Say What You Mean To Say

Friday, January 5th

Youtuber Tyler Oakley compiled a list of what Americans say and what they actually mean. Exaggerate much? It's hyperbole and a half!

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Malaria. And maybe okay. A piece of this to be the way it is tweet that he had Tyler Oakley he's a YouTube star so he tweeted this charge of what Americans say and then what it means first being awesome which just means good his. A fabulous amazing. I'm still with him on this one everybody says everything is amazing is as good like that's amazing it's not you've just taken of the meaning of amazing it is watered it down today's being kind of an. And you know the leg it's not I save I have make a point to save amazing for something I'm actually on manes. But this is fun duke is it's like telling the relationship thing a fine. Was what Americans say what they mean is bad which is true could you know. You know the partner says hi you doing today or you know what's gonna. Nothing I'm fine challenging driving me completely in the. Yeah I'm not my son is. I'm he's telling Jean right now that's a toddler. Right at the nicest revealing my friend at first 9 am my best friend a person I know and I worked with somebody you would talk about their friend Al my friend telling telling like a home I got you worked with them for a little while. We make friends with our co workers sometimes but not all of your co workers are your friends you don't hang out with an outside where new entrants. As a criteria. It is and we hang out after working in the that we are friends we have people who I am friends width that I work with here that I don't hang out would necessarily outside of work I still consider and then to be my different intimate impotence the most stringent guidelines on my standards here tonight you know what I'm saying and everybody says everybody's a friend and I just feel like. You know there's there's more to him that maybe they can't argue I confide in these friends that you work when sometimes. And sometimes not that that big of or a rule establishment to determine a friend. It didn't. Feel like everybody's friends nowadays. Maybe it's FaceBook maybe that's what it is. Your your friends with everybody because you are friends with them on FaceBook. Look at this list but I look at is listen I think. Like fine to me when I say fine I mean in truth. He's very literal and I am out that's true though I am. Do you say hello Larry as I hate people say that's funny and like it's not are you laughing because if it's not. Funny. Plus would be funny you'd be laughing but that's a good Lina. That's funny your whole area so I would like I've been known to sailors are funny and not actually lap but maybe I'm laughing internally but I saw that but I still think it's. This is this list is it's intriguing me 'cause you're you're saying and I thought I'd get it. But I guess I'm just a liberal like when somebody says to me no problem that I think. I really it's not okay what it really means is it wasn't I have to be here in game it's. Oh. EU. I know came DO. I was surprised at all wasn't on here because I think what do you most people say no problem I think it might be an issue of I doubt you. But I do love this one too because you saying like oh my god that was for ever ago and then then basically means that that's thirty minutes now. Guiding her to believe though sure. FF FF a I like hyper bowls myself embrace. I really found his conversation to be amazing even though it took for Arab horror. My god hey how about we get coffee sometime now my best friend are amazing. You are hilarious. Cock. Okay here's more of Kim and in the case each work day afternoon starting at three 101 points. He dot com.