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Sunday, September 25th


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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one or one point five flight FMW. A YS HQ one million WLY you have Miami Denver. Coral Springs. Here's late afternoon community affairs correspondent Ashley the. This has become very personal cause they're my best friend was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer just this last year she's thirty. So things like the walk and here are very important to you right now and I am very happy to have Kimmel and. She's a breast cancer survivor. And advocate for Susan G. Komen correct excellent are you doing today I'm great happy to be here. I want to thank you love getting the word out in this how did you become involved with Susan G. Komen did that happen before you were diagnosis or after after. I was actually entities who lit while I was thanking them. I'm my first year this 21 years from me. I mean. And I am so thankful and grateful home town to god for keeping me here. And even though I wasn't well enough to become involved annual it was what I wanted to do. So I didn't volunteer for on Tony years now. And moms on the force for six. And governance here. Seven a lot of committees but I want his help and it started out with me saying if I could to help one person. But then I got greedy and I wanted to help more of you know as many people as they possibly can and I believe that is spreading the word when I do this case and pieces. On one in my Askar. That I asked for them to take away. Is sharing what they got there don't just let it stop here and sharing it and encouraged him. You know that does mammograms and clinical breast exams. And I'm also you know and think about becoming calm and I think what they finally drew you to the cause though I mean you did you have battled and won your battle with cancer Iraq. Let you tell us about your story and then like I said how he decided or why he decided to help. Okay. I was 38 years so when I was diagnosed my daughter was found starting her sophomore year in college. And I had just open a business maybe six months couldn't afford to keep cobra. And sell for someone I didn't have insurance. I was in a better assistant when I was diagnosed as three Croat in my its intent that I hadn't had time to get since. So I didn't have any insurance. And there I just grant insists so many walls the center Alison young. To get a mammogram because I didn't have a family history. They said that down. My indicate it was pain in my left with palpable but they said because found. With health fingers that from many doctors. Paying was not an indicator of breast cancer. And so old. Nobody listening. And I had to actually. Cry and refuse to leave that their place I want it was checks and and through tears I was given a mammogram. And I'm right away I consider with a palpable. And they could see it in Kissimmee right over across the hall for. An ultrasound. And from there and that's with history. You know my consultation. With my diagnosis. My consultation with states to decide sustained wind but because I had only known involvement. It was states soon so there is the cumulative radiation. And while it didn't think that cancer is gonna ensure only. That the key moment. It was you know horrible planet I kept telling myself that with the means talent and he no the yet keep part of this journey. End around. My daughter. Came into my room the night before my surgery and I senator to get an internal. And I its own seed and crying. And a spike they'd be you know it's going to be OK and who played mommy why does have to happening here. And a fight you know I never asked that I just believe that. No matter how bad something look. There can be a light at the end of the tunnel and he's. And I had faith and I believe that god had a purpose for me you know we go to ice time and figure out what our purposes he. I hit a lot of times you're walking and it and you don't know and it's and I was always compassionate and always trying to help others. And so this is focused and ready you know give it more focused. And done. That's been my mission. That is insane Ari so weeds and thousands of questions on whom you just felt pain you could feel alone for anything I thought the plan he's a good feel of lot of women and he's interviews all the time you guys do your own self exams writer and student. Do you do you have notes you'll feel in your breasts and has nothing to do with anything Howell. How did you feel different and let me just say that it was more under my arm okay from the side and a lot of women find them here. And I was told that it probably came from saving. Or deodorant. Think it's so different from one of balance is felt difference in me. And so you knew you I knew this was and is on my normal in fleet and glee and that we can get during our menstrual cycle and apparently he says Entergy conceding irritated that. That morning to you knew that it was something is frankly I went on vacation. And Romney camp felt it before we went now psychology and I think when we come back is like the week before we went and while I was there are I think that the suitcase. And her. Little diagnosis than from saving planet not from deodorant. And so yeah. Strength pain another thing I have interviewed a lot of cancer survivors of survivors of a lot of different ailments. And one of their biggest things is you have to be your own I think you have to be if you feel something is wrong guess and probably isn't wrong exactly what challenges might Sunday faith at what point do you think that he might go you know they're just right and and I'm wrong. What would you say to that person who believes there is something wrong with them that they keep being told they're okay. Second opinion. And usually. By the second opinion. If you're being told all of this thinking that you were told before the first time than that information but if you are being told something totally different. Then get a third unit is maybe two of them for Carolina. But don't stop. How many opinions did you go through before Sunday finally said decent three break let me give you as immigrants we have. It's just crazy you know they. Right now the advisory to get mammograms is at forty they haven't changed yet as far as I know correct. Do you feel as if women stood and advocates had mammograms as early is the key and thirties it's that forty. Unless you have a family history so my daughter started already of course. And she started. The united nineteenth Brady now I'm my sister and down my mom who of course is soldier back. Definitely. Even if you don't have a history. If you feel anything and that's the whole point and doing clinical breast exams and Dylan found last year or year before. That was so published writings. We searched that says there's no need to do the self breast exams anymore I don't believe that. I and so many others found near month even husbands and down the month annualized you know our partners. And I don't believe that you should not. I'm examine yourself I just don't believe that. And if he's cleaned up to the doctor how how often do you go to doctor Wright once a year late and for the people that get that. There were I have great you know he did nothing to draw only had. And and the sad thing is that. A lot of places like going to beat a court of fear. And I see women that five years later are still promising me. And so going get their mammogram I if I even offer you know like I'll go with you or I try to get people to buddy up you know so that. You know if you kinda scared or whatever because then. Early detection helps save lives I'm proof of that I know a lot of people there are. And I know I do not people than ever diagnosed late states and there's still here by God's grace about it. Just have to fight harder and you need more of that Jackie Madison and you know it's just changes your life so much. It's why do you think people avoid the mammograms he say it's because they're scared do you really think that's the main reason. I'm too scared to go in here to the procedure rate you're just scared the results so a lot of them I know that hurts. You know and I'm in my tanks and that is my answers and that is. It hurts those few moments but being on the other end of a team all lines that the whole nine. Hillary diet you've been the home of the story tendon. You're damn thing that's gonna work right you now it's not worth it. I'm sure that you have come across an F probably touched a lot of lives do you have any amazing stories that you like to share with them you listening right now a story of hope aside from one in your own. Through sure. I am annoying young lady. She is. I can't remember how many years have Parker maybe eight. And she's had 31 surgeries all. For cancer and 31 different places and she's still here we have sent our campaign going faces of a warrior. Last year was our first here and we did. A survivor for easier to over represent he's here. And last year with our twentieth anniversary as my attorney anniversary thought I was here Tony and this young ladies and increase from the warrior for this campaign. And down. Too it's amazing she's beautiful. She's not inside and out and she's a true fighter. She's found. Her fate you know just her her energy even when she three from the key tomorrow you know she's still fighting. And down. I think that's. Totally amazing. You must come across a lot of women going through it going through the radiation going to keep them getting prepared for their next surgery know what's your biggest piece of advice to them because. You can tell at some point. You get tired there's no other way to put him you know in you have to keep fighting you did so what's your advice to people when you can see that they are just starting center. Really get worn out. There a couple of things. This careful of who's around you because some people bring negative anti. They love you but Denny you know and if you're having a day where you want to cry he needs somebody around you that says it's OK I. Added day. If you wanna have a day where you just do nothing. You know because you figure your energy level is kind. And you can't do anything you need people around you that are OK if you just being right or you are because it's not forever and the means to an end. But you just need people there really. Won't yet. Or listen to him you need people that will listen. I had a loving supportive network around me but I'm one thing I hate to survivors and newly diagnosed her step. Going with that is that. I'm good network that had my mom and sister and my daughter. Their family and friends. This guy. You're not alone. That if you don't want it assumes. You know answer and I remember him my dad nineteen home she and I don't farm read. And I knew he didn't feel and it but I had no idea. Is how. You know. Thick. You know and it's not the disease that does that hit you is this treatment team you know right now she has scar tissue in my lungs. And yeah. I've known for lunch time from the radiation. Phenomenon steroids and I'm just becoming. Out pupils tools very tell girl that he. Well. But it announced. It's working and started stepped down off it hopefully get the cuts Lee's pals half Okie you know. You bring a very good point though. I added a reference micro for a few times here but one of the things I found the hardest to do thousands of interviews I've done about breast cancer over the years he has. Talked to her out it. Because I didn't wanna be insensitive. But I didn't want to ignore it and I'm the kind of person that uses humor to get through things I knew what that something. I think joke you know she wasn't ready for that what do you recommend to those who want to be there for you and supports you. Also don't know of and you. Or urged people. I recommend that you don't musically saves I understand how you feel if I know what you're going through. That type of thing where you gotta be stronger. You gotta fight harder. I recommend listening. And saying something like I'm here for you. You know. But have you need and you feed. We are gonna get through things that helps used in that week you know it's a powerful it is it is says that's. And down but it's not a lot of listening and sometimes is this if there. It could be fun and it's OK okay you know just on your feet. You know and it's OK to cry. And keeping all fit. I have realized that is linked the biggest struggle as my girlfriend goes to chemo and keeping her eating. And keeping weight on her bones and feel that that in that being my hand and I am I cook I discussed earlier. And rich house. You know what other. Very grateful what things would you have a late or what awesome things did you see other people do for free consortium Lee who again can't relate but. You know we want to be there. I'm. My my girls my column and we girls they did everything for me. There was no more than that they could've done but I've seen people that didn't have anything. In being an outsider when you're trying to help somebody. And you can't be there all the time. You know it's that's the sad situation. It's really sad situation. But. The encouraging. Try to take care of the food house tourists and yes higher and me and beat her personal mover and oh yes. Them you know that type of thing. And you know if you could sneak a little meaning the far I didn't care if there too it right that type of fleeing. Candles and music. Soft you know if they feel I can't. But those are things that for me. I couldn't drive but if somebody would drive me out to the ocean. That was so therapeutic I can't tell you to listen. So the sound of them post since I economics or hidden they're looking out with an ailing him. That the ocean is funny. You can see possibilities. You know. There's no limit there's no limit. You know pat and very interesting situation in a package you have an older daughter won that. It was going to understand what she told her finally broke in unison with that the most difficult part of the process in what kind of advice would you give to send. Who maybe hasn't diagnosis and has yet to share with the people. That's interesting that you ask that because when I was diagnosed them tenors fine. My cousins policies and. I see immediately started share with on my clients. And it's do that someday had been through about themselves they never told their family. That this war week through treatment. And they have they treat my sympathy could be hidden that you noted that that's not to outplay us. I don't I can I couldn't possibly. Kind of from my family there was pars that really hard. Telling them that I got them all together. And dom. Watching them I went through it I think that fear in their eyes. And I try to be strong and we joke about it now because my daughter may go back to Colin to. Like August when I haven't surgery and a meter go back hindsight it was a good is she didn't do well that year and understandably break. But we talked about it is say they were. Colleen. Is tied his voice that I Pappas teary I mean I carry you to do. Ran down and down. In my mind I was OK because food you get the medicine may be true Harpo. But I'm okay because this is the part of the process. But the fear in their eyes. It was systems Harden. It was hard. There's support groups are things that you look to or that you were family and friends look to the you would recommend or did you find support groups just not that help you know I'd do it. Actually. We met a doctorate UN. And she's still in the study. And she asked if I'd be a part of her steady. Tim have found in a clinic casinos to pull that and done. I was not feeling well and I told Terry I just sent to her you know what are you gonna do for me. You know and she's like oh I don't have money and like I don't need money I need to be among women than it did where I have to go. And she says she's started a support group and it was under a program from my Morehouse School of Medicine. And I'm through a grant and that was really therapeutic for me and I thought look like one lady that came. She had been diagnosed quite the year earlier. Intent on pretty nervous she went into anything surgery and I think his season one and losing hair. We ever tell flatly data gathered around her like thick you can get his dad and by the next month. We got to connected with. Classic surge in a couple of the girls isn't everything but the next monthly salary for this year had surgery. Had her reconstruction. Yes you got some hair grew back and that's about it now yeah. Matta I'm that was slang I needed someone with CC. Women that came out on the other side. You know just when you go to therapy. Everybody looks like you breaks where he's found no browser molasses smelling hair and you know. Sick. Instead Susan G. Komen website. Is Susan G. Komen dot learn how it's komen. In my DNA FT Al starter work. I'm in store there are resource is on that website a religion going through had been through about to get diagnosed and what is your favorite resource on the site. OK let's see. I can't we have harmed. Eighteen grand thesis here and I can't think favor. I don't get it I don't think for everybody in this I don't know that for every age you're going to know that it was staged no matter what culture you come from. We have something for arm Hispanic Latino we have something for Haitians. And you know four Annan if there's the language will figured out that we haven't included both figured out that there's something for everybody. And with some of our communities are in the Haitian community. In the Latin community so that you can't they don't have sickle. Far if that's going to be a barrier right now we've just a community profile last year. We do them every five years and how well we foul lines. On the incidence of women not getting screened is going down. So now we're focusing a little bit more dollars on treatment you know and and screening. And you get those dollars to fight doing things like race for the cure that and it's coming we caught it and it seems. Where information on race for the cure this is happening October 15 where wind times they front. 1:7 AM. You can go to komen. K Ali and me and MIA FCL dot org. And you can register for the race for the cure. And for those people that went don't wanna get them to crack down on we have fleet in for the cure you can read this service you get it he shared. And you know you'll support some woman both you know. Biden and Stewart are underinsured. Will be able to get its screening beat will be able to get a mammogram and that's what it's all about 75% of the money that we raise there. Stays right here in our community that he had originally five goes city headquarters. For restart. And 99%. Of global we searched. Susan she calmness with our Obama could hot he has. Are so you said that there is the way to believe in you as though there are only you can Joni. Monica here you know if you can't make it that's in your information on the website as well yes. And aren't. In October 12 went to October 12. Macy's is doing a pink October fest in south. An international law. And like four if you give a ten dollar donation to get a ten dollar gift card released these so you know they'll be a lot of other fine. An exciting seeing flag back thin. They'll be any survivors that loan you know bring you six years. Any polite yeah it is that investors are available all models of understand them I'm one. And I was so exciting it. Is about to be time to where all your pink this October is right around the corner it is can people volunteer for either of these events rate and yes that was my next thing you can go to college MIA STO dot org. An arm's kind of to be a volunteer. And we have areas so he'll be we don't want execute and Mary you are crazy about let. So you can my facility into star and we can always sees volunteers especially now there are prerequisites like kids listening in high school right now or Monfils not there. Yeah hours through the yeah that's right yes sure bring your forms. And let him also is there any other way we can do only you obviously taken money but I know there are different programs you guys have and you don't paint and household items are there any of the things that you need that not money. Right now. On the we get used. Some cute little things for this flag thanks for the survivors OK so yeah engines from various business yes and can or can they get information on doing that. Komen MIA STO to go to court and are okay hat is also register for this or any other cost affiliated in yet it's. I think it's still thirty dollars since then there's probably 35 the closer we get to the race yeah yeah well money investment. Early bird yeah. Yeah does this mean member of the. Cause it's going to. You know it's. I just can't tell you and announced heroes here that. I didn't make the first race. But I didn't every year since the second race. And I remember his face being small in there and pin. A 15200. Survivors. And now home. They can't get a bigger states. And it's just like oceans of survivors. But more than that the people they come out from fort. And that's an experience. To be there with how many people. For the same lists in the same purpose. And supporting. You know when I do that survivors stroll. That common it. The assessment. You know I'm always moved to tears. Because you have so many people cheering you whining yes there are people. There's survives their that it is diagnosed that needs my help them out to that saint. But they say and they make that tracked and you know they make it up there actually have a lot of people that have the backpack since then I'm. You know I'm memory. And there are a lot of columns. And done. Back you know home. When you see how it's growing every year how many more survivors there are it's amazing. I feel if you were having a problem. Telling your kids or like you say you see in their ice. That the concern. Ended differently this would be great team and as you can eat in the other into the rainbow. And I think it's a really easy didn't start appearing natural conversation. About any fears that. And there's like kitty corner at idea that they have their little race to he had what a great. Have a support group that had been have you little more confident in what happened with their mom their sister there you know grandmother whatever. And all the tells me this events where we find it and combing an MIA and see how data word I you are one of the most amazing women ever and I write in my conversations by asking. Of all these things you shared what of the three most important things people should take away from our conversation. In the. That. We need to do we need your donations. At Coleman. To help in our community. Is there and I say Al work that all of our community. And breast cancer doesn't care about color. You know it affects all of us from across the board. And we really need to help as many women and heart that money that's going to restart. And I believe. That we built into why this thing out. I really didn't have now that's my dream that's my belief genome. Susan G. Komen was found it. And a dream of isn't you know Nancy Brinker. Promised her dying sister so Susan G. Komen does she wouldn't give up the fight and so here we are thirties from my years later. There didn't how many advances let me just tell you that. In my 21 years he noticed that I didn't have a family history they said I was too young now. Things to Debbie Barth Watson insults congresswoman. And series are race Patrick for your did you know Xena season supervisor out. Com there's the early act and no woman can be denied a mammogram. Because of her aides. On the back this hour cards now. It says that there is the pain that won't go away. And that was the part of my. My mission you know I think once the other women go through what I had to go through is enough that you're fighting for his eyes. And then. For every step that the journey we hit the brick walls for Qualls. Qualls. To fight. I think says these these photos to move. You know a lot of what you do in here. You don't need anything else stressing you out a while you're going through it you can get focused on getting better and focus on you a 100%. Another amazing thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story the race for the cure is October 15. You can get all the details you need act. Congress MI. SC al-Qaeda or are right that I think he's electric and speaking with us and making me cry all the tears I can't sit at a Kansas that I'm we have a fabulous. Seen that in Iran says. And this phone numbers on the website. And any need to any concern. Until freedom reaching out. And on somebody there will help you. You know that if you need to talk talk to simply talk to somebody hundreds of how to talk to somebody. Yeah here's our phone number and scan. But I didn't. Look I have cards and always do and we'll you can hunt came out on. Yeah it's yeah. Thank you so much for coming on again thank you for having me. You're here in South Florida spotlight on 101 point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent neo garden. When. Of the many things missing in children's educations these days the arts and humanities art music used to be an elective now on my child's middle and high schools. She has neither should expand and and our club but no curriculum thankfully there are organizations is suffering on are looking to enlighten. As well as entertain us one is the Miami theater center in Miami shores. With us Stephanie Anson founder and artistic director. Analyzing Aries Ari executive director you wanna tell us how listener got started in your veterinary and I have had a tiny bit earlier that's ravenous. And I didn't let that innings together. It was perfect opportunity and a class remained far right so lets us talk a little bit about the sender and I think maybe a lot of people are familiar with it. Columns have been around how to get started. It started in 2000 size. And Wheeler originally called the playground theater and we did shows for young audiences. So a few years later we realized that I audiences were growing up and we wanted to provide shows for them as well. So we re branded as Miami theater center and finally cats are rich educational component. We also develop newer and provide a home for artists and audiences of all all ages. That that 2000 fine I can feel misinformed. Okay. So now you've got your start you change around you reprinted and now the Miami theatre center's you do all kinds of things from Arkansas kinds of shows. Yes we do it shows for young audiences we. Have I residency program where artists can create brand Newark which is usually edgy and more appropriate for adults that we I'll suggest. Helped create a brand new show called the legend of the pink elephant which is a circus arts musical hybrid show. That's really great for kids. Okay British say that was. Well they're kids aren't musical hybrid theater production just flat out. Are there any are there live animals and has been no lab animals were injured in the packet in the making. That's ours stilts and there's aerial Celek and they had jumping stills and Nash is amazing singing in beautiful music that takes place in the conga. It sounds wonderful now. For those that don't know the mining theater center is in my insurers Barack and exactly where you 9806. Northeast second avenue. Talk planet and I renovated art Deco movie theater. Let us as persuasively. Newton OK now I know that there's a lot of emphasis right now on what's coming up. So let's let's talk about the three part journey to moved from. That's what has gone yes some gentlemen tune came through I got it there for now what is that journey and what this is all about this is. I doubt it a try to copy a wanna Wahoo or real chided for living deep and the Brazilian Amazon. And one of their villages is called the tune. So we are launching the US tour of a deal on a lot from the village of in the tomb. They're going to Miami Austin, Texas to New York City. Mock builder for months and Los Angeles. And they're forgetting their tour and Miami next week. And what they're bringing is 75 minutes at sacred music and dance to Miami Peterson act. So related events around that incredible experience are a fundraising dinner at the camp song it's a dinner for next Friday night. So welcome. Theo on allies to Miami. Yeah staying at the camp hung coconut grove which is an incredible botanical garden and we're very lucky that. The cap on his giving their dough line to the one off for a week to stand. On Saturday during the day there's going to be a family festival where people can come and get painted get their bodies painted play games playing music. Probably some storytelling a lot of spontaneous interactions will be happening. And then Saturday night is the content presentation. Gentlemen tune which is the 75 minutes at stake in me. Chicken dance at Miami theater center in that secret that's all the music that's coming from Dan and and everything in its own. It now are these kids seeing an act of followers they bring out there is stay with another question today. Do progression of music as they do in their ceremonies. In the Amazon itself begins with soccer pop songs. And then they move on to music with Qatar and flew and the mother instrumental accompaniment but ancient ancient songs are capella. This is an ancient culture. To 101000 years old how in the heck did you guys Landis coming into my hip and yeah there's some they're not keeps. I don't have kids out there and it keeps okay me that people. Prior to go individually when her hunting range in age from about sixteen. To I think in their fifties. So it's a mob generation owner who I can. And they never performed like this outside of the village. So this isn't a concert person they're really creating. A spiritual experience for everybody has patents and had this happen. How did you personal relationships with friends and Brazil who are close to the tried. And who have been helping this tribe within a really interesting. Golf simultaneously. Preserving their culture and even recuperating their culture after years of abuse from. Missionaries and loggers and Robert hackers. So they're simultaneously be covering their culture and trying to create relationships with the western world with industrialized society. Because it's only three of those mutual relationships that we can. Preserve their rain forest preserve the culture is there to help us preserve our land. Right so there's also this is a way for them to raise money comes in and sort of vacant. Continue on the waiting to choose to live now in an area where they choose to live exactly it's being encroached upon exactly yeah the whole tour the nationwide tour the goal is to raise money. For the traditional school of the tomb which is for children ages seven to fourteen. So come and learn their traditional language. Their prayers their chance there are at their dance is their medicines. All of their rich culture. OK so it sounds like a wonderful thing to do to go see this now if somebody's listening on wow I really wanted to see this week and again. The easiest thing to do because all the events are available at one spot. So good to the web site I see tickets dot org so that the letter I had the letters he. Tickets dot org IC ticket stub arc. And you can find out more information and you can also get tickets for Miami the designer and for the events at the camp song. We're also really excited because Thursday and Friday morning where busing and 300 high school students. To experience the journey to the tune. Each day. Now that's that's a good art history lesson as well as music yeah. That's what I like to hear. Africa can yeah. If they go to your website is at and TC Miami got to work they will find information there's a lot of fun information and they can buy tickets for the events I'm Amy Peterson there. And that would include not only your performance but also other thing that inherently a dinner and the family today those tickets they need to that I see tickets they aren't America. Our next. Fund raiser now this is now I thought that this actually was a fund raiser for use. But it's actually not it's a fundraising event for. But I though we have been really lucky that you raise some money to help make this happen only got a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. This whole journey to the tune is actually part of one of its two part project called indigenous allies. And parts is gonna take place beginning next week and then later in January where are working with. To native American indigenous theater artists who are coming to Miami to help us create relationships with the indigenous people living in South Florida. And in January 3 you know lead a one week player writing workshops. For indigenous people and their allies. Plus a one day workshop Jesper indigenous people so here in South Florida we have indigenous people who from South Florida but also. Plenty of people who identify as indigenous that might be from South America are different countries. So when you say indigenous people in South Florida I'm assuming you're talking about the native American music is that he's seminars and and yes. All right. That is is that sounds great and he's not only are we getting. Great entertainment venture giving back to the community and creating a link to it that is pretty unheard of on our case and let's move on a little bit and their family the country's fundraisers for them so we've got that settled so. When house you have coming up for the rest of the. Well our next jolt. Is that in TC production this cold everybody drinks the same water. OK and I kissed Tiffany can talk about this piece. Is a piece that happens in Cordoba Spain and 12112100. Can pray. Yes OK and armed. When most lanes. Christians and Jewish drift together in Cordoba Spain for 800 units in harmony. How many illegal learn something entirely by it seemed toward tolerance was created Jessica fat. So it's Japan's yen for NAND capacity yak who made his peace. After it like. Two years over search and doing then comparing and the end of asking McEnroe before them whatever. And they treat his marvelous piece. Which is based on real. Real clean citizen happens and they do you know why thorn to hold. Show it was of beauty piece of our. History and and a good exercise for today. To see fit. So it's it's a play it's a medieval murder mystery and pray regularly happens but yeah. Let us then yeah. The water has been poisons. That day that the Spanish king has taken over a core of the from Muslim ruler. So that Catholics have taken over the water's poisoned the king is on his deathbed. And each of the three religions is blaming the other communities. For the poisoning. Wow and it Catholic Hunger Games or so yeah. It just happened and as Elton so there was a story about well poisoning and the Palestinians are blaming the gee isn't that vice Versa. So it's that younger generation who worked together to figure out what actually happens it's history repeating itself as Clinton. Fast happens okay so. That's. Everybody does the same water that's coming up now right now IC had done legends of the pink. Yeah but it closed last night because that's OK so then and then we have the journey to my tune who. Cracked and that okay in vineyard and a half this coming weekend and they had everybody. Everything the same water I think. Opens October of two and six okay our territory so yes it's 7 November to any sitting out a couple of weeks to see that. Four weeks or receive it's intriguing yeah actually there yeah. Do we will do also believe that everybody doing Disney mortar. School shows were on Tuesday to Friday for free 300 keeps ABC. And during the weekend to show Saturday during identity the seventh and Sunday at 3 PM. Now the school show us your rehab schools lined African if somebody's listening and their Brothers and they can't vote for you please call please can't we have a great relationship with the Miami Dade county public school system. They have a program called cultural passport. That ensures that on the kids. Interact with the arts every year says there are helping us books schools but we also definitely have the basis of any private schools or home schools or public schools. Wait welcome volunteer any people can also just come in off the street and buy tickets to individuals can come talk. And groups recommend if you get a discount of your group absolutely. Impair muscle that summer. And unless I get. That is ten to 20%. I'm if you just joined us we're speaking with Miami theater center. Stephanie and send any nice here is Larry. They think that. Get out serve that. Return man all things that are going on there right now if you've listed. They've been around for awhile is something different names now they hear the Miami shores they're hosting all different types of fun entertainment. It is entertaining as well as enlightening. The end journey to the tune. Is one of the US spectacular things are going this coming weekend. Now. You offer summer and winter camps and spring break and spring break yes during winter break and spring break. You can drop off your kids all day long and we have a great team of teaching artists. Who worked with the kids and within a week just a week they create their own play. From scratch. Reading yes so by the that we've got to get a performer for the parents exactly of course give them a good girl yeah. And then in the summer they have three weeks and they create an original musical. Another Arianna is staged. What they did is they take existing music and create new lyrics but they create their own story on our minds are not that not handed a script I don't think they ever have a script I think they just created as they go and learn it. And the ages for the camp six to twelve okay. And then Massa have a great program of teenage interns so a lot of kids who as they get older they wanna hang around they've become interns. OK so now. Interns and terms of is that a year round interns or is that during the summer and how are we would love to have year round in terms of what actually happened to that but I was referencing in the summer camp. Summer camp. More limelight of counselors that are interns we call them intense. It's they have yet we have Kansas for the keeps an eye on teaching our d.s or another or are they weren't gay couples know how. Two united doesn't fall into Asia and Europe girl. And then there's the other counselors and then they have interns to help. I don't think they assists and they're you know two years. That's contributing half down we have to throw him open for eighteen years and that we use in NASA's assistant. And they feel great because they already. Learning the other societies of the theater production helping means creating stuff props and designing and all of that. No that's great for our kids who want to go into theater or love drama surrounding what agree apps and experience. On possibly Dickey gave volunteer hours as well absolutely absolutely make an. Get public service hours fashion. Okay coming on the weekend we often take their guns and bring them in I'm assuming he ages like fourteen or sixteen together volunteering. Fourteen for even these jobs fourteenth. I'm now in terms of the Vic institute have is that eating for fear of her early hours late hours drop off nine to four belly do how. If eighths and nine and then forces. Sixth after care you do have an. Mary. Typically where you're getting your kids we're in the coming. For these kids that are in local schools nearby they hear about it for camp yes. There's a lot of word of mouth kids in Miami shores and then the surrounding areas Miami Beach sun from the grove college cables it's actually a big spread. And and work how big can they can't how many kids you custody. We've had a so a hundred we've been we've got a great partnership with the Miami shores Presbyterian Church in the summer. So for spring or winter legally it's Manet that we can do it in our studio. At that gear and have about when he kids that and the summer we have several groups. There's several rounds to have an outdoor space at the church that's great and that's how last week they are hearse. I think the year and they perform their shows in our 300 seat theater was. Nice they love that sure. It's like CNN Carnegie Hall we have a whole effects. And I did mention their wheels who's he sound grants. Four. For the camps a pair so for the beat Kent Emmons the summer can we have a look at turning five for 30% of the kids are under. Full scholarship. Well apparently so don't let them we ask this will be announced that in no way page and they parents comes without. Cash return to your application then there was some like to keep to have really really good grades and no money. So they spend time with us and we. Also easy needed to repeal supposed transportation's. And is it is it has been great program for them so that's nice yeah. Those who couldn't afford it but still have the desire same opportunity that same same place and teachers and everything and they feel like. It's super it's great for every on the kids that kids get to me other campers they would never meet normally that alternatives and don't think Kelly in the same name same location right. But what binds them together some of the sandwiches are great star treatment. And six to twelve what a great age know what opportunity they're having. Carries enough I mean you have pre and post workshops for students that coincide performance is what is that exactly. We have a wonderful education consultant named Victoria road trust her and she's been working when asked for the last year and a half. To train our teaching artists ensemble which was RD awesome she's just making them even more authentic. And then we spend a little game brightly yeah we spend a few days of creating ideas for lesson plans around each channel. And then she takes all the ideas that the teaching artists have generated and really consolidates it into our. A lesson plan that can be tweaked depending on the circumstances because you never know what you're gonna get when you walk into the classroom. And we send a team of TH into the class and and we can offer workshops. Before a classy is the show them. Or and or after so I appreciate workshop would help introduce the students to the world they're inexperienced. Maybe you would focus it's only 45 minutes and we have to take what are gonna focus on what the goals are but it really prepares students to come into the theater. And gives them on an entry point into the show. And then that show workshop for take place on a day after the it's in the show. And it would help them digest. And interpret what they experienced and usually create something of their own that's related to what they socked. So these workshops are all intricately woven into what they see on stage. Which creates such an incredible. Earning experience as well as an enhancement of what they've seen and help them understand there's a lot of kids would go home and go you know I know what I just saw little. And Michael Eric it's and they might understand the concepts that than by going over with them that your your teaching. I mean you're creating a whole lot of us theater appreciation. Yes yes because now they're learning we have we do we do and we also we also praying to. That played Beatles for them we gave them that played and so one to two Lizzie and territories theater. They received have played their last president and you can look at enough for you to discredit play right there has not to raise it and we prefer also asked the guy he's for each show. So they teachers received death before on doing today they come. He's the study guises and guidance for then that also for the teaching our teams are gonna have everything is instantly guy. It's where they target at about three yards after the show. Got it covered her head to. It's right on and mining attorney. Are so I don't you talk a little bit about your lineup and we just talked about the airline shares as running from October November what is the next show. Let's and actually have enough. Connection is an installment of our samba theories we have a black box next our main stage that we call the sandbox. And the Sam fox series is a program that's in its fifth year and we. Take it national call for applications. And we choose four or five artists to have her three week residency in the face. So they create a new piece they get they get 5000 dollars cash and three weeks or her since they weekend's super farm and you piece. So anybody who has an idea. He wants them put a play on. Can go and apply absolutely and it even broader than a player like we've had my performance art kind of pieces dancer had someone do electronic. Music and performance. Yeah credit credit dried. But what a great idea and it's really nice giving vaccine so that was three artists this year or having three Latina Hispanic women. That's how. That's just. How it turned out company has five people are reading applications and those are the ones everybody liked the most decay in the series of Latino and Hispanic women and how to had a huge YouTube and order something that you know I people leaking and we don't ever since we may one day and then B pass them you know fifteen. Names almost inadvertently. Like one a lions' selection. And an athlete. This past and we've read so late that three of them might. Are you selecting based on what you think is going to injure people or is it more of a random blind to play. Ollie we read applications and look at the videos they send and then. The first round just to get started we vote on paper you know we we vote for our state top thirty. And so that we just add that numbers it's based on numbers and then me. Look at what that led to you and sometimes there's that ties and only about a and that and then once we have those numbers those winners based on numbers that we talk about it. And sometimes people change their opinions. Yeah pretty open and we do look at the lineup while at work well as a love running on insulin like Libya and we'll finish up. Ready this important and also from the production point of view. It's something that is very very complicated. And they cannot do it in two weeks it's impossible. To realize it didn't release and displays it just yes or not doing your space and props and everything else. I guarantee it's yes and their entertainment announced. What we've learned over time I guess first we are really excited that people from around the country where applying only brought in people from out of town that and we learn that. It's really hard to get an audience from people for her people from out of town that are unknown. Shoot him in whereas a local person has to drop out and my mom their people in the community connections. Friends family you whatever it is and who. You know and that's gonna bring everybody in them Jennifer that introduces a whole new group of people to tour this summer and from my. Are so that the series. Disembarked series and it's nice kicks off this here in November with a show called supernova. And it's a one woman show it's a one woman with movements quiet air show. And that remain artists is Nadia quoting I made less. From her musical name. Our rights and the first thing when you have that with the next. The next in the sandbox series is another woman has dimensions and her show goes up in. April. Her name is Natalia a sign. Her show is called that a tiara she's a working width. Win name basically women over sixteen and talking them. About what it's like to be aging about their memories of being younger. And she's creating a multi media piece live video as well as live performance and this isn't really young woman doing it she's in her Tony's. Interesting yeah. OK and then what's the third run the third one is. Every turn card locked up Amanda. She's actually created a piece in the sandbox series the far she's an incredible choreographer and dancer. And her pieces called volcanic. I guess of the explosives. And I yeah I'm happy to have lived. I don't hide an explosive of their farm and I couldn't keep it doesn't me. That's the name I think I'm right. And then between their sandbox. We have. Brazilian company. Match cat theater company. Their dresses now for a theater and they're presenting. Two shows three shows he's a mad cap the iMac cat theater and I. Aaron my cat theater company. And they're presenting entries show lists. One of their misery. Soon. This weekend and opens as great and I was definitely into this weekend's new lineup with Richard Nixon and her. Area they perform at the South Beach comedy fat as a nominee. Yeah this year's election race doesn't really fun playing really good it's that promises Richard Nixon is hosting a variety show. And recoup a lot of time thank you gain since super oh that's just some. An agreement with them and so we give them this year there to use of tutors for certain amount of days yeah hours. I and supporting. Us and for. Tell certain manner borrowers chair and they pissing and there are things and we have an agreement are sharing that marks a feast. So that gives you a good variety says that you have. You've got Latin stuff then you also got comedy easy you've got a bit of history. So it's good thanks that is nobody can get bored when they come. And I'm a single thing and then fed realign. OK so is there on it are there any other shows me he when I mentioned before we gas sign off the I want to mention that we've been. Creating a lot of programming for people at different abilities. For example united us first ends. In the region to create show easing shadow theater which is interpreter sign language interpreter onstage with the actors. So instead of having one interpreter down on the floor. Each actor has an interpreter for. I think that's so cool off and for me. Main stage performance we do we have at least one performance for the schools and one performance for the public where we provide open captioning. Sign language interpretation. And simultaneous audio translation. As well as for Al study guides and drill program so anybody. With any kind of that I disability they're traditionally theater experience Yao and also one of the pioneers and creating. And make. Alternate show a little bit for people since it was hooked for creating sensory friendly production so it's the same show we just make sure the lights are on in the aisles and the lions a little lower. And we have a quiet room where people can go sit and bean bags and we have gluten free snacks because a lot of people. Conditions have this isn't doing that on your hand in hand when people on the spectrum. Yes so we are we are pioneers in that. You really want to make sure that all of our classes and all of our performances are accessible. OK we have less than a minute left so we wanted to go through the things here in Miami theater center. If you want to learn more you go to and TC Miami dot org you can column at 3057519550. Now for the journey to move to. You need to go to IEC tickets dot org. And you get your tickets there OK Stephanie Anson and I say there is Arie thank you so much for thank you again I don't think you deal. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on 101 point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to do. Late SM. The light Miami dot com. That's a light TE SM and amp LYTE. Miami. This program was pre recorded this season Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FMW a Y asked Miami ever finds Coral Springs.