Wednesday, December 24th

'The Ornament' made its debut Christmas Eve 2014 -- and is available here for listening at your pleasure. Merry Christmas!       

The LITE FM Players
Dave - Dave Corey
Flick - Rob Sidney
Ed - Bill Murphy
Sarah - Kimba
Memo - Ricky Martinez
Lucy - Vickie Aguirre
Susan - Julie Guy
Nicole - Jennifer Cody
Damian - Leroy Hoard
Radio Announcer - Vance Phillips
Floor Manager - Steve Gladstone 
Host - Ellen Jaffe

Written, produced and directed by Dave Corey 

'The Ornament' (The Love Song)
Lyrics - Dave Corey
Guitar - Ed Corey
Bass, rhythm, and other orchestration - Matt Corey
Vocals - Bill Murphy & Lindsey Corey
Recorded & produced by Matt Corey 

About his own 'Ornament', Dave Corey says, 'I worked at a public television station on a program called "Getting Together". The show was a mashup of community affairs, politics, culture, and entertainment. The six hosts decided it would be interesting to each bring in an ornament that was 'special' to their Christmas celebration and tell its story -- where it was from, who owned it first, what it means, etc. 

'I didn't have what I considered an interesting story ... so I found an ornament, made it look rustic and created a wonderful tale about it. After the story I planned something exciting to put a 'bow' on my work of fiction. It backfired -- but provided me the basis for a unique Christmas radio play!'

All original material, performances and productions are Copyright © Entercom Communications Corp.


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One of one point five lite FM. WLY yes. Miami Pembroke Pines Coral Springs Lincoln financial media stations. Have never too easy to Christmas. It's hanging on friends or relatives treat and you wonder about its history. And was passed down from generation to generation. Is their story behind it. Maybe historians love for some special events. Merry Christmas this is telling Jack hate your host for tonight's latest Sims players presentation of an original Christmas story the tournament. And we tale takes us on a journey of present and past from the TV studio in South Florida to sink into gold rush of the mid eighteen hundreds to a pawnshop program by one. Very. Strange. Men and oh yes there's a love story Tuesday. Your imagination is going to get a good work out for the next hour so lowered the lights gather your loved ones close as the latest pimps players bring you our special Christmas gift to premiere of in new holiday radio play. The forum. While Christmas is once again put on its comfy as slippers and quietly snuck up on us right seemed like he had just put the decorations and ornaments and storage doesn't it. And then there are some like me who just. Leave those icicle lights hanging from Ruth said should you wanna know why do it close not because I'm lazy and OK a little bit more that I celebrate the season 365. Days a year and no I do it because for some reason. It gets under my neighbors skin the they cast so that's what makes me tick solid used to anyway seniors and all advertising adage that goes like this irritate irritate irritate the psychology of that being you may annoy people by. They won't be able to forget who you are she last Christmas I found out why this might not be such a great tactic not void and I never. My name is Dave and I work here at WP BL public TV in South Florida how tight little group working with a modest little budget. We live Spartan lives but we love what we do and that's what brings us here every day we do everything from both announcing to fund raising to my favorite reading newspapers magazines and books that are sister radio station to those who have difficulty reading for themselves and on camera we work on a show called let's get together each week we rotate hosts now one week it's a male female Hispanic co hosts the next two African American the third week compared anglos. That would be me the show's run an hour and -- sort of a cross between public affairs some entertainment will interview a prominent member of the community and then maybe have a singer or two or dance company on the last week of the month almost get together and have some pretty animated conversations about what's happening politically and culturally it's a great way to learn about each other hence the name let's get together so let's go back is about a year. Just before Thanksgiving we gathered in the studio green room. We just finished recording our Thanksgiving dinner special where we all brought in dishes from our families countries of origin. And since my mother wasn't Italian ancestry I decided to bring in addition I called wild boar with wine sauce and little did they know it was still pulled pork guy bought at the supermarket and dressed up with parsley and hot sauce. I'm not a mean guy there was no malice intended I just have. Us to reach my mommy used to call me free skier when she wasn't humored a pain in that pretty well but it. So we all enjoyed each other's company and cuisine and discussed what we should do for Christmas. I think. We should do you think we did last year well those looking mammal sitting around drinking eggnog and singing carols but we didn't really late she hear anything back there. But you didn't like because you sounded like one of the chip monks. Oh that's cruel. But lose the as a point we could be a little more creative you have this of course everybody now. A little ever and for the time. I eat a thousand local ten there I'll (%expletive) again. I could wide Melo started and it OK okay I'll be eve. I'm Sadler is pulled. Once more Alvin and I'm calling critter control if it oh all right all right let's get back to what season set about being creative and Lara I gotta go ahead Damien. Well we're gonna have a tree again this year right I should hope so how well we decorated with special. Ornaments special yeah. I'm sure we both got an ornament that has some special significance. Nicole look like 21 my parents gave me when I was a baby is had a picture of me. And bull. You're such immediate no wait I think dean means arm to some then all he sure is a young fast enough stage. Now this is creative. I mean we all have a favorite little warning right and chances are has the story behind it we have a perfect tournament and what a story likewise who needs to. Great idea Damian and I hate. I. So beautiful. Who yeah. What Joseph Doug dynasty male what twenty. Nothing it it's all good sari will crew will do the ornaments. All right each with that ringing endorsement will see you all back in a couple of weeks with your ornaments stories and happy Thanksgiving. Yeah I can hear you I can be a jerk all did you ever hear of a psychologist. Erick Erickson. Psychosocial. Development courses theory I think and apparently my toilet training really messed me up. Whatever so I am where was I oh yeah the search for the special ornament I figured I'd find something in an antique store and we got plenty of around Oakland park. There's one in particular that I thought would be. Perfect right off the Dixie highway it's kind of us locally inviting place called rusty dusty and rare antiques. Run by an odd little man by the name of link. You know. Hello and anybody and fleet. I'm sorry what my name. Feeling Ole Ole I'm Dave nice to meet you looking for current mosques are you cool looking forward. I'm looking for some kind of Christmas ornament aren't you asking or telling me. They never mind I don't know what your problem is an additional one my business sold so good and he assert fifth. I saw two you'll could take joke now. We don't we don't even know each other and of course not. So Christmas ornaments. Yeah. Something she penned. Unusual sheep and unusual to let you have. Excuse me innocent followed me. This just might to lose it's your. Yeah us. This I think you're right. I've never seen anything quite like this although yeah is it it it seems somehow. Familiar. Send any who are old taken how much take many Christmas. Take your yes just come back and let me know how it goes yeah yeah. Wait what. Let you know how would you go loose he would you have no why do you know what I intend to do with that of course not it's. Have a not so unpleasant days. Well let me describe this morning and it was plain enough but it it has an odd sort of what's the word they use all the time. Oh Tina yeah not to Tina and I can swear that if you put your gear up to it. You can hear the wind not like a sea shell but it kind of cold wind. Anyway I I carefully wrapped it in some tissue paper. And brought to the station for our special Christmas ornament children. Yeah. Everybody places everybody adored him yeah. Oh yeah. Too sweet last. Pat sounds ominous China to messed this up okay hunt were alive then 54. 32. It's the most wonderful time. Merry Christmas to our let's get together viewers and friends. This year we've decided to do something well. Special that's right memo. Each of us is gonna Cheryl little piece of our family history by way of a Christmas ornament and ornament that has some kind of story behind it none of us has shared her story. So this is going to be fresh and hopefully fund touching surprising more bullied. And after our stories are told. We'll hang out ornaments porn are beautiful treat an eco friendly potted tree that the else pick up and take back to the North Pole after Christmas it's a green green. That's a better. Well I don't know about you but I can't wait to get started and help you kick it off Lucy. No singing though okay. If you're not gonna let that go are you bet that at any Wayne. When I was about five years old Miley down rest her soul took me to a church crafts fair. There was a glass blower there and he was making these huge beautiful ornaments. I was Indian born son Sawyer pleaded with none untapped demand may when forty. Well she whispered in the man's ear and he said come back in an hour and a half before you. That hours seemed like four armored Amy does finally it was time we headed back. It was in a box and I wanna open it pretty thin air banana thome and have to leave it for pop annoy and you know Santa Claus. To hang on the cheek Christmas Eve. Total you know health five year olds are when they don't get what they want when they want it. But Ali I was steadfast. And come Christmas morning this is what was hung right in this manner and to treat. It's managed to suffer a couple of near tragic moments. It's still I want peace. It's so so beautiful Lucy please tell you there on the treaty. Right in the center. Well everybody told her ornaments stories and even I have to admit that I was touch and I started to get cold feet should I go ahead with my plan loser should ID OK Dave here. Tell us about that. Interest being ordered it to viewers. It was too late to turn back. Well where to start. Well my family's history on my father's side goes back to the the colonies in one of my ancestors was even a part of the Salem witch trials. Giles was his name. The last two story for another time guru left. But when my great great great grandfather Edmund was a young man he took this new bride Sarah on out all wild adventure define riches out west. I he'd heard the stories of the 49ers and how they struck it rich panning for gold in California IA. But this was in the early 1850s in the trip was treacherous is. This was wild and unsettled land for the most part long story short they made it to coal mine near setters mill where it all began. But grandpa diamond one isn't really want to get his hands dirty Cotto or not like the rest of big goal decreased pioneers. No he figured he and the mrs. woods settled down and build themselves. A nice little shack around pilot killed that was a former mining camp that got themselves a post office in the 1854. That's all there was but. With his East Coast education grandpa Ed would set up a nice little SA office in town where he determined the purity of the gold miners would bring in of course he take a percentage and he made out fairly well for himself considering. Well it was getting pretty close to Christmas in the weather could be unpredictable. In brutal and those parts. So I hadn't Sarah sent off to pick up provisions in coal mine about six miles away. They pitched the course will burn up to the book Morton headed off there was a beautiful day when they left but mother nature had some plans for. Looks like mother nature has some plans for us with the C. Yes even Wilbur senses it we better get what we need it's get battled back before the storm hits and head. Don't forget to buy that cutting Christmas ornaments adjusted storage we'll see I don't know if we'd have enough saved up for that. Oh yeah RA let's make it quick looks like a dues he's about to hit us. Hello. Anybody here. Flick your hearts this. Afternoon. Close enough pardon. Closing up bad storm coming we won't be long we just need a few revisions every ornament. Yeah yes. Yes the meant I had you know issue and it is now gets provisions please and skip battle. The fellow flick was one odd character for sure but. In this series didn't have the time to Donald C back in those days you just knew when your blooms one danger was on the way. They knew flick store well enough to gather up what they needed. Fuel for the lamps plenty cured meat canned goods and of very special little ornaments. Who it was bad already probably the worst blizzard those parts it seems since. Well since the Donner party had to resort to cannibalism to survive just a few years earlier. Fully get about three miles back when pool Wilbert gave up the ghost it seems as hard just couldn't take the effort it took to pull that wagon through the but quickly melting snow. And Sarah had no choice now. If they're gonna survive they'd have to high tailing back to the cabin with whatever supplies they could carry under their coats which was next to nothing. The snow was blowing so hard it was near impossible to see a couple of feet in front of them so. Grandpa and tied a rope around his waist and grandma Sarah held on for dear life. I'm wolf they can't keep your. I've got to go. Hey guys. Yes you can add one step at a time. Ed are you will naked sweetheart. So honed in on they made slow but steady progress and if reward for heads and but after several hours and some minor frostbite. They've reached home. They had accomplished the impossible. They held each other for dear life for the next several minutes. Horrible little tour. Now now I'll go back and given the proper burial soon loses clears up. Plus I never thought I wish we mated together. Human infants go home the horn. It would have been so beautiful in the trees. You mean. This. Is there's CL. I love you. Conflict seems old grandpa Ed in the middle of that deadly blizzard had the presence of mind to gently place. This ornament underneath his hat. And is survived that winter and many many more ever since. Hello. They leave. That is an incredible story that ornament must be very special yes it is very special law. Hanging on the tree gave it right there. Up on top of the what are. You know it it would be an honor the media let me just step over you loose. That if you look at how. Yeah. And don't worry only eighteen. It's OK okay it's okay please everyone everyone relax. X. It's not true ward two that didn't really happen I made it out. And and well how come and that's our Christmas special from every one. Most everyone here on let's get together. We wish you a happy holiday season. We'll see you next year. And noon where clear that's a wrap folks while. Just watch this it was kind of vouch I wanted to make him memorable that's all it was. Cold day eve is a bowl what's wrong with you T if everyone else lasts but I just to tell you to your face because. Because I thought even into Seattle I was just having fun with one fun you're such a jerk. What. Or am. I got nothing more to city Dave how do you think that would be funny. I guess it backfire and how do you think we'll talk after the new year but I don't think anybody's gonna want you back just memo I'm sorry meant celery. Well that was ugly I have to admit though it was him but it was very well executed. It just wasn't received the way I'd hoped might not anywhere near the way I hoped so why I worried that I might have joked my way out of a job. And a relationship I I put it behind me to celebrate the holidays. Thank you remember the icicle lights in my house like hooked a timer to one so they go one at nightfall and go often daybreak. Then I packed and set off on my annual Christmas trek west. My high school days I was a member of the the ski club and had. Learn to ski at squaw valley it was also the scene of my first full -- case of puppy love she was a senior and I hit a sophomore. And sophomore from the Greek meaning why school and I certainly lived up to that but I never scheme before but she was excellent and tackled the most difficult slopes well. Sure I'll find jump next door on the red dog lift long story short I broke my leg just getting off the darn thing but hey I'm a much better skier now and always thought I'd find real romance there hence the annual trip. Well I flew into San Francisco a week before Christmas took a cheap flight into Lake Tahoe ski my tail off in squaw valley and once again. Failed to find my you ski money for life significant other. All that time though I couldn't stop thinking about what a fool like made of myself fund let's get together and did and it struck me. If I headed south west on highway eighty about a hundred miles IBM collect California. All the placed my great great great grandparents were from in my place to put ornament story. Okay. The it's okay. It's. Yeah. Israel radio sounds like coach holiday hideaway of course the government class. And Merry Christmas darling and I bundle up when there's nobody tonight okay to weather service issuing heavy snow warning starting very elegant look outside and like the system we've been following for the past couple of days. Almost a bonus miles conditions predicted at least tomorrow so light the fire and it right here. Great to. Well today but it's no limits no limits no I'm all gassed up but I'm good to know hey bush. Civility forecast captain. I'm just zilch zip code not I don't know how many Roger that I'll be running on instruments and can be colonel mark from the animals like this one in her pillow. We're never going from. Let's do this data you'll morning and I mister announcer I laugh at your fullest protection. So off fireworks. In a rental car from parental lemon a blizzard predicted. With no idea where I would stay when I got Tacoma even if they had a place to stay but you know that's my style. There's a weathered term that describes what I was heading for that day it's called a white out. Don't folks have been just yards from their front door and then lost their way in so called white outs would miss the Donner party back in 1846. Got hit with a blizzard where snowpack reached some twenty feet. And ultimately they lost 42 men women and children. Of course I was invulnerable to anything like that war. At least until I got within a few miles of my final destination. Visibility was indeed Zippo nada. Not. Just be cool. It's going to be incorporated don't steer. Just pull off the road and then we can just hold true. One world. Commodities we have. We are doing just fine yeah there. This is weird but loop but hello. I pinch myself but there's nothing to pinch. And Mike did. This eternity in heaven hell somewhere in between. At least it's warm here. Wherever here is. What happened to my life flashing before me. Away. I'm not ready for this yeah. Okay this is gone all inception on me what three meals. Well that's quite a bump. Everything else seems OK. Fingers check. Toe so check. The word in my. Whose windows put shades drawn. Nice cozy bed down pillow look at. Them and important. I am glued them. This bureau of a plea. I recognize that for weeks I suppose you do you were flick. If you say so well theories mysterious as ever. What is this place you'll are lucky to be a lot of fun. I remember is driving highway eighty when a blizzard came out but I tried to pull off the road my car just must've gone down an embankment or something and I remember rolling and then it was. Lights out and here I am but. How they have tool ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak. I have no idea what you're saying I am saying no more talk. Listen I'm the rocks or some cabbage soup and a mug of bunker crops are grown a little butter side of it. Just observing golf. How it's quite tasty. Hamsters hit my hand has. And good thing what it's hard as a rock. So what does this place how to get here number one you're in my home. Number two I've found to be lying in snow outside my story did you find my caller your putt my car automobile I know nothing of car about which you speak. Footsteps in snow go to Rhode about a 100 meters my wallet my Smartphone to billfold design table and my phone. Can get sleep you talk gibberish tomorrow we take a trip trip. Quiet now looked in on new in the morning not ship ship and asked. It's. As you can probably guess I was somewhat confused. And they're a little bit frightened. I got a briefly to open the shades and get my bearings it was late in the afternoon so the shadows were long. There wasn't much to see anyway except snow trees and flick making his way down a path to another room cabin about fifty feet away all the rest of the night as a blur. Guessing that the spotter grunt had something to do that. Morning. Although it seemed like no time in past. My clothes dyes could sense some light on my face I opened them slowly to find flicks standing at the side and I am sure. What the Rogers a ballroom pros stress and meet me at my store store is a cabin you watch me go to. I have coffee and breakfast it and then we take a trip. Flicked turned on his heels in my left eye dressed quickly in some thermal looking long Johns and shirt denim pants and cowboy looking boots my head throb a little bugged it was bearable. It was a sunny but crisp and cold days. I could tell there must be several feet of new snow on the ground but flick it cleared a nice pass between the cabins. And yeah. And it was. Surprisingly. A warm and inviting looking little place as I approached us on neatly painted wooden sign over the door that said. Flicks story being mistaken and more. And in Philadelphia belly then of ego. Mr. flick it just feel it. Flak. Something smells. Wonderful but actress it's nothing more. Well I mean to tell you which smelled like heaven and when I entered a pretty much was. Here on account two was a steaming plate of I'm guessing sourdough pancakes and baking and and among a fresh brewed coffee I dug in and had my field. All the while under the watch flying a flake who seem to actually have the beginning of a smile on his lips finished brew crew it was delicious. If you don't mind my asking. How long you've been here to a few years since that time to go grab yourself a coach I'll be outside it. Conflict pointed to Iraq loaded with leather or fur lined coax. Nothing like the cortex ski jacket he wore on the slopes no these looked like something out of that movie lonesome Abdullah of I picked one out and it is a little snug but very comfortable. The rest of flicks store with stocked with shelves of flower molasses pickles being this chocolate spices what hope everything you need to keep a well stocked kitchen. Got it up and yet another surprise met my eyes. Flick was seeded on something that was reminiscent of Santa's sleigh. He'd loaded down with a variety of provisions. Enough to last a small family the winter at least. And hitched up to the slayings were two of the most magnificent. Ever seen they weren't built for speed but but for all manner of hard work truly in the winter to stump pulling in the summer. Hop on. I quite the snowmobile slick. And only two horse power might want to keep your head down so no stop paying the ashes low bit right. So how do you manage out here with none of the modern conveniences of modern conveniences such as C I don't know electricity lights television computers if you are one peculiar my anonymous you may you live and out here like some some old home standard. Half a peculiar funding so. Where we go one. A couple of came to the story yesterday they left just before blizzard came off time buried about it well I hope they had snow tires you can't even see the road and and where to apply powers issues you are no longer allowed at a Skype so huh. And we heard that word before blather is gonna eat and so it went for a few miles until an hour ago. Sutton doesn't look good to have old wagon from. Then you'll see that big bump under the snow. Oh again I'd do major assets their horse. Who's the couple I was telling you about so you don't listen as you seem to forget I hit my -- three branches sure. What might look at that what do you see well. Okay there's less no one and then the other branches and usually someone knocked it off as they walked past few top. Coast so maybe that couple had no hike the rest of the way they can be good car how far do you figure not far but. Possess no they weren't in the forests Shia. Like me and you save my life like nonsense. Little flick continued on ice shifting sides decide who probably looking for a couple of smaller lumps and personal. But what about a half hour later I could make him look like some kind of small town. If you can have been discovered in a blanket of fractional. Smoke curled tombstone chimneys. We pulled up close to one. What is this place pilot Hugh Hugh bought sits there with your mouth open and helping unload. Looks like they made it's how awesome this act are some. She's flick you've got enough stuff here to last the winner just getting into the port he wore these folks you see. This is a good thing you're doing inflict real look after each other that this community yeah. What planet are you from open. Click command command this calls for a glass of Obi joyful. Sarah quick Jews tear Sarah. Come. Home aren't we happy to see you back alive feared that you'll toward gun owners. And we thought so too. But think the almighty hi ms. hardy is a buck and Sara here still has all ten commandments ten commandments. He you know fingers and toes I'm sorry she sees my issue my my friend Dave he's not from these parts. Today if this is Ed and sat. And and Sarah I think. IE follow the half frozen with a nasty bump outside the store Bittermann on fish but the court harmless that that. Well YouTube would probably like to take the chill off and sit by the fire. Darling. This might be nice occasion to bring out that's special bottle it could hurt coming up. See it's fits we brought you some supplies I'll I'll bring him and yes that who would be held for all hope series full of you flick. How shall we ever repay you well OK I'll be right back. I gather myself and gulping and some fresh errors I was feeling just a little bit woozy. First flick can now end and Sarah know this was just plain freaky wasn't a coincidence. Where the heck was I. When I was I was more like it all right if I get it together and get it together sounds like a great name for TV show. Okay there's a reasonable explanation deep breath. Everything's unloaded well your just in the nick of time David we're about to open a bottle holder over holds we'd save charity case in just like this film what better way to celebrate Christmas and and life. And will there. I'm afraid I don't drink but no if you got a diet Coker Mountain Dew that'd be fine what are those beverages. Is still got a screw loose from that moment but first soda you know soft drink pop. Like trust turn and look at different corporate America Africa and get around Joba bottle of pop and. How would be fine ma'am. Cages though no many I'm not your mother please terra and now of blessed Christmas to us all. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas like have you noticed what we placed upon the tree but I in no darling can't manage to save it to see. I've been so distracted. Tonight fail to notice the tiny little fir tree in the corner of the room. It's sat on crude table and couldn't have been more than eighteen inches tall. Late from the window shined on it. And I want ornament that home right in the center. Slowly I'm rose from my chair and approached it as intrigued. Looks like that excess guerrillas' gun to his head. And yes a bit swollen knee. Careful sun don't touch that's perfectly all right he'll be careful. I just. It's so familiar. I wanna get a better look. I'll be careful. We just. Yeah. To me. Being. Lincoln what it looks like he's coming to Houston T aren't and I. Ha. Who seek thank goodness. You've had a scared to. What happened you got to put ornament to treat and somehow tricked felt. Had on the table. You wouldn't. Know what happened to view ornament smashed into a million pieces gone. Hope you recorded and so yeah. Every spectacular second and it was broadcast lie and of course cold we actually turned it into a CPR demonstration that you were going to broke I keep your mouth to mouth. And you have such soft lips. Yeah. You you gave me mouth to mouth but he is sure just how cold for a few seconds. And and you guys aren't mad at me is that went for whom did I get to the part where I told you it was all a joke and you got upset with me. Lucy you called me a jerk voice. You did what he had pretty bad did you if you re asleep. You think we're all of that sound to not know you're making up another one of your stories and who we let you go with it anyway FF. There's good TV. Into. That at a. OK everybody good show thanks for the excitement Dave I'll see you all in the green room for a little holiday a wrap party. You good is. I'm fine. He hands and good but. I really want to apologize for being such and you know such a jerk gave forget it. No I mean it changes. A local culture. Okay. I'm still out cold Pete fits it well then you might need them mouth to mouth after all. I think you're ranked pretty who I think so yeah yep let me have it compete. Couples need to. Baby Jenna you crazy getting though that this community and would you won't know you're on your own. I'll see you agree and lets the budget ski trip and they leave the nanny that. Mickey yeah. Com. We weak north. Wow all bad happening in just a matter of seconds. There was one more person I had to visit. Flick. Keep your hands on the and the right here. And days he's into X yeah staying. Well Lou what is its daily news IE stopped by an election know how it's meant yes I only really know. About the light tops and is this and senate. How could you possibly know that. See that's the food box with the moving pictures in the coroner. Sure it's a one of those modern conveniences. Cold days television alone yes side so all your silly story line is indeed leaving color but of course. So that explains that anything else. Dave no no like I guess not. Well then. Merry Christmas. And destroy a vine knocked in the womb to find new solutions millions yachts to you'll. And that day is yeah I think Q phone viewers scheme money for the life significant other. Ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah. We'll. And so ended my little adventure but as I was leaving huge hit. How could he know about my knee my connection with Lucy. Turned around to go back again. But then I caught my time. Inflicts window. They're still a small but my assistant tree surrounded by little presence around the base. Shaft of sunlight shined on one of the branches the light reflecting off one. Hair green. Familiar. No on this afternoon. Or reds games. You're little. Did. It's. And I. And then. And I am doing the it's. Okay. Okay. We he had his lying to. Share. Winning games are. Well he's. It. Soon. Yeah. I. It's. Nothing like a shiny new Christmas love song to warm our hearts a world premiere of the tournament sung by Gilbert she and Lindsay Corey lyrics by Dave Corey. And music iMac and and Corey. Sounds like a family affair. We hope you enjoyed the latest and players presentation of the tournament and original radio play written produced and directed play deep Corey. The role of flick was performed by around Sydney Kimba and Bill Murphy starting at Sarah and and the host of let's get together. Featured Julie Guy and season Jennifer Cody as Nicole Lee growing horde as Dini and Ricky Martinez has never. The key here today as Lucy and the floor manager was played by Steve Blackstone and the radio announcer was the golden throated dance Phillips special thanks to the latest them additional dialogue team and sound design by now. Corey I'm your host Ellen chassis wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year. And thank you Allan for putting putting the love in the corner and tone of the game that they used for the opportunity it's my pleasure. If you missed any part of our story you can hear it on line that light Miami dot com. Slash ornament this is Dave Corey thanks for listening and many Christmas to you. Dave and YouTube clip. But. Yeah. JC yeah me. Move. A news. Still. And bonds. The. It's. It is. The an all. Time home. He. I mean. Said oh yeah. Santa. Yeah. Live. News said. We. Man. And nine. And news. Small. He gave me. You can now. Again DN. SI. Okay. And I will. Me. Okay. Well then. I sometimes it is. Okay. I. He's not mean mainstream it's. Cool. And indeed to. We'll. You know. Yeah. Nancy. Being. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's. It's. Hey me over. Here. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Do all we. I. No. I. Hello where he. I. It. It's. I. Find ourselves living. I. All months. Okay. I. I. Okay. Okay. Okay.