Successful Habits

Tuesday, October 24th

Time Magazine's '7 Daily Habits Extremely Successful People Swear By'. Kimba and Libby go down the list and find out how many they do, and don't do... 


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You don't see where my. I really look to see because I'm I'm I'm asking how you were scared Arab I looked at sockets I sent this TO ice and did I wrote a list myself here. I have two out of the seven I believe that out of the senate okay and number one they meditate to clear their head no that's never tell us number two. Seed it's the best part number one is read a lot. Yeah scroll as Alan immensely nonfiction I actually read a lot. Really and nonfiction unlike a lot of justify Reid is non. A lot of biographies. I Leonard Pitts junior. And Craig Ferguson and and Johnny lightened Peter Criss Tina Fey Amy Poehler panel at a bar at a James steer Yvonne BB king. I got all of the errors I have and you sit and read I cannot forget and sit still and not the car so I can't do like you know the listen. Plus summer radio how silent the radio meet you but I do read a lot it it's okay. Are good for you to meditation that I do do do do do do do. I don't. I am always thinking anyone who knows me says that to me you're always thinking so I don't even know if it's possible to clear my mind. But I try the quiet times second you're intentionally trying to meditate and I don't know that aren't and I know I don't there's lots of easy ways to do that I can find it on YouTube because you what I'd I don't want to. And they feel like I don't wanna sit for carried cash and I can get up early. Man. Balloons around to again and that's the baby is now. All right and you use I mean you stay up late rain ice stay up late I do not get up early as first time but I'm looking am reading the paragraph and Erica I do read a lot day. Wake up at least three hours before their workday starts I do that and there is seed then a merry god like it. Tulsa isn't the next some follows up with his sleep a lot alike and that you get enough sleep so I do that I don't have an. I don't really have to use an alarms like sleep next one. You are just nailing this these day so jealous make it time to exercise. I used to be so good as they near here flopped charisma and laugh these. Going to go toddler did you think ran after a baby and lifted him up well this time we do something but anyway making time for exercise that's what those. People African perfect life you know if you have all that money you have more opportunity I believed to do some of these things yeah I'll work on their communication skills. Now that's our job yeah that we automatically do that and that's all we do but I mean I guess if you're super successful you know how what's the basis of of anything is an agreement so you must learn how to communicate properly to do so you look at go to communicating with. Working on it income and talking to themselves all I'd do that all the time but I'm currently doing talked myself into her. Half pop. Music what do you know that's a really good idea conversation. So and it seven. Gone. They do when I use text of this. I know you're happy and you survived and is now is really up to survive and offer this long especially in the you know in your hometown market view. You are very successful so yeah I actually have you know make you stronger engineered to go to the gym this material. Catching those gun and a half and are you kidding me you are successful kemba put us and accessible like you till next time. Kidneys it's okay. Lauren Kim and in the case each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.