Puber Me

Friday, October 6th

TV host Stephen Colbert and comedian Nick Kroll have an interesting way to help Puerto Rico. We're hoping we can be part of it. Btw, they've already raised 1 Million bucks!


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Well not when you're. And our. And Libby. You're here. I have no idea what you do I did I was thing in the Fat Albert came home and all school. My parents it's steep angle air alongside nick Carolla comedian have decided that they would donate to the dollars. Every time a celebrity posted. Old school picture of themselves could go into puberty like they re in the braces and NASA's it's in the hair and how a lot of Namibia satin bridal. And a lot of people have done it which is awesome and Steven called bear and it and and John Oliver of their pictures are again. Post your goal bears it's just classic and if it's on Twitter if you just hash tag humor me. And Kansas Kimberly rarely do this if it's sealed. Photos so I said well I don't they say ancillary stuff. On the air South Florida I don't know that's really considered maybe could be local. It they will include a radio DJ is that would just give more money for and they certainly. To that's it are hatched at Puerto Rico relief so why convince Libby. Found the absolute absolute worst picture ever it's ever been taken me. It's a battle dot net home. Of course she did so I had short hair and the used to have neatly haired these clips they're like hot feeling than that little box and plug it in and he'd got these little clips in the future here's the secluded in the and it has been sent. Give me some like height or whatever body I don't know what I did not mastered this are well I'll prove by this picture. May and I love you Puerto Rico that's lab put this out there it's for years but. God and I could explain years away I don't even know somehow I was trying to emulate the hairstyle at the time which was like this. Curled the back not quite feathered it was like. A curl. You could see that and curled at one point that electrode. For. That what the tanker on the line that is some hides and mine and it's my hair has and so like especially at the top of the curl it came loose. Look like ebony up at. There. My 53 braces to that country braces till I was grown because my my dad was like we're pouring is like. He's a breeze for you but here openness can put some thought aha wrong. Don't do you decide does little babies phase OK. Now I do have the brace is going on now falls were totally open here though from the cold air coral crowd to see if we actually did it. And to donate on our behalf that we put ourselves other can we basically said no one ever sees us and we just put ourselves out there a basis for radio we proved it Ned donate. That's right go to Twitter and find your tweets and end up like and encourage them to that we're you know partially may be a little bit of celebrity where thousand dollars you can find it at like Miami could find it me underscore kemba you definitely BK on air you can anyone though is you'll find the picture re treated until the donate. Laughs is much he candy I want I just don't tell me about it Dolly yet no critiques Bush's. Must their night and it was only ten years ago still the are you getting laughed a little of that island that and it is okay yeah. Lower a camera in the case each working afternoon starting at three. He dot com.