Friday, December 11th

'The Ornament' made its debut Christmas Eve 2014 -- and is available here for listening at your pleasure. Merry Christmas!       

The LITE FM Players
Dave - Dave Corey
Flick - Rob Sidney
Ed - Bill Murphy
Sarah - Kimba
Memo - Ricky Martinez
Lucy - Vickie Aguirre
Susan - Julie Guy
Nicole - Jennifer Cody
Damian - Leroy Hoard
Radio Announcer - Vance Phillips
Floor Manager - Steve Gladstone 
Host - Ellen Jaffe

Written, produced and directed by Dave Corey 

'The Ornament' (The Love Song)
Lyrics - Dave Corey
Guitar - Ed Corey
Bass, rhythm, and other orchestration - Matt Corey
Vocals - Bill Murphy & Lindsey Corey
Recorded & produced by Matt Corey 

About his own 'Ornament', Dave Corey says, 'I worked at a public television station on a program called "Getting Together". The show was a mashup of community affairs, politics, culture, and entertainment. The six hosts decided it would be interesting to each bring in an ornament that was 'special' to their Christmas celebration and tell its story -- where it was from, who owned it first, what it means, etc. 

'I didn't have what I considered an interesting story ... so I found an ornament, made it look rustic and created a wonderful tale about it. After the story I planned something exciting to put a 'bow' on my work of fiction. It backfired -- but provided me the basis for a unique Christmas radio play!'

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