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Sunday, October 15th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Natasha Treneve, considered the mother of probiotics, about her new research and her new book "Probiotics: Natures Internal Healers," and why it's important to have  macrobiotics in your diet. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Dean Webb, Executive Director of Faith Farm Ministries, about how their residential recovery program with three campuses that offer shelter, food, clothing, life skills, training and more, need donations. They lost more than $300,000 after Hurricane Irma. 

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on 11 point five. W a YS HD woman WLR you have Miami camera phones Coral Springs. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent. The. Today we are welcoming in research scientists also are educators and 45 year robotics industry veteran in the her name is that constant training. Is she is gonna talk with us now. Robotics and I think that great. I know by attic is dead name of the category that is correct. So let's get right into this what our program X. What they've termed problematical it's brought to me but it could be. Global industry. And the 1980s. And it I mean that the use of beneficial bacteria. Net impact that's very important eco system and I GI tract we can get actually. The gateway to all health aspect in my life. So it's miss her indigestion. And how exactly were robotics discovered. While dramatically discovered. At the turn of the Louis Pasteur Institute in Paris by the name of India collection called. A Russian crime tips when he studied the long lived Bulgarian. And dead who aid deal great and they daily staple. And found that they we can have a long lived because of the bacteria. That would tell me a great insurance. The main bacteria and he'll that would remain with. After the long lived Bulgarian and it's called electable electable Erica. Most there's lots of different kind of robotics. Yes that's what you have to really know the company you're buying from them because you know microbiology. Is rocket kind. And there's not that much regulation. About what they're the product but it gold virtually 90%. Other and I think she's being your health food store. And in this market are made by one very cute. Little accompanies a bad kid and tell private label Kenny passed nobody really knows what can kind of products and that's why. My crusade now my second click OK okay. Before I had a lot of people who I'm Fred. If you make sure people understand the labeling standard and how to to be abolished correctly. Then Tosh you have been called the mother of proof buyout X so we're talking to the right person. Yeah I don't. Yeah affectionate term for lower my cost millions people started calling me and they had throughout. Who should react well of course the mother of acrobatics. A huge hit it in when he talked about the labeling standards the chromatic labeling standards were adopted back in 1989. So would you save these are out deep into regulations that need to be followed. No other not outdated because nobody ever followed them there's very simple. Guideline that was voted on by the entire health food industry. And then later in the 1990s read into congressional records. I everyday play traditionally commitment that these confident it can make that congress. Can noted tip pat additional amendment. And unfortunately. The minute addition amendment if passed the standards enforcement. In the industry not just for pro bag across the board for dietary supplement. I'd died and the association that was Aquino's handling true labeled either throughout. And that's the reason I'm going to take in the public because collective public is informed. We can't get changes it's a similar situation that we had to read. Organic labeling fifteen years ago I would guess that anybody was putting organic done. Any type of producer of crude. And people were really really getting ripped off that and finally the government had to cut and then and certified. Vegetables and foods organic and that we we stem the problem. They held them some problems video identical labeling but you're nowhere near what it was. Before we had the enforce. So let's talk about labeling and reading the labels if you're looking for a good probe ironic. What are some red flags or what are some things that we should make sure our in our pro Biotech. Right just to make it simpler for the listener. He's going to help but story Atlantic marketing you see any problem chaotic products sitting on the shelf. Forget it. Because number one either living microorganisms. That are put in and around the globe and they need cute. Being handled properly. When they talk about shelf stability that's one of the ideas that people don't understand. They're talking about controlled environments in kind of a laboratory. And let it take the product get income distribution and explode stick doesn't heat or cold. Well moisture. And back and a bacteria started dying in the capital. Or in the bottle. Oh you're not gonna get what you because one we get there refrigerated section the only way. In living problematic organism can be preserved it and make. Glass bottle that dark in color. Amber colored. And that you know protect these bacteria. Inside the bottle from heat light and moisture under the tree deadly thing. Two to kill the bacteria. So now that you have be eliminated at least you know 80% of the product. Nice to come down to go to I'm reading the label. And the label should clearly powervu. And kept the lid let's say four or five microorganisms. On the label the label should tell you how much. I've each organic you have. Truly an expiring today. And at that game that's played especially when there's more constraints of problematic bacteria lifted. Is that they'll give you a total potent we have everything combined. And that's very misleading because each of bacteria. Had a certain role to play. In the 27. GI tract and help. You're wasting time and money if you don't know how much of that picture here you're getting an and what impact it can have. A new GI tract and friend from the manufacturer should tell you wow I put this beneficial bacteria in my problematic products. Because if targeting the small and Pakistan or I think the targeting the large intestine. Or different targeting that train can four. You know don't you byproduct that arbitrarily tell you all that this war. Their children or they prepare for adolescents had been truthful and mature adult. That could not a designation yes some of these. Bacteria you need more did you grow older but it's really a marketing position and it's really create. You need to create more humid in the shop so that. Their brand you know look look you know impressed that they have a lot of cute. So this could such an important topic. These beneficial bacteria because. They're literally tens of thousands of articles that are being published in every. You may do university. And a week or ten during the world is now involved in studying the effects of these bacteria. I mean every aspect of our health especially Blaine house which people don't understand that the second brain in your gut really controlled. Everything that happened to give up her brain. And though the fact is that unless you understand how to help controlled ecosystem in our god. We are not going to achieve great health in the country in fact. We have so many chronic problem. In our country at this point I have never seen it in as it is now. And so we cannot. How play can take products that are ineffective. Or think that they demanded pelvic gonna take care of the bad you know habits that we've established. When I think of robotics I think yogurt. Is that most common place to get a profile edit or are there are other pro Biotech foods. OK well let that play excellent question let me let me cable to category. Yogurt. And Cape Fear are probably chaotic functional food. And I'm eliminating anything that has added show growth wavering because. It's an excuse to eat that junk food because you think you're getting some beneficial bacteria does that make sense. OK so what I'm talking about functional food and talking about plain yogurt are playing catch here. And then I'll accept illiquid yoga standard in the state of California in 1969. When I was a student in UK LA. And later he had testified that that the spurs. Keep credit standards in the creative New York. That was later adopted by had to take I was in the early 1980s. I know of what I speak and know these products and people. Are confused because they don't understand the difference. So these are great product could get what I call a functional food you get. Pre digested food which gives you you know I could have tied and as from both of beneficial bacteria how ever. In the last I would say thirty or forty years because of the abuse of antibiotic because of that. Changed to a very profit diet. Which you've laid lit simple carbohydrates. Ten and a lot of chemicals. We no longer can get sufficient amounts have beneficial bacteria. From the functional foods such as geo they didn't get here does that make sense. It's. OK so now we need any. A concentrated. You know a problematic. Supplement. Don't get it bacteria into our god that can actually deliver them here and got. To function and the small allied contestant in the Trenton Laura most people don't realize that the 240% of your July late technical matter bacteria. So you are prompted king where how where bacteria in your body. Does that make sense. And then you know we are 90%. Microbe. And only 10% human. We are true hybrid. Between you know my coat and human can't help. Apart I have to understand the important. Of daily supplementation of device probably out of bacteria. Can literally change the date of how can our country. Well let's talk about some signs or symptoms that you may eat. Exhibit if you need pro buyout X more of them in your life. Cooperate at all. You probably need more of problematic if you are under daily stress could improve client not my opinion. Drag. It's significantly reduces. I think a lot of beneficial bacteria you have a net hundred trillion. Michael by out of that plane a year 27 feet of GI tract. So effect. And the second thing you that you're not projecting your food like every time you beat you feel an easy. And you need to to pop a pill for whatever reason. You're not able to think clearly. I believe it or not the clarity of thinking is directly related to the chemicals producer. By the bacteria from the food that you eat in your gut. That and that can he. Second brain send signals here for explained and you know contribute to link between depression and anxiety. I love a lack of clarity of thinking how are you are constantly tired. You can you eat but the food of make you tired doesn't give you energy. I you're proof that the bulk of flu and colds and allergies. I think overall symptoms you know that very complex ecosystem in your gut. It's not concrete finger food directly and Iranians continue to reacting to that lack of proper proper thing. Also I read that there are health issues for instance IB DD can be helped. With pro buyout X what other kinds of health issues that people are experiencing but actually be improved the program out and diet. Yeah anything anything that has been inflammatory remember inflammation. And immune system. Reacting to what it perceives to be some kind of an intruder in the body. OKD get the purpose of the immune system to cause inflammation is and destroyed. Anything that can hit it preclude it could be a problem for the body but can bacteria are Smart and something called deflection. And pathogens and bacteria what the black union took them. Attention to them. And have been immune to them a crack in how your body structure. What is truly humbling the pathogens. And probably the most that he knows how sophisticated. Giant movie you could ever watched. Yeah crazy that sounds insane. And back in I think it can't get much more complex I mean this constant what we call cross talk. Between B and kill the bacteria lining here. And that's come along and the cat and dog that makeup peer second brain. That are being affected and deeply felt recently. Then it all they've nutrients that the called gap. I can be and I've taken up by bacteria in your guide which leads to depression and mood. So it just sounds like something. It's something he's been parodies diet are pro buyout it simply guaranteeing meets the signs and symptoms for needing one and some even if you don't it's probably a good idea it's you let your body how this bacteria correct. That's correct you know didn't hit my tripod of health and I'm hoping you can get everybody can understand it could back. You need a good diet that's right for you. Without any proper foods I don't even know in the microwave in my kitchen. You know I tried to eat fresh food daily. I can I try to get after Kai pin and I picked up right pragmatic supplement that the tripod. Because you know yes it if you have a lot of good diet you've probably got a compliment more than anybody else. You heard you know. Kicking into the petroleum and get back if you don't improve your diet as well. I don't know if you want to see any radical change. Indicator of how in this country. Go to those three things we need to do. Only take you had to stop following the latest fad or buying you know program of the invest 200 dollars and a good friend of a lot of dvds and what can you help other stuff it's very simple. You know I provided some poll. Diet congestion my provided simple exercise that I knew what problematic could take. And believe me we have. Almost unique state where it's. A crisis. And this country and the amount of people that are taking company. That affect your digestion. Picked up as the production would have been very dangerous. For the body. To interfere with the absorption hat and we have a host of chronic illnesses in this country that we should never happen. Michael my biggest question though is to win when I too. Interviews about two different diets different health benefit and different things that will improve your digestion I always wonder. What decide affected because if you've been eating safe fast food three times a day every day. And we hear you talking an MB says the toxin is right and need to put pro about it in my life I feel like your body may not react kindly. For the first go round is that true or would have. I'm glad that doesn't and I'll tell you why that carrier very Smart and when you get the proper bag carrier problematic bacteria you know what I have proper. And that one bit and then Freddie get like I knew he had studied this field for 45 years. That I absolutely safe and essential PR help. What happened from them blending Contra pathogens. They will engage in hand and warfare. And when they displayed the path again IBM friendly bacteria. Can be intestinal wall. They get very angry and it will pump are the most amount of toxins in Canada retaliation. That's insane see you might feel from the fact that it's because the bacteria is doing its job. That's exactly is doing his job site yeah we paid back golf course slowly. And you don't take it take it easy but just to give you an example for instance some years ago laid a lecture about. Ideally people used to get an E. Coli infection by eating. You know came good hamburger meat or any kind of tainted food. That had a new strain of E. Coli that there are strictly pro deadly. Well that's my they're used to it because life is so deadly. That you know even in the graffiti he was recommending to doctor not to give antibiotics which is really crazy into owls but they've said that when he tried to kill this. String of equal life. It gets so angry I'd read it pumped how many content in your body that it shut down your kidney go to C. Not understanding bacteria and how to function and every organ in our body. And how it affects every I'm not confident every thing that we do and think I'm a daily basis. If you are paying the price. And that it would get those simple because the body is that they fueling. A biological station. And yeah yeah GI tract is like that can move. That brings the outside world inside. And then have to be able to protect itself from the crowd that you inject them but bad daily people don't understand that foods are not Carol. But every time you eat drink and greedy injecting new bacteria. That contribute that your body and now we have multiple. I've read different bacteria that have been is evolving you know hospital. Area for decades. And other bacteria in the community there on your skilling lay out there on your iPhone. They're you know in the end of a grocery shop legal they're everywhere. I know the bacteria have now become involved because of the stupidity. Of what we've been doing. And that's why we have to take excellent care. Of my GI tract and know what the heck we're putting in our bodies. Hey two mini pro by products. No I mean usually you can take billions and depend on the acrobatic. Plane. There are some companies that I'll what I would call questionable soil bacteria. Or spore forming bacteria or even he's been called them probably chaotic. That I would be very concerned about. I would not want to take large numbers of that but things like I can basilica for doubtful if that's been studied for the last few years. As perfectly safe at any level even if he took a trillion dollar Q would not be harmed. Net do you have to he's in the taking a lot of robotics did you start slowly introducing them into your diet. Well it depends how toxic you are. I tell people you know may have severe diarrhea they need a larger dose have come chaotic. Because now they have a huge problem I think people are close friend could have that's why you have to have a probably audit that gives you the option. Can I with a lower. Put included guaranteed. Certain bacteria act and that you can customize the planned live. And what I'm saying when you play into the game and get spying traffic on the shelf and look good it'd been a pretty Bach. Doesn't mean it's going to be any good or that you can really Skype. They have specific diet probably added regiment they can Q were you need a full day in your current level in your life. I had another question about storage when we first started our interview we talked about. How one of the best ways to know if the pro about it you're looking at is good for you is how would stored in Hershey storage should be in a cold place and dark bottle when you bring it home now. You should obviously stored I guess in your refrigerator how quickly these things go bad it should that be clearly marked on the bottle as well. And now they they don't go bad that this guy. Oh how local. How long does it take for that to happened. Well you know usually take the year could that play another thing to be wary of anybody. They give you a long shelf life because you see there is no government oversight. There's no government over pride and help people determine what these shelf life of the product did. And of course think of I think have probably they could go living bacteria. That can trying to put in that could and that growth. While it and you know I'm aware how do you manufacturing. Shipping and sitting in the store shops can make it your body then. The manufacturer had to be Smart enough to make. The proper delivery system so that the bacteria and now can survive that get to do it in your body and buyout in order to have any effect. And if not if all of that create a criteria is not mad your not gonna get the true benefit of a good probably attic. Laugh a lot longer than I thought though. I'll tell you I didn't expect three to see year and let you know. Here is like it that the louder and didn't see the reason we all have to do that is because the consumer ignorant. And this story now I don't wanna be bothered that perishable. If you did how about business and it's not really putting to the media event consumer and the person first. And because the content may not educated hat they don't know how to reward the companies that are doing the right pink. What are some of the most common questions you're asked about trade pro by products. Well prepped for all of them asked about these small piece doing products that are on the shelf. Our income went in the cooler. People are not aware that virtually 90%. Of the product. Sitting in your health food store or that you got on my line is I have made by one or Q contract manufacturers. And it's really about positioning and marketing. These people really don't know anything about the science I don't care anything about the client they're there to. He's something. And that's the tragedy so anybody online. That if promoting a product. That had a lot of bacteria they sit on their label but they don't value but don't take truly are supposed which area of the GI tract it but truth but the fact. And how much. Of each of those bacteria out in the product in what we called colony forming units. If you can't manufacture lifting probably attic or get into the milligrams. Put that buck down and put that bottle down. Problematic organisms are listening colony forming units so if you have four or five microbe. In your product you have to lift clearly. How much. Each of those microbes are you getting. When you pick up product without that information you have no idea what change I think. How exactly were probe audit discovered. Dramatically discovered. At the turn of the twentieth century by any of fame at the researcher at peace. Louie Pasteur Institute in Paris by the name of yulia match dot com. A Russian scientists when he studied the long lived Bulgarian. And and who they feel great and it ended daily staple. And found that they have reason they have a long lived because of the bacteria. That was found in yogurt and sure enough the main bacteria and he'll Wrigley name. After the long lived Bulgarians have been called electable electable Kara because. Most there's lots of different kinds of robotics. Yeah that's why you have really know the company you're buying from them because you know microbiology. Kids rocket kind. And there's not that much regulation. About what the the product connect twelve virtually 90%. The product you can use your health food store. And in metro market are made by one or accused. I loved the company because that can help private label then tap nobody really knows what can kind of products and that's why. My crude grade now my second could pay you. People like a lot of people who had fled. If you make sure people understand the labeling standard and how they choose these products correctly. Then Tosh you have been called the mother of pro buyout X so we're talking to the right person. Yeah I had. Affectionate term love life a zillion people started calling me and they came up. We should react well of course the mother of acrobatics. Yeah. He hit. I there's some other good web sites are places listeners can visit right now in order to get more information. My you can go to my web site which is WWW. And they trend and they TR EN dot com. Or you can call eight. Hoping number is 800. Likely pick. Or eight weeks really again 800. I think six or eight. Retreat. And you know it's important for everyone to look at the proposed label we have a label on the web I didn't get accused. Ted perhaps what to look for when you're buying it acrobatic and this is exactly in line with the probe attic labeling standards. That we do have been to congressional record. So I think what my whole purpose of doing these shows again. And what I call in the fall of my life for the winter of my life. Is because I feel bad people need to be armed with the information otherwise. We're gonna create a rip off and get this twin ports group of people cannot understand. You've filled us with homeless information to improve out X Natasha we now know where we can get more information in you are clearly a wealth of knowledge on the subject. But what do you think the three most important things are people should take away from our conversation. That's the most important thing is that good the bad of pro ball chaotic. And area. Is that wave of the future for good health and in our country. That diet you know the couple problematic supplementation and exercise. You can literally changed our life and that and I are good health. Can we do search and I think the idea everything that we feel today and they were just shoving food down or not. Really eating more food ware just and dumping it in terms body. And I think what I live a healthier nation. It would solve our you know. Health insurance problem. It would solve a lot of problems because right now the consumption of pharmaceutical drugs can go to an all time high. And it's not really creating a better life right Coke. My whole purpose of doing you're shelling trying to cut people is that eight. You have to understand what is the most important dietary supplement for your health and that's a good dramatic supplement. ED that you have to check attitude of diet. That is conducive to you and make you healthy. And see you have to have some kind of daily exercise. And they are making those three changes you look he is transformation. That you didn't think was possible. It's how to think he's so much for joining our program today and giving us all the information we need on probe by products supplements. And I appreciate you taking time off talk with us today. Well thank you and guess now that acrobatic in my life work and that's why I'm here con continuing again. Please go to. May trend dot com and get the information on the labeling standards so that you are good and I'm with the right information. Thank you so much they really take. You're here on South Florida's yeah. One point five lane SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Garten. It's been a tough hurricane season Irma Harvey Maria Nate. South Florida really got slammed with Irma and many are still feeling the effects based farm industries is one nonprofit. Who could use your help as a result with us dean Webb executive director faith farm ministries. Drug and alcohol recovery program thank you so much for being with us thank you deal for MER I really love to talk about what I really don't. I don't blame and I know because the last time you were hearing were eloquent. So that's explain to listeners in case they don't know what faith farm. It's okay this month as are 66. Anniversary we've been posts I've analyzed for 66 years salaam where 440. Bed freak. Residential. Drug and alcohol recovery program located on three campuses Fort Lauderdale here in Broward County. Boynton Beach boulevard in palm beach county and 15100 acres up in Okeechobee in Okeechobee county. So between those who. Roughly 1516100. Acres of of those three locations we have 440 beds when he had women's 420 million. And in the east. Basically through residential recovery to us and him not just a shelter. Well now we provide food clothing. Everything all these are met then. They eat that we have a work program. Are worthy only know of recovery program this certified for up to nine college credits. They get ged caller and if they don't have a high school. Diploma we acquired the work on that we help them get Reza mace jobs pell grants. We have on what they call may go work. Program down in Fort Lauderdale three campus feeds in make it work and it's 124 unit building were people come and they stay in the get jobs and save their money up for six months then move out get apartment make room for somebody else then we have only school. And that's thirteen. Bedroom thirteen room actually building. Where students canyon and we get amount pell grants to go to school. Matter facto Lester holt NBC nightly known nuisance Kate snow down to do idea four minute report on us. Last year and now we had a guy named Ryan Otto who graduated the Boynton Beach campus and we got in a scholarship. Grant it to go to school and an IQ school Lauderdale since he moved onto the only if resided in the latest school program he graduated top of his class so what we do basically is take people just flip on the upside down term. Take them from from steel and burglarizing whatever it takes to get drugs. And turns them on their attendance at some backup we've we give them education if they need it we didn't grants they go through this ten month program. And that sounds like a long time but a lot of people took a lot longer to get addicted and kid products are so that he did that much time. And of course were faith based a lot of our core curriculum is is this a faith based curriculum and we believe that a lot of people have issues that come. It could be something as simple salute the parental divorce from they were young that just disk commemorated the family you know the main facilities all the wit to peer pressure to have some dramatic we've had people who had just dramatic incidences where this animal off the deep end and they started with a you know marijuana or alcohol on the moved into drugs. And of course we just got rid of all the pill mills here Florida. Yeah which was unbelievable. And that's why the heroin epidemic is still strong because. Because when they got rid of the insurance companies in all these increased 35 dollar pills and all of sudden a 10 X 10 dollar bag Carolyn became really. Couldn't deal so people switch to her when you heard during the presidential campaign up to the northern New Hampshire stuff they were talking about some cities has 27 and 70% addiction to heroin. From this because the bit we shut down pill mills. And the insurance companies can no longer paying for it OxyContin and all those payments. And this next best thing they can get this chief there is Herman sold it that you therefore we have a heroine an epidemic. And a bucket yeah at a town knows it yet resulted in a hot ticket heroin now is that the same in that same. Area as the opium or is carrying heroin considered. A PS and in its. This is really getting serious because it is so much people you're so accustomed to getting the free. Stuff may have to start paying 35 dollars a pill. Themselves the for prescription then all of sudden like I said her own became. Weren't a good deal via. And and you know what here's here's the thing a lot of people realize this and I am I'm learning every day about this I learn something new or. A lot of people who try and get recoveries. And they'll go into a program. And they'll come off of all sorts of drugs for a month or two months or three months. If they ever. Slip back into that and start to use it they always go back to what they were accustomed to using. And that's why they overdose and die because they hold their own they built up the level of resistance to that. And when they come off of it their body to weakens in terms of resistance. And they think they can go back to using the same amount and that's why I believe we have so many deaths. And overdoses is people go back and all of a sudden they they try and take the same around the takes about a third as much to get the same highs he used to if you've been off for several months and also they overdose and people scratching our heads and wonder why why is that happening. Wallace because they trying to get cleaned and they and they were good for two or three months maybe four months even. But if they try and go back to it it's just devastating is deadly it's deadly. And that's got to be the answer because you hear about more and more overdoses every all the time is just horrible. I'm here about people being passed down their little babies are in the back and just harper. And it's. Addiction is horrible I mean I thank god I never had sequels. But I mean once you once you start if it Graham shoot and it doesn't grab everybody coming drugs. Yeah maybe but alcohol not necessarily. There are people it's 5 o'clock that are very every day and happy Errol have a drink or two of this doesn't affect them. Him on the other people that go who do that in many if they have that. The gene that makes them susceptible. To that and you can usually tell if they've had a father that was an alcoholic her grandfather uncles or whatever. They probably had that gene and they shouldn't drink at all. Stay away from him to stay away from it because it doesn't take much one point you get that if you get edgy that addicting Gina your just gonna. You're in you're not is not gonna end well. You're you're right I'm sorry you've got a propensity and a disposition to. Become addicted to whatever it is. You know the neat thing about our program that I love this free a great practice. Hail is more important. What if I go that we measure in the last five years we've drawn from all fifty states and I'm talking about Hawaii and last of all fifty states. And about eight countries have people come into our program. So if people that don't have on insurance. All or money from themselves. They need to have a recovery program. Word ferry farm dot org. Is a good place to put an application that. And that's how they do they go out an application now face farmed out org and then followed up with a phone call because. We typically eat because we're free we typically have a waiting list but that doesn't mean somebody waits for ten months. For example we. We have somebody the other day we thought was just a sterling. Example of student turnaround. And he used and he got the he had we have zero tolerance policy so he got booted out the program. So also we had a bad so somebody might have called yesterday and we were full moon but then today we have a bit so. We have three farms three locations in three intake can. Counseling off silly film I do fill out an application and they follow up and you get in line during Q Bob and if they're exit acceptable and now we take almost anybody we can't take sexual offenders. We do take films we've had phones bank Robert we've had all sorts of felons from and our program. And ironically. Yeah. Sometimes those are the most motivated people to change well. I don't look as we we have a seventeen judges in Broward and in Palm Beach County the sentence people face foreign. And indeed do that because they know we get results we get a life changing results. And so they'll a nice not we're faced resource not politically correct of course to sentence him but that goes something like this and I'm tired of seeing you in front of my. Pitch again I am I give you the option to go to some recovery faith farm. And a lot of times they'll say if you will if you will complete the program and gradually. Because they know it's a tough program you know our if you graduate. I'll wipe out your record out now than an hour commute your sentence and so summit sometimes. People coming out of prison or jail or sometimes the most motivated students we have to graduate because they get to sentence commuted I'm always some talk about individual cases per judgment and a half an opportunity to change their whole life. Yeah also sells aren't you taking in felons well sometimes oodles and well with AP thinks they're that determined and and their their parole officer role crews on every month or slow and and check and make sure they're still there and course we reported they're not that that I am. They'll do that anyway to say I would just like to lay eyeballs on George over here and we'll call mound whatever that's at the sometimes the most motivated people stand up. They're far more motivated to somebody who's who is why first husband or sisters pushing him into the program. Because if we only have one being an open and and and you have to applicants and then one is a guy that like a one day I had three. A mother and three sisters that cost me when I was going into the thrift store and they were just pushing me Christian s.'s so glorious year. Where is your brother where is your son that you want in the program. Hole he's homeless who you know I'd like that lay eyes on him because if he's motivated enough to come here why not you've been to him. Then he studio lot farther than you because it fits you pushing us. To come in for that open bid for a kid whose hit rock bottom sling endless in the sleeping bag underneath on here wait for the intake office open on Monday morning we're probably gonna take him that's a more motivated person and you have to be motivated to kit commit to nine or ten months. And our program Kazaa it's a work program that's what makes free they they work at we have we have 29 trucks on the road. Six days a week picking up donations for Arthur store. We have a recycling business that morning. We have we're one of the top 5% cattle growers and in Florida. Up and Okeechobee and we're. We have 62 acres of Orange groves. We have hired republics we have all sorts of work programs so we have a bride Sean Boynton Beach in a fuel farm part trust. We have all sorts of work programs for these students today. We're also the third largest Ashley furniture dealer in South Florida because our prices are really cheap we don't have to crank in the labor has a labor's free it's a student working and were trained him and that we've had students leaving. Things go to racially in other places and get jobs on furniture is a time they leave our program gone there are seventeen course seventeen weeks he'd ABC conference who were training program and passed with a 90%. They can look at any chair and tell you the side that's did you Kobe and that's a French that's an early American that's not a guy that's leather that's you know they know this stuff so they can they know the furniture and they can do the same thing with guys and trucks and docs. But we've had women working our call senator who have taken their their binders and gone out and gotten jobs on the phone. And who could be great call anything because they've been taking calls and it on the phone for months learn how to deal I've got customers. There's got the experience so they'll actually sometimes in normal distinctive three reminders and look OK here's the course here's all the stuff I took. Here's here's here's the test I took here's question Tiffany I had to get 90% to pass of course. And they'll they'll get hired because when they see your thing we've been trained and so we are comprehensive work training program really gives people a leg up. You know on on getting jobs and and it's it's it's really really peaked 'cause I just love it. Yeah I'm sitting here marveling at all the things you do and all the different campuses and and turning people around I'm thinking. Dead justice system could learn something for me you know I hit a few guys who take this and and put it in a book and give it to every person that runs that prison because you guys have got to you got attacked him. Well you know what we what we do to is I speak we're we're a member of the association a gospel rescue missions which is about 300 missions across let's. United States Nova Scotia that. Takes in how homeless people or does drug and alcohol recovery or heard news of all sorts of facets of of recovery from. And in about area this year I speak at their convention in on micro business enterprise and then usually arranger for pact because. What we were talking before they're most nonprofits do nothing but fun race. We're a little bit slighted by the way we do nothing but business. You put on myself when I worked you know so the thing is that we desperately need to learn from those flakes could do fund raising but you know they come to learn from us last year we had 32 missions come as far as ways scalpel perky and California and Buffalo, New York to learn how we do micro business enterprise and and so. We we freely give them everything our all our manuals are test or exam bar exams. We give them everything. Because anything we can do to help another nonprofit get a leg up in May be expand to help more people. This just this past his power to communities to Theriot and so it doesn't have to be the faith farm label it's a credit them. Believe god this woman gives us our rewards so I don't know who's watching so I don't have to have it on paper or anybody else knows about it but we do we have people come from all over now we honey prisons or anything like that come what we have we have had another mission sort of started how your public projects and nothing is certain things and I stores. Good to see that that kept time. All right so we're at the half point halfway point of the show says she just started speaking to dean Webb executive director faith farm. Now I he's describing everything that they farm is which is many things in terms of recovery for those that are addicted. And one of the problems is that earn ahead. And a lot of people. It it hit you poor and badly right. Yes and at Maine I mean we were really spare guy who's figured this coming up I don't know I don't remember that so many people crying so hard. Securing yeah. Category five coming up the middle Florida. But thank god he moved it West End in dropped to a category three by the time it hit the boys campus and for audio campus and Okeechobee campus so. So we had huge trees uprooted we lost. The like are we lost all things over the car ports. Of our trailer homes we lost. Owning over over part of the store week we lost a lot of so fencing that general disappearance stuff net method that we can't eventually replaced but we we've nobody was injured thank god in. And but the big perks for us. Is it our pass. Transformer blew and in the end of Florida power could not get to us for eleven days so. So eleven days without Allen were eleven days in our Boynton store without power in hot tape then. That the pool based on our projections we lost about 3141000. Dollars in sales. During those eleven days that's huge because we have one of the largest. Are thrift store is one of the largest in the country in terms of ball and now we're very blessed in that way. But that really hurt us but is. We don't we had we had 100000 dollars from reserves CD and I had to transfer that to make payroll I mean I didn't have the money pay payroll. So I transfer case and in and we made payroll. Then the second thing we got some vendors to we have we we never been in debt 66 years we never borrow new money so we we operate strictly on cash so. Anytime we don't have a lot of surplus but in the overtime over pretty couple years we'd build up the hundred and that's what we needed four to make payroll so then we got went so we have is our number one credit rating with not a bright streak is we pay on time we pay our bills on time. But boy when that three units down Mahler the cash fully hit it so. We we had to go to vendors and say can you can we pay you five or 10% of that bill worship non because we pay everything within thirty days. And because we've always being good. Could ever even think about. If plowing money into a good nonprofits that's been around for six. Shares and hopefully another 66. That absolutely transforms lives like I've never seen hammer preachers kid I'm I'm I'm used to see and transform lives but I've never seen anything like I've seen faith farm input possibly because they start from such a low low based on the coming in the transformation is unbelievable. But if somebody's thinking about that put money for where they know I you know I I had a little bit reluctance. Giving some of the many armor because I don't know how the people use the money you aren't always nervous. About how much goes to. Who goes to administration how much really goes to help the people in need. Well you can go on he CFA dot org the evangelical council financial accountability CFA and remember that then you'll see on a pie chart that 94 point 5%. Of every dollar goes into our program. Only four and a half percent goes to administration. So that's what I gave my money for Irma to help the cause I know every penny is spent really really well the face far. OK so if somebody's listening and they wanted to donate they're gonna go to faith farmed out or. That's right there's donate button right there are good so secure button for credit card donations we've got a ways you can give assets stock sales from you know whatever it is we can take but it's really easy to donate cash from the donate my. And that's when you credit card income that we really cash you can donate car if you can do all kinds of it takes a lot of time to it to transform into. In the cash that you really need math like we had thirteen babies little cavs on the ground up and over trump. And course they were laying down in the grass and stuff and none of whom were hurt and so they'll grow up and eventually they'll be sold for beef. But that takes a long time to monetize that a really long time I saw a program the other day on a lady who specializes in nonprofit. Work during the winters disasters from raising money and she gave an example in Africa a guy wanted to help they needed water from the storm so he rented he spent 300. Thousand dollars to charter a huge. Jet full of bottled water and fluids and you want to warehouse and she said this is here because of the heat. We've don't we've done some testing in the plant capacity is leaching and we cannot use any of that. She's been on the other hand when we go to show you some she went into a village. And they follow variant and they share this bag and her pull stuff on chewed dumping some sort of chemical. And the in the water became clear right before I she's in for eighteen dollars I can provide five gallons of water by eighteen dollar mag with just another pill every time we Philip from a Welsh and we can give water in. In action item to these people. For the next enough and she said I can provide water for all northern Africa for what that guy spent so she said I was down in Haiti and people were given all these clothes and she said. We clothes piled up on the beach almost three stories tall wheel and put gasoline on berm we had no place to put them she's of people don't realize that we neat when you haven't the disaster unique hash if somebody needs a shirt or need the money to it to send them. To the local store to buy the shirt. That helps the local economy he gives them just what they need not a budget porn stuff for or or whatever she said people don't understand when you. The biggest need for that this is cash and you know I didn't understand that as I saw their program about a week before permanent but I got I know we have an alpha. Yeah I know let me down easy yeah. Lot of stuff and a store that people who donated for us to sell stuff but what we desperately need is cash to pay your bills. And I'm sure that's what Puerto Rico and I should point everybody remains but that was an eye opener that that that story I saw just a week before him on television because I said that really makes sense because I remember. We had a thing we became a donation spot. Full during one of the storms I forgot which one and we pitched we had a big tip we pitched up on the front of the boarding campus and people just dumped all sorts of stuff on a semi and closes at that most of it was unusable and when we tried to get it to it is down to Miami to ship it Katie I think mr. no earthquake armed. They basically couldn't take it we have stuff that we didn't know what to do with them they can some how come we need to finish we have to buy stuff that we need to find what we really need. So. Face farmers in the same boat right now and understandable the static point and I understand it we really we really need donations so if anybody has a hard did you have to keep we keep us don't want and I would I don't want loosely farm and I think to some value not only for the whole country but to South Florida in particular. Right when you've got people coming in from fifty different states of AC have a successful program. Drag and and it is helping to communicate as people come out they end up working here. Yes absolutely and it's just amazing. Is so funny queen when Kate Snow was came down there the interview Ryan Otto and in threes and she came down to she'd done a a program called hooked. And it was a short film. On there heroin addiction in TV interviewed for people and it was just I mean clearly looked terrible anyway she and Lester holt that you once going to strengthen for years to when she moved so she looked up and then one guy was still addicted one guy I was dead the other two were Brothers and they were still high so one boy gone. An addiction program up in Saint Louis they were all from Saint Louis and go on this Saint Louis and was working for this father and other boy had come to form an end and share some other award she don't she says. It's incredible place call for a foreign. And so she said so what easier now to he's graduated board campus he threw down related Neeson I Keyes who wants to work in computers. So she came Camden new programming gale was so it or should we extend a normal Lauderdale campus and I understand right hearing. And Kate stamina my left in her boom Mike Cameron those cameramen there are things here. And a director in. And Ryan on walks up we wait on him so she can interview he walks up these blocked caller I am and she looked him kept talking decision that Richard might directors is no okay. Try this rank and achievement candidate and she teared up. She said she can lead to anything any income if you solute the film on look I mean here and he looked horrible. But he has countenance a change she was a totally new person. And so it's really fun to watch the transformation occurs in people slide isn't yet most drugs and alcohol there addiction. And give them education and the rest may have little foot layup they need to be successful I mean we've had people start companies and a ruling is really exciting. Another body and I used to always think everybody was down mountain. Poverty stricken who got hooked that's not that's not really true we I've had multi millionaires that came through our program spoke seven languages. And they got on they got hooked on on drugs and they could not get off that loss or businesses. One guy who lost her home who had six car garage around Miami Beach but six point eight million. He lost everything and so it's addictions are really insidious thing it takes to remove the higher ups in the what was well lowered down somebody takes their bodies if you're addicted predicted. So if you wanna help transform lives you can give to faith farm right thing really is your money they're 300000. Dollars and the whole thing Surma. Yup so that's where you can do it. That's that you've hit the nail hit. You could a senator for. More cynical that we we need cash we need capital we need credit card contributions now we need to continue to make payroll and then would I if ceremonial helpful dig ourselves out and will will be the shining his own little world of darkness like we always been. So now I've summoned goes shopping at a thrift store without Hilton oh absolutely pensions let's tell us where the thrift stores are okay please go shopping. We have one on the on. Powerline road just south of Oakland. And Lauderdale we have one if you don't Boynton Beach boulevard if you go all the way west to didian Cindy state road seven US 441. That's where the hospital is that this was you don't turn north and one block that's our big thrift store that doesn't heavy volume. And then we have one in Okeechobee in the town of children. In so it's. For stores. Can people get a fresh. So everything furniture. One thing about. This area of people wolf that he should be more from than it is now leads to buy condos. We calls to pick up bullish stuff from the lead fix up condos in the Nicole. Furnish them in the flip on that they were flipping these condos from the real estate market was hot now we have stuff like goats will have an elderly couple will pass away or maybe 11 comes did the funny though when goes they'll call us the children Californians say. But we're we ship your mom and dads all we don't want an old stuff just have somebody pick that given way so they'll call for a farm will meant old stuff Gail and really nice AMP. And they are old they're right there he really old stuff so we have some incredible. In two weeks it's going. Shopping snow Jeff Gordon and NASCAR heat when he divorced remarried he gave us his bedroom set it was a news it was a beautiful turquoise. I forgot what kind of lose sight. It was very expensive a fifteen grand. So yeah. So we we have because palm beach county and then Lauderdale are kind of higher up millions when it's really nice stuff. These Mets have to but we have some really nice stuff so it's of one it's wonderful placed a shops most of my house is. I've never been really impoverished I left eleventh Al square foot home in Atlanta come down here and take this job so I needed guardianship furniture have bought furniture. And I bought it all say foreign. And it and I have I have some break French people walking in the c.'s French bread crumbs at home I got this beautiful words you get that person of faith farm. 300 bucks face far. And they're going you're kidding that's a no you should chop their sometimes. Yeah my daughter's in Atlanta and they come down and then John rent a trailer job they don't show up at faith aren't there you go yeah I am indeed what some meetings we don't have any storage we have to prices to keep the movement. Point nine trucks and stuffy in here every day every day. And you got to put it on this and sell out so you have room for the next thing they inventories. And really that's ever went there last week you're gonna be some different they're. It's always this store opens at nine and in the board store they'll be people lined up and double lines. Have to block long way from the store opened and we have dealers. Who know that there are students don't have. Priced. So they're working all the time there there Weytman know that that the inventory turns over about five or six times today so they're always there looking for deals -- that the bulls Lauderdale story and the Boynton Beach store so they're looking for deals to put their floor there impressing you guys actually buy a break for a for 300 dollars members seem like a fair price register for this Lauderdale and just for fun I followed him to see who can be put on his four for 6000 published. It was a rare. And we didn't know what they needed. Aha. Well so obviously good deals at the thrift stores and having alarmed. I'm glad dean Webb thank you so much for being here face far and help them anyway you can go to space farm dot org for more. Thank you so much you appreciate you been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM. The opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff and and for sponsors your comments and opinions are invited emailed them too late SM. It's like Miami dot com. That's LO I TT. LYTV. Miami. And Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five. Like XMW a YS Miami ever finds Coral Springs.