Teller She's Busted!

Tuesday, November 28th

Hands up!  Bank workers recognize the bank robber ... because it's their former co-worker 

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Are you kidding me. You perfect. I just there are so many are you kidding me and is keeps the economy cave by the way. About this article on Chicago Tribune. This lady. Let's Austin gamble to start out that last names gamble is accused of robbing Chase Bank at points but she used to work. Ford chase another branch. Bomb but apparently they cut all know each other assume she couldn't disguise herself this the other tell and didn't or I exhibit yeah. No that's like they're like 99%. Certain that there. That's. Lady are you kidding he she really went into. Seriously this reminds me when I was sixteen years old and I worked for McDonald's and I called out sick one night but then I've and I wasn't sick I just wanna go hang out my friends but I went. To my McDonald's. Why can't you do it will be tissue that was dumb and sixteen and actually want more I guess. But she's got a kid you know she didn't have any record so they're just not even sure you know what though. Motivation here is of the morning 126000. Dollar section that's what she got away that's a senate that certainly is I was actually my man mother in law's a bank tellers I was telling her and she's like. Six and how did she she didn't but it's really hard to give to them all all of cool because seemed crazy there at. Act. So here's the best part about. All of this because. She's been arrested obviously they found her she was when I assume meager fine it was like up kinkle Levys who is a peek at night gallon or something it didn't seem to get it where is wearing a knit hat. A dark curly wig and black lipstick of slack winter gloves at poppy winter coats and ping nine gallon floral pattern and white cheers. And cup. Are. About the problem won't matter. The best part though I laughed so hard when. They asked about where the cash isn't she said she hit it and obscured and she hasn't. Looked like it. Hi he's our you meet. And would be nice to it would not artist would you do with a person up I hope when she goes again did you and screwed up repression. Rooting for her I mean maybe she says the smartest one ever hear you know she's got no a clean records a ship problem I mean I don't now apparently the gun was fake her lawyer is this is an aberration of behavior because she's had no other criminal record before dilated know there's an old saying. That fits in my days that she was writing a check with the amount that are asked couldn't match. Wrap up the ads to. They. We wish you all the best blood Tosh you gamble gamble. You can mean gambler you've got tree oh man and a whole album. No win column. Though there are no wind a walk away. Knowing when to ruin stop where I'm glad we eczema achieved through the use of big gun robbed banks. They'll be it's happened up accountant when you kind where you put the cash strapped a fact that's gonna suspect I. They're CAAC. Ends are you kidding me. I'll I can I get ready countries on and says he's had should let that you could spell and other proof a. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.