and agree is covered lives wizards have a pond street did you honestly struck out it's weighed down. What this idiotic itself doesn't look very much like any gear at least some of the mir's I'd seen it it looks more like issued she. Snow under it hasn't diameter of them. What what would you say Dave what's what would you say what's what's the diameter of just about thirty yards about thirty yards. There metal on the seat this asks well I've never seen anything like it dead the colors sort of yellowish white and net. Now spectators are foolishly pressing close the object in spite of the efforts of the please just keep that in fact there. They're giving in front of my Elaine emission up. Yeah. Once I clean. Not a placement or lose in the crowd back gears up. What's your name metal ovals. Mr. Willman is out. Well he spends a lot of time here and that he should have some interesting facts to add he claims to have actually seen the object. The beach mr. lemon could you tell us as much as you whenever I'd just rather than usual visitor that dropped in on you here plus. Please. I was using my chances and closer and louder please pardon me black voters please closer and oh yeah action. It was the loses to the radio and manager knows that Ferris fellows. Around r.s autos have dose. Yes mr. Wellman then dumped in what happened or. So I was there are loses and Mourinho Qaeda half ways yes missile on the didn't didn't you saw something. First off I've heard so I mean what did you hear a hissing sound like this. Kinda like this fourth of July rockets yes then what I've pulled my hair. Out of my sleep. We're not score I was asleep and dream and yes I've seen that kind of agree this streak and then. It's a lose match. Maybe also zobel a lot of Mexicans open being sold where you frightened Missoula. RA. Great to make sure to read you very good I was trying to riled thank you miss a moment should thank you very much do you want me to tell you Smart I mean it is still. That's quite all right let me. Well you just heard yet we'll that you actually. Witness whatever happened here tonight I wish I could convey the atmosphere the dapper and business. Fantastic scene. Hundreds of cars are parked along anyone age and the police are trying to keep the cars moving it in you know robot does seem to snow yeah they're breaking right thrill. Pleased to train their spotlights on the weekend with a objects half married. Some of the more daring souls are now venturing near the edge of your silhouette standout against the nets team. The thing. She's having an argument of policemen should. Depletion and wins now there's something I haven't mentioned in all this excitement it's. Becoming more distinct perhaps you cut it already on your radio listening. You hear. Mears Sam this seems to comes from the inside. Now we know more than 25 feet away here now. Yes Susan. Any ideas about the meaning index creaking noise inside fifteen. Leave the unequal pulling of the surface. Good answer do you still think it's a meteor from how I don't know what to think of the metal casing is definitely extra terrestrial. Not found on the search. Friction with the Earth's atmosphere usually terraced holes and ameliorate this thing is it's smooth then as you can see cylindrical. Just a minute. Something's happening. Just terrific. Anything is beginning get laid off the top fifty. The most terrifying night Kevin. Witnessed. You were admitted so once again the whole time someone around. Figuring out of them black hole. Luminous discs car they I'll ask him. Thing is wiggling out of this. Another one can never win another one these deals like yeah me. Finding out its largest mortgage it's. Like and black leather. Can hardly force myself. Say it's. Can Muster or whoever it is can hardly move. Okay. It's it's like no word is it's. Like Whitney and and you position yeah I'll be right. He's back again. Hillary. Okay. Max out my hand loves the name. And on this day. Max ring news John slash G. Yeah. One of one point five lite FM and we are bringing you an eyewitness account of what's happening in Fort Lauderdale beach Susan wise is light at the scene and she's. I don't advocate and Leno return this isn't okay I I'm scorched behind a concrete barrier that separates and lending fund to be still. From here get a sweep of the schools. Every detail as long as I can talk and as long as I can. I'm more steam in Fort Lauderdale police have a they're drawing up important in front of the pin about thirty plus no need to push the crowd that now they're willing to keep their distance. Be officers is arguing with someone yeah. Yeah it's you know honestly I didn't Alexander the. Okay they're studying objects and how to policeman danced very carefully when it's something in their hints. Yeah it's a white handkerchief tied to a pole. 400 troops this preachers know what that means one thing yeah. JB. The miracle. It's. Blame the scenes of the time. Iron. Yeah. Susan. What got. On. I'm so sorry it I don't know I don't some I think something really horrible happen I need to be misleading. Whose attention can't just some music didn't just get always changed since. This is one of one point five lite FM program director rob Sydney. As you just heard we've lost our broadcast feed from Susan wise on Fort Lauderdale beach. We don't have any further details at this time and will try to reestablish communication with their crew as soon as possible. I wanna assure you wall not to panic stay close to your radio and will bring you up to the minute information. How we do have this just in from San Diego California one of the premier authorities in cosmic activities professor Kindle coffer. Speaking at dinner of the California astronomical society expressed the opinion that the explosions on Mars are. Undoubtedly nothing more than severe volcanic disturbances on the surface of the planet. 101 point five lite FM continuing to follow the events of this Halloween evening we've just received more on the situation in Fort Lauderdale. Gene did you get death forming. This is devastating news. At least forty people including six state troopers and Fort Lauderdale police officers lie dead now Fort Lauderdale beach off Los Solis boulevard. Their bodies burned and distorted beyond all possible recognition. Right now. Yelled yes we have colonel Montgomery Smith commander of the Florida state police he's about to address reporters. I've been requested by the governor to play the calories of Broward and Miami. The sport nor is palm beach county and felt Monroe County under martial law. Know you'll be permitted to enter this area except my special passed this year by the state for military authorities. Poor company's from the Florida or we National Guard are heading to South Florida and later evacuation of homes on the radio the military operations. They keep to create reports thank you. You've just been listening to Carl Montgomery Smith commander of the Florida state police. Now further details of the catastrophe on Fort Lauderdale beach are coming in the the strange creatures after unleashing their deadly assault crawled back into their pit. And made no attempt to prevent the efforts of the firemen to recover the bodies and extinguish the fire. It appears now that the flames are spreading and have consumed many businesses along the strip. And we've been unable to establish any contact with Susan. And where you were saying our prayers which she wasn't a victim of this horrible tragedy. In the meantime I know we take you to. Just what one moment police. What is it Jane. We have an. OK I've just been informed that we finally establish communication with an eyewitness of the tragedy. Dave Europe quiz with Susan on Fort Lauderdale beach when. Well you you heard it de Dave are you there. Yes. Yeah I'm here rob. We here. We parked the van far away but it's toast drop but. I'm sorry I am I'm sorry. Forget that David is as long is your safe. That is these. Susan there with you. And I'm sorry rob and I haven't seen her since the since the hey if if I know Susan she'll. Show up. All right Dave as an engineering student have things astronomical give us your thoughts and what you're witnessing. Is it of this planet horror of alien origin. Never thought I'd say those were seriously. Yeah I I understand. The creature in the cylinder at Fort Lauderdale beach right. I can't really better be sure what it is that's it it's just so surreal and none of this surf. So yes it's it's otherworldly but its purpose its its origin. God only knows. The planet Mars seems to be the most likely candidate at this point of the that the weapon that devastated the beach and every living creature. I mean seemingly every living creature. For one of a better term let's. But let's call it a laser ray and and one thing that seems certain is that these creatures have. Paula got scientific knowledge far in advance of her own if I had to venture a guess I'd say that in some way. They're able. Generated an intense heat in a chamber of practically. Absolutely no conductivity this this intense heat they project in and a parallel beamed against any object they choose. By means of polished parabolic mirror of well nothing I've ever seen it's the same principle as the mayor of lighthouse projecting a beam of light. But in this case more like. Laser or or something far worse. And rob. Thank you Dave keep your years on will become a bacteria and I don't put yourself in harm's way of course. Dave your record on Fort Lauderdale beach site of tonight's. I guess we can officially call it tonight's alien attack you presumably from Mars. We've got bulletins pouring into the studio so we'll update John all the latest first a report that all the bodies were so badly charred that immediate identification is impossible. Weeks and that months of DNA testing is going to be necessary. Now. Here's another bulletin from Washington DC the the office of the director of the national Red Cross reporting. Ten units of Red Cross emergency workers have been assigned to the Florida army National Guard in Fort Lauderdale. And here's a bulletin from the state police the flyers along the beach area are. Now under control it's being reported that all was quiet in the pit and there's no sign of life appearing from the mouth of the cylinder. Tennis is here what what set this Newton to okay. Okay we've got a special statement from the senior vice president and general manager of lite FM Denis Collins. Could go ahead Dennis. Well rob we received a request from the federal emergency bureau and the governor's office to place our entire broadcasting facilities at their disposal. In view of the gravity of this situation and believing that radio does have a responsibility to serve in the public interest we are turning over our facilities and rob. They like what you've done so far and they ask that you remain on as the anchor I've I'd be proud to thanks. All right wicket where we go on next. We are we taking out of the field headquarters in the Florida army National Guard near Fort Lauderdale beach and we have on the phone. Captain Lansing is it. Yes this is capitalists continue your race. I've just fines or one that you would go ahead and describe which is seen. Affirmative situation arising from reported the presence of certain individuals of unidentified nature is now under complete and. I'm I'm I'm sorry captain could you break it down in nonmilitary language news. It's all due respect. Certainly proved cylindrical object which slides in that it directly below our position is surrounded on all sides by a battalion of infantry. We're expecting more within a few hours we don't have any artillery on the scene yet but our soldiers armed with rifles machine guns. An anti armor weapons. Fault cause requirements such cause ever existed is now entirely unjustified. There really are do that even venture to hold their heads above the fifty. I concede or hiding place cleanly in the glare of the searchlight here. With all their reported resources these creatures can scarcely stand up against heavy machine gunfire. And weight kitchen interest in outing for our values. I can make about it there ABC news we're sorry that we army combat uniform crossing back and forth in front of the white. It looks almost like a real war. Well we ought to cease and actions to one of the companies is deploying on the left flank a quick thrust and we'll all be over. We've it's. Something that's up with the cylinder. Nothing but shadow. Now the troops around the edge of the crater. Thousand armed men closed again and an old medals two. Or what could. That wasn't the shadow. Is something moving. So I was better. Positions like fear rising up the cylinder beat each higher higher. It's stating and links actually rearing up what sort of sit. Our hurry back. I don't know if I can describe what we've been seeing as we monitor web cams Mallard on top the 42 story Los Solis river house phase one building. It simply staggers the imagination. And at the same time is absolutely heartbreaking to witness. It has been confirmed both by the observations of science and the evidence of our own eyes that those strange beings who landed on Fort Lauderdale beach tonight. Are the vanguard of an invading army from the planet Mars. The battle which took place tonight has ended in a startling and swift defeat 15100. Men and women armed with rifles machine guns and anti armor weapons. Pitted against a single fighting machine of the invaders from Mars. Gone in seconds. No known survivors all crushed and trampled to death under the metal feed the monster. Color or burned to cinders by its laser ray. The monster or. That machine is now virtually in control of South Florida in this. Effectively cut us off from the rest of the state telephone and power lines are down from Fort Lauderdale the South Miami. Amtrak has just announced that their tracks are destroyed and all service has been discontinued. Why anyone would even consider riding the rails at this point escapes me and that all leader traffic's been canceled. Brian shine from light FM stress saver for you have from lite FM traffic is here Brian what's it like on the highways are you. Are you kidding of course not now or what's going on out there. All right. All right I 95 the turnpike the palm meadow and well all South Florida highways are clogged with frantic human traffic police and army reserves are unable to control the mad exodus. Basically traffic is edited shop people leaving their vehicles really stopped and are fleeing by foot we know particular destination in mind it's panic pure and simple. Rob. Bride again. And of course martial law prevails throughout all of southern Florida from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico we have seen him. Secretary at the ulterior all right I I believe now we're going to Washington DC for a special announcement on this national emergency. The secretary of the interior. My fellow Americans. Should not try to conceal the gravity of the situation that confronts the country. Northern conservative government in protecting the lives and property of its people. However I wish to impress upon you private citizens and public officials talking the urgent need of common results for action. Fortunately this formidable enemy is still confined to a comparatively smaller area and we place our faith in the fine men and women in uniform to keep them there. In the meantime please nothing think. You must continue the performance of our duties each and every one of us so that we may confront this destructive adversaries with a nation united courageous consecrated to the preservation of human supremacy on this earth that was executed. That was the secretary of the interior speaking from our nation's capital. Bulletins too numerous to reader piling up here in the studio we're being. Told now that the central portion of the state is blacked out from radio communication due to the effect of the laser ray on the power lines and cell phone towers. It almost seems as if they're being targeted. There were fortunate to be the only radio stations still broadcasting though thanks to chief engineer Gary Blount and his team are. Our generator should be able to power his firm had several days more. Here's a special bulletin from Tallahassee emails have been received from English French and German scientific organizations offering their assistance. Not not good news here Jack port climber at the Miami space transit planetarium reports continued gas outbursts at. Regular intervals on Mars the majority of his counterparts around the country you're. Are of the opinion that this indicates the enemy will be reinforced by additional spacecraft and their deadly weapons. So much for the thousand to one odds of life on Mars. We're still trying to regain contact with lite FM stave Urich who is your herd has observed these martians at close range. And and still no word from Susan lines. From homestead air reserve base reconnaissance aircraft reports three martian machines visible above the treetops. Moving north towards per Ryan and Kendall. With many civilians fleeing ahead of them. The laser ray is not in use although they're advancing at express train speed the invaders. Seemed to be picking their way carefully almost it almost appearing to be making a conscious effort to avoid destruction of town circuit. Heavily populated areas. However they. They stopped to neutralize power lines cell towers and bridges and railroad tracks. Their apparent objective is to crush resistance. Paralyzed communication and disorganized human society. Now this from the Tammy army ranger station hunters have stumbled on another cylinder. Embedded in the Everglades about 45 miles west of the Florida turnpike just off Tammy ME trail. Army guard M 198 how researchers are heading to that site to destroy the second invading unit before the cylinder can be can be opened and another martian fighting machine rigs for destruction. There they're taking up a position near the shark valley information center. You know you just keep feeding me the bulletins Jean King Tut. OK more breaking news this from Boca Raton aircraft report enemy machines three of them increasing speeds southward. Kicking over houses and trees in their. In their evidence haste to meet up with our allies further south machines also cited Easter Weston within ten miles a plantation. It once again from homestead air reserve base ten F sixteen fighting falcons had recently returned from combat in Iraq and equipped with air to ground missiles are flying north in pursuit. A package. Just a moment placed. We've managed to link up with the artillery line in order to give you direct reports from the zone of the advancing enemy were the first work will take you to the battery of the Florida army national guard's 116. Field artillery regiment. Located off 10 AME trail. Just stores. Its protection third green and got his fire. It's action break 31 meters aren't. Projections. That don't agree. Green fire. Back. Yeah Ottawa and that boy. Topped it and try our quick get to arrange shoot thirty meters. Protection 27 degrees and artillery. Fire. I don't know off. I meant. What I did but blacked out there. The way this team column in the crowd. But I can't asks yeah ready to fire. Or Peter's. Turn protectionists too orders. Race. This despite later being 43 approaching monument lake area being Cyprus settlement of the bush. Morning commander Fairfax homestead enemy tripod machines now incite more machines and join those from the tenth inning trails on their. Six altogether of one machine partially crippled believed in my shelf from 116 dogs polish. Shots now here's silent. Boxing pose an area of extreme density yet nature unknown. Enemy now turning east heading towards Hialeah and Obama got another straddling. Nice seven and an objective news Miami. They pushed down a high tension power state. Are close together now and we're ready to attack. Bob encircling readiness she drank about a thousand yards of mobile in the first. 800 yards 600 and the 402. Everything else giant operates. Crane flush this morning doesn't look like 2003. It's giving up a chance to fire on the only one thing I've tried a lot of aircraft an awkward timing on the first one. Now the end is gone. 43 I'm bailing out. Need you're training airport calling of bed at eight collier training taught outfit comically. If you don't do it drew had four F sixteen that it ain't so that we trap machine to Arctic factories. In incapacitated. Or I'll crash one. Machines destroyed. At any doubt discharging any black smoke and direction of a global market. Airport that the couple airport that morning and it. Let's dwell on CQ. Actually telling CQ. Who actually alcohol. Next three. It. Hello protesting. Testing 123. I hope I'm being hurt. I'll just assume that you know were left can hear my voice. I'm speaking from the studios of lite FM washing webcam monitors from throughout South Florida. The sirens you undoubtedly her hearing her being sounded to warn the people to evacuate the city is the martians approach. Some unfortunately were advised of their situation when it was too late to respond quickly. In particular our sister station 790s the ticket was broadcasting from Sun Life Stadium where the football Panthers were playing we FAU owls. They're homecoming game. The ticket stand love a tart is they're describing the scene Dan. But Dan are you with us. I'm here rob but I'm not sure I can explain the horrible scene that's unfolding before me I also realize that it's just a matter of moments before. Well before this board Skype files his final report. I always thought like pensions hearing golf ball to the noggin at Doral would be sliced in half by the airborne rear wing of a Formula One car at homestead Miami speedway here. Taken javelin just hand it to describe her never victim of an alien invasion. In a sense it's almost. Paul moles. Romantic. To a once no one not alone in the cosmos and then the to be consumed liken. It under a magnifying glass on a sunny day maybe it's karma for almost carpenter ants com a notice glory days this that I terrorized in my youth. Maybe weird then. I'm sorry but describe what you see sorry rob I'm wordsmith but to try to describe the carnage here yeah there are no words. We heard mores and said it best when the Hindenburg went down hole they humanity. Head to marching band continuing to play well there. Burns back home waiting now. The truckloads focusing. On the trombone section. And I doubt it seems the martian sir irritate. Buying buying trouble. Real seed Robin portion. And knowing that these may be among the last the very last words broadcast from our little need to plan. A similar. I'm trained of emotions at this point. But a good journalists leaves him at the door and goes on the business of reporting. It's been estimated that in the last two hours some two million people have moved out along the roads to the north. Unfortunately all points north lead to. Two more of the same. The word from the federal emergency bureau now is stood. Stay put and find a safe place in your home away from windows and doors we are viewing your family can huddle them and pray. We've gone through the drill many times here in South Florida so perhaps it's best we convince ourselves that this is not. Who what it is good. A major hurricane and and take the same precautions. All roads out or hopelessly jammed so once again flight is futile all communication with the outside world as fruitless and as it appears that this invasion and is global. The last report we received was that martian cylinders are falling all over the country one outside of buffalo won in Chicago Saint Louis. And overseas London Moscow Paris. There are rivals seemed to be Thai named and spaced. And candidly we must report that there are no more defenses. Our army is wiped out artillery air force everything wiped out. Looking at the port Everglades web cam now I can see all manner of boats from mark Sri liners to freighters to the most humble pleasure craft. Overloaded with the fleeing population hoping to find safety in the open sea. I'll. But they can't see is that the machines are headed toward this came to me. Now some of them were already waiting waiting in the water like up. Man waiting throw Brock. I can't watch. This may be the last broadcast. We'll stay here to the end. I'm grabbing the wireless microphone now and and heading outside. Our security cameras picked up a remarkable sight not try to describe it I'm. I want for 41 where of course traffic is completely stopped. Those who survived seem to have resigned themselves to the fact that this. It could be Armageddon. As unbelievable as it seems I'm witnessing a sort of spontaneous religious service. People complete strangers a few hours ago are holding each other's hands and have turned this once busy thoroughfare into their open air cathedral. I know the American spirit this scenario was probably being played out all across the country. There must be crowds in Times Square is. If in celebration of New Year's Eve. Streets are all jammed north and south east and west with that with the same incredible scene. The enemies is not coming at the site above. The public shopping center and why. The first machine reaches 441 and I'm staring. He stands watching looking over the crowd. His steal it's always heads teased us. He waits for the others. What's undoubtedly attract them is that that the huge broadcast content farm just north of the station. They rise like held the line of new towers. And sound black smoke drifting over toward us. On the street are now. There trampling each other. Yeah. Well if you kill. Duets to go calling TO. Two X. Today it's here grows so. And doctor. Games not he needs. And. Know anything. I. Yeah. Instantly. You only use the these. It's okay. Potential pain we'll softly on the bottom do you eat. It's okay. It's. Okay. As I sit down these notes on paper. I'm obsessed by the thought that I may be the last living man on earth. And hiding in the seventy Shannon and John you Lori beach state park. A small island of daylight cut off by the black smoke from the rest of the world. All that happened before the arrival of these monstrous creatures in the world. Now seems part of another life. A life that has no continuity with the present furtive existence. Of this lonely derelict to pensions these words in a spiral notebook. But warned collection of notes. Random thoughts for his blog. ET phone me. Mean. If you are. And when he sucks sometimes. I looked down at my blackened hands my torn shoes might tattered clothes. And I. I tried to connect them with a successful broadcast engineer living comfortably in Oakland park. And who on the night of October 31. Watched as his world was ripped apart by. Invaders from Mars. And my wife. My son. My dear colleagues. And computers my office of lite FM night my world. Where he. Today for accessed. Susan. What she is fortunate as me. MID zero what. Two days exist without calendars does time pass when there are no human hands left to flipped the pages of the calendar. In bringing down my daily life I tell myself I shall preserve human history between the dark colors of this. Little notebook that was meant to record amateurs observations. About the movements of the stars and speculation on the existence of life on other planets but. To write I must live. And to live on must eat. Signs multi brand in the trash. And an orange not. Too spoiled to swallow. I keep watching the window. From time to time to catch sight of our martian both black smoke. The smoke still hold the chicken it's like Cordoba. At length. In sickness and soon. And suddenly I see a martian mountain on this mission spring be you know with the jets team is it to dissipate the smoke. This is huge it's new Russian instrument flimsy shelters. And exhausted by terror and flawlessly. It's morning. Morning. Sun streams in the window. The black cloud of gas has lifted and the scorched earth to the west looks as though a black snowstorm has passed over. I venture from Shaq. I make my way to US one. No traffic. Just wrecked cars and blackened skeletons. I push on south pass Hollywood. For some reason I feel safer trailing these monsters than running always. I keep a careful watch. I've seen the martians its feet. Should one of their machines appear over the top of trees I am ready to fling myself flat on the year. I come to an avocado tree. October but economists are right. I find one of those canvas bags the stores are offering to keep the planet green mountain. Something's. Still make me laugh. A little. Specialist with the fruit. I must keep a life. I wonder in a big southerly direction through a desolate world. Finally I notice of living creature the small squirrel and silver but when. I stand him and wonder. He stares back to me I belief at that moment the end Melinda I shared the same feeling. The joy of finding another region eat. I push on signs. IE finds dead horses and assume they must've come from gulfstream park. Their deaths strangely moves me just when I thought every last emotion had been run from me. My mind's eye pictures these once mighty animals running for glory. Only life my feet charred and lifeless. To the west I see the ruins of the track the grand stand and it's too untouched speier standing guard for the waste land like. Light houses deserted by the seat. A tattered flag blu slightly in the breeze coming from the north. The next day. I know your city. From this distance of city vaguely familiar and its contours yet it's building strangely dwarfed in muffled off. As of a giant has sliced off its highest towers with a capricious sweep of his hand. I reach the outskirts just north of Miami on demolished but humbled by some whim of the advancing martians. Presently with an odd feeling of being watched. Catch sight of something Christian do. I'm making step toward just. It rises up and becomes a man. A man armed with a large knife fault what you come from. I come from and for many places. He does it matter now. How are million and on 1 of I am. Of course I'm I'm one of them and lasers shoot out of the fact that. Think they know through the years. This is my country. All it's in the town down to the Miami River. Only got provisions for one and which way Dell. I don't know it I guess some looking for questions peaked. Well as checked that. Now. Only a bird. Life bird yeah. Well you get to know the birds have shadows these days. We're exposed and vulnerable right here let's let's call in this doorway and now. So one stranger you've seen any. Martians. I think they've gone down a based on park he's committed stationed here. At night disguise. But it it's just as if people steal their market. Concerts on. Monday night and teaching him. But nobody should. I can see a couple of kids them being headed up between that if I'm to the airport on innocent. Yeah. And it's all over which humanity. Stranger there still you night. Two of us left who did you cut that night and he got themselves firmly entrenched and in the process they wrecked the greatest country in the world. Those restarts that probably found out somewhere every night. Totally lost my machine my recollection. Paint that we can do. We are done we are. Where were you Purina uniform. And what's left of all the the National Guard that's a good one. One mini war anymore in a war between a man in this dance yet but we're edible plants. That's momentum. Will only do this. Total. Right now callers were watt. Marshall only asked a few miles to get the crowd on re not able keep on doing. Began kitchen us we systematic lacked even the best in store that's changed and they haven't even begun she got beat John hope not be gone. All that is a farce because we don't have enough sense to keep quiet. What bothered what does this let's not lose our heads Russian golfing crowd announced at a bar Russian around lie and we got to fix ourselves up. Fix our sales are up according to the way things are now. She is nation is titillation progress done she has put its sole. What is there to live more. Tex but to stupidest question ever hurt me then don't be no concert for a million years or so. It no national dinners arrest. Its amusement you're after well I'm guessing games. What's left life. That's what all of lip gasoline you. I'm gonna be exterminated and I don't mean because either I don't mean to be tame I don't mean to be fat and I don't mean to be bred lack an ox. And what are you gonna do well Campbell Brown all right on under their feet and I got the plan. We man as man. The sole. We don't know enough. We don't learn from many before we get a chance and we got to live to keep free while we learn see I got me just a medical figured out. Tell me what your plans are oil isn't all of us and remains a wild beast that's always got to be team that's fine and watch T. You hear me out watch it's you. All the little office workers used to live in these houses they be no good thank you stuffit. They used to run based run off to war got see hundreds of Marc indicates a metro rail in the morning and prayed they'd be Cain if they didn't run and magic not afraid they won't be in time for dinner. Last injured and little investment. Location actions. No watches. The marshes will be a godsend for those guys being guys rooming cage's good food careful breeding no worries. Pixel mixed after a week yourself Jason about the field on empty stomach them weak ones. You've. Based on loan and yes I am here sooner. You know there's not much. Don't make accidents. Or train us to do tricks and notes that gets sentimental over Pitt boy grew up had been killed some maybe. Don't try and tons of us who don't maximum possible no human beat you yes they will. There's men who do it gladly. One America comes after me wow you. In the meantime in the meantime you and I and others like us. These thome now we're we can live when the martians only yours when you just like I said I got it all figured out. We have only important. I'll think about sewers undermined either miles or much else about the main ones big enough Brady has volts and ground stole rooms there's tunnels. How old do you begin to see each. A budget strongman to get in a week want to rubbish is out. Well as you meant meet ago forgot I did get just enough to we will quarreled botnet. Go on time I'm really just we ought to make a safe place for us Stacey I keep old books week and science books actually. That's what men like you're gonna come a week problem raid the Miami science museum that we've known spies among us. You may not be so much to have to learn before. Just imagine us. 45 of their own fighting machine suddenly start off lasers and Brad inland and not emotion and auto market and intimacy just myth. Men learn the way I. It may be an don't have. Magic have won him Hayes quit blazers blessed and coming. We return I don't know Marcia who we turn they don't know man we bring everybody down to their needs. And that's. That you planned idiots do you see you meet in a few more must we I'll put our own the world policy. All we're always view among going to your world. And we'll see a stranger to him boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom in well after parting with the Guardsmen I had downtown anxious to know the fate of the magic city. Cautiously I worked my way down Biscayne boulevard and I pass under 195. And there again are black powder and several bodies Cendant. And evil or ominous smell coming from some of the buildings. I wandered down to northeast fifteenth street and passed by Centennial Park. A standalone outside American Airlines Arena but I catch sight of leaned on him. Running down porn boulevard with a piece of dark brown media's job as an actress started her mom sent his heels. He makes a wide circle around me as their fears I might have proven a fresh competitor how. I would welcome the scheme in the direction of that strange power. Past silent shop windows and displaying their mute swears to have to sign off. You in the Bayside marketplace. That silent and dark. I decide to heed the words of the stranger. Who seem to think the martians were using a front parkinson's staging area. I seek a better vantage point atop the parking garage. From my perch there and watch a flock of black birds circling the sky. A. Suddenly catch sight of the hood of a martian machine standing somewhere in the front part gleaming in the late afternoon so. And insane idea I rush recklessly down the ramp of the garage and head to the park I hide behind some palms facing the amphitheater. And from here I can see standing in assignment role. Nineteen of those great metal titans the Powell's empty their steel arms hanging lists mostly by their sides. I'm looking thing for the monsters that inhabit those machines. My eyes are attracted to the immense market black Kreutz the public directly from. They circled to the ground and here before my eyes start. Assignment. Late march. With a hungry bullets packing and telling her own friends of flesh from my dead body. Later when their bodies were examined in the laboratories. It was found that they were killed by the pew for effective and disease bacteria against which their systems were unprepared. Slain after all man's defenses had failed. I thought humble list things that god in his wisdom has put upon this earth the final and ultimate irony. The theory pandemic we humans had come to fear. The Swine Flu. Has taken them down. Before the cylinder fell. There was a general persuasion that through all that deep of space no life existed beyond the petty surface of our own mind you sphere. Now we see further. Jim and wonderful as the vision I have conjured up in my mind of life spreading slowly from this little seat than of the solar system. Throughout the inanimate vastness of sang do you real space. But that's a remote terrain. It may be that the destruction of the martians. Is only a reprieve. To them and not to us is the future or do you perhaps. Strange it now seems to sit in my peaceful officer played FM. Writing down on this last chapter of the record be gone into remote broadcast on Fort Lauderdale beach. Strange to watch children. Playing in the streets. Strange to see young people strolling in the parks. In the spring grass fields the last black scarves and bruised her. Strange to watch the sightseers and through the Miami space transit planetarium. When that assemble parts of martian machine kept on public you. And strangest of all this how quickly we have recovered. Start and stronger. And as one. I listened to the monetary in my office now smile thing. And listening to my favorite radio personality. 101 point five lite FM Susan ways here. More light and refreshing music with Patrick Kern and days and disarm them. Married yeah. It reminds me. Paul. This is Robson here ladies and gentlemen. Out of character to assure you that the war of the worlds says no further significance than. As the holiday offering it was intended to be. The lite FM player's own radio version of dressing up in a sheet and jumping out of the bush and saying. Boo. We couldn't so all your windows and toilet paper your home so. We did the next best thing. We annihilated South Florida before your very ears. So good night everybody and remember for the next stay here so that terrible lesson you learn tonight. That grinning glowing blob you learn invader on your living room. Is an inhabitant of the pumpkin patch. And if your doorbell rings and nobody's there. That was no marsh. It's Halloween. Tonight's 11 point five lite FM presentation of the war of the worlds. Was adapted from the original 1938 Orson Welles and the Mercury theater on the air script written by Howard Koch and courtesy of and Koch. The lite FM players include Robson. Susan why she nationally. Ellen jazzy Jeff Martin. Bill Stedman. Lesser Rotella they can't Parker again. Denis Collins Jim Leavitt time. Can Clement antennae corona and the late Jack or kind stargazers to whom this broadcast is dedicated. Original theme and sound design by net cord I'm. On behalf of 101 point five lite FM thanks for listening. And Jack you've got the last word that. Eight like yeah. Millions. Yeah. Yeah. It's not. Having dinner. And his only. Please. You tell them. Don't think. We didn't know. Rescue me. Jack gets. As. We'll.