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Summer Safety / Broward Transportation

Sunday, July 9th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Joey Dweck, nutritional expert, about how to stay safe during the summer months when the family is around the BBQ, and how to keep from over-eating to keep that summer body healthy. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Greg Stuart, Executive Director for the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Daniel Knickelbein, Communications and Outreach Governmental Affairs Manager, about plans for the future, including train service from West Palm Beach to Miami, and options like fly-overs and roundabouts to reduce congested intersections. 

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one of one point 58 SN. SHD woman WLY yes Miami camera phones Coral Springs now here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley. Florida like to introduce you to doctor David nagging me you know he's health educator and one of the nation's top chiropractic. Physicians would more than thirty years of clinical practice. You gonna be talking with us though about. Beating the barbecue bloat AKA had a knot over this summer when he got all the food and all the parties going on right it. And it's a fine it's ethylene she's kind eat everything in site how exactly did you get into this field. Well as a chiropractor and I think here that ended up quite neck pain and back pain and have a and then iconic I have always sort of gravitated toward open mama. And currently we have you know medical doctors and physical therapist Arab record we do a lot of output on the stock. And that and number a year ago probably spit in eight years ago we started doing them that would digestion. And we really well met by improving digestion. It really made a big difference in the overall health of the patient whether they were on a medical by about a photo caller cardiovascular protocol. Even if they were in the therapy and they had an arthritic situation just by improving digestion. We saw that the patients were getting batter on their standard. Friedman well. We heard a puddle of part time and effort into it and it does make and beat them. Really the goal lead in the mood to get the vitamins and nutrients in the mineral. Out of the food and into this now than it if we do to act and it out there healthy and they can actually did urge stop talking together. How did you determine. During your stay he's a person who needed to how I had some kind of treatment isn't the right word but a better way of eating presented to them. Well you know over the year lifestyle has done. You know are eating habits and gotten pretty port Patton pretty convenient. And worried and a lot of overly a food a lot of processed food. I think. Prayed that they actually does not end. You know popular as it is obviously there's a lot of bad food and maybe I'm just getting older I don't think interest in the air it. Usually got somebody who all have digested the urban you know they be allowed yesterday. And blow did. They get indigestion and even every plots are harp on our you know on vacation dire things of that nature of solidarity. Indicator. That a lot about this sort of brush off that I was getting no older not eating so well or things of that nature would actually indicate. That that I got is that in this struggle in. And that we just look for certain solutions that try to improve whatever area now or it was all good. I agree I think it's getting better as well now that the organic food revolution has kind of becoming more affordable for people. You know driving through the drive through is now just not something that we wanna do now that you realize what we're putting into her body you sense something that I think is so important though all these nutritional interviews of the over the years. You can cook your food so much. You cook a good out of it like your carrots or aura mean a wonderful flexible overly cooked foods is very bad can you talk about. What happens when you do do too much to a vegetable. Yeah well. The one thing that we learned is that in any vote there's an ingredient called digesting bend back. I know there's many different digest it and act in the Al at different. Sort of function but every real thing that they work in harmony together. And but I just event I've ever job of breaking down the food digestion and occur part of accurate mostly. And we want that to occur and what we've learned a system that you keyed up food over a 118119. Degree. It killed off the end. So that we get no digest benefit comedian had food even if they're taxable. And the interesting thing about approaching sources you know that they can check in and there's. They also haven't signed and and as well which helped to break down those who. But we do have to cut those boots right I'm not I'm not. You know not recommending that people don't cook there you know their meat pork and chicken stuff like that they definitely should look at. Well we if you if he would if he can just add a little bit Allen and try to and in include them. Walk well that's double what Neil then we're getting all the benefit of those I just that then I'm all right now on the foods that are caught or ED. Thought it couldn't stay you know like we're growing a lot now in Oregon and Florida and we're growing a lot. That's great and the grilled vegetables are wonderful but even when you grow. And Baxter bolt. They generally get over that underneath your 190 degrees though. The benefit of those that get it done I'm a broken down and then go longer and more we look at. The last benefit we get from the vitamin and mineral nutrients in the food self. Really balancing that is in the key you can have done cooked food in some rock would and and it worked out really well. Certain cultures had garnish this. Herbs spices that will help with digestion you. Recommended pineapple which shall help break down different proteins. What are some other garnish his or vegetable dishes that culture's views that will help assist indigestion. And then they're they're very nice thing and a lot of people like upper. Aperture sometimes considered dead a few of their jet that urban and are little white and they're actually not the case. They're very good in the leg polished entity so that the very bad thing. I ginger is a view of all. That yesterday. And accused in any case is about that on yeah. And we'll inject it for that. You know that I'd expect in your also and whose circulation so there's no downside to that at the good thing tumor is very nice. That helps digestion helped break down food that worked out great and janitors either back to work is very good for. Decreasing inflammation so that the big plot there. Why then is wonderful loving your water nominal or stay out weather here Iraq the bat the ball 100 and they act if it. Emulate liver enzymes which helped to break don't quote me. And it actually helped the cut rate on Eddie Neil you've been at the moment. They accurately. I know it's been an edit it in a lot of are right now is very good the bill in blood sugar that you have a heavy meal with you know. A lot of rather carbohydrates and things of that nature in at the tournament and act. It actually allowed. It helps the body of the bill the blood sugar which. You know it had problems at the heavy armor are carbohydrates eight neo you don't have very good balance though not so it's really did that. Panel has really gotten he had yet probably worked out great and act. Some of the things that worked well great it's just you know sort of natural attitude. Which a lot of times we'll improve the quality and flavor of. Is that the most common mistakes use the act the outdoor cook outs of what's more frequently happened during the summer is that kind of stuff do you see that leads to the stomach aches and gaffe in the bloating talking about. Absolutely. And it the only entity expects the NL work where apple issued a lot of I know all I an apple and a lot of Iowa that wrecked a red. Well what's at stake and they growl and the reason why bad as an apple and what I had in its block walk walk warm as. Wonderful and kind that break down the heavy need. And those those material in the protein they're very difficult to digest now I daddy just that I'd bishop. You know pineapple papaya worked out great it digest and they're the rib and chicken factory. Any whopper and vegetables we'll have. An event time and help the digestion and neck and really to keep spending and I don't hold the good thing. In addition to just breaking down the boot you know like there's a lot of junk and are we there is preparation. At the eye and altered form Holland and the GMO component out bet. And many of these things that are are not good for the body they're considered. But a lot. But one of the benefits of digest it and and you break down the good stuff that you want absorbed into the style which also are able to eliminate pretty. Well after the bad stuff that you do not want ads or. And when a Buddhist they're corporate jet and the owner chemical that is Arctic it's always produced it and that's very first action inflammation. And no matter what condition you Gabby that if you don't get recognition knee inflammation. Always works against you and so it's really nice. I using the rock with the best Wimbledon giving the benefit of those they've got the event not only do you get that. Quality vitamins nutrients and minerals that you watt. You also get rid of some of the junk that you know is it. It is pretty clearly in many ever who even even the organic food system and it can. So doctor magnet you know you'd just at first I wanna talk about the five to eat that suggested in signs in just a minute that you said something that I that was pretty funny because this art she talks that how you should avoid trying new and unfamiliar foods and strange food combinations. And I never had papaya and ribs so can you tell us what you're talking about when you say oh boy new and unfamiliar foods and strange food combinations in order to come back this plague barbecues summer bloat. And that they're mainly for somebody that already had digested disturbance right they eat something. Even abate this stuff there they're familiar weapon may have been expect I guess the wife you know. They have burping a day after Andy's cat in her bloating our reflux Ernie of these thing. We actually act both Asia and. Try to stay with little bit more familiar what until we get those familiar food under control and really. Eight or nine out of ten patients we can get under control by just using digest it and I. Which there's two way to do it very simple way to add you know lock with the vegetables to your knee out. I can eat something. And then many of our patient that I'm during the dinner I doubt you know you know at a ballot don't relish prayer at them. I an apple or I or something might edit that I did yes and then of course they Whitney did garbage is beginning to digest them and that's a most rock but yeah that's. So two ways to help kind of taper this one of course. Eat Crawford's nationals. And sue is to go ahead supplement. But what you're trying to get our five key digested enzymes into your body can you please talk about the five different in signs I would say and I'm afraid I'm going to butcher every single one of these. Yeah and I probably well as well. See wanted to vote is that technically and Orton. Well what we learned as we've played but this year's adults are trying to get that there again aren't they handle specific condition. And we actually did not get a good result of the week I'll under the weight nature is you know what he's done and and when you have something mental proper vegetable after the that you're getting a combination event bank and they work. They were impounded it out there and what sort of work saw the other and yes I get in a proper vegetables then I'll buy you in a historic day which is a combination of Rockland and that's the bolts. You're getting in Albany and nine that are needed break down the bad. Earl keen and you know the sugar in the complex carbohydrates being they're very act. Komondor and a barbecue or are out and. If you have I guess the event thank you generally get a lot less expect from the dean. And so I just yet in the combination. That we have found that we've actually learned a network battered and trying to effect we are yet. Certain and act like we have learned that protein source. That they can be checked in the there's all those things are by far the most typical today Jack in their and then band called probably eight. That specifically works on breaking down the OT. And if we get the OT broken down we find that digestion works. Very smooth and we don't have a lot of probable all the other stuff. But what we've learned is what we checked it OE eight we did they actually get the pain. Benefit that we did when we get a combination because they endorse energetically together. And that really produce our best result. Let's take effect cancer re introduce doctor David magnate and oh he's a health educator and one of the nation's top chiropractic physicians with more than thirty years of clinical practice. He's a highly popular speaker and he is designed and presented hundreds of wellness workshops for both patients and practitioners. Reid addressed a wide range of health issues. Which focused on the rolled digestion planes in maintaining healthy immune system what all that means for us right now in South Florida if he had the tips we need. To keep our bodies in shape this summer. Avoid some of the bloating and inflammation that comes when you overdo eating at all the barbecues. And celebrations and activities teach you how poignant. This summer in South Florida now he's already given his tips and ways that we can help combat so that inflammation. Not piling. I mean everything onto workplace and gobbling it all down in the same sitting. He's talked about different digested enzymes that are important for our bodies and now they can continue our conversation with doctor David magnate and now. There are some other really neat tips that you've provided here one of which I wanna talk about when it comes to. It's picking what you put on your plate when you're out enjoying yourself this summer as you think one huge mistake that people make is eating their stake. Alongside public and baked potato or French Fries or potato dish in general. Why is that a mistake. Well at the mistake because when you look at those two will. All of them are whether the baked in at the French pride at stake. But there's no digest it and I knew what an incredible strain on that I kept them. And mama who doesn't have the stomach it's got to be broken down these or can leave that stop making and Tribune fast. And it you don't have any bag yesterday on that and it took a lot of strain on the iMac. But not a camp and activity are breaking now most booed too small enough it is open and surety. In fact that. And if if it's not broken now on the stomach will continue to work at a turning Eddie can happen things of that nature all create a lot of rubble and the stomach in the upper big justice system. So if you think we know protein terabyte are the most difficult but that Jack at a date. And minutes LA. And then you went into that baked potatoes in the nude noodle dale utterly grilled vegetables something like yeah. You would get the benefit the most digest event banned from the ballot. How breakdown the most difficult thing to breakdown were produced stake in this new Al. And that you can go on to the other stuff Eric desperately need to break out. I love how you also say look did he want dessert wait twenty minutes why did you wait twenty minutes to put sugar. On top of meet her car just. Well great question so basically kicked about money or thirty minutes for the movie about in the arm. And once that main meal without of the iMac that it actually respected Eddie Moore stuff. So if it's enacted a big about you know I. I'm a little bit older in the olden days you know we ever me hell on earth clean up the kitchen of that. And it would take twenty or thirty minutes and it sit down and got the big in the cookie in the extreme and stuff like yeah. So it doesn't make and in just a lot of that main meal they get out of the iMac. It's moving now into the impact in the comic it's free and able to read eat more food you just have a lot last suggest that this urban. If you can do it that. Argentine minnow would you please step through the best seeding sequence for someone who wants to have a third in the everything had to cook out but doesn't want to experience any of the after barbecue rumblings are blue or anything. Absolutely felt that back and be the first. Is the protein or whether that the barbecued chicken and that they the burger. The record where they have those and the protein source first and really focus and namely eating back. And the very next thing you have to have a mock who vegetable. And again we want to digest and then I'm sure most awkward in basketball to break down that heavier me read a anything like yeah. And that you can go on the bake the beta our normal ballot war you know anything like that are Spanish soccer meal that day. And that if you can wait twenty or thirty minutes before you start with a kick in the but it is gonna go very smooth wary about that they got this in. You know I actually feel better and we are hearing this right you know I thought. Eight I think it'd be no way you know around the grill but who beat them off and you just sort of schaeuble and well Ian. It feel like you've been hit by busters and he can barely get the launch here in the so but at that down and and Iraq because we've just you know velvet stuff in there. Belt. If you can get that sequence that I describe their great. We also encourage our patients at a low down mother Edie. You know we we have some patient that got them they've got the disturbances weren't urging them to really early cheat your boo. It get outnumbered chewed or anything like that we give them a target you know. It's 120 IQ and before you actually swallow it they're really had a very desperate trouble. And this has no benefit number one of early break down a little wonder at the summit with this great and the second benefit is that actually explode the pop. And the interesting thing about the comic in the brain and how you feel better I when you're reading. You're stuck it will be all long before your brain measures at a and we probably all experience this may be eaten too bad that we just feel overly stop. When you slow it down a little bet that a lot outlet I'd beat your stomach info in your brain and arms data I beat Andy lack. And we do know. We as Americans you know we'd be way too much food very difficult. To burn off a lot of gallery that we got a dated 88. It is extremely difficult the bomb off although gallery so we could blow it down and just eliminate. I'm talking about a battering our effort to slow it down enjoy your food. And then when you're all you actually I. Nicky little bit lower. You'll feel the impatient in the brain were important we say you know I'm Paul wants edit I I'm gonna stop. One of the tips I love is don't eat it you're too hot to cold emotionally upset her physically ill. You please describe why that is such an important tip. Yeah it really sort of funny because digestion of that you know you can beat playing volleyball out of it. Right oh really need it. And when you're done playing it go right into the nail on your body is actually doing things we try to bring your temperature down into a normal weight. And the interesting thing about when you eat or digestion and it doesn't matter what your body is working on it yet that an effort and energy away from whatever it. Considered a priority at that point in time and it kept the work on digestion itself what they were overly eat at. And he's stepped down he had a New York whet your body was actually work you through perspiration and chemical balance between bouts. Try to bring your temperature down into a normal range and it at this stop working I'm happy that now food in the stomach and at the start that I. So the beauty of that is we're totally in control of that. They're plain about it all you're all heated up. Is it for ten or fifteen minute you have your body temperature come on normal range and it's totally fine to go ahead neat. And the same is true when you know we were or where there are emotionally wrapped things of that nature you know. We tend to wanna go to so fun open event and Gerri in just eat into your body is actually working through it. Internal chemical credit you know the body chemistry. They you do not feel the negative effect that scrappy and are still emotional new rundown murder or something like yeah. And if you eat at that point and your body had this not working and the outs in the chemistry which ultimately will make you feel better. That's not work in on the act and then. Are to address the digest that they should be fidget through some food in your stomach at that point out. And it's true you know he ever really big needle meal and you're fighting a cold or will you know in the old days is it out in out chicken ball. Hurt it in new theory it is Dicey out. And that would be act in key thing they have it here fighting them because. If you're fighting a flu or cold you know you have all the land in your body working. And build in the immune system back in the virus. Or check in the back area and we want to give our bodies an opportunity to fight off and then action. Rather than have to pay it off its worst start working and I guess. Certain cultures had garnish some herbs spices that will help with digestion you. Recommended pineapple which shall help break down different proteins. What are some other garnish is or vegetable dishes that culture's views that will help assist in digestion. And then they're they're very nice thing at a lot of people like proper. Prepare them and considered at a few of the jet that urban and their little spite if they're actually not the case. They're very good in the leg while activity so that the very good thing I'd change here is that you'll all. Digested a and accused it nanny gate as a bout of nausea. And what's in check it for that. You know that I'd expect ginger also and boost circulation so there's no downside to that at the good thing tumor is very nice. That helps digestion of the break down food. I've networks operate again at this either back to work is very good for decreasing inflammation so that the bad spot there. What and is wonderful on an annual water nominal leaders Balladur here Iraq and bat the ball 100 and yet but it. In nearly liver enzymes went up the breakdown pro team. And it actually helped the correct read on any Neil keep it at the moment. They accurately. I know that and edit it in a lot of are right now is very good the bill in blood sugar so yeah about. Heavy meal where you know. A lot of rather carbohydrate and things of that nature you can add them permanent and act. They actually allows. It helps the body develop a blood sugar. Which you know is a problem he had the and they are carbohydrate based Leo you don't get very good balance don't know until it's really did that. Panel is really good at the end yet problem worked out great and act. Some of the things that were great it's just you know sort of natural attitude. Which a lot of times we'll improve the quality and flavor of the. What you're trying to get our five to. Key digested enzymes into your body can you please talk about the five different enzymes I would say and I'm afraid I'm going to butcher every single one of the eighth. Yeah and I probably well as well. See wanna vote if they're technically at war. Well what we've learned as we've played with this year's adults are trying to get specific enzymes they handle specific condition. And we actually did not get a good result but we I'll that the weight nature as you know want it done and and when you have something in a lock fruit and vegetable F city that you're getting a combination of them bank and they work. And working on an even better and want sort of works out the other and you. Yes I get in a proper vegetable then I'll buy you in a historic day which is a combination of Rockford and vegetable. You're getting not the end I'm that are needed that great on the staff pro scene and you know the sugar in the complex carbohydrates. Being they're very act. Komondor and a barbecue or a doubt and. If you have digested them thank you generally get a lot left to act on the being. And I just getting the combination. That we have found that we've actually learned that network battered and trying to that they are yet. Burton and act like we have learned that protein or. There's a deadbeat sister in the best all those things are right are the most difficult today yeah there's an enzyme called Olivier. That's specifically works on breaking down the OT. And if we get approaching twelve and now we find that digestion works. Bearish mood and we don't have a lot of probable all the other stuff. But what we've learned it only checks in early days we didn't actually get the name. Benefit that we did when we get a combination because they and the works energetically together. And that really produce their best result. Hey got most common question you get. The most common question I I get recently at either end are. Now and people want to know Holliday and you know reduce some of our hearts aren't in. It's usually a combination of digested. Certain that. Our clinic to take care a lot of older patients a lot of banks would have. Digested disturbances after they eat they really avoid eating it doesn't become a priority form and then or not it in the upper nutrients then. So it seems like we're getting a lot of questions nowadays about our earned. And that sort of has an interest in sites are you know we started giving. A lot of heartburn Asian that the sorbet. And in doing so yeah and it stopped taking over the counter enacted herb you know a couple of weeks or so and see how they. If they responded what we got back from these patients who. About 80% of the patients there are firm that was taking in acted pretty much with everything else. They started they can absorb data and in doing so eliminated. Their car that was that was a big plot we've been playing with that for a little while now on in really good results. What I heard a lot for you during our conversation is don't eat everything at once. But your body digest something and then go ahead and get back into the food if that's what you want and it also heard over and over again. If something were all with that cooked preparation that you haven't your barbecues this summer. But doctor what you think that's the most important things are people should take away from our talk today. Okay excel Eric's first stop. This week that include. A proper bet both and everything else that would be the first thing. The second thing is that if any that debt then the urban at all. And X it just be an uncomfortable feeling happy and try to eat slow work and meet the OT source first. And the third thing is that you can jet. Low down overall I'm eating you're gonna do much better I mean. We really do. We we have patients that have digestion problems we have them there. Let them eat when their hungry eat low. Don't you know part of its EP you know McNeil sort of an important thing don't be distracted by figure just sort of shoveling it and sometimes that they have a conversation or something like that we meet every meal a Sony in front of the TV. And then just really eat well and it stopped when you're all you'll probably do a lot. Thank you so much for coming on and speaking with us today about how we can you know. It be easier archenemy during barbecue season this year thank you so much sir. Yeah well. You're here in South Florida in the spotlight on 101 point five laid SN now community affairs correspondent Daniel Garton. Traffic we August 2 it. Yeah we all hope someday to get where we want to go as quickly and hassle free as possible. Will that ever happened. Here to talk s.'s touched us about it is Craig Stewart executive director of the Broward metropolitan planning organization. And an on the Avaya communications and outreach and governmental affairs manager thanks so much for joining us. Thank you very much all right so well I guess first ask. I know it's commuters through the same thing we need to carpool. Use public transit let's face it public transit just isn't as convenient. Or workable as we'd like so what's on the drawing board. For Broward. Well it's actually started what's happening right now. Okay and this is coming very exciting side of things we have my primary rail group that's coming in called bright and and for everybody that is probably where most people are. Really great job. Public outreach and this service is gonna go from downtown Miami to downtown Fort Lauderdale to downtown West Palm Beach. That he's going to change the way people actually moved through southeast Florida. Eventually it's gonna get up to damp down to Orlando and really new international. But this service is about to start in Latin early November. Stimulate foreign content around. And this is gonna really incessantly and see if we're gonna change the way the commuting pattern is on I 95 because that did trips between downtown Miami. And our four ordered on west palm from our attorneys my folks. That are in that type of profession there usually traverse and to go to the courthouses in those areas. So really we're talking about a good 10% of our economy at that point your and sort of those folks move off we're gonna see some improvements to our roadway network the other thing that this is gonna bring immediately women servers storage. Is the quite as an and I think the last time we were on. We have the chance to talk to you about. That improvement will not necessarily making. Traffic flow better. It's actually gonna make quality of life a lot better so that trains themselves that are operating on this east tracks from the FEC tracks and external attracts. Those with good reason trains that are no longer gonna have to use their horns every time they go through an intersection. So at each grade crossing that you go through milieu typically you'll hear two or three. Or concerns you know to say hey we're coming through with the each partnership that we have we are bright and we actually put in additional safety equipment and working with federal rail administration. We've actually qualified for the entire quarter from downtown West Palm Beach to downtown Miami and all of our economic. QB this quiet and so on so when the trains are coming through and unless there is somebody in the middle of the tracks they're not gonna vote. That's gonna make a huge difference for the folks that live work and school. They are alone that we always do which is something that has never happened and you know of a lifetime or all of us being down here in South Florida. And in addition to the bright line the existing try real well loss of the extending to downtown Miami tied the beginning of 2018. So not only will. You have new options to get from downtown Miami to downtown Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. That yeah downtown Miami can easily be accessed now. Any of the Cairo station's weather and you're in Palm Beach County. I invoke in. I'm downtown Fort Lauderdale I can get to downtown Miami with one Seawright. So that opens up a huge job markets and it. And while there's even the largest including parliamentarians in the southeast corner didn't remind. Indoor out. Then followed by Fort Lauderdale cypress creek area Boca Raton. It's interesting to see the employment patterns so this trial in connection. Is also huge for access into downtown Miami right now if you get untrue he can get to the international airport and connectors for Barbie in the media. But now you can actually be able to sit on metro rail train and go straight into downtown Miami. So those are one seat ride from Deerfield Beach or Boynton Beach. Or Hollywood. And that really isn't it kind of changed the way you're gonna go into downtown Miami. So that provides this plethora of opportunities for folks in southeast Florida to get two jobs and work. Pretty much precluded from them she wanted to sit in traffic for forever yeah for most of your life. Or you know you'll be able to take the train into these areas which is also going to be one of those tests and you look at what we're seeing with the bright armed with the expansion of charter only downtown Miami. Our transit system itself are now morphing into. What a bigger metropolitan area what how. Started to look like a real cities predict that yes you know like just like Chicago and New York where you can get around each you don't have to worry about a car boom boom boom you get real Monica. A combination of whatever traces you can't my question gee that was George and Barbara and I were talking about going from. The downtowns. How long military police she an awful lot of times just to convey. These facts. So bright orange feet. Lauderdale to downtown Miami in thirty minutes and downtown. West Palm Beach to downtown for a lottery on thirty minutes time when you factor and driving in 95 paying for express lanes. Sitting in traffic getting your destination. The bright line is really going to be at a convenience. As well as time saver and money saver for a lot of folks. I'm southeast Florida. And and that's including that Tyrone as well getting to downtown Miami from the existing. Hello stations there's there's a lot of savings and benefits for the southeast Florida residents. Now Laffey who once only it would only stop in downtown Miami and only stop in downtown Fort Lauderdale so if you wanna catch you gotta go down to one of the downtown to catch it. And that's only adrenaline is operating and try real causal link. Is going to be a little bit during the x.s and try Reynolds is going to be different in that respect where it was still stop and Hollywood and then highly. And until it you know money into Miami Dade so Libby multiple stops along the Atlantic and you know so it'll take a little bit longer. The Brooklyn service which is much more convenient however that said. That opens again these markets that we haven't seen for very long time he's Thabeet. A lot of people have moved into southern Broward are working in Miami and right and you know. The traffic or even worse. I'm soon that that reality has changed quite a bit. But this is not changing the shape of our transportation commuter shattered. And allowing folks to actually have jobs further away than they used to it. Yes and that in their first trip tremendous economic benefits as well to disservice I'm. By expanding public transit employers now have additional opportunities to. Bring in employees from not just Miami Dade County Broward County Palm Beach County is well. So there are benefits to care to all users to commuters to employers. Into the region obliged. So somebody wanted to work and humvees so they can drive down to Fort Lauderdale and take your commuter train and cut their ride almost in half half. And then now with the and then over on the list and I know these are your. Marc Crawford to that and that's. Also one of those great opportunities that we didn't have before we ever transit system and a bus system that feeds offer most of these stations. But you'll also if you have to go from one building to another it's. Listen my candidates in West Palm Beach I'll call them because my alcohol thing I need to lift needless to go here. The lift driver will pick me up dropping out of that door and then Don and that's a ride sharing it's even cheaper. He asked silver. All of this is a free advertising. Yeah on yeah. But those are the things that are making their systems so incredibly unique. And I think this is not unlike anywhere else in the United States I goes to Washington DC recently and about what was it 31 out of every. Three cars on on the surface above the metro isn't rural lift driver and that is lacking in the traffic in Washington and that traffic in Washington DC is definitely intensified over the last several years now. Column because of the Hoover and lift convenience factor. But it really has made people less dependent on vehicle but there's more vehicles on the road sort of contributed. Yeah I guess so because more people are taking vehicles but this nothing's. I read somewhere that in the future that he has self driving cars are really gonna take over and that's what they're thinking. I'm so so and he loved that I I really am I don't know if you're ready to Colonia. It's there's a whole brave new world that's happening with that. Right now between General Motors and Chrysler Fiat. And Daimler Benz they actually have diesel vehicle to vehicle communication systems. And they've agreed upon language of what they're gonna counted and communicate. Doesn't matter what country there and obviously now all of a sudden all of these vehicles are going to be able to communicate with each other we're gonna get to the point within the next ten years. Good vehicles near vehicles are going to be able passage of the within two and a half. Just boom Ka. I'm in the cart. Yeah thank god for chemistry at all. For better living through chemistry and hopefully we'll be senator film but the reality. Is that that shrinking the lanes are actually gonna provide it we're gonna have a lot of capacity that we're going to be able to. Filled out of our existing roadway network because those lanes are actually believe that narrow. Seven years is very short term there it is it's a stink. What is gonna happen without a legacy it was this movie I saw recently that's an old movie but there were self driving cars I do leave those of Tom Cruise minority report. And he hop in the car in it was going in any popped out of the car I mean that was the idea but it was a bunch of cars going like crazy when I read about this. And that in the future we won't be worried about our own cars they don't you just you just get into car it will take you and there's no thought. Again that's their training us and I think this is really scary thing ends yeah he's Smart. Open house because I am what I believe is happening into the future and in the pharmaceutical. Your ownership instead of owning a car you go into vehicle you lease a car and here's my young you know my. Then number in this for the vehicle you're gonna have that you're gonna have this is my 800 dollar payment from Mercedes. And these Mercedes are gonna pick you up and take you drop you off and continue want. Or kiss my a Hyundai and 300 dollars a month or 250 dollars a month and bonding won't come did you drop you want to continue on that's I think includes their preparedness for. For word that that I don't get how we're gonna get around around home yeah on weekends when we're not working at the same cars. You're at your house I need to go grocery store a minute go to the mall and one to go to the beach he. Caller from the comfort and don't like that older I've had a an autonomous version and if there's a company commonly known. Which actually kind of spun out of one room aren't the technology firms can't remember who as Microsoft or are. Or apple but I doubt they kind of move forward with this whole technology and independent autonomous vehicles. And it's based on who's now the theory and made these folks will show on the remote vehicle it's our Chrysler Fiat and it's coming to come pick up. Had a minute pitch up to geo location to option often moves on. That is actually the movie minority report that is that is the future we're going to be dealing with. How does that affect our transit system how does that affect vehicle operations. To mean just think that trump. And this is a homer and we can get into Wanda. How's that affect your insurance is because there are no longer gonna have to carrying. Dry then I don't need insurance except for my person exactly. And then of course and that the car dealers would be liable to consider is who's leasing it and who has at least currently seeing them. Question is do you look this is horrible apologized Gershon who do you need her car dealer. Right because if you're just going directly. Somebody's got to manage the cars and service them and there's gotta have that. A series of on both. DG sure there into the way future but actually not that far away when you when the stuff that I'm reading it isn't. And so you know building and that into an power transportation system is now what we're looking at right now. No we're in we have he NPR's all three of us your starters for a looking really at congested intersections trying to understand how that congestion is gonna move through what are these choke points. And what can we do to improve the current situation sort of moving away from autonomous vehicles into our reality. So now we're driving along and intersections such as. Sunrise boulevard in US one where religion or sex together and comes across we're looking at potentially doing. Hamas flyover there along with you grounded out. I'm afraid so they throughput movements through movements can continue on very comfortably and then feed local move. This can also occur re needed to make terms. We're looking at a young circle Hollywood boulevard that's got one now. It's a very good one in the city commissioner the other day actually. Hired a consultant from and I used to work with the West Palm Beach about 25 years ago. And down he came in with an idea of doing sneaking this traffic circle were put in both directions and then having round of bounce and the four major intersections. Many fascinating kind of laugh that's. Departure seems like a lot of disorderly. It turns to why it. The things we've also talked to the city of guns. What would happen if you actually. Depress US 100 circle so those folks that are actually going to make a turn around the circle and Mazen they're going to want you know enjoy a restaurant or. I'm Karl Malone. Hollywood boulevard that they can get through without actually having to sit there and dance from Hollywood traffic officer talked about also there's the little things. And you know you look at circles from him and we're gonna go back to Washington DC morning talk about DuPont Circle that's a circle what works and by the way is to press further goes under its of those who are going through the circle. It goes straight under in Europe. So those are solution we can look at. On the sawgrass connection to I 95 the sawgrass expressway we're looking and you know we're going to be moving forward with the Department of Transportation to get. And I find it that day east west and it did exactly its contents to guarantee you when the sirens and that the turnpike are right. So what we're gonna do is actually coming in with a depressed roadway all the way through tonight and you thought we should be social worker. Exactly immune you know it's better for the neighborhoods along the surface because that way they're not dealing with this huge structure above them and it's actually borrows some of the sound will be trapped in the football came so this is actually really good way of looking congestion. Our flamingo empower. And so I'm saying yes and there's. I can go servant and I think as a margin last year Tennessee and a lot of importance that we're gonna make recommendations to the Florida Department of Transportation. That they actually duty distinction smallest. We're really excited about that partnership with full Department of Transportation district for a pure Broward. Having these things get implemented and we're doing all the things that are necessary to take two steps from our board of directors are or 37 elected officials have said this is a priority to us. So we're actually making sure that happens along who have. The transit and everything else yeah. And and one of the things that this ties in to be more importantly is the bird and pure as long range transportation plan Solomon trump planning organizations in every city in every. State across the country have to develop a long range transportation plan is updated every five years and we work with our municipal partners our partners at the county level the fun Department of Transportation to create a plan that. Identifies projects that will move our region forward and haven't been slow. Probably traffic and development. And so we've been working with our municipalities. Willingness Hollywood Fort Lauderdale. Pembroke Pines to identify projects such as pines and flamingo or US one in Hollywood. Where we can take intersections and reduce the traffic levels on on those intersections and keep traffic moving and so. I wanted things about Amish escalation plan is a robust public involvement. Platform it's so we'll be going into the community in the coming months and I'm talking with community members businesses a politicians elected officials. How can we create a plan that works for all of Broward and gets all of Broward moving regardless of your mode of transportation. So through our Longley transportation plan and a Republican nominee efforts we will be looking at the whole region. And where we see these critical traffic choke points and what we can do to and resolve some of those conditioning issues. I have a question about the flyover and would you come to press restroom and grassroots activists are gonna make this very happy that. I think about the flyover of the Hollywood circle line they have a huge high rise. So that flyover of ago we have around me. Hollywood boulevard Casey would be depressed it would yeah because it in the actually in that scenario you really don't. It did the ramp would be too hard you're obsolete or so you know you need to. Depression start earlier on but it doesn't have to go down that far and which is an interest and his. You know you can actually. Bring up the park the circle. Our character and and kind of make it more like. He'll. Clinton I was digging a tunnel I think but I have to do channels because of the water. Well again and he's we have two tunnels to hear Broward center tunnel since the fifties. Fortson Fort Lauderdale had tunnel. Has only been close twice in my lifetime. And soon announce not a flooding this year downtown Miami now as a tunnel. It's much longer mean. For the tunnel they just made here in Mississippi and put brand channel it's afraid. She and and don't have Internet. It's interesting it's an interest in but it has these huge blow doors basically don't happen often so even when everything above the surface is fooling the tunnel itself or modified. I. I was feeling all right plays led to if you look at that you believe we have the capacity to do this for years it's just the desire. And the money. Money did you know the money will find itself ironically. I'm tantrums were loaded on seventeenth street com slash they decided to go with the bridge when they did we did seventeenth street causeway about fifteen years ago but. There was actually discussion about putting a tunnel they're. And it was actually the folks or around the corner the cinemanow we want a bridge we like the idea so that was a choice that was made at the time. But you know tunnel could have gone there probably should've gone they're given the traffic situation that happens gets very. Yeah there's there's going to be we're gonna have some serious conversations about what seventy mr. because I was gonna look like in the near future to. How many police attorneys can come in with a convention center and talent convention center expansion. And there's other issues in my quarter as well only port operations. So can we gonna see some of the conversations there that you know we're having the same conversations even with the city sunrise. And with their developments out there with the tropic. Syria the whole park when we have our own milk retro mode plant was. The computers facility and then even with the inner beauty and T the center there which is dollar on sawgrass mills is exactly. I am I you know I believe that we're going to be working with the city of sunrise hopefully to come up with an autonomous vehicle how. System for up there. It'll actually be more brutal mass transit system but none are without. I drivers so we'll see how that works of what we're actually looking at different solutions for different areas. To try to find things that work but we are for sure has data center to arrange transportation plan. In this public average going to be talking about these choke points directly because we need to address films now I'm there are issues that you know it's it's it's time. We've got to we've got to address them and then the state DOT in the US to YouTube been really helpful since okay won't make sure the money is there for these projects. Failures that led a life for three times you know that there is a problem and it's just a little time. If you're sitting there and I hit I was one might imagine and you know you sit there you know what's gonna happen I'm talking about kinds of Flamengo. And that's any time during rush hour on the weekend whatever you know others. We're going to be working very hard on mineral reduce out there and in Denver tong and wind farm board member for Miramar as well. Back home burn phenomenal commissioner out there those consumers and on our board and they're both trying to make southwest Broward work better. And yeah we have a lot of influence from Miami Dade yeah. Actually yeah I've barely touched down in Miami it's actually sort of definitely be focusing on those areas through long range transportation and a lot of recommendations from that. And then you can start seeing those projects getting from the good the most important thing that. The dinner brought up that we must face is what is the public willing to accept. And fifteen years ago I'm gonna tell you this straight out of the public policy do not informing reporters they didn't win anything like they just. Man everything alone they actually said that I haven't had completely. And so we particularly did not pursue those avenues because people so they did not want that. Now I think people are finally realizing probably should've done so that he loves so we're gonna come back with these proposals we have. And say aren't you do you are you willing to accept this because. It will make a very big difference in people's lives and congestion. He answered it the right impairs public involvement program is always looking for feedback from residents from citizens from my businesses. So we would encourage anyone who as if for example I tell Clinton didn't like to see addressed. Let us know visited Brian a few website www. Broward NPR dot org. Find us on FaceBook and Twitter to speak up proud and pleased. You know we're always looking for suggestions on ways to kind prove your commute improve. In the traffic flowing our community Intel while we will certainly be working with our elected officials are municipal partners are. County governments. We also need to a strong a public. My involvement program and so I would encourage. And one who's listening to let us now and provide us feedback on where we can now make your commute easier. I was actually on. Larry different radio national public radio show the other day and they had several Holland France. And after the tone signals over web I'm I actually got their numbers afterwards that car back into. And I. Talk to these fronts personal I am like what are your concerns are your traffic lights in order of the suggestions and this is why we've looked at this tomorrow and go to that. We at the end you're willing to talk to almost any one. In that way in his faith and hope won't understand with the concerns are into account to address them. Anybody who's driving has got initiatives and let's face it if you're driving in South Florida there's something that bothers you somewhere and they wanna hear from you how nice is that. I call my please let us now. Hi I want to address before we go I know last tenure on the show. We discussed the penny at work education initiative and referendum to raise the sales tax to pay for new transportation projects and Broward. So what happens now that you didn't get some money. Well the referendum results were quite interesting on what was quite an interest in election night. The attitude actually half of the penny anywhere at two pennies to half pennies on the ballot one for infrastructure one for transportation. Because of transportation penny question actually passed with 51% of the vote. And showed us a real desire. I residents to pay for additional improvements to our transportation system. So unfortunately that. That question was tied with an infrastructure question which did not pass and so neither of the questions fascinate they both. Sounds. Due to any failures at the infrastructure. Referendum but we got a lot of good data points in information and you know it was in encouraging results and and we saw that. Our residents are concerned about the transportation system and they wanna do something to. Improve traffic and improve transportation options in the community. I'm so we are working with our partners at that the Broward County Alabama municipal partners a Fuller Department of Transportation. To move forward and their proposals are being looked at 48. Another referendum in 2018. And those discussions. Are ongoing. That won't happen this year. A New Orleans and he has decent and they needed time to either the governor's election the presidential election cycle so there 18120. How we're hearing from Broward County government until they enjoy to do an eighteen. So we'll we'll see how this plays out and I were actually very excited because there is good opportunities you know Portland. He may take several more times you never know what's gonna happen. I'm glad to even fashion it is important to the public and people understand that we're gonna have to figure out a way. I'm through our funding we had Tony from Tallahassee and Washington DC. I am the money from Washington and if you've been following on what's been happening in Washington. We're certainly lucky that it's been somewhat stable. And so with senate can we only have so many more years of what we know for sure will come from Washington DC. And funding and then we're gonna really have to look at how we're in particular her transportation system. In Tony Tony five in Tony Saturday. He and Tony 35. So you know with local funding. You know there is opportunity Miami Dade did have to any sales tax for transportation which is from their transit system. And you know listening to them for tries kitchen. And I wish that passed but I kind of music in 2002. Yeah. Access hands and it takes time he really does know they've had there was the financial crisis and some diversion of funds and things it. You know we would hope that doesn't happen anywhere around that it happened and you know we just have to face that and say OK and that let's make sure we safeguard. How we move forward so that doesn't occur elsewhere again yeah. And really went what we're seeing is and regions are are taking charge of there finding their own transportation future yourself. Where. Increasingly on reliant on Washington and Tallahassee. A federal and state governments to prove to provide the needed funds with all of the uncertainty and trying until we see across the country. Diverse places and in Phoenix and in Portland and Seattle axis and then and Dallas Fort Worth and use Los Angeles. Cool must. Across the country us are looking at ways to plunge our transportation future without help from the local from my from the federal and state governments and they're trying to figure out a way and they are finding a way to. They're the voters are actually passing referendum. To tax themselves to pay for this and those type in those places. Atlanta Georgia just did a huge food and slap us in Atlanta I mean you got the two ladies I. It's gonna yeah so. Over 70% in pain November 2016 elections over 70%. Of transportation and infrastructure of friends across the country were successful. I'm voters approve something that you Browner. I would list was unsuccessful so you know we're working on it won't go with our partners and will potentially be going again in 2018 well. And it's and it's an exciting opportunity to coordinate together. Putting together all the politicians always staff. All of the cities. Everybody sitting together and singer Hayward and try to move this soccer forward and actually do we need after death and the opportunity. For the funding. Really will advance our room there is federal money still available so hopefully will be able to give and take advantage of that won't still litter. And actually invents a better system and that's an important thing because it's a partnership that's not just our organization that any organization or. He you know arm the bus system at every. No we don't want the end result got a chance to get where you wanna go yes as quickly and efficiently as efficiently as possible. With the least amount hassle. Are you so if you wanna talk deal. We would encourage us anchored joblessness to reach out to us on line. How whereas the Broward and PO data hardware on FaceBook can't speak up Broward and Twitter as well reaches via email and we held events across the region itself. Please getting contact and just aren't great spirits and on the combine thanks for joining us thank you. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosts guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff may. Management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited emailed them too late SM and life Miami dot com. That's a lie TE SNL. YTE Miami. This program history record. And Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FMW a Y yes Miami ever finds Coral Springs.