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Summer Weight Loss / Zika Fight Continues

Sunday, July 16th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Fernando Wayrun, bariatric surgeon and psychologist about summer weight loss and the risks behind different methods. He discusses bariatric surgery and other surgical weight loss options, as well as ways you can lose weight without surgery.  In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Frank Calderon, Communications Manager for Miami-Dade County’s Mosquito Control and Management Division  and Information Officer Monique Spence about Zika, the latest update on the fight and the expected outlook as well as what we all can do to cut down on the mosquito population.

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I'm just South Florida spotlight on one or one point five slate FMW. A YS HQ one man WLY yes Miami November. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent. This morning we have doctor Fernando mainland medical director of the surgical weight loss center and today yeah. Gary after surgery. So a lot of people losing weight. On for some people it's about needing a lifestyle changed you know you eat better you work out and then that's effective. For others that. Doesn't work can you tell us what you look for in a weight loss surgery candidate for us. Game but it aides here redefine mediate. Breaches that have been strong and tools wait a part of party is they have what I would call a mobile needs to somewhere BAT's. Would be Gandhi shows that causes he sees as I had pressure diabetes. Or UNC VA are back being. Asia or asleep on me out because we know dead. Dole's day on these shows we leads. For it chart currently lives. So all we're rooting for people are Aaron on only one tool to do weighed down. Mead did establish criteria. And at Vienna that they lose waving harder and stronger life. And there is quite specific established criteria array. Defined criteria I wasn't ClaimID NIH many years have all these in BMI afar being which means in reality T. In. People are paid that Aaron Aaron this idea of what wade is half of EM IL square Ernie. And their BMI is say DV shall we do it calculation weasel Bay's own doing anyhow. Because we need to me through political parlor did you have checked in waiting to under policies should be. It very lean as opposed school is not a foreign aid I do believe it it weighed 200000 girls. Or wait so that's how we've got to live their BMI so far it would be if you don't mind are these lies. Do ID out of the only way to prove what you should wait no see it look and bullied or did you lower the city's far city's fight. And even cities sunk and procedures. Do we know that we do have saved many got a lesion that we'd get better by Lucy away. So there are more than one kind. Of weight loss surgery I think though one people who are most familiar with his colleague lap band surgery. But we tell us about it and some of the other options people have to fit this criteria and wanna look into very accurate surgery. Is seen in general terms nowadays it dare to be commonly performed for seniors. Eight then one day EU is QB and he's not done marsh anymore was it loud and loud bangs very popular. Carcillo and all people are getting it. Is circuit many years are willing Euro it only Eric seemed that over time this could be new piece of data lab and although resembled a kernel before the board that cannot lose weight doesn't worry about winning people Darcy beauty overweight. So all you did that currently seen in a few years several. Half of their procedures on the new United States we're glad ban or ask delayed their only a vote in person and AM. Are loud buzz. Derek air brought relieved themed game. Changing. Tool the most popular procedure nowadays things of the past weeks leaf. Does this say compressing through one. Comprehensive center offer. And it has certainly if there is basically its previous super Saturday one week Joe's. Read more so it is segment of this so much. Omega is smarter. Know he's very interesting because when you look at hodes who performed a procedure doesn't look like. The Dixie indeed just they don't piece of this stuff might endanger assumed you would do it. It less what why we know now is a whirlwind boom that William Moffitt borrow installment. Don't burn uses the hormones that makes you hungry. So he wore simple ways you. Hence you don't try to homer. I mean may do you have to smartest. And then they they. Asked prosecutor that week or foreign. Easily it well we sequence here just on health care no 18 years we need Josh what are other one assembled the seniors. Which would be being passed to bite us. It is actually buy it does he say did great corporation has been around for many years. Bush as seen every scene is senator who work also meeting looking forward currencies that keeps you. This same band FEC and diminishing day degrees. And does what we Aaron a look leaning blogger current artists and galleries. So Latin and gastric sleeve and gastric bypass how do you know which one is a great free you know. Denny's there and I mean during a CNN does seem to NBC got quite some because they're long established right PBS in in comparison of war or should games. We want to. Well we will as we have clear why don't why I mean any conversation with the danger and look at the park people who are. Sings Lyndon B Cheney is expecting from the surgery. And that's how we get our decision. Got a few scenes that we an older people always see here. Did you go to the Bloomberg diabetes they blew a lead their deed bit there was a guy who bypassed. Oh we know that eight people are four or somebody that aren't. Gov hi there either stupid and Larry Scott why does David bonds long war forum for them. Our people marry me ECB unity over way the ones that aren't. On being borderline. Those who was kind of his community's aid or foreign environment. They're propane heaters is Vera it carbohydrates here very long war well afford it. And this is an immediate lifestyle change you have this one of these surgeries and you wake up the next morning and all of a sudden what you used to be able to eat his meal is completely unacceptable. Daddy is and don't wait happens because they may not only got to change he's changing the size of the stomach. Arson merely that he's way song in part done. Don't we don't think these are very glad you don't we Susan B preferred way to haren and don't lives on Saturday the moral winning book. Train them Massa deserved sykora he does supposed to meet sure the owners are what these cold wind and then they lose. Well guess my next question leading you read into it you have to prepare for the surge treated to go on a liquid diet you have to start training yourself to. The amount of food that he'll be allowed to eat onion and and thinking if you don't you'll be beauty really sick after surgery future ready to eat which you would normally eat great. Let you do not only will be seeing you will dummies to Syria and do you mean brawny blue completely hosed. Because yours grace and it being based on my own mess that we left behind. Yes definitely. As part of the preparations. For the India serie. We have to have fixed since he's looked to be thrown out of as the only got a and I always hung karlson and we need to not all. That patients understand. What he's changed lives and they're good they're winning deluded because. This time they do may be overweight doesn't necessarily mean as I don't winning boo boo boo this change that. It takes and it does weigh in these different cuisines unilaterally. Pieces both from their inclusion so clearly does start to lose. She said there could be some complications if you don't. Take it seriously. In deterrent peril if somebody asked for it some won't right people already. Bonus so my and then you have the news will. May have been very back vacation in Maine are afraid because of these dealers Chris. Compose lucky we are pretty good at it I didn't define. Court looked at these days and learn and so we TV set I don't see. Somebody getting bad eight obligated because all I am not billion up from piecing. But there Ferrari's mourned long term. Did that star's blessing that may have is that the series those are more prone to they're still my is spiritual if you. Train your stomach police to its earnings Freddie will grow. And bears where you see people and every game they don't wait after the surgery. Because I mean they're someone's disown my whole review every day currently been interviewed mark. Leave them be Smart and interviewed mark and I usually do we disgrace. And not only their stuff on TV also and there are so why do you think you could have in a hurry. It smaller so Michael Steele and not be able include two more birdies you don't need to appropriate. Seems easy tool in scenes that are not a country. And have to write our own thing Steele didn't because computational will be dead. It won't war far. So there's nutritional training their psychological training that somebody who go through before hitting these surgeries so how long a look three surgeries set up is there. Before you actually even get the last standard gastric sleeve for the bypass. They're minimum usually steady Muslim days you damn it they go to seeks Mars. Or a year. Because like every seemed deeper windy calm because there are defense to he has dark deployment dad. Very good thing they get closing have been to India's. Oh they're all most it was -- primaries he sees as we have say there's world primary decisions I don't want it very well and to create their own total bullies and video by detained at the Asian girls cause they're raised in their orders that independent and Immelman the immediate cause they have never been exposed to Blair ethics are very well have had any occasion or community is so we need to get my hands as bad as. Step number one. But you first learn from them I'm trying to zero what he's done they need and then bringing them and showing them how their guys will be asked remarks. I keep me about the support group I think it's so awesome that they're psychological. And counseling because. Ito food drink it's a big part of socialize and still it passed impact your social life to drastically after you get the surgery. Mean like you said people wanna stay home for a month just so they can figure out how to. Portion their foods and what are some of the other things that they go through when they're getting the psychological testing. Whether one of this is Lou 14 name and you mentioned this broad group with far Riley had been Botha also broke rules or old furnaces. Because. And the the goal of that is no. So much for. Dental heroes speaking Glenn it's for a day and don't have the opportunity to meet older patients that have blown through that process because I'd ever seen you can learn from that he's he's just wasn't as you know there isn't on somebody that you probably can get it or makes all right then these five ways. The has gone. To lose same. And see how old she has. There ordered Asia has benefited him or how they have gone to hope as you say it was for example the social aspects. But. At the end of today well we won before you is to regain balancing your life. Ambassador to lag doesn't mean is there and do long be learned who ball. I'll Oden perhaps have a glass of wine or is it being dog sees someone can afford that deep. Maybe on idea what you're likely enjoy. Do believe those. Are still looking had that in as but Singh's book stressing. The two that a vote to Juarez. Like you weren't slaves for somebody else do. The hates Rusedski deemed appropriate today you're losing weight doing exercise. But there's no sit around that's Friday big blue glass of wine with some. Cheese and chocolate cake and took early in the eighth. Even in their appropriate amounts. In if you start looking that it looked at that as you who are passable is as. Not a desk desks back. Didn't do because amazed that led due to work or something you longer throwing that you wake up under our back on track. So you go through the pre surgery said that you get your surgery. What is the recovery time on a surgery like that. Is out amazingly. In terms of cost because to me these patients stay in Dallas to dilute. And the most 48 hour seed they don't have. Emmys are you got a complete Asians and they can be bad the war in blue are two weeks. We have pat people on America the war. Not only after a series. Is so it's very well learned that necessarily got to proceed because this minimally invasive weed who Bruce Morton C shows. They would do little wizard Rolla that you know sort closest list trauma so in terms of Lawrence is is very good the demos Cuomo is seeing that Casey is that. People are likely stay home for a moss and every song is that. For the first most prudent diet he's very streak is based CD but you have the missionaries him some good things he is here. If they stay home forum on Sunday blew out on a proposal Huntington buried there. Seems to rule the war. Book in fees Gunter who most people won't be able to believe that the war in general the weeks. How often DEC one of these surgeries to be unsuccessful. Joseph always did AA some success. And news or use you have to look beaten define. Success every well that we lose weight. It would cause either they're paying almost successful. Big bird flu every game away analysts say that a whole war I mean every. Usually when we need go drive. We zoom tool they gave him. Two under he's very on their behavior won't how they're doing the program. Is it doesn't eve have flown out of threatened they're not doing what they need blue. And that way would ever does is is we put them actually we are pro rays scored leg got back on track so we. In it SR by going back fooled there is cyclone only got a runaway shouldn't they be have to book blue program and it took early Kyra Malaysian military genre Malaysian. Food guy Ares. And we can entirely there are certain area some of then there is some surgery got a it seeks is that we can Luke who who held them at that stage I. I'm sure there are some people who fit a lot of this criteria. That you still saying no to. So what in what circumstance would you say no to a patient for wanting any of these surgeries. There are many many many reasons why are there would be somebody who is. Extremely many got to leave it compromise or or policy blunder of those senator in this is something that we always look in. Cool being in India and local detailed. Because many of these preachers are going to us because there sick so we article. Even those that go very sick we take off the price. I see is what we can. Some made them perform other way to leave it blah asserted because we know today Derry blurred a bit deserted him a little bit better so that would be when they order was that we it is easy to assert there was asset quality that you obviously don't understand it on me in mind that leaves and days many people who would say. And these senator received in our program. I also afford insurance as they you have. Who have ruined you have happened that many. Times tools weigh in Manatee County in order to home. You can discern what we know vice toll is dead. Once you please sir don't wait. This China says of Hulu C White Sox as fully honored that it. Are very as simple person newsroom BMI is over it. Where fought eight so it. People ask is if you know that there are not going to lose weight on Italian why do you steal. Want to make sure based on a diet because of what do nation in it means a mean man if you walk off this morning I didn't say look. The reason they England's that the guarantees saying there's going to want their anger and allowed back on our sleeves long or far you because. Dude you need to know what you have to who'll be forests and the sanctuaries are after the senator. So what are the big tips that you give to patients after surgery I mean there's one thing to like being mentally prepared for something and then there's another thing to be living there. You know so what is the tip that you typically if somebody after surgery is. I have zones and their pages and it because at the end of the day. The hassle of always always do Mendez tackles so do seafood being organized. And it and what do you want out of life. Remembered I do. Indiana did you look at it and what they'll listen we're fixing this series how more you can only. We don't see why do you hate so we need to make sure you know what it. Etc. we got those peaks your metabolism. You need to be Casey Kelly acting as the only way Bettany shrewd game close to increase our metabolism. Is not he is sorry he uses the leafy seek any acting. So all those closings physically active and how can choose what do we now in pairs of new mint does start to lose. How opal did big daddy do uncle made me and I think that the patient as many people walks into my health is something new I want to have surgery. Because they have diabetes. Or hey. Ask have looked treasurer and does way when I was senator. And I asked them do you have it do you have what do you whining life. And indeed that well Adam passing games I hadn't I don't hurt me only as a daughter and I feel bad. And won many people who are waiting. So all I doubt it so that if this is an algebra and he's so you can get rid of diabetes is not who called who gold. Is so we'll do daughter salt diabetes is there office. You have to didn't and that's how you need to see it because when you see that while offense as an arrangement. And heard there and using upload it as well if you brochure is corridors and when I mean we don't believe there and play if you look at your daughter I use him weren't. Does he do these essential parts. My goal all of city dean was my daughter on her wedding didn't answer will be over is not so you would Haskell glee wins. This arm I mean that's those sand under powered Ford passed over us. These have long term effects of the long term decision and you told me about the side effects you can even have as a woman. Having one of these surgeries and then becoming pregnant on the road some will you tell our listeners about that side effects and maybe a few other. Things that people should think about this affects you long into the future when you get one of these surgeries. Yeah we worked on being a blow pregnancy and there has been in the auto part two goals. Police resent any better I mean dressing and saw that honestly we don't even know their resign as yet. But we know all dead women won't when you get pregnant and after how being in a certain direct X artery. Not only they have they have to her pregnancy. But no stone chose dad. When duke bumper it did babies of woman to have our troops are very. Through their life they keep it low where. Wait. And have your that debate is that DC woman had before they hatch senator. So somehow older songs hormone value faith based company after surgery. The detainees are yet undisclosed. Boobies is demonstrably do can't see it under resolves that these kids going off in Harry and Dave and if you don't there murder accelerated in May be so. So one of the most commonly asked questions you get before surgery. And after surgery there's there's always one place and then people last. Is in number one pleasure always. What we leg boom Wednesday access scheme. Was his nose weight. Let daddies and very interesting question because everybody has it then does them they wonder he's in Mozy to go to ask. Because it's cool plans are swearing. Because a game. Every one of these these friends and neither small print these sort of what will meet new. Lose weight you lose so having sex game. First had eight abrasion is that with excess skiing. What I've had to wait you're still better off then. And then before. Set arm. In goes back to blue and a producing people who exercise. And cool cool in a way only in terms of hydration and needing to producing. We have to eat this in hand coroner's win they lose their scheme would train better. But autos sold in demands on her excess. And on their when he feels your scheme that even in name. My very indeed way he has to Boozer did an X. So some people will lose any derby winner estimates songs senator Reid some people will lose a little we don't want need anything. Is do we need to wait it well we blew it is we have fifteen most drastic service. Dad Adler is that the usual Andy usually when you don't wait seemed to lose sixty to 70%. All of this is before. It DeLeon any seems so we stand off Collison who represents all they need but still. He shoot them be in order to edit the demand for you to have surgery in due course are allowed to scheme because. Do we get out there always is a parent is skiing nurses had a tear in there and he's skiing. Why would take care of that and features will lose it will be tuned after there will be very. I keep me about the support group I think it's so awesome that they're psychological. Counseling. Because. Ito food drink it's a big part of socialize and so it house impact your social life to drastically. After you get the surgery. Mean like he said people wanna stay home for a month just so they can figure out how to at. Portion in their foods and what are some of the other things that they go through when they're getting the psychological testing. Whether or not this is Lou one for them and you mentioned as broad group with formerly had been vocal are also pro growth. Our own furnace is because. The the goal of that is known. So mark for. Dental heroes speaking to them this four day and don't have the opportunity to meet older patients to have. Have gone through a process because I'd ever seen you can learn from if he's he's just wants us and terrorism don't somebody that you probably can get it or make sure identify what is. The has gone. To lose same. And see how old she has. In their companies has benefited him or how they have don't hold as you say it was read some of the social aspects. But. At the end of their say well we won four newly soon regain balancing your life. Unless injured leg doesn't mean is that didn't do long dealer. Who ball. How it and perhaps have thick glass of wine or it being Dorsey is solo home can afford that and do. Media and do what you're likely enjoy. Do we need those. There are still looking at that in as but Singh's book stars seemed. The two love bogey Juarez. Like he was late for some both do. Behavior Rusedski thing different view that you are losing weight you're doing exercise. Well there's an Aussie a front that that's Friday big blue glass of wine with some. Cheese and chocolate cake and took early in the case. And in their appropriate amount. AA. If you start your game that it looked at that as you who are so close as. No deaths desk back. Didn't do because amazed that that do who worked herself into longest harrowing day you wake up under back on track. So a lot of information to take and especially that theory after surgery the multiple options this year how is there a place that people can go website or phone number that we can call and get more information on. Yes you we have a web site today is world battle wallet information. AA he's going to do WW. SM scene. That's. Downpours C a MP US. Dot com. Are you going on our surgery kind of weight loss tonight and at 855. That's no way you'll eat. I NE GHP. That Cyril and that these 855. 934448. Siro. You've given us a lot of information and periods of surgery is clearly. Can make and go through. But I like in my conversations asking. What you think the three most important things are people should take away from our conversation about geriatric surgery this morning. But as in men is important to realize that. It would then no pro pass he made in getting Hannah Teter. Gate. We are happy lives we don't have families. Lula passenger office we have to leave their afford to go to our people and that we may cause complete. And if you do you know really didn't lose kuwaitis. Keeping you away from that. Do need tool to date actually do need to lose some seem and another opposing. People aren't bullying stunt our diets and many people. Scenes and that would obviously don't think I'm waiting parents who are critics are those people Barry against people who are going on diets undone in order seems. The rules where you know learned on that aren't we use and part of that inside me and don't cause I'm boasting that so I don't all of their therapy also. But they have. The war. Is deeds a war duke past school. Eight. Blues songs hear about it and you have to to a prison Asian. And lastly I would lives for people who tool little dead. There's solo dosing information out there that are so a lot of information. In Delaware and it is really easy available for every loyalty. It means solves Rory there aren't many American programs. Would run a program that has been a pretty thin as certified but I. Assistant sheriff Pixar as far as fifteen years. And eight. Murder X series nowadays is sent bleary Sainz. Operation we gave. Don't seem or an infomercial. That is b.s in Bosnia having direct X Henrik. Any war or hired under results on divine any order. Operations having dual book Blair out of having. Inherent necessary. So he's safe. He's afraid if and a week they mule pulled me heads deep threes where do once a week. Thank you so much doctor envy you run her coming and speaking with us this morning it was a pleasure having him. Can you. You're here in South Florida in the spotlight on 101 point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil garden. With the rain comes mosquitoes and with mosquitoes come disease with us to talk about mosquito control frank called Iran. Communications manager for the department of solid Waste Management in Miami Dade which oversees mosquito control and Mooney expense information officer. Thank you so much for being here with us today. Thanks for having us and can I understand your agency has a new name it's not just Miami Dade mosquito control now but it's mosquito control and habitat management division. When tell us about that I thought about. Sure thanks kale thanks for having respond today Saddam. Yes we are now being mandated mosquito control and habitat management division. We're not just focus on spraying for adult mosquitoes but on what is called integrated pest management. And as the name would suggest this means that we use various means at our disposal various layers. We don't just one single thing because there is no single magic bullet. We're silver bullet that works against mosquitoes do you have to use the various tools at your disposal come to attack or eliminate mosquitoes. Or control them at least. Come as best he can on this is includes of course. What we call source reduction or reducing the number of places where mosquitoes can lay their eggs and fewer places they lay their eggs if your legs laid if you were. Mosquitoes. And hadn't emerged biting. People financial or is. So and this part is what we call the dream part of our during the coverage campaign it is is where our view listeners aren't our residents can help out. Come as much zone as as possible. Basically you know many any containers that you have outdoors men can hold water. Or drain it if it can't be limited of course you don't expect to eliminate that you don't know hundred pound bird bath it's made of stone. It's such an easy to take over but other things and buckets and you know small containers flower. Putts com. That are not being used. Bottles etc. sorry bath little overpass that was smaller ones yeah definitely continents. From there you Tom you know we're also doing in addition to asking people to do their part were also doing a lot of more lard reciting the main done in the past. I'm going after mosquito larva. Within an organic pesticide it's actually certified it's a substance is actually certified for organic farming. Men's eliminate mosquito larvae in the event of mosquitoes do manage to find a place where there's water when they can lay their eggs. That only they can grow into law abiding adult that's what we wanna avoid fighting consults at all costs. So when you say habitat management is the habitat of the mosquito that your managing. Yes that's what we're trying to do mum. And you know we've done obviously you read reduce habitat reduce mosquitoes when you can't reducing annual Florida site of course. Tom in addition to that a we've added staffs. Which is big plus last year we had about seventeen miscue withdraw employees. This year were gonna that number to fifteen I don't think we're there yet but that's the plan three and only are we have hired you know number of people. The plan is all eventually get to 59. We do have mourned traps are needed this year of course attracts. Come and we actually have different kinds of traps problems last year we pretty much the only types of tracks we had were what we call surveillance traps which is set out. In different areas are on the county to determine the number of mosquitoes and gives you a ball arrangement gives you an idea or feel for the population skews America's you can ever do a success. Return census as. Census forms you know he's he's at least gives us an idea how many here. Yeah exactly how many missiles and an area and those types of mosquitoes. But in Ortiz and in addition to those surveillance traps were using traps and actually are you tired meant to controller eliminate the mosquitoes. Some reason various kinds and and I think I. And you're telling them this yes. Okay. Nevada to that as an awful lot of stuff that was quite a bit yes that is it flow or and how. Management division yes and okay so obviously that that the big restaurant this easy path. And last time we got an update your finishing up on before in neighborhoods with Z gaffe so where are we now what's going on. Yes great question calibrated and how we stopped active transmissions because via mosquitoes and four sons and mining deep canyon which of course includes when late. Yeah have you south and North Miami Beach and the last area that had transmission last year which was little river. I mean we're very very proud of the work or mosquito control inspectors have been doing continue to do as well as our contractors and we have the goal of making should ever committed. To the community in helping to try to keep seek a way but they were very hard through nights weekends and holidays. I'm an all paid off as who were the only place in the world so halted active transmission of cica and repeated this feet four times in the four zones we mentioned when without than mine in South Beach north beach. As well as slower affair we have been recognized worldwide for that. And mosquito control operations manager who is just gone above and beyond to make sure that we try to stay on top of things Thomas that's quest. Was asked to give presentations on our success all over the world including the world health organization's headquarters in Geneva Switzerland. It's our responses he could have received many actually then actual and it achievement award this year from the national association of counties so. But most importantly knew we were able to keep the disease contained and keep from having a worse situation here in Miami Dade County. Okay so in terms of Z Kara. Let's talk a little bit about the outlook now did you eradicated and we've got all the cheers and good news what are we looking at what are we expecting this year. Well for the most part I can say you know where where we're on the brink of making sure that we. Do we have to keep secret a way we've had some great news on that front first the United States Centers for Disease Control the CDC. We try to blame you know they were excellent partners with us last year in the fighting in cica I'm remove the yellow travel designation from Miami Dade County in June. And with that we're no longer recommending Amin and anyone against travel here so. We're asking visitors to come on back to South Florida we have nothing to be connecting to be afraid of bump. An opinion be fewer cases overall of cica worldwide in now and even Brazil. On the world health organization's declaration of a public health emergency due to defense was lifted late last year. So that of course does not mean we let our guard down by any means but now more than ever it's important for your listeners to drain and cover. OK so pregnant women can go outside again they can. They can't and they can come visit they can come back since Miami yes so if it's down most of them are thinking that. I mean are obviously not out of the woods we have to say diligent but at least we don't have this fear. That was so overwhelming last year I mean people were just afraid to come out especially when moon and then there was the schools and kids were free to go out. And so that that fierce pretty much gone at this point. We could have him you have to be careful but the other fears so thankfully thankfully gone OK so have we said. I guess in terms of trapping have we trapped in the of these. But is that the scale across its ships in the majors it is an attack can be Egypt and. Yeah we see them Lawrence this time a year the rain comes. Through the heat the humidity. Those are all ideal conditions for them being are you see all kinds of mosquitoes is not a citizen Jim Tyree are increase is Tommy we have seen increases. Com. To invest my knowledge not as much as we saw last year. Again we've been during the offseason we've been doing all. A lot of work or mosquito patrol boat people at our contractors. Both have been nom. Out there in the field the largest citing Newton as much as possible kind of to get ahead of ahead of the curve of it on the mound no minimum skills. So you know. I question if that we know that that's a mosquito that carries sicker than we don't know. Which was actually hash it I mean they don't raise your hand say I don't think I'm over here message the only thing you really know is that mosquitoes around plants we do our. Last year of course we didn't test and some came back positive. For Zito but you know the other thing to note to loses and I am really going to get into this a little bit does that does he does not the only disease. That this is that mosquitoes spread man you know there's different species that spread different diseases but the citizens of time particular. It is very notorious for other diseases as spreads in fact its original name his original mother non scientific name was the yellow fever mosquito because it was. The one that was blamed for a spare us spreading yellow fever fortunately we have vaccines. Against that now. Com that the evening on the and then ends this way back when when there robbery section seventy early seventeen hundreds in this country in Philadelphia not Pennsylvania. None of yellow fever is a matter of fact. Palm mosquitoes will be here when we're gonna suggest I guess amendments and gone that far mosquitoes just will be here longer sure yeah. We're dot com. Are isolated stuck in my talk about the diseases because we do know that they can carry feel. Yeah and I am not that that Mary's is in mosquitoes. I'll various species and problem and a lot of them carry that can carry disease and cancer are potential they don't all necessarily have a but isn't your time particulars of is very nasty does carry a lot of diseases. Of the skills in general and just. The most dangerous animal on Arthur kill more people than any other my my son who's and now eight years old. Always loves Tommy they love sharks and snakes and tigers and crocodiles and spider venomous spiders because they're all dangerous. And I tell them while they're nothing compared to the the most dangerous animal on earth a mosquito knees are bad that's lane. I think any big time and the things he's doing. Why why and yeah. If they kill more people I've heard you know lessen its anywhere from about 600000 years to a are more than a million. A year and that is why war that's just from the mosquito on that's more then. Sharks and poisonous snakes and poisonous spiders in crocodiles. And you name any other dangerous animal that's more than owls animals combined. Killen a year. Com sons Healy is. Is very very deadly now it's the mosquito itself fighting you is not the problem that some people are allergic to it. And there are about how a mild allergic reaction and you'll see you know. Well she's somebody has a little bit of swelling and little welts if they didn't gotten didn't allow. Thumb the best that itself is also not bad data were from the prom itself is that they Terry. And they can they can't carry them clarified not every mosquito does but they can carry diseases. And it's the diseases that are the real cause for concerns of the diseases that can you know. Cause the problems here with these movies and speed of its. You've got in addition to Zito which we were dealing with less your master we just had a case of Daniel locally. We were able to nip that one in the bud thankfully but thing is is you know problematic. Of course. That then days actually can be potentially can be fatal fatal I think there's four strings and I think a couple of strings. Can be deadly. You know and in addition to that mosquitoes particularly it is just I can't pass the you know yellow fever which fortunately were not senior. Although in Brazil. Their starting to see you and they had a earlier this year to have a small operator of yellow fever I don't know how far got they were I know that they were in producing like crazy idea vaccine Ford and sending it there palm. Hopefully we won't they can do but you know I like Zeke and there was nothing to us there's no vaccine physique it's so hopefully the with the vaccine fan basically your World Health Organization helping them out. Tom they'll be able to keep contained an animal found go beyond that. Amen and in addition deals even the war won't probably arguably one of the worst diseases malaria Norma kills the most people mostly in being an important countries in Africa and other places where real people don't have. The type of robust social programs that we have here. I come in addition to those we dug us and we've seen dandy here for diseases that we've seen here in Miami days specifically we seemed angered. We've seen out of one that that was a funny name to England yeah totally the good news on that one is it's not a deadly disease the bad news is you might feel like. Yeah because it's very pain kind of I don't exactly the right into user selects and the Muslim and they'll have some type of late symptoms that would ticking Willingham would bang inching will you feel very a lot of pain especially in the joints. And I think he's actually also known as Britain break bone fever. More dangerous I believe one of the of the inventory sentences of pain like a headache right behind the eyes with cheek and blowing out it's more of the joints. And the war itself is actually. And Africans from the African mark my Conde language and means and then dumped like bent on or cramped up in pain I don't know. That's what it means that you're saying yeah yeah that's a very painful disease. And you've also got the encephalitis disease west Nile which thankfully we haven't seen those here that much. I've how. Heard of cases in recent years mostly in the Texas. And here in Texas and in New York State. They met and in addition to the disease that we humans can get. An equine encephalitis die horses and heart warm that dogs can get and they get that from a mosquito that's carrying the disease. So. You know he's got all these diseases. It is digitize one mosquito can spread varies of these diseases the other Aramis pieces of our mosquitoes and the spread of diseases. We just have to watch out for a follow Bowman and just need to be careful protect ourselves and do as much as we can to reduce. To control them. In terms of Allen retired about Brazil and and got the yellow fever is is that because Brazil on. Doesn't have to screens. Or is there something memories become. Ground zero for these outbreaks like last year we seek an obvious here it's yellow fever. Or it just coincidence. I imagine that plays a part of it members old course in noted there are certain areas that are notorious for like but the columns of dollars and slums. Thumb in those areas. You're going to have perfect storm. For lack of a better phrase of those conditions are going to have. I mean I don't know air conditioning you know no screens. When there's so windows are open because few don't have much of a choice for friendly she's on the money for screens and in many cases. And in many cases you don't have running water in the home so you have a communal hum. Communal speedier Fawcett where you get water in containers. And bring those containers and and I. And you know they last few few days may be a week and a week is politics for mosquitoes from Google from egg to adult and the skills are breeding right inside of the home with. Went with what he's not poor folks and they're buying them breeding right there and and mosquitoes are loving and it's like you know all you can need to stay in and everything for the right and one place. A one stop shopping for Obama. Are so. So in terms of what their listeners can do themselves to control mosquitoes and yeah this a few things you know I think one of the first things and we know we talked about it Larry centers is you know start by depriving mosquitoes of a place to lay their eggs that then there had a tad exactly I mean even do that simply is frank was talking about him draining any standing water. I mean you won't believe what can hold water. And when mosquitoes can lay their eggs onions for example we found mosquitoes breeding in those large orange and white Jersey barriers at construction sites who never thought. We found them breeding at the bottom of Hillary to shafts. Who's had a resident even tell us once they were breeding in that little container of water underneath the Christmas tree who would have ever thought. That happens to me. Yeah it was either last Christmas since and we ended up throwing out the tree early possibly elect. It's going on whether bugs in his house and I comment by a guy he's thinking it can come from the tree and yeah. And that's the thing anywhere where they're standing water and you know frank and found a ski alarm and a flower vase inside his house Luntz. May I did down my enemy ever Christmas tree that's forcing. You know I haven't had a mosquitoes breeding your Christmas trigger such force and getting Columbus pulling stock. It is early in your target after hours. These you keep mosquitoes from breeding around inside your home it's okay you should drain all standing water from buckets barrels garbage can lids. Plastic inflatable kiddie pools. Tarps both covers. Pet food and water tables and even flower pots you know I just think about your house and what you had been in and what surrounded this quite a few things read that whole standing water and make sure you're swimming pool is well maintained. Mosquitoes don't flights later eggs and water. That is properly maintained the pool chemicals and moving they don't like movement sell them again yet you have the support just making sure that the pump the slowing in stone what is supposed to do. Then you're okay. If you had any type of ornamental fountain and he run the pump every few days or if the pump doesn't work treat the water with a lot of cyber cat or granules. How deep into larva sat in a minute. I mean I've checked to make sure you're gutter isn't content holding water. And if he had any singing your yard that you don't needing to hold water such as old tires all of containers old tires or something similar. Just get rid of it. Funny he had a bird back to plants and hold water lesson container such as a bird Millie and make sure you flush out that with that plant with water out twice weekly to get rid of mosquito library even better treat him with lighter side. You know quick aside people in South Florida leper Millie as disease ornamental plants. Everybody loves and and I just an I think line. Why am I see Yemen and sync it to myself there are many things you shouldn't get and don't hold water just like that in getting up. Yeah says in the hands mosquitoes breed exactly yeah exactly and people on how people on now that those leaves just I mean this is automatically collect water yeah just sales maintain them and some people throw them their tenacity that. Being an intern Santana and I'm gone I'm gonna knock on my neighbors started excuse me. I have a shaft which needs a tune. It's SO asking for accident yankees to flesh out the water from those plans you know once or twice a week with a strong hosing it's just kind of disrupt the mosquito life cycles is. Duncan really has assumed the flushing out of the water just be sure. And that's why we have we ask people is considered getting larva side instead because you flush it out you re feeling of water that you have there's a water. The early days at least once a week after breakfast your. Why extension that is definitely. You know a lot of people and I think another plan now now in any attention on that in the BT I granules which of course contain a bacteria that bacteria in those granules actually formulated. To get rid of mosquito life. So yeah. Yes I can get those at home depots Lowe's anywhere with they have those types of things which will help you know and other places granules every week to. Every so often not necessarily as bash exact. A little more terminals and yeah I love the more time with it's it's perfect for lazy person like me. But I know as well I. Happy no matter how Superman against ID yeah I was like I'm lucky in what happened at Tucson didn't know honestly I just can't you know and I'm thinking only. My gosh now a major hindsight. You know coming mosquitoes were born in the assumes that saga. CNN a second and then you know when you flash something I need to make sure I was as frank was mentioning you keep doing it kind of every other week otherwise it's item just fills with water and just to set a whole process all over against the rest of folks to do that and then you know one other thing you know seven mosquito species don't even lay their eggs are clean water. Go figure. Some early exit containers or other areas that are dry or maybe just a little more lace at the moment but they will eventually flood with waters of the X can hatch. Some mosquito eggs can remain viable out of water for almost a year. Yeah that's a long time that makes things a little better yeah. There's a matrix is tricky I had heard that right. Yeah exactly is adding things and had a tricky yeah that's why we dubbed the dream drains brain regions. Just never know I mean you would be surprised about where mosquitoes can lay their eggs and some mosquitoes were evenly there isn't something as small as in bottle cap with water and it. So again just thinking about how small something like beat. And then one female mosquitoes can lay up to a hundred entity as a one time since a lot of mosquito breeding so. Terrain everything get rid of what you don't need and don't forget to ask your neighbors you know what didn't sing. Bullies. Not being a phenomenal story yeah. All right so we know about the draining and those plants how does Miami Dade County mosquito control and habitat management fight mosquitoes. What is your plan. You know we've talked about what we want our. Would like her residence your listeners to do and now it's our turn talk about what we do. All right be the first weapon in our arsenals course in this war against mosquitoes and is your listeners we. As Tony mentioned there's a number of things folks can do with their homes. To reduce the he taken care of yourself basically for reducing places where mosquitoes breed you just reduce the number of mosquitoes seem to have a barbecue or whatever outside without and I have them biting me all the time. Not having those ankle biter. Well by Jim Angle much in the oval. You know wherever Linux yeah. And spot gas almost that seriously that's one of those who have the first arsenal or weaponry like to think of it. What we as a mosquito control agencies do is a number of things and mention before disintegrated. Pest management. Com. Because we have to attack things you don't multiple fronts it's not enough to do just one. Single thing that's the one single things are gonna cut it because he's muscular very seem high and mighty and crafty they can lay an egg eggs today and you know only a year later the eggs hatch still mean long after the media items you don't leave them it is it is it is dead. The eggs hatch and you've got about a hundred. Hundred plus mosquitoes idea ready to have to bite you so the first thing we do is after going. He just keeping them from having a place a lady eggs and are more media for the of the ex pats in water the next step is to go after the mosquito larva we have. A number of you know different stuff pro we don't proactive program I should say larva side spring we've been more aggressive about festival lessons we learned from last year. Com. And then we do is still are set to meet TI yeah which is a let me see if I remember the actual name is an excellent system very scientific name for Tekzilla's during Jensen says reverence is being TI of course for short. I'm that we use yes. That we use as alarm decide to kill miscues a very neat very targeted only affects mosquitoes and I think a couple of other nuisance flies. It won't harm any other species of animal won't harm plants and certified for organic farming for use in organic farming. It's actually certified for use and you know I would have. A farm with animals then the watering troughs that they have mosquitoes lay their raison and in there while he can use these things in Nam. In a water truck now they're not made meant for human consumption that you can use. This larva side DT I. In a watering trough. And that's an anesthesia ornamental pond with fish they're safer that that's how safest stuff is really pretty much only affects. Com mosquito larva. So we use that we spray. With trucks. Legal around to different areas of the county where we've seen Marines have from dozens steals in the past. He sprayed out Belarus signed with the with trucks we also will go and spring backpack. I didn't basically portable. A woman or man. We have muscular inspectors that are mailed summer and and some are male or female and a lot journal spring storm drains and wanna places where the trucks. You know be able to get a unless here's my friend we didn't we had a very aggressive program of of the of targeting pretty much every storm during in the county. During the our offseason we always go after the storm brings anyway. So that's one of the things that we. We look at. We also use and his is one of the year unique things I mentioned fish earlier response to get a big fish they might not want a goal you know mosquito Lawrence very tiny. But we use these smaller fish called mosquito fish other species scientific name resembles Sierra. And they're very different there's several different species of gambles here. Fish but they're called mosquito fish the non scientific name. And we will actually use these fish to control mosquito larva in certain places want our favorite places is. When especially we have the foreclosure crisis a few years ago. You have people that would just abandon ship or enroll their house and how. And I scream yeah eighteenth hole on the back breeding mosquitoes well and these spectacles out there does seem mosquito larvae that drop these fishermen to fish. You don't have the time of their lives going after these mosquito larvae in the face of Lebanon god awful full. Yeah they it's a lot of canals actually com. And those who have horse in Austin after that the last singled tools rules spray for adult mosquitoes. We have different meth is doing that typically when inspector goes out to a site to somebody's house for examples complaint on mosquitoes and though those checked photo. Breeding sites a check for standing water. I'd dump anything they can anything treatment they can't dump sultry with beat TI either liquidity using granular form. Arm and then the last thing the losers they see the mosquitoes is a spray for the adult mosquitoes. Eliminate those so that they and he appeared killing beyond the next generation with a lot of side and then you're killing the ones that are in their biting you today. With Pia with a straight. Nice and a so those shoes and different things that we do some skill controlling. Receive a multi pronged yes multi pronged approach I think is very there we have to do. It's working. Okay so like you had mentioned so if somebody has a situation where they feel like you know they walk outside and ET Al unless you run and they cannot get rid of them. They can column mosquito control. And Coke and habitat management I have to remember them. And you guys who come out. Address the situation spray if you need to whether it's by hand by truck or by plane. Yes. And actually can make it a little something extra for your listeners into contact 311. Nominally in that happening and Oakland coliseum them and they can ES they call. I'm looking at inspector come out assistant property you know find out where they might be some mosquito breeding going on. And do whatever needs to be done trying to combat it so that is one way to victory and lighten can go to our website and do it there as well first trio when the quickest way to go. Though they there's also the a 311 direct path on our Smartphone you can actually Manatee County you can file a number of complaints on different issues. I'm you can go all day you can spend holdings is finally got. That's mosquito control mosquito issues are one of those complaints you can yeah. They're particularly crabby can go. Yeah only the dump me I don't like yeah. And also of course our website www. Miami Dade dot gov slash mosquito. So that's that's where he's. You don't Cingular we actually set it up so let it redirects the mosquito control main page where do you type it in Cingular or the Spanish plural which is a CS. When English girl plural which is ES so any. Yeah towards that thinking it gets kudos typos positive thinking that it's only going to be one mosquito that your car and how I'm gonna take credit for that because I am I make so many typos. That that's you know us. You haven't coverage assignment and came through it. That's carries so we have. Like a minute left is there anything you would like to pass on before we go any passing thoughts. Just I mean a drain cover. Talents of course. Part of the cover our website contains listing of the repellents that are not always easy to use I. Problem with that one mothers who probably that one problems in in quote marks to. Hum basically it shouldn't be used on children are younger than three pounds pounds he you can use children two months and up. Believe it or not. I'm just don't use a lot of it and the oil lemon eclipses can use food for children that are younger and and it's you have to re apply more often than you do with the but other than that allowed people to throw the natural stuff so sure that's a good alternative and it's actually certify and actually works. It was important. Well that's great you know we're out of time so Franco there on a money expense with Miami Dade county's mosquito control and habitat management thank you so much thank you thank you. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on 101 point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of hosting guests. And do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff. Management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them too late SM it's like Miami dot com best ally TD. LYTE. Miami dot com this program was true or. Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FMW a Y gas Miami ever fines Coral Springs.