Um ... There's a Dead Bird In Your Freezer

Thursday, November 2nd

Julie & Evelyn thought they'd heard it all with the story about a dead bird in a freezer. Until a co-worker pops in with his story about his frozen cat.  Plus other lies your parents told you about your pets.


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Page Julie Guy and Evelyn current why weren't they welcome to our podcasts are so glad you join us today because we're never done talking. It's exhausting do you have been laughing about this through like today's I can't stop laughing OK so now it's for everybody who. Well you piper. You're an animal lover obsessed. I want her up and be like Steve Irwin. Legit or Ron McGill yes that's literally what I want to be going to have them so you yesterday put this on your answer and story and you only you've been talking to me about this like all morning and I had kept its. And I don't think it's as funny as you do but go ahead and share. Okay it's because what you do public semi friends Texan is story and I have never laughed out loud like this by myself and publicly you look like a creed yes it's very iPhone laughing out loud and Greg Gibbs text message. Okay one might current coworkers had the dead bird in her freezer a dead birds. Sorry about it all of these yes what he goes. A bleak in Psycho I go. How did this come up in conversation. You know how how quite how does that come out Peter just had to Wear have a debit card in my freezer a peak of his. One like co workers had a daughter that passed away last week and he waited a day to bury the dog. We all thought that was odd to waited day vs doing it right away but whatever it's. Then the other Gallagher. Good windows story about our bird died of aids is so pinch hit it. Nor should look at CU crying right now so. Can hardly dent. For the love of god so your coworkers that's where do you mean keep Ritchie showed a picture of her dead bird in a zip lock in her freezer. Hung on to you this. I. Those old ban on music they didn't know you don't I answer your hustle and Dana. Be given need to know that you wouldn't you don't get attacked and you know these they could. Mr. Rupert curses. And so what are our coworkers my toast flew up from our sister station maneuver retrieves his insidious. As she tries and composes wow wow thank you so it'll ask you what is your asked him if he Gabbert captain and I'm in passing in the whole have you ever kept the dead animal goes yeah. Ha I think he was serious when you can. I had a dead cat in my freezer for through the Coke and I didn't catch to joining down on Google Octavia has been drilled a 20 god rest his soul. All because he passed away of cancer and passed away he passed away. And his cohort shave. My head is not going Ireland astrology might not have hybrid from a trash can. Are awful you're like. Are you look a serial killer be all right. Oh my go to Jeffrey Dahmer and animals caught I don't know if they'll say it was a he passed away on a Friday. But it was late Friday around like 5530. And it was a Hollywood Hills home losing the memorial their labored so nobody was around so all the places were closed and it's gonna be 95 degrees all like so OK I don't need a cat decomposing. Pop pop pop quiz we can't do anything until Tuesday we can't do anything until Tuesday and it's Friday evening so what he would do we had a big old freezer it's not the phrase that the foods in as a separate sides leaves for like you are okay back then I mean. I'll play like one of the best part of the story though and the jobs I had was my cousin cause I love this cap but on Tuesday. Dropping off a twenty pound frozen cat. So the people a couple of you got to see the looks on their faces. Doesn't occur on the calendar is like a boom because it's frozen and exact. Actually that's exactly what is like Danny's good twenty pounds so goes off but again. And so they had done there will thank you for the fact that he's frozen but we're gonna have to thought in how. Before we go through with the tree racing Newman and all that dispose of them so yes I had a dead cat in my freezer for three days. Well that I got kind of makes you know why you just bury him in your backyard. You're not allowed to do that a Florida because we have a low walk a low water table you're not allowed to bury your pets in your back know are the floor. All I didn't know that not me you learn. You don't dominant this is just thankful Nokia I tell you that's a story you know my dad. Good old Johnny curry okay they didn't show enough I was a big power sharing toast so well so Johnny curry growing up. We had a dog named his mouth he was my first dog I'm torching I hit by a car okay. And my dad told me he buried amend the art and I believed him. A couple years ago I dinner he says science is stereo I grabbed the channahon played Kim on the track skip. Is he doesn't the Italian news so the dog where are we gonna burn the damn dollar started through the skin and I go huh. I do believe either didn't know that this isn't terrible podcasts I call them the although I'm gonna shared terrible story to worsen dead animal in your freezer. This how about the story end at emirates talk about this on the air some people consider tomorrow I can I had my first that was a rabbit and his name his name with honey. And honey bunny. God starts escapes. And because my brother who was five this is why don't I. Pets for little kids read I took care of honey but I would I would not with him on Brandon Knight it was a school my brother. While it would throw honey in the pool so to see if you slam in and eat thankfully he can't. I'm each he would read at outdoor shower. Beat Purdue got out of the plenary rent an emotional. Sometimes we hear the shower on why this and we turn the corner well there's funny underneath this court because my brother decided he needed to show our non and then onetime honey had a cut on his upper. My brother collect twenty band aids on our furry black ball players pay as any the -- ran away quite a bit because he was like I'm not here ms. Behar crazy when I would crime a mother who is not a pet lover at the time current we have dinner and she would tell me. We were eating honey. We never were the only Cox you would make me eat that you lose a long time I would be crying yeah. Should like. It is not horrible as I was trying honey. You know they like. To know did you take your rabbit and I would like her little way of trying to get our bonds honey bunny I think died of heart. That's a risk well. And you reflect and take its theater you know and another bad for another two winning years yeah. That's nice story about your bunny so this is the moral of the story is don't winter birds your cats. Hook even want to ask you can't get pretty then he can't bear sightings normally you cremate them. Oh my god you are we're gonna have this discussion when you're never felt piper in the trash but it's just so my dad. Still I mean tell me to be buried her parents do that my point. Oh yeah that we use and where did that at farm and having her there and he had farming mothers know farm yeah so far more all these animals Limbaugh are galloping over fences right to Islamabad. Picture and in my. In the chest down I'm like gizmo. Know you share your pet stories what I Anaheim tomorrow morning and one point range highlighted fans thank you so much for joining us today. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry feature for. Workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and Blake Miami dot com.