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Sunday, December 24th

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Twas the night before Christmas. Upon that redefined our image of Christmas and Santa Claus he for the reading of it became a tradition in many American families. Saint Nicholas patron saint of children. It's never been associated with the slay your reindeer the home also called a visit from zinc and this was written an 1822. Like Clement Clarke Moore whose father Benjamin the bishop of New York. Was famous for officiating at the inauguration of George Washington. The first publication date of twas the night before Christmas this December 23 at 1823. It was an immediate success. And now the 101 point 59 FM players present Clement Clarke mores. Twas the night before Christmas. Twas the night before Christmas. And all through the house not a creature was stirring not even amounts. Stockings were hung and chimney with care in hopes that saint Nicholas soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds. While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads and on the inner connection and I in my cap. Just settled our dreams for a long winters there. Grown brew sector flatter and forty from the get this you always been. A way to do when I flew like a flask full permission Anderson this. The mood and the rest of the new influence you know. Gave a luster of mid June to conscience balloon. When wet tonight wondering eyes should appear but a miniature sleigh and eight tying ray team. Who can literally drive through some nice clean thing I knew him only two months BC news. More people than Eagles his persistence. And he whistled and shouted and called them by name. Now dasher now dancer now Prince Harry Dixon uncommon. Cupid on Donner and listen to the top of the yeah wall now dash away dash to wait to play. And it's drying leaves that before the wild hurricane fly. When they nieces an obstacle mount to the sky so up to the house top of course is big blue. With the sleigh full of toys and saint Nicholas too. In a twinkling night. Don't prancing and pawing of each little note as I drew in my head and was turning around down the chimney saint Nicholas came with a back. He was dressed infer from head to reflect and his clothes were all furnished with ash is instant. Bundle of toys yet why not is damaged any peddler just opening his eyes healthy twinkle. Dimples and married his cheeks rooms his nose like at scenery. His droll little mouth distraught applicable. In the beard and his chin was his way it is now. Stump of the plate you explain in this T and smoke it encircled his hands like complete. He had brunch c.s and the little round belly that shook when he definitely the pool full of gently. He was a shabby in the form right jolly old elf and I left when I saw him and I don't myself. A wing can design an twisted his head soon gave me to know I have nothing to drink. Yeah. He went straight to his heart and filled out the stockings. Then turn to cheer. And laying his finger at citing his hands and giving a nod I mean roofs. He sprang to his sleigh to his team gave a whistle and oh wait they also Mike and down this. But I heard him explain airy drove out of sight. Merry Christmas to all. And to all our good enough. One of one point five lightning the players are Roberts Sydney Richard Lugar. Susan wants you don't Ellen Jeff. I'm your host Steve. Nearly Christmas. All the. I see. The Angel stands. Yeah so. And. I. Okay. I. And. Is now. I.