A Very Special Couple

Friday, August 11th

Such a beautiful couple doing a beautiful thing for all the right reasons. #GoHumans


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It between. Liddy will automatically. Possibly probably start crying and just one on one at a time. That whenever we talk about the site I'm obsessed person I know you are nice this guy is literally the nicest person in the entire universe a brawl time and is really handsome too and just you know I'm that is a bonus as well but this is named gorgeous blue ice yes okay that's and of course is guy is from Florida is and how wonderful a good Florida story special books by special kids is the name. The Webb's way it is FaceBook page is a special Ed teachers I would start out with him just having his students kinda tell their stories anyone to share out. Share with the world because you know kids are misunderstood especially special needs kids you know they get judged the panic at the Harry I'm gonna get bullied all that stuff so he wanted that people to understand that their test real people and they're just a little different than us so I guess it it went viral he started this FaceBook page and it went viral and he flies all over the world all over the country finds that people with especially mostly kids. With a rare disorders genetic disorders and health problems on the her home bound. Annie does interviews them and they are wonderful individuals and he's just the nicest guy the way talks to them. And you just get told about these people need song -- and his wife who is equally beautiful today they're just this there a couple you you can't look at for too long otherwise your eyes start to hurt from the beauty she's really the reason this exists or eight yet he said that he was that he had written to I guess several different companies and and -- just gotten nothing but rejection letters and that's -- or the FaceBook pages twice activity here just give it a year by the way his name is Chris homer she's it just give it a year within six months that's went one video went viral and here he is he's got millions of dollars on his face a page in the amicable a's got a web site he's gonna YouTube channel he's got to face the paper put the links up in the body of this podcast so that you can check it out for yourself and see some of these stories almighty god these people are just so wonderful woman so much Boone who on the news in every day again smack in the face with some bad. And you can just go to this page in the videos are maybe three minutes long and your heart is just expo loading I'm crying has always does doesn't sympathy because they tell you some of their struggles but for the most part just this would these wonderful personality shine through and you don't always. Com get that because people are just staring at their duty formations or whatever problems that they haves and they're she is underneath there and as one of the questions that he asks them what is the one thing you want people to know about you as very interesting sometimes some of the answers that they give will put the links up say you can check it out. But there is so much got up the world and I actually. Don't. Give. And peak in the kitchen. No kidding here more of kemba and the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. Like Miami dot com.