Viral Variables

Tuesday, December 12th

When you get sucked into a story that's gone viral only to find out there's way more to the story. Bullies, bunnies, and kitties, oh my!


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Wow. Can you know. The fans feel I have anything to go viral and being the last John yeah like a capsule going accounts teach in the and you realize there. All sort of dairy all that maybe you can't know well and you realize the milk was completely salad yeah makes me sad sad and the first one I saw. What is T Jones the little boy who is either random talking about being bullied and and it was so sweet kid even though he was being bullied he was still having compassion for those or Willingham has not been a little boy is they're crying out hard out is just his sketch yeah. It's heartbreaking. As what it is. And then things started coming out like that well then all these celebrities offer to do all these things for him taken to a premier from movie. And then UFC fighters I was guy I contact the mommy don't that he hasn't contacted the mom was gonna have to come hang when this. And she said. That she would just wanted. That I should discuss her go funny page in your money. A bit about what. That's the thing which go find me and what page because this is just getting like stickier and stickier she like she and I got funny pages now she's denying that. That that happened so. Well that's at there are several go funny pages Adam and they bald apparently been associated with different Twitter accounts that kinda look like he could be heard is this day and age you know peoples are digging around on the Internet these. Sketchy right as to who's running while it's sketchy make sketched her are you kidding me now do you camp all the little boy a course not that said it dilutes the mess the really good message that was get out there. And then you hear all this and then there's a picture of her and I think key is whether I don't know yet look like it yeah she's standing on somebody's porch holding a confederate flag and I just like. All. Low. Right now they were gone well why she got a map bullying and she's bully and and that writings wasn't it wasn't the very on most gentle way of hundreds that are out of proving your point if you will. Com so how we still be Keaton and hopefully you aren't so bullying others and others won't be bullying Ewing you learn a whole lot of lessons from all of this every season taking advantage of you when you least get some of that money eventually teach that 50000 dollars one of them has. And then. You bigots say this crosses the line lies about a bunny. I never heard about the guy you see the video of the guy seen in the bunny from the wild fires in California and you and he's. Jumping around like a crazy person the bunny have been around and gets the money put them toxin has already and runs off put them in the world discuss a the there is that god and then some and I must speed I saw that somebody meet the guy who rescued the body Oscar in Gaza and every tweeted it widget still misery to economic feet isn't it took and then this thing. And get out and it comes out at that a guy by the name of the is actually the person who sees it the money so I according to most of the sources. But can't set up. I here's my here's the thing Caleb has the same exact outfit as it was in the video. And it. And delivered Abe burned bunny tool of veterinary hospital. And turn. Don't like getting Kayla Bob BC wasn't coming out in the beginning is like I don't care I'm not doing this for all the accolades or whatever but then somebody else comes out and goes and that was me you can like. And that's not cool so I I kind of understand how the real men. Rabid savor what could come out I was only season but he also margin is big ticket is credit Mike about rescuing a butt any yeah I. Sad I am I don't know a mr. Oscar's problem in his life has but he really needs some attention. We have we. And I don't now crops in the line Mir going by a hair. It's not our heads of thought it's a way adds a little girl who really wanted her dad too I let her adopt a cat. For Christmas and he was like no Susie says. She basically like made a presentation. Slides it informs. Like pictures of cats crying on a wall. That was the point it appears this because of years you know right there in their dying in cages because you won't save them so idea and we can thanks to every last one of these stories in the body of the podcasting you can if you've not heard of them didn't click as you're talking about but I just proved a point that we have not learned a lesson because we don't know anything about the story of in this little girl she could be very anti cat brawl with the I'm. We're just as yeah yeah yeah all we. Are now but that's right there's no cat they gives us hope that it that we all care enough to let things like this go viral we keep getting disappointed but we keep trying we keep her I just go to snaps first hopefully because when they lose that and just. And why is. Stick. Lauren Kim and the UK each weekday afternoons starting at three. He dot com.