That's a Hard K, Okay

Thursday, September 21st

I'm known for my annoying grammar police tendencies, and this is one of my pet peeves. Libby plays along and attempts to buy a vowel, perhaps because she's consonated. See what I did there? ~ Kimba


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Created a long time. Are you kidding and get this out his I've been hearing it and I don't. Name names because I don't wanna put anybody out there on front street. Under a twenty point rich you know you always end up looking really like that bad ones so to keep it at. Error as well all of a different format but if somebody heard me say something incorrectly I would hope they would call Honeywell without. That he's not been in this business long enough denounce using your camera and the like you need to add Iran which is fine but I wouldn't want you know a TV person and I just heard Kim about a day on the air say something somebody to metered TV reporters. Who consistently mispronounce the same words and it lives meet. Crazy. Don't have coworkers to like you correct and that suffices on the wrong or like you know like joke about it and your co worker of like I'll bet you're gonna continue to say a word wrong this is our business know what's correcting them there's a similarity between these two words but the main one that has missed pronounced. Is access. And her ace CC. ES acts thank you as an icon to gauge in other words accessory. It's a surprise which could be like if you are if you're wearing accessories. Yes or if you were an accessory. To two Mac Mac yes. Have a hard K sound its ACC pac. Reporters all the time accessories. Now she was wearing say Larry accessories. In Miami is is this English sequenced second language issue. I need to be fair because you know that business. And reality. Well and that's why usually understand like when people spell they mean to spell lose and they still loose I don't know for certain because I am pretty sure not all of the people whose saint incorrectly speak a second language. Got it. And Karen. And there it'll word. Access. Which is eighty S as such he adds as overseas and that is when you went to value something you assess estimate the price of the year assess and you can have an assessment assess how about a reporter you're by how you. Have to work guest got. Access as that's meant W. Today I'm listening to report to talk about the first day of school and this reporter said that they hoped it would be a successful day. A successful so assessed on that issue CAC. I'll look at that to see it that doubles he could keep it in the Italian language a double C would have a hard Katie sound move or a child. Like Madonna's last name is CI CC ONE and it's too cone. Tiger fettuccine. So I don't know word is as sound with a double C would come from I've no idea it was just like a one and and fly one and hearing accessories for years. And now I heard what I heard at the beginning and the end of the story and both times it was. A successful day the first it will be a successful day. I guess even hard disk and he apparently think of another worthy I again there's no excuse for this the Laker Alec resuscitation. Is the kind of spell the same rights acetate a bit there I just really reaching here here's one insane. One resuscitate does not Tutsis but there is. Hard. C and then and a sound like access and then there's a double Selig occasion where it's just a total heart can no it's. Crazy is English. I am grammar police Siam pronunciation police I will look at things and on how many times an extra pronounced them correctly yet because of what I do yes for a living everyone my friends I think China hunt let's don't dance. Right and on top of that you have to say people's names switcher and I really hi this is irony you can't get a pronunciation sure unless you speak to the actual person yes there are playing the days and good times. Beaten me. That said if you're going to be your reporter on TV viewers probably know how to pronounce the most basic of warts and how to access is not an SAT worked out Norris successful that certainly and these are boards that you would save. Us every day. So I'm just gonna SS if you wanna be successful you might want to access your funk and lag no. What I'll then the amateur hang imparted simple assumed action that's dangling. Theme show Dexia. Good co worker not tells me when I taste of Rhonda. I'll leave you misplace your modify our laps to extra. At this tourists. No kidding here more of kemba and the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.