Sea Turtles / Miami Dade Culture

Sunday, November 5th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Derek Burkholder, Research Scientist for the Guy Harvey Research Institute and Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program, about what we can do to help protect turtles during nesting season and how badly hurricanes can affect them. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Adriana Perez, Cultural Projects Administrator for the Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and Eric Fliss, Managing Director for the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center about upcoming performances, and community outreach including their involvement with local schools.

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one of one point five blade FMW. A YS HD one man WLY you have Miami camera phones Coral Springs. Here's the latest and community affairs correspondent Ashley. They are talking with doctor Derek. Verbal he's a research scientist with the Broward County sea turtle conservation program in this you. Hey we're going to be talking about sea turtles and why they're important to us here in South Florida and also the impact on my hat on RC turtle population and are nesting season. Because Ernie hit in the middle of nesting season correct Dierker towards the end. Yeah luckily it was a little bit closer to the end of the season. Our season here in our post from march 1 through the end of October so just an usher season. There's. So we're gonna talk about the impact that had how we can help turtles here in South Florida and again why they're important to us so welcome to the program dared. How you did in this line of work what led you to forward this kind of research. Actually grew up in Michigan so long way from any notions that The Who has been in always loved the water. Very lucky to work with a professor and my undergrad in at a small school Michigan. And started working with the sharks. Oh era was able to. Actually moved to Florida sort of Ph.D. program at Florida international university in and air travel to Australia. All of my research in which culture they sorting the turtles and see dressed in charge of there so. All of the turtles over there. Was very lucky when I finished up my. Issue program to start up as a research scientist at LSU. And get involved with the product and procedure conservation. As a native south Floridian I have basically been to every teacher in South Florida and so I am familiar with the turtle nesting areas that get set up. Can you talk to us a little bit about what the importance of turtles are when it comes to our ecosystem here in South Florida like why we fight to preserve them. Absolutely yes you turtles Arab big part of our marine environment. And what's great for us and South Florida is you know whether you when you go out and vote for divers oracle. Legitimacy turtles their marine life we can actually see them and as well. There's there are part of our ecosystem where there. Are there is really not that good things and oceans. But unfortunately mercy turtles all sequels these worldwide are. Injured so that's one of the biggest reasons we have such a large conservation and management which. Especially in south or Hillary got re passing numbers. Two. There are lots of different species of sea turtles actually when I was when I was doing research some researchers seemed to say there are seven species and some think there are eight species and their reason for that. Yet just sit depends on who you talked to and how they like to split things. Most people say they're sevens he's the sea turtle. We have problems here in South Florida in the Broward area. We are those other back augur had and that means he turtles actually nest on our beaches. But we do get hawks bills and terms that we turtles just offshore on our beat some. So sea turtles most of them as you said they are endangered what is the biggest threat that he turtles. The biggest historically has been people unfortunately. You know when. When we first came over to this part of the world. He's been a great source. It will be collected they could keep them on votes for a long time. He ship. And so very very quick last just last you know several hundred years we took a very healthy population of frozen tickets. Very very close to extinction and some cases so. In the last thirty or forty years we've done a lot of great work. To actually try to bring those numbers back so. Stopping the harvest and eating a secret those things like that has been a big help. The biggest threats now are opting slate. Lucian. Plastic water looks a lot like jelly fish some of these he's using. So be that plastic bag sort of ballooned out there they can you took command. In other areas just awesome their habitat. Whether it's you also see investments. From. But it's global warming anger just nutrient issues in our waters and and so it's you know we definitely have a big. Human impact still humble we are lasting at some of the biggest and actually see yourself or not. Are really just changing their their habitat so you know we all love to be on the beach near the beach and so we build a lot of condos restaurants are right up next stand. Historically that's been moved from a lot and so. Now would everything sort of stuck in place for the building there. We lose a lot of our habit that champ gets washed away. That's why we have each person projects are actually Indians in other areas. Of the build our beaches back up to keep the sand or. Not only us to use as as recognition place but also these sea turtles and please come back to us. What it comes when it comes like habitat changing I used film wall. Maybe this is drawn a long long straw here but when karma hit I heard a lot about the sea floor changing. You know he talked about thing and shifting and I we know a lot of sand shifted when Irma hey how did that impact the end of our turtle season or did at all. Absolutely yes anytime there's a big storm like that and even even country had you know I typed the king ties the game. A few weeks after. Those all have an impact on beaches. We you know a little bit lucky with but this year but it was later in the season but it is still Pepsi and it acts on our beaches and on our. When Kermit actually came into the area. We will head just under 800 us that were still on the beach. We we get in her year this year so we're very excited about. Are nesting season in general this year the highest we've had in the last 28 years of our program. For the most number and a slave. But when McCain through we had just under 800 still on the beach. Us about half those just under four under those actually washed away we think. I. Just a that's and then moving it somewhere else. What kind of information do you get by monitoring these nets play when you lose half of your season and that's what does that mean research wife. Well luckily it is that it was later in the season so well half of what came in this year we're just asked what was still left so this year. And the leader still for preliminary numbers are still pledging everything she's just so there's still. But we had we thousand. In Broward County Imus. So accounts state that Smart but he still. We think it's. We had us 3400 passed this year. When Kermit he had about 800 and a half so. You know the great thing about sea turtles is they don't play just one year. They've. They've been around millions of years so they've got a few things pretty well. One of those is a few storms like. And so eat sea turtle beach each mom doesn't weigh in rip and read seven Naspers isn't an easy. So you know many of those who have started much earlier and say it ain't so those early nest wouldn't and aid. It is actually. I and those just these last you know maybe the last. They this year maybe it. Is sort of hedged their bets a little bit. Having these past years. What kind of information do you get from watching these turtles and you throw Matheny I assume you tags and the sea turtles. Yes so. Racially very excited about new taking them just started this year so there are attorneys future conservation. Is a partnership. Broward County. Commissioners. The last 28 years they've. Under this program to allow us to get out there and really get a good on an alert like we do that number. He's. To be used to beaches for a lot of things. People are out there like embrace clean beaches so we you know beaches this tractors weeks like at. So one of the reasons that are. We mark all of our just. In our program we go out every day and a half an hour before sunrise starting march 1 and October 31 of the year. Are surveyors drive along the beach. And see that all of where mom came out and or. All that is and see if there was an nest or something called all scrawl that's with a mom came up then. Maybe something just wasn't quite right made shambles right maybe there was a chorus turning down the beach and the turtle turtle turtle here away. But one way or another gym like that's she might go back water. But when she does announce our cut off 00. Each anytime curls around I'm. Some of our best markers. Wooden stakes. I think. And those are to keep. Those less safe while they. While they. Had. All of us know to keep our each winning factors. People stay there beach umbrellas and I chambers. So I argue those off we can protect those of us to give them the best chance possible. You know catch that those eight. Well Internet protection and peace for our program. We weighed about three days ago and actually in every one of those past and and without we're trying to get an understanding really how successful that was that particular spot. And so we count the number of bags company patched around him in at. In many cases we do you find if you straggler actually enjoy the baby's still in the past those guys will pick up old for the day and a nice older place. And release that evening at. Best chance possible. In and out on. How long do you typically track. Turtles once they're back in the ocean. So I went well our program we've rarely been doing them on during her many many years. This year we're very excited to actually started attacking. So we are tagging program were now were you all's well arms coming up on each so. We go out there all night long and what we're doing is looking for those arms. We let them that Stewart they're gonna do as they're walking better as they're crawling back water. Lol. To put a little. Containment and around atoms work for them hey there occurs so that we recognize and I am in no we take an animal before. We Clinton tissue sample to look at it like genetics. Eating area. And in some cases were also gonna put satellites. That's satellite egg of so little computer today statement on top of the show. Any time Michelle breaks the surface at exiting the satellite. So notification will Wear that Terrell is anywhere. Oh were extremely excited to get this program going that was actually made possible by the community foundation of Broward. It is going of this but would be stage we can get very unskilled long term outlook as. What was very cool as we head I have these turtles eggs this year. The first one we pegged went up towards Jupiter for about a month and a half we think if you laid another nasty out there. Everybody else kind of little bit later in the season they went right down to the keys so there live and highlight that achieves. Cases. But doing that they were also right in the middle. Thermostat so it went right over top of all of mercy turtles. They all did very well through the storms what we solider tags as it looked like they moved out from the real shallow. He's got a little bit deeper water while the storm moved through and then made their way back into the shadows again probably after all so pretty interesting to see. How they dealt with term as well what they did seem to do pretty well. What are some other reasons that we need to protect the sea turtles and keep them from becoming endangered or at least help you know. Get the population back up again. Yeah well and unfortunately they are already an endangered. So right now we're playing catch up this kind of thing. And so you know some of the biggest reasons is they do you have. You know that you played it all Americans. That are there are majors they have a big impact sort of hoping. Balance out some. These guys communities now to communities. Other backs which are the largest sea turtles out there they can live up there they can get up to about 2000 Al. On those guys are feeling pretty much and jelly which so they live way out shore on so each one plays as her own little old to play. And all of her partner's. So wanna make sure we keep them around. And give these populations act. I'm one of the things that we struggle whip and South Florida. And something you'll see a lot about it you go to the teacher really anywhere up and down a one day. Here we talk about sea turtles light. And so a lot of people ask wire returning lights off. During the summer months and that's primarily work for you know one of the biggest struggles at these animals have. In this area is dealing with those like so calm. Pretty much anything that happens. It is generally happens and I onslaught that night if their eggs. Eighties a lot of investment blocked all the way back under and well. And usually those animals are using should be the brightest spot on the rise and which should be water. Stars were lucky enough water he got back. Fortunately that street laid out anyone any. Probably a little bit brighter so we do you have problems when it. Orientation on AB achieve all the wrong way and open street. And a swimming pool advance storm drain. Well Amanda just walked around the beach for hours and hours and hours using up. And a little bit amenities not. Beginning back out on. One of the things we worked on is trying to minimize impacts of those flights so. You know one of things that people can do especially near the beaches. You know property of their businesses. Really focus on what you might. He turtle like. So lights I don't along weight like so something like an amber or read a league you like. The bright white lights really draw the turtles they can't see those embers went so well. We like to keep the lights as the lowest possible those rounds here not letting up please don't need to be lit up. Here at least folks in the late reviewed it we also try to use shields on our life so you shoot the lights it was directed. Maybe toward that sidewalk towards street but is completely blocked from going out. Each and impacting the so I sort of things were trying to focus on it really get people aware of why we're doing these things. Why were trying to make these changes really help protect. Let's take a moment to reintroduce doctor Dave Derek Burke holder. And he is with the Broward County featured a conservation program at an SU and we are talking about our sea turtles and why they're important fact here in South Florida and the ecosystem. They if you are native like IBM or have lived here for long enough you've definitely seen one of those sea turtle nests blocked off. They're trying to keep people from walking over the nastier or messing with it. We were just talking about other ways from the general public can help support. The efforts to conserve our sea turtle population the survival of the featured on this planet is doubtful. As you have heard from doctor Derek most of these turtles are on the endangered list at this point. Bright light not good that's why we keep him down you've talked about disposing of plastic bags the ocean because they look like jelly fish. Which is a source of food for most of these turtles. What should you do if you see so many breaking these rules if you see someone harassing at sea turtle master poaching and asked. Who are you supposed to call could this is the crime rate. Absolutely it it is legal ought to seek all. So it you know on our beaches anywhere Florida and so if you see somebody arrest editor or something like that you and all the we. They can respond and they issues irons GO times on these. So it is is a very very big Euro zone though. You know pretty. It. Another week and how does it you. Not only sees them but he I think with the sea turtle but if you happen to see it turtle that's 86 injured even at under each. We've got to the broader Tony sea turtle conservation program as a 24 hour hotline urgency line. On these and all and we will respond to those NC agency. You don't get him help they need there are a lot of animal. Rehab facility where they did treatment we get these items offered. And what's the number that phone number is I'm 5432805. And this also goes to people who have been best of intentions because if you've been listening to this program doctor Derek mentioned that sometimes after and that's has hatched there might be. Some babies that either did not Hatcher kind of left behind the net. Even if your intention is to help that animal putting in an about it is probably not the best thing to do. Exactly exactly and anybody that works sea turtles in order is working under marine turtle permit. Issued Florida. Everybody that's him doing that and work them specifically trained in handling animals. What's good and bad. Well. Especially some of these large goals. While they're not trying to urge you Big Ten and I can at a pretty good byters. Very strong users sometimes animals up or. No. You know you wanna be very careful when. Working or taught junior being around these animals and so stepped up when you best to leave that up. National and so you can call our emergency line there's also a I'm just an army of volunteers. Numbered the organization Broward. It around. You know I'm just blown away by the dedication of these people. One of these groups this internal oversight protection also so Audubon society. Have sea turtle rescue volunteers will go out. All night long. It next ambassador hearings on and hat. They do that area is usually they have. Little bit of that bad lighting situation and so with the idea of if that's edges of the babies are going the wrong way he's trained individuals who were dedicating her I'm only wrong. Well we've got those in a long way. If I'm the beaches and actually so it's I guess it's amazing abusive dedication are you sponsored groups are putting him. In addition to them work you know our program this morning are. It's really a joint. Patience. It now if you are not licensed. In you would like to help the turtles and help the population in the ecosystem here in South Florida there are ways did you can learn about the Broward County featured a conservation program. There's a great lives website with tons of information right Derek do you have that in front of you. Yeah absolutely. That's a little bit of 101 but it is CNN. SO. Dot and know the aid edu. Or slash its teacher. And that's also pretty Google bull they think if you absolutely Google Google Broward County sea turtle conservation program. And where some other good resource is that people can get. Information if they're interested in helping. Just the cause in general I'm sure it's not very easy to get a license so I don't know how hard it is a volunteer and watch NASA overnight is that an easy thing to do doctor Derek. Up its establish some in it whereas a lot of training a lot of time a lot of energy but it is doable. But there are other great ways to learn about sports teacher as well. You know having the bees. It groups of people out there all day all night in all this is an excellent so any support you. Financially or even if the nation the owls this is her job like that those long win. There's also 88 new facility that. Little bit of hidden gem yours. Out or and in the area. The new marine environmental education center at our house. This is an environmental sort of it's opened the public. Then it was just opened in march of this year I'd agree in our ship. Our our apartment and amnesty. We've worked very hard together to develop the senator on the beach beautiful location on or wrote in Hollywood. And it's given him you know on Indian Ocean air and that information and over that edu. Org slash B and web site as well out of bounds and take a look at what we've got an open. Tuesday to Saturday and public I'm and we do offers programs also need teachers out there. Springfield over. And obviously conservatives and that talks of really. Are re community in general everything you should our world these. Line finished in things like we re the transaction we there in the impacts these. Are there other. But also wanna make sure to stop piracy star of the show at. Most that area because that is captain captains had been sea turtle that we have been residents there. Jews. Were struck by a boat those other issues these you let it boat. Buckley was found that he take into rehab center. No respect to health but she has some. Problems that. Patients can't be a while. We're very fortunate and years news Hollywood. People check out captain. And learn a little bit about. So sea turtles most of them as you said they are endangered what is the biggest threat to sea turtles. The biggest threat historically has been people unfortunately. You know when. When you first came over to this part of the world. He's been a great source. Been able to be collected they could keep them on vote for a long period of time. He ship. And so very very quickly passed just last you know several hundred years we took a very healthy population turtles tickets. Very very close to extinction in some cases so. In the last thirty or forty years we've done a lot of great work. To actually try to bring those numbers back and so. Stopping the harvest and eating a secret those things like that is a big help. One of the biggest threat now aren't. Things like. Lucian. Plastic water with Salt Lake jelly fish some of these decently using. So be that plastic bag or a balloon that's out there they can you took command. In other areas it's just awesome their habitat. Whether it's you also see vest it's. From. But it's global warming or just nutrient issues in our waters and like and so it's you know we definitely have a big. Human impact still. We are lessening well some of the biggest and actually see yourself order. Are really just changing their their habitat so you know we all love to be on the beach near the beach and so we build a lot of condos restaurants bars right up next that Stan. Historically that Sam moved from the lot and so. Now with everything sort of second place for the building there. We lose a lot of our habit. Sand gets washed away. That's why we have each -- projects are actually Indians and others. A builder beaches back up to keep enough sand or. That'll lead us to use as as recognition place but also be sea turtles and please come back to us. So you wanna help conserve the sea turtle population here and South Florida doctor Derek Burr holder has some suggestions for you starting with heading to web site. The Broward County sea turtle conservation programs like totally blew global. If you got a good memory. That CN SO dot noven dot edu back slash sea turtles and of course the marine environmental education center at the carpenter house for captain stars in the show Fred. That's noble dot edu backlash in EEC. Doctor Eric Derek I like to wrap up these talks with three things do you feel are the most important people should take away from our conversation today. What three things do you think people should remember. I think the biggest things aren't. You know biggest thing you can do to help fertile relief. You know try to get out there and aren't we got a lot of great opportunities. During these. Learn more about our animals. July and August and here we hold. Actually releases. Of the actually it's a little bit about are turtles and about the program and actually go to defeat us. If we can actually. ESP hurdler for the day and actually doing our survey by a lot of great to see you all like you that are every page. And so I think getting involved and that's possible and telling other people about it. We do our best. That many people that'll listen to what we do love. We can only. You know got a big thing is. One of the biggest and you can see or the light. Really take a look at I think growth of property. It's better and we're always happy to help. You're talking about. Me make it better for him. The folks were wild life. And so you know really take a look lighting. Learn as much possible. You know you help us or. And our our mailing back carrier so. Derrick thank you so much for coming on and speaking with us happening you're clearly passionate about in about them that very important to appear in South Florida are ocean he goes to. So you're. Resilient self glory in the spotlight on one or one point five late afternoon. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Garten. Miami Dade County auditorium has been around for more than fifty years and in that time. It's been a part of the community and has changed with the community can't talk about culture in Miami Dade County is Adriana Perez. Cultural project administrator Miami Dade county department of cultural affairs she also manages the cultural passport project. At the auditorium and Eric flips managing director at the South Miami Dade cultural arts center and I got that right to. You can I god bless you let's. And he's excited and citizens for the inheritance of the pleasure are. Get a little history says I said of the auditorium open back in 1950. Yeah months wow absolutely well it open in the fifties and it was in the center of the community and we've they changes in the community and the Latin influx. In the 1960s. Actually became Cain pander Latin send her four. Programs where they were causing such swing jazz and traditional. Big. Big bands Latin programs and big artists there. And it's had an evolution ever sent some. It's still located in the heart of Little Havana and opponents had another change and it's now they hipster hangout area. Amazing how these communities have not changed so much in the last what ten years or so absolutely. So. The venue is a 2500 seat house and that is where you'd see artists like Miami City Ballet you see leaching out of power variety and that was in the first place where they performed here in Miami. The major place where family season nutcracker with Miami sitting back and and today you can actually see we've done a lot of things with the venue and we've mated. A flexible space where you can transform the venue from a 100 to 200 seat black box that looks like. And off Broadway theater to a 2500 seat house of it's adjustable hitting adjustable it's analysts say you can see artists to a are emerging. Creating new works emerging artists like pioneer when terror are and they say that and creating an absolutely new works here. And you conceive big artists lake and on the ascendancy on in the big format so the possibilities are endless. Very exciting so in terms of I saw this said. Onstage black box program now absolutely that is where we've partnered up with synonymous cutting edge artists that our. Some of them are emerging like I mentioned pioneer winter with the pioneer winter collective or let's say Tara and winds. It'd be study they are dance artists who've. Do a hybrid dance theater and hey. Engaging create new works with artists here in Miami and have actually both of them happened have developed a new path. There's not a sub genre called CNN dance and they do dance that is. Specific for the stage dance that is specific for film. And you know they've. War and created and films a lot of work on that stage. And it goes off to film festivals nationally and internationally since all that's happening here in Miami wow Gena. I think what makes that. On stage experience a unique is. They actually take the building and they turn it around. And you. Enter from the back and you goes to the backstage door in the loading dock area which they now turn into your lobby. And the whole experience takes place on stage and sometimes you don't really know exactly where you are in relationship to a formal traditional theater but they've created this intimate experience for. Artists in the right scale for their for their work rather than. Trying to stick them on a 2000 seat stage where it's just gonna get law. To where it's cavernous and bashed in and can't really see anybody relayed exactly so this is opened up a whole new. Opportunity for artists who are in the region and would love to have vanity Kenny returned to their work doesn't fit in a 2000 seat theater. So now there's this new opportunity. For them to come in to build a more intimate of the people and have some really human relations with the audience. But in the space that previously didn't. Allow that. That is the onstage black box for her current that's correct pace and out. If artists are listening themselves is their waited they can get involved or give their own. And so interpretation author yeah that's something actually the the staff at the auditorium is really proactive about co producing co present team. Just nurturing all of the artists here locally. And an additional working with local artists are also working with Internet projects with established artists like a mile cruise so they've got. So who's to Tony winners of Grammy winners and Pulitzer Prize winners laugh has stayed so. But the great thing is that we're we're both our venues are on under the department of cultural affairs of Manatee County. And they have a wonderful. Assortment of grant programs for artists. And so it's and a great opportunity for an artist in me wanna perform on one of our spaces. The first thing they should do is go to the department of cultural multi tenant farm cultural affairs web site. Okay you know and find out what type of grant might be best suited for them. Rather than walking into the doors say here I am produce me yeah. Yeah here we love to do all the time and that it's actually you know it's kind of a great opportunity because. They can receive and apply for and receive funding and then come to one of our facilities and use those funds to help create a partnership with the venue. To move themselves forced them to know lower on the rounds here now and we wanna see that that you know that they're willing to kind of the little skin in the game but we've all. Worked with and co presented in May partnerships and it's just depending on what's best suited for our our audiences as we know them. But as Eric is saying to visit our website was which is actually www. Miami Dade arts dot org. I would like to build relationships with artists so that's a great entry point and I'm glad you mentioned that him how can an artist get started in working with one of these venues. Introduce ourselves to us present your projects to us and we love to learn about you know and you know we try to be out in the field as much as we tend to. Know who's out there and who's creating in all disciplines dance in music is composing. Who is choreographed scene who is who played writing. We would love to know this so don't ever be shy come through our threshold and introduce ourselves in terms of Miami Dade counties in mostly Latin Freddie performance and honor their everything and they are everything actually. It is a hug before a Latin. Big pop stars and big classic stars. In a larger venue but absolutely not. It's not limited to only that that as you mentioned Latin artists one of the big traditional programs it's happened for about 35 years is the international Hispanic theater festival which is anchored anti carrying out a time. But absolutely not and the city's artists that are are emerging local artists on the on stage I'm black box format are. Multi disciplinary multi ethnic international. And there's a little bit of something for everybody. OK perfect. Then let's talk a little about the haven cultural passport when is that oh that's fantastic and that's actually one of my favorite programs because it allows us to. Give a cultural. Experience to 40000. Kids here in Miami Dade count me. And those kids don't have to pay a time to come and feed. Programs brought to them from. Four from international shows and we'll look a national shows that are touring with brought to them the Merv made theater Nova Scotia oh we profit. We we present some of our local artists who should die go edit the they've seen a multi disciplinary array of shows and it's our mission to introduce theater dance music all of these kids. And almost all all the time it's the first experience that they've had one of these venues steroids and it's something and it just released yet makes me emotional. Yeah I think we're we're very proud of that that them both smaller venues are. Really ingrained in the community. The work that we do and we really provide the opportunity for kids to. I of their first theater experience of one of our venues so between. The Caleb passport. What they're doing it is turning had a torn and the programs that we have at the south manatee cultural arts center. It is sometimes kids first time to. Being in the theater and I'm the first theater experience. And what's great is we. Also have kids that we've kind of hooked onto it and now they're starting to bring their parents and so it's kind of looking in reverse yeah I think well we also if I can just say we have great program of the department of cultural affairs called culture shock Miami. And this is an online ticket program where kids between the ages of thirteen and 22. Can get tickets to cultural activities for five dollars. And yeah yeah hi yeah. Filers to some of the best shows in the entire county so it's not just our venues. It's all over of the age and our center in south minority cultural arts and our Miami Beach so mark. And the when they register in my knowledge and they get a ticket for themselves but thinking get an additional ticket at five dollars. To bring somebody along typically because we don't want us twelve year old striving to the theater yeah that's okay. They're allowed to get another ticket and somebody who can take them to the show and actually enjoy the show with them so that's something that we vigorously participated in and culture shock Miami which is a program of the department of cultural Ferris. So to find culture shock Miami they get too close shop Miami dot com that's too easy yeah okay. Now we are talking about the king of Contra passport and and getting. Two through 40000 children is this something where they're coming in by schools on a regular basis and their and their cousins and. A lot of the senate and that actually. Is a partnership with Miami Dade county public schools so we offer it through them. And that they actually. Market. But preserving a global so each of the teachers at the beginning of the school earlier takes. Which one his age appropriate or interest appropriated they are working. On a certain area of the curriculum and this program is history and we're doing a program on. The diary and frank they'll go and see that if it's a literary program and we're doing in of green gables say well. She's actually trying to make we're doing a program that's esteem based program. If it it's sad. Page turn adventurers who is actually a local artists are up in Palm Beach and we've developed a relationship with them and they. Love coming down so it. There there are also fans of the cultural past for programs because they see what's happening right you're affecting the children who easy had a child. Eyes light out but yeah CD you're reaching them and we can maximize ending to the limit we collaborate among the venues and if Eric has an artist in town and and you know we might. Be able to present it further to the schools if he's presenting until tonight remove the artists through our venues color yeah. I haven't artists in town and there's an opportunity for them to do a workshop or master class down and it FC south they venues that. Lenient we tried to maximize the front well. Yeah and protests purposely situated with. All of these neighborhood performing arts and us because as we know the transportation Miami isn't the easiest thing to handle this. Zero rather than trying to expected kid from. South day to go live to North Miami deceived performance. Will use one of our theaters in North Miami will use one of procedures in south they've in the can coo and C the performance in their neighborhood and go back to school or do whatever so we need to do for the rest of the day. Perfect yeah I'm just. Right so let's have a little bit into South Miami Dade cultural arts center. If you when I give us a little bit about that sure will Wear a launching our seventh season. Power doors opened in October 1 of 2011 theory dubious yeah. Yeah absolutely and we'll let leaflets say you know you got the threshold of pain where a bit of the the starship. And it was this theater was actually built as a response to hurricane Andrew when that I came through the areas homestead in South Miami really tore apart all the infrastructure. The powers that be were looking for to find something that could bring community together and so. We our mission based cultural or senator I mean that is a very clear clear statement of what we do. And we hold all of our choices are to the fact of how does this benefit. The community so. Having educational programs artists. For instance we have of forms coming up next month in November with a group called dimensions dance theater Miami about Lee company. Made a former dancers from my city of LA some of them are from. The national vote if scuba that have have come into live in the US and on the Friday before the Saturday public performance will have. School show for 7800 kids will be bussed in and get to see. Some dancing contemporary dance may be the first time to see somebody on a point to and kind of understand a little bit more about what that is. And so he is really ingrained in everything that we do. We just on Friday had a great event it was called the Halloween pop up back event. We had a haunted house we had food trucks and it is something that can happen on a Friday night when parents who were driving. And commuting to work and have to come home and took the dog out in particular from school the idea of making an 8 o'clock Kuerten is a little bit daunting. On the Friday at soon. Yes we've been creating these parts events and and holiday events for families that. Don't have a curtain times they just started around six or 630 or seven and they go to not a clock at night and you can show up. Well when you can get yourself together and gather your kids together and we have food tricks trucks he could come and have your dinner at the food trucks and participate. Dance theatre of Harlem who will be with us this year this is going to be the first time they return back to Miami in over eighteen years these loud a staple but you know that times have changed and some of those prisoners have gone by. And so we're very fortunate to have a very generous. Grant from the the Knight foundation. To bring this company back for the next two seasons. And they'll be with us all weeklong. And so will be classes will be out in the in the community over the college's. And then on Friday night before the weekend concerts on Saturday and Sunday. We're gonna have to dance parties and at the center. With the food trucks with the DJ with the dancers from dance theater Harlem who will be teaching steps all week long to the kids in the community so we can all come. And dance together on Friday night. I mean that's the kind of connection yeah I mean that's the kind of like mission driven. Work that we do we try to be very thoughtful about what we do we are very methodical about planning. You know the best activities and that and it's a great way of introducing. Artists to the community seeing them and maybe a non formal way and we know that about that is a 65%. Chance. Someone coming to a show if they participate in some kind of out of theater. Engagement activities so it's really important and to bring that people. Now the fact finding these cultural arts center where is that so thank thank you asked did this. I'm selfless 211 street in Cutler bay right off the Florida turnpike exit eleven. It is about a 25. Minute drive from Coral Gables Sorenson you know South Miami. And on the weekends it's pretty easy to get to we have plenty of free parking. On Sina driving round some urban city trying to find parking still in the paying 25 dollars for you just pull into parking lot park for free. Walk into the theaters and you know your experience we take care view from there. So it's pretty far down south and end that was the thinking with actor in June that that community that was so hit threes. So hard to right here there and there was a big assessment done by the department of cultural affairs. As they were getting ready to build DJ and our center in the downtown area is how does that affect the community. What happens to a neighborhood Playhouse when you build a very large performing arts center in downtown area and when they did there. It's evaluation and looked in the south area it is the most I can really effect at all because there's nothing there and it just led credence to the fact that they really work it from an artistic. And a cultural stuff standpoint neglected and events like the culture events. That's happened and high school of Tora Mora church and so for the past seven years we have been working. I'm building a cultural audience from the ground up in their have to say we've had over a million people through buildings. We'll see seventy to 280000. People a year through our facility it's a gorgeous gorgeous facilities it's a campus. Doesn't look like government doesn't act like government but we are carrying out the mission of the department cultural affairs. And and I would say after 78 years since success and you got that kind of number to that I'll receivers in need there and you've met them. Who's we do it we try to music I was just telling Erick for Oakland before we locked in a living cup event. The end of my commute to downtown has suddenly become a two hour commute. So anybody who lives in the pine crest comment abate Cutler Bay Area this Kendall. Unless Kendall that is. There is something console or senator is. A big weekend for us because now you can actually go home have have a meal and then goes to the show without. Worrying about planning your dry somewhere else yeah. And it's you know it's very family centric to at some of the programs you know I always feel comfortable to bring my twelve year old daughter and her friends and it'll blast they feel at home there so if it's really fantastic they've achieved he's. It's no disgrace and a we have been fortunate to because we are in the city where we have other performing arts and slate VP candidate candidate tournament like the ones in the downtown core. In Miami and Miami Beach we try to find artists that. You won't have a chance to see anywhere else so. For instance in most of February we have mis he'll Parker and he's. And it's an evening of music of Ray Charles Coulter ready with love and he literally has. The last two orchestra of Ray Charles and every single musician that's gonna be on stage. Has played with three Charles and including the red legs and it's so it's an evening of music of Ray Charles and we know we'll bring people come down from. Broward County we have people coming down from pompano and Deerfield because if you're a fan of an artist sure you know right half so. It's on a Saturday sort of makes it easier. So we it's those types of shows that we're able to bring him that that performed only happened. One performance in north Florida and and the other forms that the south limiting cultural arts and it's. It's a package that there they'll have other other gigs so they're just together for a short. Mountain time we're very fortunate to be able to be the present it to be able to bring. That show to South Miami. And how many in terms of your auditory and your center how many people this 961. Seats and our big call and then we run oh really. Relaxed cabaret space it's a nightclub. A 136 seats everybody sits tables and chairs. There is adult beverages served in the room. And we present a variety of comedy shows jazz. Tierney Sutton she's a wonderful seven time Grammy nominated vocalist. She. Her recent album listing variations are jazz variations of all the music could sting from his days in the police all the way through. To his solo records. And so shall be in our cabaret on a Saturday. March 3 and we do 730 seating and a 930 seeding so we do an early and late show. And we found that the community. Around the center really embraces the evening to have an adult let out you know wish her kid centric and we were a kid friendly. We wanna make sure that couples to vehicles are not reflected yeah. Absolutely. Fleming Ka yeah yes we have. This great. Nightclub in New York called bird the bird plans to it's a famous jazz club and so the big dance of the bird land is on tour this year smoldering and the begins Charlie Parker and and and and Herbie Hancock Chick -- as well as some Steely Dan and some other David -- attributes and the essence of again very eclectic. Mix and yes and I guess that is what we need to do to kind of be current. And to offer something that. Be can't see. I know about the mainstream artists that are coming in and in the bigger theaters. This is a really unique. Area that you yes yourself and yet the fact that's unique area. Are so mom and you had said that dance their Harlem's coming right. Yes that's just. You know a love project. We're so happy to have this company they were a staple. On fuel Jackie Gleason theater. And Miami Beach in the good good dating back to the seventies and eighties. And they're coming up on the fiftieth anniversary and next season and we wrote. A proposal to organize foundation. And so we really want to bring tents in Harlem and we really wanna talk about the idea of the black ballerina as compared to the traditional other arena that we think of it in America so we wrote this grant to have them for a a weeklong residency this year and a weeklong. Residency next year which will be their fiftieth anniversary. And we're gonna hold. Workshops. People for the artists. Four master classes and for kids toros of them have. Discussions and special guests and people to talk about what is the 21 century ballerina look like. You know create everybody knows who misty Copeland and outrageous and there and it popped in my head that's so we want to make sure that you know they understand that this is just not a New York City or anywhere else and this is. The first company. Black and ballet company of classical ballet that was ever in the United States and so it's true it's a major accomplishment to have them coming back. And they're picking up a wonderful wonderful program. Of contents. With great music and we're really looking forward to having them both this season and in our following season and that's coming up in March. That's correct the dates are. March 10 and march 11 so we're having a Saturday evening show however the Sunday matinee for those who don't like to go out in the evening to make sure they have access. Now thanks again at eight at global fast on the road this is wonderful there's a great. Event every year in Europe called global fest and it was into please this year taking place in and all theater called Webster hall and Webster hall has. Think cameo field cameo on Miami Beach if you would. It was a thousand seat theater it has also how let go ballroom and has a dancers and they have three stages one and each stage and they present. Music for about four hours and he get a pass and you just kind of run up and down. Through throughout the building all night long listening to great music well at the end of the year they cure rate and they put together they put two parents are on tour. And so this year it's the golden age of Latin music and they pick two wonderful. Groups of them mumbled band orchestra Mendoza. And that should come of their Moscow for tests and they are. The the orchestra Mendoza is justice powerhouse. And they play. Crime Chara can be in indie rock. Led to do that they all do. Percussive footwork on stage yes it was a real. Great party and a NASCAR paternity test is from it's kind of been from LA and also a little bit more folk. Look traditional I from Mexican. And a little bit political. Which would really love to hear you know with the kind of going on. To kind of Mexican based fans love to hear what they have to say. So you know we don't shy away we love the idea that this is just a good a night of good fun. And these two vans are on the same build together and that's and our big thousand seat theater. And we really put forward to having a great event there that's in February that is on February 24. And if I can just say that you can find all of this online at our website which is www. SM DC EC dot org that's. For South Miami Dade cultural arts center where you can always color box office at 786573. 5302. We have a handful of minutes left so before we close out. Would you both like to say something. Well I think that's something that's important to. Us in our department as a whole as we try to make all of our programs inclusive. And accessible so man. A one of the parents actually what are the flagship programs we have in the alt keys are included program can. And that kind of blend into our whole season and in cultural passport or actually step by step trying to make. Every single should be inclusive where we have and they find interpreter at every show and we have some are programs that are. Sensory friendly and we have some artists to actually are mixed ability to lead present on our speeches so we'd not only employ artists of all abilities and we try to make our shows. Accessible from all students and we want to get to the point where the teacher doesn't have to say. Can I bring my kids here without hesitation they will just now that they write letters to. Wheelchair or where it's. Sensory system. It is accessibility is a big the big issue for Solomon we wanna make sure that everybody everybody feels included so. We are our culminating event is the alt kids included family festival which kind of wraps up a whole season and it's a free festival for kids with or without disabilities. And they all they're just share and our experience at the same time so we. Turn the whole campus over to this one event. So we have. About six or seven what a home stages put some of Lamar rooms where it's paint and are making activities of others storytelling. Magicians. Climbing in and playground type things on the outside we have outdoor stages for kids and we invite. A variety of offenders who are resource oriented. To help. Provide information. To parents about what resources are out there. To make sure that their kids are safe that their kids are happy Coles comes out and gives. Helmets for some bicycle helmets to the kids. It's just a great great event and when this happens that's always the first Saturday in my name. Interest that it medley an eighth and then if cultural center and the suffering a big cultural arts center but the department sponsors. A whole host of events in parks all year long so again I would encourage. You're listeners to me. Like us on FaceBook. Whether it's minority county department of cultural affairs for the South Miami big cultural our senator. Hopefully you like gospels. Lot of these events you know in new we wanna put a brochure together book as it was talking about these public events where we're gonna have Elizabeth strip who is kind of part acrobat part dancer. Dances off of architectural objects we're gonna have a party with cl yeah now. And announced an adult party with her on Friday night it's not in the brochure but if you're on FaceBook he'll get all the announcements of her shortly innocent. He absolutely in the same thing goes for a commodity county department of cultural affairs. Q both AG after as the Miami Dade county department of cultural affairs and Erik -- South Miami Dade cultural arts center thank you. Thank thank you. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests. And do not necessarily reflect the views of her staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to do. Late FM it's like Miami dot com. That's LO IT ESN. At LIN GE Miami doctor. History record this season Entercom communications corporation station 101 point five lite FM WL I asked Miami ever finds Coral Springs.