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Suits, Stilletos and Lipstick / The Children's Trust's Family Expo

Sunday, August 13th

In segment 1, Ashley Speaks with Yvonne Hass about the upcoming Suits, Stilletos And Lipstick Empowerment and Leadership Conference, and their non profit arm that focuses on empowering women and children with donations to local charities. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Sandra Camacho about the Children's Trust's 11th Annual Family Expo that is coming up in September, with 250 exhibitors, storybook characters and plenty of information for parents. 

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one or one point five. W a YS HD woman WLR you have Miami camera phones girls' brains now here's laid FM community affairs correspondent. They begin to guess in one of our friends to the letter is. Lipstick and also we really welcome doctor nation needy kids for mom. D.'s stressed during the back to school hustled good first let's talk to one haunts like the other. Do you do you see the letter and lift it isn't that amazing foundation that I have spoken to over the past few years and you guys are coming up online you're. Biggest event of the year the six the annual. We will talk about that and admit Yvonne how exactly did suits the widows and lipstick. Come on out hey good morning everybody. It's autism and stick was founded five years ago by myself and doctor Elizabeth king who is the CIO. Chief inspiration officer. Yes and we are about a psychotherapist. And we had a practice together we actually just mats and merged our practices together and we started seeing a whole bunch of you know fabulous amazing women coming in and you know we are we look amazing on the outside completely falling apart on the inside. He. And we said you know what something's got to happen so let's take the initiative. So we put together a workshop. And sold out and like a day and we said you know what there's a big need here. So Doctor King says he needs you wanna put together a conference I've always wanted to do a conference and I said sure. Now of course I thought she hadn't put together and she thought I had a put together a conference. Four months later I was zero experience 250. Women walked through that door. Of the Ritz Carlton. So the one thing we knew that she always claims as his dad's. Even if there was women didn't wanna come here any DC and I had to say we knew they wanted to spend a day at the Ritz Carlton I mean seriously yes I won in on the Ritz Carlton yeah me too. So from their ages grew exponentially. The original workshop supposed to focus on supposed to focus on work life balance like what every woman struggles when it. You know whether they're high powered career or their stay at home parent or whatever it is there is a work life balance. That seems to be in this mysterious. Plays out in space somewhere that we're all trying to achieve. So we put it together and say you know what let's covers some basics that are important to all women. Business relationships. Parenting health wealth and we'd like to get it was maybe about two hours and we could not get. The women to leave. So I just read a study. And it focus. On women who works and also had families and that he concluded that if you are working mom rates you do all the homes stopping you also a full time job you work over ninety hours a week it is the equivalent of two full time jobs. So clearly is necessary that we learn how to keep our CNB amongst this thing is is and it does and NASA's. Mary that women learn to unite on these things you know as opposed to. You know being catty or you know judging the stay at home parent or judging the working parent whatever the judgment is. You know and just instead of saying hey you know why it. Well we're so different we are you inside it and a lot of ways. And winning really need to start coming together and they do it SS I'll look at the grass isn't always greener on the other side it's been re water exactly. It's crazy what an amazing community sees the basically built a community of women is that what she called the sassy community is that your group that's our group we are a sassy sisterhood. He answers sassy is an Akron and to sassy gets a bad rap I mean when I was growing up my doubt always say you know and stop being so sassy. And ma'am a couple of years ago when he was still here I said somewhat dad sassy has chaos from eight. He's like all right all right you land. But sassy stands for Smart to assert a strategic selfless and young at heart it's the boom and it yeah exactly and it is about. Women in an everything that we encompass. The term right now that my group of women to defile the time has bossy. You hear a lot. Well it's not Aussie and the boss yeah and bossy know you I've never heard them if they got was being sassy. This is part of taking back that word as well yeah taking back your own power here exactly. And women. We need to start doing that we need to. Take back our power and that's like this year's conference is about is about owning it. So this year every year has a different demon this year we are opponent we are owning our flaws. Our perfection as our imperfections our careers our leadership our stories. And everything that creates who we are right now so this is a group the U can become a member of yes you can even for free. Yes we do have a basic membership if you wanna come try us outs you have but I guarantee you can try on the sheet and I. So the question though is that yes he can dress up for free there's no cost associated with becoming a part. Had this strategy with with from learning what I see the leno's them lipstick Catholic teach how ever. UK end. Kind of upgrade the benefits you get from your community exact needs only some of the differences between being saved basic member and going ahead and can knitting for a year. Yes so is a basic member you get to come to all of the events in everything of course. I am as a premium member you get discounts on all of the events you get discounts Ambien exit that are at our conference. I you can be a speaker at their lipstick power lunches. You can now. Via a guest blogger on the website you'd get a bigger spot on the website for your profile you can. Promote yourself and anything else on our FaceBook group pages. No so. Ye eat and we do have some member only benefit a member only events. So you hold a lot. Then through the year yes we're definitely a talk about the six CU which is the huge event however you just talked about the lunches what are some of the other small things you guys do throughout the year that helps build the fast community. No we have every community has been a sassy connection which is our monthly. I networking and sort of social times over the like Fort Lauderdale does there is on this second Thursday of the month Miami has a group on the first Thursday of the month. You can find a group in any of the tri county area that you connect Clinton visit one of the sassy connections to come find out at the sister and it's really about. I'm we also have the decade and many retreat which is once a year. And it's that one sorry blaze girl's only at outline what it is yet it's yummy. So it is a day. I mean last year we had at the college in grand. Features are which is amazing to file did not want to leave the Gramm just fine to me as an an escape everything yeah. And it we have speakers that day we have massages a day mum Moses that day and just. Lots of information yes lots of girl time lots of bonding. A lot of laughs. He had me the most young meets him I was I was I'll listen to. So all these various events people throughout the years. You can find information on your website yes let's go let's say it again as SL women dot com so pretty easy to get to navigate as well I was on all morning. And you guys are just count down all yeah we are our. Tell us about your big. And how I was gonna be different from the ones you know for the last five years you know it's amazing so. This year our event is at the West Indies resort on Fort Lauderdale beach. It is August 25 and 26 and there are still tickets available and there are some special offers to say you know. We do you have discount codes if you wanna sent her via a and we do have don't go buy one get one half last if you wanna sit in the general section and bring a girlfriend and just come and spend Nolan Jerry is curled Ankara. And so this is our second year of doing a two day conference last year we made the big switch from one data today. And every year is different than steam is different speakers are different of side is different. You know and but I guarantee you there was still be motivation inspiration education there'll be a lot of last. And it as always and everyone says we should provide tissues in the Harris why bags and because there are a lot of tears as well let's that's not a bad thing. And yes indeed joyful and grain eats it. And also inspirational and you say this is about owning things you're owning your cousin your decisions. What caused a you most excited to see and how Cindy speak about when it comes like owning. What ever. Well this year actually we are launching a diversity panel and is one of our break outs and I'm super excited about this because they think. That it is. So desperately needed and so relevant mauled to any time but we're finally getting into the time around while this is really important. And I think it's important especially no matter what culture or race orientation anything that you are you own it exactly. Who you are. In that in that cap and that group our category are hardly let. I felt exactly and it's important for other peoples who knows that you don't know. That's that was a powerful message it's dissent especially nowadays considering. How that's such a hot topic right now I absolutely I mean Natalie of people trying to find their place but they're trying to own their place you know suicide that they talk right now especially in our community when we have a lot of mental illness in the and we lost a lot of our artists and we have overseas and I'm white and what do you want to tell people. About owning things this year I mean you you think you were a psychologist and a psychotherapist well if you're probably analyzing me and I. I. I think you can. Most important message to send out if you're considering how old kind of on the whole this this theme is for your events. Now we're all looking to own it. We're all looking for some day and you know everybody who comes to the conference we'll come and say you know his checking this out because someone suggested I did. And I I don't really know what I'm supposed to get from it and I say it's and is walking and sit down and you'll get what she needs to gat. Everybody does it guarantee that and I think it's just super important for women to walk in and say you know like. I'm ready. To owning something that I've been pushing back on myself whether it's my ability to step forward whether it's my love of a new business are. Four of these secrets that I think are so huge and so horrible that had been Heidi I'm just ready to opponent. And progress to that and take a step forward and to being my authentic self. So walk out with some clear what Alison clarity fell people attending the event can expect to see in these speakers yes probably has some tears. What if you want to speak with you won a sponsor a volunteer or those opportunities available for the absolutely ads from seeking work workflow was speaking we felt very very quickly OK but you can be a sponsor we do have a couple of vendor booths available. If you have a business that you would like to promote. And you can find all of that information on the SS sell women dot com site and you just click a button and you'll be able to sell out a form it comes right to us also wants a guy he may not be able to go to the Ritz on the spot retreat but. Men are welcome to be part of this community are women focused guy friendly and in fact we have the very famous or infamous not quite sure how people got. Many in the hot seat panel announced here. And that is where we take its five to six brave brave guys. With you mr. lay. And asked them all questions that don't have always wanted to know about business about relationships about their perspective on women. And I'm the one who gets to ask the questions. That sounds just. Brilliant it is whole area is weak and I I will say this every. One of the guys who has been on that panel has an an amazing sports. Always learning a few things and saying listen if you're dying you wanted to work I mean women are 80% of the buying power. This is a conference he wannabe act right because you're learning how to work and how to market how to do all of these things. With one of the biggest buying power is in our community and guys even trying to figure out how to talk to women for years this seems like a really good way well I don't know if we're gonna get away quite those secrets actually you now. And I went on our constituents to sell us that have our attention and yeah how to speak to us sassy communities or something that I assault on. The main website there can you build a sassy community how do you start one. And in fact if you are if you are in an area and that you don't see that we have a sassy community. You can just go on to you and send innocent you know I requested build a sassy community we have one that just wants it just came back from Orlando late Tuesday night we just launched the Orlando community. We have one coming up after conference and Connecticut that's launching wow we have a request from Chicago New York. DC so all of these communities are incoming by women who found this online and sent how to like bring this to my community so this is just amazing goosebumps filled female empowerment yes what is your favorite part of what you guys have brought over the last six years to not only south Floridians but I guess the whole eastern seaboard mine's bigger part of the emails began about. How we have changed to women's lives would you share your favorite with us there one that really need like. Pops in your mind I mean there was. Woman hill is this just beautiful beautiful woman and she came into our conference and she had a company. And you like your company just financed and built it from the ground and she did all of these things and then she came to the conference and she came upstairs and she says you have changed my life I am finally going to build. Their careers that I have always. He had dreamt about hating. And now she is highly highly successful. And Miami. And building her community. You know we've had women who have come and their women in transition meaning women you know who are going through a financial spotter or changing courier. And they have you know asked us for scholarships to come to the conference. And the only thing we have ever asked of them is to provide a scholarship when possible to another woman. And they have all done now every one of them wow you know and it might not be a full ticket to a conference that might be what that batted it doesn't matter. Because what ever they give. Is huge. There are tons testimonials Sonya I was thumbing through them. That you displayed a lot of them on the website as well also leaking information and all of this including sponsorship opportunities we touched on volunteer opportunities is that something you guys think available during these things we do we we actually could use a couple of volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering. I'm into is of course go to the website and there's an application for that agency just an email either prerequisites to volunteer. No now on high alert is people going back and you have to be over eighteen okay seated immediately hired some adult content and yeah I get it yet and that makes cents are the west said he can't wasn't as a cell women dot com so easy to remember also posted up here where you're listening to this interview right now again you can be it is a member you do not have to pay to be part of the correct correct thing if you want a boost whites you know and love there are opportunities for you to do so absolutely so what is your favorite thing you've seen sixty years of doing this conference you guys didn't even know how to put together. What has been your favorite part your favorite memory of 86 years. My god that is so hard making nice nice save or one is the first conference we ever did and doctor King and I walked into the ballroom at the Ritz Carlton. And every area locking and holding hands it's a day where it right that in the night before when we're setting up. And we had a flowers sponsor and knock on every table he would set a red rose for every. Woman coming to the conference the next morning. And just the dead ballroom itself in the roses and that the people hustling around decided out and see an hour just crying like baby. You know and is then an amazing journey for about her and I our friendship from. Having it not known each other at all to being just the closest and best of friends has been the most amazing part of the entire turning. In you can be part of this journey to you can be part of the sassy community please find out how you can help boost. Suit Phil let those who lipstick. And Ricky given us a whole bunch information. What do you think the three most important things are people should take away from our conversation today. If you are looking for our community. A sister head. Where trio gentlemen we don't exclude that we do you have members premium members who are men and come to every single event and you do not have to do life alone ever again. Why how and I think are bringing this to South Florida is clearly taking off like wildfire this isn't good time to start to empower women especially absolutely need so I don't play. Put enough out there details on this event it was August 28 and 26 ranked yet. At teen West End beach resort town Fort Lauderdale beach so very easy to get you two days you can either today. Sponsors a volunteer opportunities for those over eighteen all of that can be held to go to the website as a cell men dot com thank you so much for joining us today and talking and I. Kind of amazing events. I'm citrix I can't wait to see everybody there primarily on Friday morning and thanks so much of on for coming on and speaking with us and now I want to re introduce doctor Anthony Sonny she stands for months that they. First I think we. All think we're stressed so how do you really know you know if you're if you're just kind of going through a little rough time or are you had extraordinary stress the need to deal with other physical signs. It's a question actually and my first and think of what they see you is that if you think you're stressed you're strapped. Because that really stressed is in the eye of the be holder and we all react differently to stress we all. And have different levels of buffer and different compensatory. Ability. Two manager of strap and what I can in my practice. If somebody who has had in years and years and trauma and illnesses and they died they have to job it's. Sometimes they made at this stuff that really allows them to manage their stretch remarkably well and then on meet somebody. To being young and healthy track it along just fine and then six weeks ago. Something big happened and they are completely trashed felt. If somebody says I'm feeling really stressed to me that's worth paying attention to it. So you say a lot of women in general. Are susceptible to emotional health issues especially stress. So we are emotional creatures for a better word. We take a lot of pride and put a lot of importance and value on what's going on there relationships in our lives. Eight and you know I I think those things. They make extremely susceptible to what what's going on in our emotional lives and and to our strategy I think most. And then it's. Have more kind of clear Linear ways that they can manage their stress and a lot of that's related to hormones and ever transmitters didn't differences between the sexes and that way it. With a very perceptible and we are wired to be caretakers for the weekend to do is take care of all of those people around him that rely on us the people that we loved. Which is wonderful. We option don't take such good care of ourselves and we don't we ask. For help so well mommy of keeping toddler. Hello and asking for help now I look at. It's so you use specialized and woman's health this is really your bread and butter what's the most common complaint you hear from women when it comes to have been stressed. That's what he can I eat I think fatigue. Fatigue sleep disturbance and and then probably shortly thereafter mood because it in the chicken and the egg thing rates don't come first but certainly. If he didn't have that issue before and thought sleeping well and then you get tired. You're gonna have those issues so I kind of see that cluster. Very very often everyday. Yes is that fatigue really leads to a hard time for you to focus you know it can come back around in the bedroom and your relationship that can be a real big. You betcha Fisher and and then of course when you are fatigued you are doing less and take care of yourself and you're making poor nutritional choices. You're not prioritizing getting to the gym you know I prioritizing your relationship and in connecting with the with the people around you that you love your. Yes so does that fatigue and lack of sleep you know just one of the things we talk about moms and we talk a special that you were bombed his kids are we into the night yet. You know that there is an obstacle there concern it does mom they're not getting sweet the way they need to sleep and that spilled over into every aspect of their life so. What becomes even more important is. We be focusing on that health care focusing on what you're eating focusing on. Yeah exercise focusing on getting loving nurturing support from the people around you. If those things are gonna be your lifeline because. EEE can't sleep the way you really ought to be fully. You recognize that stress can probably be controlled or at least helped a bit by nutrition. Correct how how do we even start. Well when you start to. It by making sure that you're actually eating right because a lot of people. They get checked out and they ask you. Or they eat bagel very long period that they skip breakfast and don't need until millions where they eat a little practice and then they donated to drain. When you eat regularly throughout the day in and reliable intervals including breakfast because if that casting all right what's gonna happen. It either blood sugar is going to be more stable. And that's gonna impact you in the way that you can have a more stable looted. Your energy level will be more stable and your ability to respond and then extract is gonna get better because of those things help. One thing to do is make sure you are not skipping meals and eating regularly throughout the day. Then of course the next thing to do want to cut back take care is look at what you're actually putting your mouse. And you where you might be able to work without a little bit when we're stressed out or brushed. We're retired we tension reach for the worst possible food because it right we reached coffee with each week we reached her. Refined flour you know yummy sweetie come pretty gains. And of course put all of those things do is about the temporary up. I'm and then a much bigger down which of course we just want in whatever what we had in the first place or we want more of it. Film making sure that you are including more protein. Look at quality factor. More fruits and vegetables these kind of things are gonna have a much more sustainable energy source forest the bike gonna break it down into sugar. I'm much more slowly and that could again impact. Mood and energy ability to make extra. So that's basic mood elevating diet freezing your protein eating a lot of fruits and. Very much and good quality back. I can empathize backing up and I think somebody that's particularly women we were watching their back in reading low fat or reading it hopefully in 2013 we're not doing no fat anymore because he. To me that was the nutritional travesty from the eighties and nineties which should have been very long ago. ED to watch the fact that you need but getting good quality back and by that I mean. The mono unsaturated fat he'll make in nine minutes which are found in. On olive olive oil all. Not to eat avocados these are wonderful for looted overall general health at our. And fish oil which has been in the clinically shown in studies. Q public depression and help with anxiety help with stress management all of these things. So is she getting pretty of that of course eating fish is a great way to do that but it's one of those cases where. A supplement might be beneficial it's hard to eat fish every single day. And there would be you know taking a fish oil supplements or help make sure that you're getting at therapeutic dose of those of Omega three essential aspect can actually. I helped with the stability and stress management. And they get three you were just talking about it it is everywhere now and apparently it's special because it can help with depression and anxiety it's a great fatty acid. Heidi you pick a good pill because I know some people take it and they think they get this fishy taste of that. Yet keeper after words isn't it a sign that the film media isn't as fresh as it should be O yeah. Definitely assign it this kind of wanted to keep things more often than not it's a sign that the oil got to get rampant and you think such a cooking oil at how quickly it can go right. You know officially with the volatile oil so you need a company that's spending the type of money on processing that they need to. And to keep oxygen out of their oil. I'm because what the oxygen hits fitted oxidized than attempt to go rampant. And so is that therapy usually an indication of an inferior oil now that being said some people have a really hard time did you think back in general across the board. And those people late edition with fish oil to attack in general I think it's that good it's a good market for quality oil as a lot of equipment out there. Personally I always go for nordic natural I do that because I know the brand. For over fifteen years that in my opinion. They've really set the benchmark in the entire fish oil industry. I'm for quality. And and purity. They go to great lengths to make sure that there are getting it clean and contaminated product that you can be sure that there's no heavy metals that toxins. I'm no PPD generics aren't just good quality therapeutic dose to fish oil that happened. To taste good by the way. Getting that noted that the great and that they'll they'll take the bottle back at keeper but because states and buy the assertion that that should not be happening so. That the company that I that I rely on a lot of really easy to find there are those pelted source. This is WF a C and he let both the HD Miami Fort Lauderdale in the Palm Beach is so how do you tell if you are Omega three deficient what kinds of signs would you be feeling would you just be feeling the stress symptoms fatigue and kind of irritable. Well they could be hell I. I think any I think everybody is listening at that make three deficient. Omega three compete with Omega sixes in our body. They compete for the favorite sectors like to make its reader anti inflammatory largely an Omega sixes are pro inflammatory largely. We get Paul blank B a Omega sixes in meat and dairy product in vegetable oil we get very little Omega three. So virtually every one that we would be killed at least in this country. Is gonna do well with more Omega three it's one of the few supplementing it actually recommend to pretty much everybody that walked in my office because. I think we don't need it into the Clinton can beat the anxiety in the strategy talking about the they can also beat. Joint aches and pains can be heart disease it can be blood sugar issues. It can be cognitive memory functions that can be asthma and allergies go on and on and on. Undated over 181000 study. I'm on the clinical uses of Omega three fat and it is their facts are back and we are pretty deficient as a people. What kind of differences since you feel if you do start Sega mega three eighths. Well ill for some people on depending on what they're taking it forward there may not be it's very easy to quantify. Feeling it's seen to be a little like a multi vitamin in that regard we're kind of taking it as an investment long term health. If he do you have some acute inflammatory issues there's in the acute looming issue is going on or acute pain issues going on. I would expect to see less pain. Less muscle and joint eight contains more joint mobility. I would expect to see improved mood. I would expect to see better memory better skin hair nails. It certainly can be a part of it is an important part of a program to help with cardiovascular disease blood sugar insulin balance things like that. So there's some situations where we take it where it's not an easy to measure it objectively. He can get your level tested and apps to leave you see it on paper which which can be very helpful for some people killed. Others supplement that you do talk about that or he complex and tryptophan can you tell us and they're important. Certainly don't be complexes are great for stressed we burn up a lot of peace when we're stressed out these vitamins are extremely important for most the systems of the body. So I often recommend it be complex on me general but certainly in times distract particularly B five and be sick because it is a gland. But takitani manage stress that you love beef I think these six. On and then you know each Pakistan. L tryptophan or when he turns into which is by the ATP. And so you know anybody else should get which is an amino acid because by the age to peak which becomes serotonin. On its territory and of course being an error transmitter that we often associate. With a depression when we have low levels. At the kicking culture of Japan. The site HTTP. Came to give the body bomb material to make more territory in and and that can be useful from miles. And moderate depression now there are a lot of different supplements out there for a depression and anxiety out cautioned people. Even though things like Celtic defense site HTTP are available and helped authorities if they get. Different types of depression different types that anxiety. Our you know respond better to different supplements so I would really caution people to work on this with with some with a chance to professional. That can help them pick Derrick supplement for them just like he would perhaps you work with somebody to take the right prescription trio. So look stocks are Tony touched on it for a second the levels in the brain they're often blamed for mood swings and depression and is there food we can eat because when Houston tryptophan is not within Turkey. I aim their their foods that aren't that their foods that are higher and serotonin. It definitely Turkey. Potatoes or another wanted to get the whole book that's dedicated to altitude getting your food and yeah. Debate about the narrow transmitters and the brain is that they all come from amino acids than an amino acids. Have varying levels in different foods that you can definitely. Focus yourself on different food the question is can you get the therapeutic dose that you might need some food and and that. In an individual. Question I don't know geeky enough Turkey to get this opponent that you need if you really in fact. Territory into efficient. Thanks again doctor sunny and also thank you to a bon Haas who was on our program earlier the selfless spotlight continues next week. You're here in South Florida in the spotlight on 101 point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Barton. It's that time of year when everything is geared to getting ready for back to school and if you've got kids the one place she won a B. Is at the children's trust eleventh annual family expelled. Gonna tell us all about it is the children's trust Sandra Camacho thanks for joining us thank you very much for nothing he dealt sinus and this is the eleventh year. That's right. Ariza go in and give us that particular. Well you know I'd like you said back to school is right around the corner and suvs like myself all parents are eager. To get the kids ready. It is free and it is it the offense started. For us to be able to allow our providers key. Organizations that we fund. The program that was fun to have somewhere where they can speak to parents. In her saying you talk to them about their programs. You know. Depending on what area. If the parents are looking for an arts program should just looking out for particular. After school program we wanted to provide is to have that opportunity to speak to them. And of any of that sort. And you were there could have thought they could be relaxed. These kids everything screen. And more importantly he. The providers. Don't have to worry about he would. To be a part of an effect. I think I can tell me everything yes everything is free we provided. So that they half because it's our it's important for us that they have a voice and what they do in the community. And do the weight and be able to share with you doing this community is to have that. That one on one conversation with parents. So it is a whole lot but it's 250 exhibit that's right this year that I have children yes 250 exhibitors. We have everything from after school programs to low cost health insurance. We have provided so we'll talk to them about nutrition for eighteen. We have two children with special needs. Programs for them all of our programs are. We encourage them to be inclusive which means that children. With special needs will be in an environment where children that don't have special needs so maybe siblings right on their part racing program we have that. Opportunity for people to sign up for her pre K registration right at the event. And free backpacks will be given out to the first 500 school age children at this bat the first 500 children are good so how early did that open. So the event starts on ads. 10 AM. But down. Interesting enough because it is that the Miami Dade County fair and exposition in them and that area. Close US I U. There's only one entrance so you have to go through a doorway and so we have. Pat pat patriot and a nice light of car isn't police trying to get the currency. On. But it's a great venue in the end we are happy that we're gonna be showcasing some anything's different this year. You know. We defeated at 220000 people attending this event and I think it's because. The housing opportunities to be ended two. Powell's right and they have all these things go down barriers to activities for the kids outside where my preferences and not to be outside as a that's what I thought when you don't want they wanna be on the walls would supply meaning legend that is there energy and that's how he and the nation go exciting cool law. You know I found in the areas where they can get their face Enid and end and I'm watching schaeuble. You know and of course this is Saturday September 9 when I get that in there that's right it's Saturday September 9 it's a children's trust and yet though. If you have not. Had the other she needs to go to disavowed. I highly recommended they are so many things studio we also have a lot of arm elaborate you elect an. They're really not the typical little bounce houses they're like. So huge initial much did you win there and then we'll have the bleeding green with all the beautiful beloved storybook characters we have Lama Lama and may see in elephant in PGM we have. From Nickelodeon sponge Bob square pants and we'll have jointly explore this year so there is it that three you know appearance. Make a lying they just look at the schedule of when these characters will be throughout the day there they come out more than one. Console specific Kerry turned ninety just more than once we need to sell when you make the line and you take pictures and and we helped them as well we have volunteers that help them take pictures of them makes them happy. We have how peaches area. Would baptists. We're just this time around they're going to be doing a fine in fitness. Area Aaron doobie do you mean featuring young guns do not. And we're gonna have a large steel dean of twist her huge. Twister Yankee imagine that's going to be fun to watch. And then we'll have back to school boulevard which is an event an area that's presented by Miami Dade county public school. It offers so much information magnet programs. How do you how parents can be more engaged in programs that there's children's school. Adult education classes anywhere. Anything having to do with Miami Dade public schools don't have the opportunity to speak to those. Those programs and break there when and why that is represented Georgia can answer any questions exactly exactly. That's wonderful and and I know that a lot of them they actually bring the opportunity for you to sign up there. I'm not all of what they do you know throughout the years people have realized hey this is because of the great opportunity for media really. Not just inform people you know sign them up right away himself. That is also something that I have witness we also have. Yelled people commanding lead to the safety kits for the children so that right there on the spot if you haven't had your children photographed. I know families that have gone. Consecutive league communities every year regular break and it's free so it's it's wonderful to great opportunity to take advantage Somalia definitely. This year will also have the history mayhem. Will be in attendance for the first time ends. Recently what what I understand is that there are going to be around celebrating they have an exhibit has to do with the 25 anniversary of hurricane Andrew. So they're gonna how. You know they're going to be talking about her teens and how they develop and I guess. It could be in their active so the kids skin to experience something like that bring a wind machine is that okay yes exactly so that's the first and they're Connie really exciting because it cannot. Special interactive exhibit and with it now allow the kids to study clouds from Asia and and create their own interpretation of what they think you know for meat from cotton. And talking sparkle that fills with their idea is of what you know when a hurricane is now not that I would want them to have to say. And you now. I was around for hurricane Andrew and and and and I know that if date it would be nice to share with my kids the younger ones that had no idea they didn't limit for marriage when she was there and she wanna live. If am I am I don't know. That's an average is now these kids to get. We've lived through and it's like wow yeah so that's why it is a good opportunity for that was intended. And you know another positive thing is that we haven't had a winning and while south. Hi I'm Fletcher Wilma yet we see exactly we all experienced a lot of flooding from that. We also have the homestead speedway and they are going T be having a race car exhibit. Constantly will be popular. Europe and arms they're going T be alone he Stanley's tee you pop on and towards an explorer. This vehicle and so we're just excited about everything is going beyond. Everything that we will be able to do to author and continue to offer and more exciting. We want to be in the snow that they can. Communist 10 in the morning stayed there all day until it ends at five. And there's a lot of things for them to be able to use to do at this event and and I think that the parents are exhausted. The timing and even some that have anything but the kids you know they might come back at it but there are they do this again next all yes not meant that experience. And so yeah. You know that it's agreed events. It's an opportunity. For us to give back to the community that we serve. And for the community we serve to know exactly what it is that we are doing and how we are investing with taxpayer dollars and so that's why I think that the thing Exel. Has had such an an amazing run. And we hope in every year people will keep coming back and we'll keep sneaking a better. So it's on if parents are just coming for fun they can do that but if they're coming for information they can do. Can you have paid your expecting 20000. People. What would be your advice to someone who's coming. Pack your patience I mean if there's only one entrance of coral way to get ahead. Well this one and trends but the truth is that people and there's so much heart and it's all free. Did you opened up a lot con. Heidi I think to open up to one and try to verify you sort of south so sat but they don't open it up in the morning. I think so it's I think has to do with. School hours and on land and I'm not. Really sure about that but I know that. At some point in the AC cars filling up they want to start a certain way and then the open at the antibodies so it doesn't become an issue in that aspect. And it's really interesting because. The do you see people there throughout the entire day in even though there is a lot of people all. Tom Daschle huge area so much so you. Brett out and not that bad you don't see long lines right like I was gonna say I don't like long lines of people want to ask questions. Anything any of the vendors. Meaning our vision 250 exhibitors and and and you really don't feel Adam lions. Except for the air into. Probably the most popular. You know like do it explore my door and an interactive exhibits. But the truth is there's so much juice sometimes families will say well you know what let's show that we have so many face painters I mean. It's ridiculous and because we don't want parents to have to wait for their child to get to be subpoenaed for freak or the balloon you know the ones that due to pollutants. So there's some should do that sometimes you know I'm sure that if a parent sees that there's an area that's really busy day in the take a shallow you know we have. On kids that are performing all day long. These are kids that are. Usually enrolled in one of our programs and so that way a parent knows I'll look. That's not the kids of Miami and they're doing a dance show on this is what they learned their after school program powered junior yeah. Casey was gone. Exactly or during their summer camp I'm since we are talking about. You know September 19. And small Saddam has just finished a summer camps and so they might be doing a routine that they learn how did you during the five to eight weeks and we're in can't. And so that's an opportunity for a parent to sell while you learn that during this program on wanna find out about that program. We also house. A talent competition that's called you and pound the dream. It's not done in presented by actors play house until the children that was semifinalists or finalists last year. Had this big stage. Yet to perform again. And people like all how how. How do I get my kids designer that right my kids start exactly. So right next sued the main stage where I map most of the time. There will be an area for parents to find out about incoming dreams and find their tickets for that program as well. Laughter that's a lot to do. I was doing some reading honesty is so there's something for soccer leveraged loans yes this is the first time is Wallin Miami FC I think that. Claim he's really growing and on aspects and things I know a lot of kids from nine provision soccer coach and and Broward and local professional soccer club has been causing cancer and we know that it's going to be a big deal for the kids that. Yeah although the kids dream of becoming the mess he end up from all those and then he America. You know so the soccer loving kids they're gonna have a great opportunity. To meet with them and know we're. Probably thinking that the adults alike yes and the balcony and exactly so they're gonna have their mascot. And it could be bringing some players and their porn to did you sharing you know what they're do you lean on in our community which is something that's also been really new York community backed. There are like a fat lot of soccer kids out there not a and providers that offer. Former soccer. And so it's you know it's a good day you have got absolutely now. What is the robotics room. The robotics room you know dad is an area that Miami Dade county public schools. How is the Greek robotics program and so they're going to be offering the opportunity for kids. To screen something right there on our hands on behalf you know op or watch teams that have been created into. And they'll be able to see it in action. In it it is always had a really successful outcome because it's pretty cool. To watch something that you build out of nothing and then you know haven't. Being you're paying any whenever south so yep that's a great theory as well and I know that we want our kids to understand that. Science is cool math is cool and robotics is a way for them to understand what it is. And for them to really get that hands on and say oh you know. It's beef so bad and maybe maybe I can try a robotics program more you know class there or something different and and feed themselves. Taking advantage of that and we have a lot of programs that are really jumping on that stem. That initiative yet we need her kids don't. Oh yes it's naturally you're an understanding of having for arts and crafts lovers through a week you we always have that area with the kids you know I'm I. What I like about the RC criteria is you always happen to see da. The bigger sibling with the little one. You know parents are standing there are washing and and a bigger one is hoping though that we have a lot of volunteers. That helped them they'll pick out whatever it is they want to create and this is usually things that. There are able to take home without so it if they built a lead they pick out whatever they wanna do they might. Dry I don't deny glued together early night you know and then get to take it home and that's an area where it's always been pretty successful. We have a lot of nice speeches from the area you know there have been so colorful right yes you are of colorful things to choose from and so the arts and crafts area has always been. An area that's been very popular and we're happy to be having that after GT and T media. And something for creepy there's creaky curly things fierce. Hi yeah is creepy colleague teens and there's like queens where they can touch. Animals that. I personally you know I'd like snakes. Hi IC does make nice make us the Internet but they actually able to touch iguanas and snakes and and I'm learn about them and read about that and and just you know it can't seem to like fat. And creepy Crowley stuff and and in the so we will watch he wild claims from the planetarium exhibit can really get there. You know talk about what age you went so that's a way that the bringing those slithering reptiles and they just you know whether the mom wants the tea pitcher in the kid does give some great great great pitchers and that is well. And so it's an opt in full swing aide that they are able to find out about. This type of exhibit enjoy it as well and hands on experience. OK so and he also said that there is sports demos throughout the day yes there's sports demos and and various ways where they can now and they can do the retailer book clubs. Which is an area where they're gonna be listening to storytellers. To storytellers will bring these folks life. And will be able to. Have the opportunity for to look at books right here because there's a bond should put pieces. And they'll be able to select books and to and that will be able to even purchase and so it is wonderful opportunity for. You know if you house. That love to reach your children the need to take a piece you know discuss these books. Break your hands on take them home or you know honestly that that the parents can even sit there and read to their children I'm seeing that as well. I'm sometimes you and you're trying to balance the little ones from the big ones writing and so it's agreed area and the regional and Brooklyn. We also have the opportunity for parents to sign of this year's going to be so different so that we have a retailer book club and and this is a wayward kids that are in each of three. On the parents can sign them up and then receive a free book in the mail for our whole year. And so from the ages three to four because our focus is to get there early learning and calm the laughter reading at a young each and that we know that. If they do you adapt and they'll be able to be better students in the future if they're reading they're. Each level so if you have a three or four are all you can sign up for the retailer and you get a free book. Yeah for a whole year as it once a month it is once a month he needed to either selective hits and English Spanish or creole. They'll books that you wanna receive. And the most interesting thing about that is that Dell com the book come to your house. The child it'll come in the child's name so I think child gives him outside you know. And sit down with the parent and the parent will receive a sheet. That asked actually tells you com what's after the trial so you know you get them to me and he needs and what the book is about. So after he read his book to you know it's like well how do I how to get continued to know that there he's following right. I mean obviously the little ones it's a little different than older kids but. You'd be surprised with three year old can come up with when. When their mom and dad are reading Saddam's cell if it's agreed efforts to end of the region London club on is something done. We are happy that parents didn't have the opportunity to sign up for at this an act. But he's an incentive for the event for this but can they also sign up for it at children stressed the right now at their website at children's trust that or. Ali had to do was look for little girls has a book. It's called the need to learn book club and it's. Click on me just follow in asking for mean last names each deep of the birth of the child. An error after the parents need and then at the bottom you'll. I'm just some. And now this is for Miami Dade County residents on Ankara he needs to come and listening. In Broward we're sorry I'm sorry this is done children's trust dot org yeah so it's only for Miami date gets now I understand a children's show us as a free mobile app. Yes we do let's talk about. So it's very years we've been in poor mean the public about our. After school programs and her summer camp guy and we no longer publishing the guy so we just accent you know we just created this out. I think this is the third time that we roll it out and sell the app is coming out August 12 which means that you'll have the opportunity. Chewed if you don't have an already downloaded to your phony three. You Jews but the children's trust you'll see our logo which is the three children in the reunion they're popular little logo. And you just downloaded to your phone with the you have an intruder and iPhone. You'll be able to access all the after school programs and that will be August while that is rolling out. Officially that's this weekend and it's just rolled out so that's the good news is something going download it right now yeah. And Aaron bright kid you be able to access. To programs will be able to read the description. They'll have a little star in it fits funded by the children's trust me even have programs that are not funded by the children's trust. As our focus is that parents. In different areas what every zip code that meat eaten. You know don't know well you know discipline may be closer to hear this is. What I want my child to be engaged with whether it's part of your resource of information and whether or not it's the programs that your finding or not that people now it's done like. Everything child how. That's right that's right. And so we are happy that we're rolling it out again and we are and he's also an English Spanish and creole as well. So once you download the app you have the opportunity to select what language you want to read descriptions and and then yeah that's we're excited about that once again so now you said you're rolling it out so was there an old one that's now out of date and that's what you're rolling out a new world. And while it's not that he still currently have it on my phone and it's not that it's how deet but since we were in summer. Right now they're probably seeing things I have to do this summer camps and so we are rolling out what we would call the after school camp programs. And so it just changed to the fact that he's a pro eat even though a lot of our programs are three year product related to name average you have to download and Iraq now sustain our bridges that are seen teen and information that's updated I have no idea to have it you don't. He got after it now. I unity we downloaded he probably just have to is likely to do with an app right and you get an update yet get an update it and that nobody does that. Exactly and it brought to you when you try to log on and probably tell he'll update his nose so we're excited about that once again very cruel. So anything about children is just your phone away concessions from its own right away is it out the way I it's not simple since we have a few minutes and let's talk a little bit about the Miami heart calorie yeah. And heart calories an initiative I'd been at the total shows it's gonna be. Ten years now and September Kan. Obviously these are children in Foster care system. Armed children that other one is to the Stanley to love them and share for the men usually the scenarios are that these children have. Then. Their parents have NT PR which means they lost permanent custody and these children are important state so they might live in a group home. Or they may it live in. You know Foster care. Costs up a home an area like at a program like helping temper get something temporary. Some of them it's to be temporary to. Permit it. And the Miami heart gallery was an amazing initiative they came into effect because we wanted these kids dads. One in a family to experience of really cool day rates a week. We look for the professional photographers. We asked them to delete their service he. Asked for the wonderful meeting due to issue. Fanny farmers to donate their service and they come out and feed that. All could fighting that was part yeah yeah because well you know we're asking them to donate their talents right. And we won the kids in the end to just feels special. And what it is is that we will. Studio pairing make provide for them their clothes you know provide for them a nice new outfit. And then we will assign them with a photographer who takes its trying to talk then me and get an idea of what the Eli can then Google out into. Whatever area we just did it at the frosts art museum nice. At a high yield and that was a great experience because they kids. How explosive going to a first college campus right now they're asking a lot of questions also this is a friend you have ever been here or. And so. They have the opportunity to be photographed and then we use those photographs and we do this interactive web beef. Initiative and that's where people can go to find out if they are interest in their interest in adopting or do you wanna become a Foster parent. That's the website to go to a nets Miami card gallery dot org. And it's amazing you get seats just click on the picture of the child's. It gives you a little description about that and army they have siblings had to be a sibling picture. And obviously the goal is to keep families together to. And then think that's for the heart calories and really special initiatives. I've enjoyed being a part of it for so many years. I'm as a mom Europeans. Arm if it is amazing because we've had over 300 kids. At half of those kids because of the heart gallery had been adopt. So nice that feel like a big number and a. Your leg in a different each forward yeah exactly you know even if it's just one that's exactly. What a happy ending yes and naturally one yes one vaknin and that's right and let all the took with a picture. Yes analogy lewd picture and then enjoying themselves and feel leans like me you can't just this can happen and then opening up to the possibilities. And the prospects of that happening and so we're really grateful saw how the Miami her daughter initiative McGrath and that we talked about it beyond children's trusts. Let's see. We had a few more minutes ago and we've talked about DMX though is are there any other parting thoughts you like to give us before we end. Well if you don't know with the children's trust is. And I feel so sad when people say negative I would have been around for so long it's it's it's hard to understand that the children's trust. Is a dedicated source that was created by voters. Established by a broader referendum he ends we are here to change the lives of children in Miami Dade County. We do that by making strategic investments. In and funding programs that really offer a future for these kids. And impact your life and so I'm proud to hit the children's trust I'm proud that bomb people should visit our website just to get familiar with full. And few other wonderful amazing programs that house and see if if if you never heard of official mistrust. And there's one thing I would encourage you do would be to go to the children's show Stanley expo September 9. And then to really be impacted right out so much that. We dealt with the thought that's. IE and I would be it's a Mac yes we have about 20000 people coming into right ranking south and that is Saturday as starts at ten. This illness by Avery it's free and you're actually recommending people do just comments on the deck. Spend the day you know if you wanna be. The first 500 school age children receive free book backs. We have different things this year we are giving out some folders. And we give it out pencils when we always do and we have for the older kids is really cool I if beating easy they put their laptops. In you know it's a way for them to access. So much in one area Iran. The fairgrounds but Jason is from ten to try. It on coral way and actually. Both a 112 and a 190 avenue is going to be OPEC. Yeah. A hundred Oppenheim the ninth but yet on the other side right now at school likes you gotta go no yeah. And for information about the children's show Sam and it's a you can go to the children's trust dot org or you can call 211. And I'm and the web site was interesting is you've got there's a video of that we creates that people can see what it's like and it's really cool so I encourage people to go to the children chose dot org. Look up cleanly expo and just click on the video and it's comes out with a knife. Music and everything and it's added that Vegas on the very very happy about hearing Elliott fan and I don't work and yet as a it's eighteen after bad but I just love because I I get to peak the video shots and everything and so one week but this video op on the website it's like home how this. This is what happened last year this is we're gonna happen again this year even better. So and most of it is. Undercover under air tell you they say cool but there is an outside part of it is I'm assuming that's just a bounce house is there anything else outside right so is inside we have Arnold Paul and few in the future pavilion. That's indoors or can and then outside is being huge elaborate bounce houses. The ball claiming things that are now bigger than you can imagine. Don't those things are all outside our trade center Camacho thank you so much that children's trust eleventh annual family expo. More information at the children's trust dot org thank you think you. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on 101 point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff may. And for sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them too late FM. Light Miami dot com that's a life TE SN. LYGE. Miami. This program was prerecorded oh this isn't Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five blade XMW a Y yes.