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Summer Nutrition / Guitars Over Guns

Sunday, July 23rd

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Nutritional Expert Lonnie Bermingham about the dangers of heat, the pros and cons of vitamins and minerals, proper hydration and the consequences of ignoring what your body needs this summer. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Gene Gayol, Guitars Over Guns Mentor, about how this unique organization reaches at risk kids through music, and how they rely on volunteers to mentor students in music and art as well as life.   

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It. Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one of one point five. W a YS HD woman WL YF Miami Denver owns Coral Springs now here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley. Day on the South Florida spotlight or any talking with Lawny in Birmingham. If you can sleep 820 minerals what he is going to talk with us about is another way to combat heatstroke and heat exhaustion during the hot summer. Couldn't water with minerals. By preparing yourself and a different way than what we heard about from our doctor a few months ago also joined the show Sarah Mormon and discussing some hurricane preparation things that you could be doing right now. In order to protect yourself from the storms that. Are probably going to be coming our way and continue to come our way for the rest of hurricane season but first a Lonnie Birmingham. At. Eggs were asking let's get into some people just think that they need to hydrate more and that they can continue in their daily routines during heat like this for what are the dangers of ignoring the heat. Well one of the dangers when you get out in high humidity and I eat. What you get out and Miami is what we're really not that far away we're in Columbia, South Carolina so we're just up the coast. Days drivers. And we we deal with the humidity here I don't feel you've faced you. But when a person swept people think that they without water and you don't you're actually sweating out electric light. Which are very she elements minerals that are in your body. That helped this bill and communicate with each other. And you can get into some real problems. Yes you sweat too much of the intellectual lights out Udinese start getting on the verge of having heat exhaustion. And those are the two biggest threats can you tell us a little bit about what they are in May be what their differences are. Yeah she exhaustion is obviously precursors to heat stroke heat exhaustion. Is when you. Are starting to feel delirious because of dehydration out of water which are also losing a lot of your electric light. Asked him and sodium or probably two of the most familiar. Electoral like to people familiar web. On. But they're also. But other electoral count that we talked about the big artist. There are three others out there that people are probably not familiar with where they're familiar with them in different areas. Even make it easier. Most people think about. Elements for your own building just on its own strong peak. Calcium and magnesium were also very important electoral why don't interest so you Utley and sodium and calcium. The major two. Transport. In and out of themselves. Under the fifth when that we were talking about is. A mineral what they call or write. It is very important because that is what control sodium in the past him going in and out of this. So these are what you call summer Lifesavers. And that's potassium calcium magnesium chloride and sodium how can we pay attention to that intake in these minerals especially during the summer months. Well you know there's a lot of work strain injury like that it had those the end but a lot of times they out of him what a lot of sugar. And yet the electric lights or ROK. That it sometimes the sugar act and make you beat. Or also. If you went if they can record and a. A little bit. It the way that we do horse which is in a liquid form. It hit into the bill. Very. If you put it very very quickly people I don't availability of our minerals. Almost a 100%. Does that because it's already dissolved. Editor there actually when we were actually manufacture here and what. A big bite my main job is really is you think these minerals. Calcium magnesium. Sodium cast and and basically break him down into what or. Where they are all able and wanted to freak floating Adams basically and water and we need to refill they get absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly and get to this bill very quick. So when we talk about electric light things that were very familiar with because there aren't a lot of different drinks you can buy any gas station or drugstore lately. What exactly should a consumer being looking for they should be looking for sugar intake and is there a way to determine. Exactly how many electric lights there are in first serving and what should we be in taking it day as far as electric lights are concerned. Army definitely in the summer time you you need to increase. The amount amount of electoral like that you are. Ingesting because you like we were talking about or we use sweat you're you're sweating out water and electric lights. I guess if you're gonna look on the side of Arnold you you would want to make sure that it has sodium potassium. And some of the or right there are going to be an air. My main thing is is. Our stuff. The mineral water that we have just electoral liked and it just happening sugars you you need sugar in. Anime I don't it's. Maybe not in the larger amount they're giving you there. Know you're even mineral deficient in the first place like what are some signs that you meaty wanna look for. Kathy Feeney dimple especially with any of these summer light sabers cease fire minerals you talked about. What he electoral life. We end you start to become depleted when you will when you become very petite. You will literally start to ramp up and immature body signaling you act. You're you're starting to get a one electoral. In your body is it is that a good way to diffuse or you. Well lol wanna vitamin or mineral it will it will tell you just electric lights when you start running a one him. People familiar with getting cramped. And that's a lot of potassium correct. Yes elective. Even sodium. And you know how we were talking about or. Be killed being able to communicate with each. And that's what is happening is they're not communicating and so they're not. Working properly together. This find that your magnesium deficient just completely amazed me communal over some of those those various signs specifically for magnesium. Yeah big medium you get your heart rhythm can get out. Magnesium. Horror DD is probably one of the most. Under recognized. Minerals and it benefits that are that are out there on because it controls over 200 inside. Or you let pressure. Yeah it controls kidney function and heart rhythm there are major. Advantages. Happy enough magnesium and major disadvantage is if you if you're not getting enough. A lot of times if people were to come to be or people to come today and say you know if you were to recommend one or two mineral that would make. Just different. Almost always at the top of the list. The ways we can do it magnesium in our bodies sounds any discipline and general that you don't even think of needing to supplement. And you mean in food or. Why no that we can obviously get through powder form were supplement form but yet in food like how can we do listen and easy nothing our daily diets. Most how you get minerals it is true. Really be fashionable thing that is grown in the oil. Is it going to be rich in minerals at long hitters. You know mineral and less oil. You'd get third why would see it in a lot of fruits. And vegetables that you're gonna get a lot of magnesium. You can be pro active against the ET conditions by using minerals specifically these these five correct. Yeah. Now how how important our minerals to physical health in general though I mean this just isn't about you know this summer's heat this is about trying to keep yourself. Feeling healthy and good throughout the entire years so. You know how do you choose the mineral supplements it's unique for you and how important are they really tear physical health. Without minerals. Basically you could not it. You wouldn't have built structure you would have been nervous system you would being. It would be nice if we if we did not admit it it just wouldn't be out there you wouldn't you've been out. We're we're concentrating. With this deep right now we were concentrating on I don't major electoral like. But we view. Of what we call eight single chip here and what you just yet Allen seeing you or nutrition. I'm with with all mineral and this single kid. Actually past 33 different vitamins and minerals and act as we do we make our own mineral here we all make a wrong side of and it's a great way of giving your body what if you're lacking in vitamin and minerals purple one particular reason or another this will help. Dvd extra vitamins minerals that you need to. Now I read that you've been helping in South Carolina college football team with they're summer mineral needs. Which minerals are you recommending for these players and and what steamers that your your health announced. And actually there's a couple of teams that were helping out. Actually real well were working with South Carolina State working with the very college and great military academy working with their football teams. Do they they been taking. Oh well so what we've been together for him was a very high electoral like next. We're sodium potassium and magnesium. And it liquid form at it ended their bloodstream. And will help alleviate. These proceedings and any of the seat aspect. I'm almost immediately vs picking us all bill which they have metabolize it or they get in the history. The minerals that are manufactured by your company called mono atomic minerals can you explain what Mon electronic means and and why it's important announced. That's an awful isn't it and it. I'm mono atomic basically on roaming Cingular. And what we do you'll hear it like when I'd order a calcium. Most people think of calcium it seemed a little white. He wouldn't we get it in here is actually a rock. And through a process. It. Keep an athlete I basically. Hate it kind of looks like rock salt I. Break it down and there's basically free floating. Out of calcium in a British solution and I. Mixed in tanks of water so basically what I do and I'm taking all of those billions and billions of calcium Adams. And breaking them down to their their singular atoms floating around in water. Don't think Olympic Stadium. Water solution. In the and you just an and you just great yeah great water. Little. How do you process most of these other minerals that we're talking about they don't all content that kind of forum today. As in a rock formed. News. Yes almost all of you do. Really. Howard minerals money and. If you wanna sit there and serve their mind out of the ground. Noting you guys public a specific place you go to is is there are some kind of degree of importance as to where their mind from three's I ask is that an interviews before about herbs. It's more important for an curved to grow wild because it is to fight for its own kind of plot of land so to speak and he urged stronger right or minerals the same concept or are now. Well. The mineral in that herbal. It is they mineral and that's where it never got that we'll from the break. We just that they're basically we're all I'd like did you ever seen a gold mining process. Where they take earth and every every element every mineral have a different melting point. And so it eat you keep it up entity specific melting point. Mineral rich are looking for is if we keep melted at that specific temperature so you pull it off stated that you just keep fighting at school. You know I heard fighter. Processes and you get a pure mineral. Mean you've been talking to a different kits and things that you guys offered through your company and on your website which is complete each to a minerals dot com. How do you help somebody to determine what minerals they need the most for their body because not everybody needs to sing supplements. Not everybody needs to supplement at all one of the single chip is. If you want it's it's a maintenance dose. And hit it as. One at what actually what it has it has reached. Reclaim bottles and or don't. Bottle of vitamin one of the pint bottles as calcium magnesium X. Second pint bottle had asked him think and it certainly ought to has increased mineral. Which has eleven different Trace minerals if somebody and and I actually do this all the time somebody called up insist. I need that but I also need extra help you say a woman is. Osteoporosis on UP. What I do in years but in extra not not in those matches but we do a lot of Cingular. Minerals here too and I will basically look for help with some extra calcium that we will get a matter at a very. Good price. But it in the box and give it to them that way or if they did that day needed extra iodine or having a thyroid issue. And I would. Compliment that box with some extra minerals that might need it might not be covered in an insidious people that work they needed a a larger. What's Trace mineral. Trace mineral might be something like chromium. In eighty. Iodine is it treatment manganese. India or ball. Or on. What makes the country's mineral. Home. A natural mineral is something we're here. Probably could use somewhere between about fifteen under maybe at a thousand to fifteen under pilgrims today. But the Trace minerals used to you might be down to. Like they may be picking Michael. But they're also very important because like what or on. Or on work would calcium and magnesium and vitamin. He large amount of foreign or. You're not or deficient. Help keeping calcium in the bones and keep from leaching now you know the Trace mineral I view it in different. Milligram level usually those are smaller milligram level and take some of your obviously your body you're gonna use a lot more help team and making. Although milligram level are going to be much higher in say maintaining. Which is the treatment. You know there's no reason for you you have. Exactly. Your body it would get rid of it but still there there's no reason just added up where you're getting out much. And when I step almighty I'm buying consumer authorities might might guidelines on what is that all it. So why. Party eight and and kind of went from there. Okay this is about what you need and and went from there on on the treatment. So it's very important to listen to your body I keep hearing you say you know unique listen for the signs he needs it kind of figure out what. What your feeling whether it's it's eager numbness or dizziness but it's it's important to listen to your body in order to figure out if you do need to boost up your minerals especially in the heat. Yeah it is very important was your body if you don't your body's gonna tell your obvious Smart enough to review. When something's not right. Or her comedian and a beauty we just got to be Smart enough to. And on your web that you do provide information as to the signs and symptoms that she might actually need to them look into a specific mineral. And and those little bit more pressure website what exactly can do as far as even be listening out there say who feels like they might need to look at this little bit more. Well if you work secure. Curious why I built the web site. It was basically went poor people it is it for more information and anything else if you wanted to look up we've been talking about manganese. How much manganese CD what are the fact that different act or minerals or other micro mineral that it worked well what it what it does. You could look at iodine you could look Linney of you can look at India over here and and just check it out. Read on him that he individual mineral and also on the item and still do our own vitamins. We broke it down to where looking he would vitamin a look at the difference he. Vitamin C vitamin. And how important is it should know we are your kidding these minerals from I mean I'm assuming that you just don't wanna go anywhere and pick up. Some kind of mineral supplement. You know most mineral supplements or compounds. And use these sample a lot of point to go restoring speaking out today. In supplement or assist 500 milligrams. And it is not necessarily mean it's 500 milligrams of because I've hundred milligrams. On yeah. And it's very important and most people don't know. Really can have figured out yet. Basically yet chemist or. Have the ability to. You know to get some of the handbook to figure. How much elemental calcium that is yen. Helped give myself or infirmity. Other com. What if you wanna get more information and complete H to a minerals dot com is where you should go and before you leave you today what do you think the three most important things are that listeners should take away from our conversation this morning. You. If you feel like you're getting dehydrated. And you're feeling weak. Initiate floating around a great also hydrate weird. Let that you're going to be putting the minerals packing your body that should not. You know gonna cause problems we have if faith or leaving your buddies who swept. And one thing I always talk about you is I that we did touch on diet a little bit. Everybody needs a really good guy. They see him money for all of that information and now Sarah Marvin again she is an appeal spokesperson and she's going to be talking with us about some things we can do now in order prepare ourselves for hurricane because we've gotten tropical storms out there. And we're in the ticker hurricane season it's not going to be able for awhile you wanna be prepared thank you for doing the show Sarah how are you. I'm doing very well thank you. So what exactly should Floridians be doing right now in order to prepare for a storm. On the patient can definitely plan X pill at planet lark to have a plan. We have terrific. Tips and advice or what do pre storm is wrong I'm glad I get please carry this storm and captures arm. That's available on WWW. Got XPL dot com slash storm. So one of the biggest things right now is to stock up on supplies though it's that the grocery stores in gas lines aren't so big great now you can go ahead and start stocking up that way correct. That's true yet and that you know some specific advice about how many days worth of I can certainly they can check you know whatever county they live and they have all that I didn't make on the county web site as well. What are the areas that we do after I'm finished myself every year. But a couple of years they had big storm hand if you've got a generator don't wait a storm coming in have to make sure it's working out. I'm giving Iran do what you need to do to make sure that he's used you know that it's in good shape for or you can. As some of the things you'll think about even getting your insurance papers together important documents that won't stand while threw cold water I got. Hurricanes they take kind of a three part preparation process you've got to be prepared before the storm which is a step every Floridians should take disk is you never know with one's gonna change drastic course sore. Or if you're gonna be at a town when something hits. One of the other ones is having an evacuation plane and if you don't intend on weathering the storm. What are some advice you have for Floridians who may be trying to build an evacuation plan. We'll certainly get you actually they are pulled back requires. Some form of medical extension. We absolutely suggest that. You consider that in Europe and your Klan yeah every year. Are essential to accommodate especially. Individuals that are important. But really. It's very important actually into the storm. I want to give them an end to have a depression and make sure that you get a welcome not time. Do options make this trip or make whatever arrangement you need to make in order you out or. Too late if you decide to go I know I've heard. Very spirited actress. You know bum. What category please say they suggest that people are evacuate. Obviously if you an evacuation area that's different scenario what you really true listen to what the F good luck emergency. Officials are saying in your particular area from what I would wait to leave it right out of art of war. Yeah. It's funny I hadn't even thought of stocking up on medications when you mention somebody who might have some kind of special needs for you probably should get their prescriptions filled for. As long is your doctor will allow you. Probably a lot of parents. And I I would bet my people in my car and her. And we lighters or something like that you're right and not expect anything that you would be just playing around with gasoline and making sure the life. That's the kind of that's a polite and that he would wanna make sure you how to not get you through. Couple days you're out there longer. No recommend if you are to evacuate and leave your house for you to check all your electricity off or any kind of preparations for your home you may need to take into account. You know I am sure we covered that on me right. I I would imagine and you get he would probably tell you shut all that stuff off. But if you do put on weathering the storm for evacuating is not in your plane and what are its its you guys have for possibly entertainment or things that you should be aware of while going through our hurricane in your home. Well certainly if you if you got oh wait yes keep in touch with what the various emergency. County officials are playing in and wealthy you know community we have our battery operated Leone Betty we've. Experienced power outages. Which is entirely likely and a and a big storm. A lot of the work it out on hurricane intense isn't it. 2000 or 2005. An hour. Protection stronger and more resilient actually out there will be outages so. If it could make out. Lautner and Armand in it actors to alarm level might be down wires or. Flooding you don't really know what you know underneath. The water. Please we we have our country is common sense if you and I and the kids can dump. And they're all kinds of things got tired of it and give. Give people a chance to hear that right to cleanup on and I figured out. What images and make necessary repairs. Well yes that's very important is after the storm can be very dangerous if not as dangerous during the storm power lines can be down flooding debris may not have settled completely. So after the storm and would you guys recommend staying inside the house for a certain period of time or what should people do when the storm has passed. I know and and perhaps what we've. If it is that you. Try and yeah it amusing and that was quite you can't move battery operated tanker if you're out all the work I don't show courage yeah aren't as well. But try information an end to bush and and we will ask are committed to pushing out information on a regular shift and they actually learn. Information into me stationary actual hearing but I'm encouraged her. Though we've changed the way we communicate wishes committing chip I have much information that's what our country using a variety of channels. Including you know a lot of these social media outlet Twitter FaceBook. No. We're trying to ensure formation. Would you comment on and let actors are passionate. We strongly suggest that you stay insider close to home because it can be very dangerous. And getting power back on is obviously a big one because essentially you're either camping in your home more Koreans into the one family members house that has electricity. I know I've been known to hand out water and other beverages to ftp you know checks to try and talk him into fixing my line while they were that. What does a new products that you guys are talking about there's supposed to help maintain law and restore power. Well. Certainly spent a big hurricane year he has packed. How much experience in terms of our process and and how to restore power as quickly. As possible and me apparently our our weight and our customer. And much of what we don't know if we're using technology to help track. I got a crying. What we purchased out. We've gotten you know she's she actually. And our our restoration specialists the guy in on big trucks trickle out they have new they have. And then their trucks that allows them Hugh. Q where radiation cars quickly as possible and had a record and what I'm the work they're doing rather than you know meteor. Even you know I'm calling it is that we egregious acts as technology MDC. Restoration are much more efficient. Well outsource other. People who might be able to help restore power during bad storms I know late during Katrina the outsourced a lot of different companies from various states in order to help the that's something that we do here in Florida. Absolutely we we don't ask you I'll never let me paint their level of Greek tourist cruise that we would need to of interest until it to a hurricane print. I'm most yeah no I don't think any utility guy out here. So we if we apple equality mutual trust and our relationship where. Utilities and a half feet but you know previous are actually caught discouraged audience Canada. And way out west brings people out here to help Plaxo. Entertaining how we help them we have been helping out with these tornadoes since you know past couple months. Relief well and what we need how they'll come help us coming up we're futurity don't we're not gonna. A call. If it looks like the storm track is there and after that date they wouldn't want to leave they are. Areas vulnerable. That's why you like a lot I got to LP Angela good could ignore what. That's absolutely good. Recently. I know we've talked about your web say a few times and it isn't very helpful resource when needing to know things about. Hurricane season and there's great information and it even what kind of damage to expect dependent on the size of the storm to frequently asked questions. And can you give us that wedge again and maybe what you think the most helpful feature that there is on that site. I've worked its uphill dot com slash storm. And oddity. On that particular. Page it will we had a period but at what you do to prepare. What we do jarring and what to do after. I will happen probably starting there. They're also excellent guy seniors mom I'm sorry could well there are a lot of things that. We have to check. People to do is get it they might need extra help and it's very handy for Hanley who might have elderly. Individuals living in Florida. Don't start scared that you know in general it's just. It is good to have a an XP LO is and what our customers have a plan and somebody to shut Burton being prepared and seemed confident am bet that you got what you need and that you. Either that you're ready chew up interface. And the judge you better earlier this. Yeah looking like it's forecast to be a bit busier than lucky and let's hope that we continue to really don't want anyone to be complacent. Tremor conversations they what do you think the three most important things are for people who are listening to take away. At three most important. Number one how to plan. And security actually especially if you're powerful. Numbers here that understand that. 90% of our customers and yet out of their church relations about a competitor states Liz. Within twenty miles coached. So I've only every haters that coach challenges a little different situation I'm sorry we just want to. Make people understand that there will be outages so be prepared for our did you break your heart out of the plan is prepared you have a water you can enjoy generator. And number street fat FPL are committed to providing as much information as possible for our customers using a variety of communication channels. So we we we work closely with media and our stakeholders error an emergency how many people. Local elected I have a restoration information. But it would also probably see marched for our customers can go ahead of a sudden those of any event they thought I can read she. Packaging. And probably where they came. First straw that's actually tracking and I'm. And packed appeal church retreat we'll be pushing up reminders that the public go ahead and sign up for those kind of things. You're here in South Florida spotlight on 101 point five late afternoon. Now community affairs correspondent Daniel Garton. We on the music it makes us feel good. This is when we're down and more for some it can make all the difference in their lives that's where. Guitars over guns comes in and it's a very unique organization. They reaches at risk kids with its music with us to talk about it is Jean gay all. A manager who has worked with men tease for several years he's also choir director from Miami's only homeless choir with the commit themselves have to talk about that. Thanks so much for joining us. He's fairly well first up let's let's talk about guitars over guns. The idea and really how it got its start. So this started via my friend colleague come from China Bernstein. Who was a local musician. He went with one of the local bands to sort of can you scale sort of situation room and they pay for them and he got. A really great feelings and interacting within in the sort of capacity using music as an opportunity he'll. And the the idea came back then to do something like guitars are guns and I believe there was back in 2008. So that's been ally has been well. So that he took that and say OK I'm gonna make an organization or that that was it more. Laid back that's now listed this and more see what happens I understand from that point around can she in the initial idea and inspiration to create organization. OK and so that was jails but now I understand you've. And so some NGOs and was just that initial experience that he had he just had kind of an epiphany sort of experience and let's try let's try to. I guess at that point was on the idea came to pairs to something index for the classroom or in the school capacity. OK so then he'd. I moved to so what happened he went to schools is that I got a great idea or how does that work. And the inception knife as I understand it basically several fellow musicians. Need Doug did the idea to get too cute kids is sort of try to use. Music. And the arts is an opportunity to mentor. Kids in these challenging sort of environments which is for me to confederate and of music yes definitely doesn't like music however people like different genres of music. I think you have to be able to reach. Different kids with different music great and so we actually in the learning a lot or me personally speaking from experience I'll learn about. What is current from the kids and also the same time we can show them hey check this out some agreement on about my not know about this before your time. Well here's here's Daytona and here's some classical music or your suggests then that there might not regularly exposed who we showed them that and insurance tally to sharing and yet. And some communities these kids and I wanna be. More into the weather popping as on the radio are they want a place. They wanted to create their own hip hop song there's a lot of music going on different a different genres more open to all. Doesn't sharing experience to them and so. District well now I was reading about it and I understand that they are right now. Guitars that are guns have are in community centers and schools in Miami and Chicago is Chicago enough. How what happened how it happened in Chicago. So sad is originally from Chicago. And he said he leaders in Miami here I was in Miami. And at one point as a sort of growing the opportunity heroes we would expand and have sort of some people in his home base. People are kind of carrying on or doing in there and have another obviously a total bases. One in Miami won and Chicago. After Columbia. RN I NASA understand there's visions to expand. Yeah we hope. With the work that we do we hope to be able to impact us in many cases we can. And so. It's very much a dream. Of the organization suit and I'm just became an effort to us from winning standard just from our work we've done together as friends and and colleagues it's. We hope for working in the sort of local communities we hope we can reach many kids you can't so was. As widespread as they can get pressure would be would be great you know making a positive impact. Absolutely focused spreads like wild. I see divisions or to expand to new York and LA which her great musical environments as well as great areas of need that your. So with every big city becomes you know there's. Inner city tennis the difficult so that's a good thing now I understand. You rely on mentors as well as the community. So let's we'll talk a little bit about your overall as a mentor and exactly what you do. The character. So. The mentor role we had the capacity to connect. With these kids during these challenging environments some of these kids. They don't have a strong support this and home sometimes. Sometimes. This I mean it can be listening as simple as their parents are really working hard and taking several jobs. And they just don't have the support at home he could be something as simple. As you know I discovered that with the situation of the parents we try to help them. To me what's happened to. Different reasons self expression what is your music too aren't you dance. We hope to. Help them. Be more confident people and young young young individuals. We hope that they can. Feel empowered and and being able to take on their grades in the works that the work they do have. In another young Lisa have you know it's kind of like when they do their job is going to school as we try to help them when that. Ends. It's pretty. Athens say your album I was I was expecting you to say the music they may music and asset I didn't really did she do a whole lot more. Yes so. What's were at what it's kind of cool is that what is happening is that when you show it's funny how that works out and sometimes. But as soon as proud that we hope that they can sort of feel. We try to engage in things that would. And different teams in ways that they can express themselves and talk about. So deeper deeper topics for services similar such as Paris and actually disrupt them tapping into a means of expression that they haven't normally. When he would have happened two or just by attempting to these are these these kids you finally feel more confident. They feel more expressive of the you can see them walking with a pep in the step at the definitely makes an impact in their eyes Fisher and I seen firsthand. Well on in terms of a musical outlet and I know when I was growing up I I wrote songs and play the guitar so for me that was my musical the outlet was my emotional as well. So sinister reason for. Kids now at the same deal Chrysler imagine when you were running the somehow cathartic FL when that what it would have been like to. The same time muted talk about that experience is someone that's very seldom you could find that someone couldn't. Has the sort of cathartic experience to two yards and then be able to like it kind of zoom out a little been talked about that so. Let's colonel was this work we do that and tremendous amount and terms of how do you come patty made up for the kids today come to your location. So we are we. Currently go to middle schools. And we. Were dissidents and at school capacity to school lets out. We coming with them for about an hour and a half. And we work on. We work on and different projects different funding is coming up we're gonna perform at the fair we're gonna go. Do this and do something at the school site we're gonna perform for them at Christmas concert or holiday concert. And so it is those little things going on in many of them about their risk every site meets about biweekly. Really about how often via one. And then we have a team of several mentors ID site helping out with the different with the different rules of those kids can take on for example. One school will have look for my middle school for example have been our throat we have our program that meets so. Only the biweekly syndicate is obviously we'll take a they take a liking to art festival meanwhile are mentors. And then the kids using more of a liking to do. Qatar for example we'll break off when you only meet up all we all get together we've sort of talk a little break off in the guitarists. We'll go to determined through the vocalist of the local mentor the piceance of that with a piano mentor. Wrappers of the rat mentor you know listening. So on and so forth as the kind of concept OK so what schools are you currently and we are adds. North my middle school mostly Diego. Citrus grove middle school other kind of middle school. We have Cutler bay middle school. We have we have several schools that we're. Attorneys however lose yeah they're kind of yeah yeah that's pretty stretched out. So then you go very unique and there is correct they don't come to your occasionally go we go to them wherever there are telling us that's how we haven't let's listen up. Such an after school care program. Says they have to enroll in it are you just happy Yugo they are you say if your adjusted. I'm over here yes they they do we do have there's someone there is Dick and we welcome all the students we have I guess somewhat of enrollment process could take down the information wanna make sure that we can. We contracting kids. And as we go throughout a year wanna make sure that. We have we can establish relations with with what went home with the families at home. We can connect with the parents we can connect with the kids so that we could talk to them offline when an out of school. Our mentors are really. The seven assimilation these kids. And you be surprised how many times we calls from the kids wanted to secede harness Eugene inner group. You know I got the severe game and I love that is what they about it all our. Hey I I feel I feel really weird my name my grandmother passed away and I don't know what these feelings are we can be anything you know. And so we connect with these kids and so. When when we when these kids come and we could we collect data so that we keep organized and we. Community that is the case through the air and the sort of you know created therein and you know we can then connect with what to do good teachers are. Are they doing in their classes all the sort of stuff kind of comes together. So anyone is welcome. They want and everyone's welcome to the program and at that school that were there were kinds schools if you are in the summer we have we have a summer program that's that's some. I'd concerns sites we have. Sort of summer. Programming going on we also have a program is simply taking place at disarm somebody cultural arts center. And that's sort of a guitar camp I guess so. And that's where. Fans of the South Miami did cultural arts center that's why you my metros and. Well that went on the other gang and when is the guitar camp. The guitar camp I think starts then the scene then. It okay so had to be underway to. And it is that like for a couple of weeks or how does that work. The guitar camp I think goes through about. But six weeks months or so long campaign. And they need biweekly that's very cool yeah now if you can't question. Get involved with any of these. Did they need to have a guitar and ordered to. Know what the weather guitar camp we have we have guitars there that we that we gave root to get your donation owner. We will sources guitars and mix the kids don't have to have a guitar we have guitars for them to. And as I have no interest men because we edition of you know thirty Utah Arizona. And Ford Escape and a whole zone so mature and lecture or no we have. The kids are now learning and electric and acoustic seasonings you Garcia. And some kids will bring them to come home and they'll they'll sit on the electric good. Phenomenal sending in an acoustic instrument. So for the guitar camp is on its era a scale. In terms of pay scale involved when there is there's pay scale. So it is for those that have a lower ES we have we forwards scholarship to two. Several students who feel that they can make the media outlets for women in. Thanks so much is that actually go to your website yes to follow for all of Qatar as a organs related questions. You could check us you couldn't write to us and guitars organs that work perfect. Are so now if a child does have one of these schools and wants to participate. Today needed guitars well. For a regular programming write us summer programming note for the regulatory. Thanks for all during school no was it. Do they need to guitar sometimes. Won't for example say you're coming into the school and the school year you're Newser the first time first timer Angola. And you want the city guitar. We have opportunities when we we we have guitars that we can sort of lonely kids. These these are kids that have been coming regularly occur they're keeping up their grades. They're being exemplary go listeners who who we can call me go go ambassadors senate term news. An organization and these kids. There are gonna pull in their own little. The bargain edited there. And they're on their great behavior there too long school console in the guitar game for them to take it home and send and practice the self from the lower. And always very happy to ten minutes or disturbed to practice on it and then dean of the school year I think he'll return instrument. Now do they have to pay for that kind of like a mental note note that some players listen rented. That's basically. They're on their best behavior in order to keep it a try to have to have beyond their best behavior have encouraged him. I can't let traffic and even exchanged and a are so then if you've got all these guitars I'm assuming you need donations. Yes. And there's so many things. That that. We undertaken or execute his organization afloat. Into a school of tuna future of the buses cost money. If we're going to. Go on that feels should we have to feed the kids all kinds of things happened. Needs and resources resources to. There's so many things that happen that that we need help with we have an organization we have. Sun has come more recently which is called global rise. We have sometimes a young professionals. At all. One on one help out there might minister we have have time. To land that they do have they can help out in other ways you and so. We have read more recently launched something we call the go go arise where. We will notice a lot of young professionals and have taken part in this sort of the Lou Lou due to a subscription base the opinion of Walden the kind of way. And that's putting guitars and kids' hands since affording field trips this affording. All of these things that we do we really do need help with senator. Have the right people are going on line and joining and helping out differently helping in every way Seattle it's cool book is that they're also. They get X and imitations all the things that kids are doing which is which is Fossum anyways. And and people wanna I wanna get involved and then. We have people who come and volunteer and they and they. Give us their time and they talked to the kids about. There experience. Recently especially wanna depart with the kids and things that help them with it with the communication skills are learning or make a master class. In music or aren't there aren't that sort of thing so. We're always very welcoming people wanting to help. We can use so it doesn't have to be just musicians of auditions are nice right yeah that someone might say hey. I love what you're doing the organization. Here is we want to I would love one love did you destination and and hope that we can you know put guitars and contends there there's a lot of things that go on that that. That Chad and enjoy on our chief operating officer could tell you that all things that I am. Said that they have to be undertaken to ticket organization sure anoint him as your out of action lot of moving parts yeah. As a nonprofit it's tough team that's really tough and it do you get any grants or anything are you guys he's broken all on donations we we are awarded. Grants and so it's a combination of donation grants all these things kind of coming together. OK so you can volunteering to help out. Little wheel that would be in the next one so someone's listening and if they're musician. An Internet message and if there if there. Not a musician and they're not an artist for the wanna help funds for capacity if they want help if there really talented Wasilla sort of accounting related things in many couples how to put. Were world into our people feel that this organization compel moves and anyway. We have there's there's there's a lot of work to around we can. People don't have to be necessary visas try to help you out. The anywhere in the office you can help you do on the office you can help out with with some shivering in a field trip there's all kinds of things that we we could use help with. And I didn't realize that people people have instruments at home that there and they're not using and I'm making is so and they can they can donate you can donate those. Okay well that sounds good to you again I have to do is go to guitars over guns died or yet. If you just joined us that's who we're talking two guitars over guns out of Oregon Jeanne Gail as a mantra there and they're quite well I guess since the inception. Palmer pioneers are. And so I have been there since inception and been go go for about 03 years for your for your ears and that's been around for another round and yes. A pack. Time is that in 2008. So. In terms if someone's listening and whether there musician or not they can donate their time in a Christian but I tend to donate their money. How do you guys go true. Gonna go. So they talk about field trips where do you take your kids. We had some really cool field trips who'd taken kids to. Perform at the pan museum. To prove term for her for local for a local offices. Perform at and T. And Greece's. We have. What's that recent run through downtown. That corporate run like the corporate run only the pictures of the the National Anthem national anthems for her all the majors you know. The Miami Marlins have National Anthem he National Anthem. Had accused perform and different. Cooled defeat these affairs. Are also different so so. Hence you have an intact and I just pictured. Kids with guitars but obviously you have more than that. You have kids with voices cherry SO and the miserably in the musical capacity we have kids that will play. Qatar piano or drums or sing or rap. Or play bass bass guitar. Than you have since two who engage in art and you have. We also something called independents. Who don't want our schools were sort of dance team. And it's also to go well now these performances about how many kids go on them. New configure. An independent than Dan's crew. Might be 35 kids. The music kids or another could be another third because of we have we have different we have a lot different sites and depending on the schools and and the communities determine the size of hundreds of groups are. So I think groups. Connect adjusted to school only or do they all meet out and are together at one point so. Sometimes we are we are opportunities resemble week every year we've been doing a recording project. And we'll work on will work on a song and there will release a music video for. This last music video that release is very is very powerful Erica I hate how it's just everyone watches one horses. His cousin. Was a victim of gun violence who passed away and so we used song. Two. This sort of have a message to. The connected to the theme. And the kids who are inspired and wrote they wrote their own rap verses. To compliment the song. And we went into the studio in the all the different. All the different musicians of all the schools. Got together to stir record departs new studio which is very cool simply isn't there had an opportunity and we went to a hung in a multimillion dollar recording studio and opportunities that. And what a great experience I guess I am very much so that's a that's that's. This is to look on their faces to the going to lose and that's us. Unbelievable my own in good form who can be privilege so might have that opportunity to dishonor that's a it was very it's it was very cool. So as that song California where China prejudice and on site in Mexico we recorded its. Our own sit there on title. I think we recorded. Is see you again. We've got a couple Tenneco is to forget the last one but. Yes you can see there are viewed are video on YouTube or you can see it you can check it out through through our website just guitars over ground. Yeah okay. Are so. We talked about it he's taken instruments. Were taken volunteers. Now what about interns. Pitchers we have we have a lot of people and turning. We have people working at the office to help out with all those sort of all the details on the forehand we have people helping with grant writing and be pumping out. On the field of the students you know working in the kids. There's there's different opportunities different leadership should share I don't. Would you say your organization is because the more we talk for the bigger it's out of Atlanta Cincinnati and I think you sound like you've got like a hundred people. A lot of moving parts. There's only parts we have a lot of we do a lot of people an organization. In. A lot of volunteers and we have we have. A lot of people volunteering and and also working the north inner musician yeah. And we need. We need. All of this helped to view and to move this forward and be will need the impact and we're we're trying to make. So are gonna hold hands sing your intellect half a dozen schools and you're also in community centers to we have. In South Florida we have. Lou we are all. Just about most of the programs are in and schools and by the school. We have one program. That. Works with and educate tomorrow okay then that would roots of music solutions lab. And those there. That's run by one of our mentors and their work on sort of machine beats and that sort of thing. And that's an atlas an instance where something's not 90% of school percent for the majority of the programming it is the best schools in a Catholic. I'm. So do you have a vision to work to aid get in on other schools at this point are you ninety billion euros. No I think we passed. The source of these come up and and their schools that they can use to help. And even contacted by other schools I I think it's probably. More. More questions for chatter earth or urgent or John. And I think in the somebody's listening in and maybe they have a schoolmate thinking this would be idea shirt and I'd say I say to reach out to us at the tenth. To to reach out to us. And Chad is the one ticket holder yes chatter or anyone or destroyed this great as they go because of organs in the message you'll go through and me personally how I while all work out. A different school also some things that happened in. And none. I key okay I'll be on the ground sort of right working with kids trenches from the traditionalists say great racer as one of the trenches what instrument do you play. My play I play guitar player basically keyboards and play drums in my mind means from his piano okay and okay. Say how many instruments do you play he could have a I'm working on it I don't play anywhere winner earth or brass instruments. Yeah. You're gonna attack on us their hopes on a good idea of a degree in music I said he music in college student. And but you do added and now mentoring. Are married you. The choir that's right and so I guess you also have a voice. I do have a voice of a frustrated singer partly on him and so that's a program that was I think we're about a year. Little over about a year and something and change and and those of collaboration through gooch the Camilla sauce organization which is an amazing organization. That they strive to sort of and homelessness South Florida. McCain is that. Hefty goal very hefty goal and it's definitely work that's needs to be done it's a really reorganization. Hum. And sort of collaboration between guitars or guns of the most house and I meet with. With you the clients can most house on a weekly basis from you know Monday night's. And we think we get CNN's thing and and this I canning and the stories that you heard from these people all I'll give you a short one for example there was one client who has who was recovering. I'm recovering addict. And she had told me coincidentally every first in their commercials she happened in go to acquire some and then when there were offering. 31 and then we knew we were doing this. She told me confidence that if she said you know having done that choir session go the very first day. It I knew there there's going to be okay. And this person when she came in you I looked finishing just look kind of lingering in the face you know she'd look she's a look well she looked. She the kind of time he's been through she'd been through and a company hit rock bottom yet. And so too is that this person it's only let me Arab emirates series crack a smile through all that ends and the fact that later she told me that I. Just getting me that was the feeling it's another I'll be around and she is seen as she went through and crashing into the program and also so's very is very moving. You say graduated graduated through to the Camilla struggle and like. It's not their systems for me. It's the choir is really kind of a feel good everybody gets together yeah now do they go out and perform at dollars and yes. We have and what are you. We go perform that's that's that's a lot of fun. When you performed at the government said there was for homeless awareness day we've performed before term. Also there was an sort of commemorative some ceremony from almost. Who died in the streets we kind of sort of memorial for them and the choir perform there. And then they have opportunities to reform the slow fun. That is for him. So you and I is very busy yeah we keep we keep very busy that is worth an easily done. Now so we have guitars are garments he has acquired the canal us house. What else do you have time to do well I hope to work on my own music and and perform with friends and and music and that. But as you touches me and and challenges me and then that's just how am I have this working towards that. And. Content and sounds pretty rich too many of the we have less than a minute left if there's anything you would like to Rome say to someone out there who's lesson. Before we go if this. It does sort of work at the story that of these sorts of the word they were trying to do resilience they present although I'll leave you with a quick story and there was just an arms. Who was so shy. He dissident talk. And so I remember hearing in this one they sort of working in the student. They're give them opportunities who won't who go to the fairness for anything to represent goalies have a Booth and they had him talk and sort of do that thing and the student and is now free riding. It's kind of become a poster child for ago. And is. Now a young a young man he's in he's really doing great things and this led this kind of testament to how if you give a kid so support ends and some love and then. But the builder confidence a lot a lot as possible. Gives some kids and music at all turns out right guitars over guns Jeanne Gail thank you so much. Thank you. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of hosting guests. And do not necessarily reflect the views and her staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to do. Late SM had. Life Miami dot com. That's a lie TE SNL. YTE Miami. Was pre recorded this season Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five. FM WL YF Miami ever finds Coral Springs.