Ta Ta Towel

Thursday, August 10th

Dry'em if you got'em. A new product for ladies that Libby would treasure, but Kimba had no idea was needed!


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Time and it's it. I like pirates. Burden that better. At Renaissance fair we. In the big game to beat sends me things sometimes and I burst wonder what it's weird issue looking at she's from. My best friend sent this to me and before I even I just read the Hawaiian island and sending this to camber right now I'm not in reading the story all ignore is that your best friend that aren't half. Right now my best friend from high school and from work OK it's called the top top count the time tot tell. ES and kill one now says you know like those towels but that's how dresses that kind of go around the mayor tennis frontier on the top with elastic yes so start there and think about that. Except for it goes our hangs around your neck and then it's surrounded on both ends and that's where the elastic its currency part comes and you does that get under. And down. That the girls and Neitzel cup there if you will end on it prevents the sweat you know what you're get ready dollar just whatever. It's. Port cities eager. Yeah it would not be able to use this. An amber and president of the IBT seen this would do me no god. Sorry I'm you know actually I'm not sorry though because I wish disparate date and with that felt like so even like when you're working out the on ally is it doesn't matter and even if you didn't sweat from under your boobs there's this knows now does not hold if you will there's a whole lot now it's and then I've got to be an issue now than him. Well for those of us to end it now about this the things 45 dollars and that's her mind are you kidding me really comes out because it's sold out immediately when they released this thing apparently women are just going. This is to save my life I didn't. I mean I guess you know when your drying your hair after you showered I do get a little sweaty and then all of a sudden it's like I can showered and I'm kind of sweaty specially under the do I seen the benefit. Eating is this just is not even an issue. So jealous to steeper Robin aiding and you don't even have any so under there and even of their Disney up blue angels right idea booby desperate to be enough of an issue that I would mean it's hot type talent and what ballot yes and now there is sweat when your work at a whatever and yes but not there's not nearly enough that this would be a problem. If you did would you get the peach one of the green on line like like thicker Greenland with no idea too is for a nice that it impeachment too I guess for five bucks sell them there's pictures of women all around the world using them and make us the link will be. Right there yes for your idea well after that I still fascinated when I see women use it as a storage system but the fact that. That's when I don't riding a hot took my keys to and they had yet socially I didn't. All right. And keep Brett and and he can do is where the push abroad to the putting pressure from them just like spilling out into the sort flopping everywhere everywhere which are brides at a maverick that one of the worst things ever is to be in South Florida summer. Outside with the Brawley that much padding its wearing a diaper on your chest. And welcome to my every then dry it out. There and slogan is keep not keep under arrive there. It's a step up. Kidding me. You there and. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. He dot com.