Shower Power

Friday, September 29th

Making South Florida smell (and feel) better -- one person at a time.  Mobile showers for the homeless have arrived.

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And again. I it's entirely but street. I'll feel it really you know. Warm and Fuzzy right now that we need this is such a fantastic idea. Yeah what was the thought of sooner I don't know but kudos to the company that live fresh is what it's called right. It's hopes South Florida. Will they I think is called in reference right but it's created by in hopes South Florida it's a mobile show how war. For homeless people it's a thirty foot bus. Got six hours six changer in the sixth bullets. I'm sure I don't know visits the French the exact bus and I'm pretty sure I saw this helping out. People displaced by Irma and couldn't get back into their homes and I believe a trailer pulled on up and people were able in a Abbas was there air conditioning civic just going cruel for a few minutes and come back out now that's and they're pumping up out TO being able to feel refreshed in and take a shower and it just and hopes would dignity. Sure yeah what does this achieve MEU public it. Crappy day come home really denies all washed all the softest you know it's it's therapeutic and a lot of ways on top but just didn't department certainly the homeless people deserve that cell this is really really cool here with their here in South Florida right up and down. Are the I think they originate from Palm Beach County happening down here now help folks in Hollywood Fort Lauderdale really cool we. From Greenland kidding me so fresh and so clean clean thank you that's. No kidding. More on Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. Any dot com.