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Thursday, December 24th

Here, we transport the story to modern-day Miami.

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You don't want yeah. Miami. Good evening and Merry Christmas and I near miracle in Miami host Dave quarries and and here is one of one point five lite FM general manager and generous compensation. Greetings from all of us here and while one point five light SM. This year our Christmas present to you is our own very special adaptation of the classic miracle on 34 street we call it miracle in Miami gets wrapped in a colorful covering them laughter tied when they bright grin and a good humor and decorated with sparkling stars the lite FM players. Turn the lights down low get your family together now and it's time to enjoy an everlasting story of the power of belief thing and so if you're ready it's curtain time for the radio play that proves. There really is a Santa Claus. Miracle in Miami starring a lite FM players. It's Thanksgiving week in Miami. Indeed land small preparations are being made for the most wonderful time of the year the spectacular decorations that adorn Macy's department store herald in the Christmas season. Today Santa Claus arrives and is about to win his way through the mall look sort of many Macy's parade complete with marching bands floats clowns Santa's helpers and fairy tale characters. Away from the gathering crowd are two of Macy's public relations experts. She's simply wonderful mrs. walker. I just saw him getting ready for months late the most. Realistic summed up close we've ever had what he did. Paddy did you notice she's don't mean so Iran's affirm so falling back. Well now that everything's on the controller where did you find you I don't know like. Just turned around and didn't want buzz and you can the man whose place YouTube was intoxicated. That threat that would knock over reindeer are you just think if mr. Macy has seen what if mr. Nordstrom had seen him. Competition between our stores is tough enough. Or you're gonna get around to let's watch not by mr. Gonzales. Going to go find Susie and go home to relax I'll be having my fill this in the next few weeks why I hear you. What I'll see tomorrow mr. walker and congratulations. On finding the best summed up close in Macy's key stream. Certainly has a wonderful parade Susan. Just look at that clown. What a giant Cheryl Constantine and Gary yeah six games saying. Well not now maybe but. Really standing and do you. Oh yeah. What about the giants could Jack. You're no Jack it means don't everybody in your sense if it's him. I mean it's very loving very cancers silly. This team. Do. Mom and lots of extremist mr. king I see I have I hope you don't mind I love coming here this time here. I saw Susan standing in front of Macy's. It's trying. Susie tell me quite a lot about you need her hearing previously. Is Susie and I pass in the hole just about every morning she often catch the bus to school and neither the office. Major we're gonna chance it anyway it's it's a pleasure to finally. Can't we use this as well Kirk endurance. He goes six tons and don't even mention the name Weiner learned well that's Santa Claus he sees the last minute substitute but while it's. True. When the landlord was last year's. Yeah I Sheila can't drink and. The idea. I see Susie doesn't believe in Santa Claus either that's right she never has. Yeah. Feet and it seems Keating in their early to MS. Do you mean 9 eastern game you know. But please don't bother I'll come just haven't seen Richard person believed to be turned to look smooth. You know most I had. Ask her greatest hits and this it seems he should. I'm hopeful but hey you can still find seats and didn't see three mr. community. Yeah. It. Hello hello Richard are you has mr. Gonzales I just hacked account you'll hear a shot. Back allows gays don't like liberals who think you. Toward the front how ever fine I'm sure he'll be greed now. Are. You a huge. Good well we'll talk about in the morning he's doing mr. Gonzales. Yeah. Here he is mr. Gonzales here's Santa Claus. All right thank you ought to Fred shank you. Good morning summed up close and it made me. Not before you go to the toy department issued a justice who is we hospital who shook hands and do all things moreover stalled on. Now do you find it a day many shield things would be undecided as to what they want for. And when that happens Ewing merely suggest one of these items do you understand the hype you shouldn't lead who worked fine that's fine. Now did he missed an outfit here would take you to your thought but up. Fill them in the toy department and don't you forget Joseph working. I. Barney. Who of course I am more do you want for Christmas little. Boy current thinking changed furnished him and that's normal reaction came here I want just goes this isn't real low income rigs into this beaten man who beat the American and that trimmings are then can I confront us. And I promise you'll get fuel transformed. I mean I think that's fine that's deep you only hear Justin monologues that stinks and plus him here. And smack him saying. It's you who don't know watched the troubled I'm told denied. The kid want to transformer. But bear in London we had anywhere in town means you ain't got it ain't nobody got anything and my feet are killing me and you say OK he gets a transformer but who can get one and poison. Toys just down the street four under thirty dollars. Wonderful muggy and police and police jinx. I don't get why following the toy market very closely Macy's sending people to other stores New Year's UT. Who and the web important being used to make to children happy how many scenes on somebody else cells in the toy doesn't matchup. Shouldn't feel that way and. Mean the end loops cool yes sure it's only I didn't know meet teens and I don't get it. I just don't get it OK who's next day and right this way this is the blow us all a guy and your next. Of course you do her you want some special shoes don't shoot yeah Jessica isn't suspicious. Laughs yeah. Clearly you don't have even. I. And he hasn't signed she is here at Macy's haven't you sued school there are good shoes all right but not quite cool enough. Now I met some really war and a huge Jessica Simpson's and Strom I'm sure Nordstrom has just what this little girl wants it pretty good. Meshing the next to mr. Gonzales are you mr. Gonzales I mean you mean. Norstrom. Nordic stone. That's just said Norstrom. This may be sentenced to speak to nor. A strong. Just wanted to congratulate you wouldn't we see it's just wonderful news on your pulling for me to imagine. Outfit like Meese he's putting this Christmas the head of the commercial norms. Jerome. From now on. We originally Macy's customer I just didn't know him. Hi this. And they think could depending have been very sticky or keep you certainly know about Macy's store or don't you Susan good that's because they let their ricks here. That's fifteen to silly being links in CNET time well I just feel that but when you talk to them you might. And mister Gainey and certainly many teacher Hank. We take a quick look how Joseph frank young lady. Or to a new new group Susan blocking what you rice mine. Green screen little concerned globes being. Who you don't believe that Andy and he's in the management she's blocking. Cool cool cool when you and saying you did this look teens can't cons and never seen greeting you'd be strange things. It didn't have one of those things ankle injury here's a couple match because is true. Just like aren't really Santa Claus no Gordon and which. Hope who owe learning. Night he me ill I can you think that's yeah tips and and and now what would you like to bring usual Christmas yeah thinking here. Whenever I let me read it won't get. It just sends it didn't cost generics that's quite right season those Monday. Newser Gainey and me hello mrs. walker hello. Well the explanation for all this is very simple your your means mother sprained her ankle she had to go home and so she asked me to bring Suzy down to. And wolf as long as we were here I figured we might as well say hello to Santa Claus is real risk is that they. Susan would instantly to your turn next you are until. I'd. I shouldn't of brought Susie to see Santa Claus Santa. You're making me feel completely heartless part I'm sorry. Did she see teaching assistants had a times is a minute and you show her very convinced single men with real risk users who wish she'd believed him. That's right isn't it. When Susan was a baby. Her father and I were divorced and ever since then nine's protected my child like teaching whom realities. If you to believe in fairy tales and fantasy. You can never be hurt during disillusioned. We were talking about Susie mrs. walker and I must ask you let me raise her has ICC it's. Sorry dear the store is going to close soon hormonal under my office. Oh okay yeah Alfred said you wanted to see me mrs. walker oh. Ask me and. I. I'd be grateful to you please tell Susan Richard her really she had a clause. Then there's actually no such person oh but mrs. walker not only is this such a person. Here I AM to prove rich and you know you misunderstand I I want you to tell her the truth now on. What's your real name Chris Chris don't what I always tell the truth. Solution impoundment jury in the first grade. Set grange I mean your real name. But he is my real name my goodness the second grade very well. I had your employment data right here in the computer. Just look at luck. That's a very cute dress you have on solution moved from stick. Tankers are cool. So you tell the truth do you moon look at the monitor read it and he knew. Chris Kringle. The dress Brooks memorial home downtown and you call them if you kept confirmed it misses walk up it to hold for the elderly convenient tool I just topple metro rail and more would you also like me to confirm this. Which snapped deed of birth. As old as my tong and a little bit older than my teeth. Place of birth North Pole now really who packet I believe you don't mean mrs. walker a hook and this talks everything next weekend. Dasher dancer printer and vixen I'm sorry to have to do this mr. Gringo but the Santa Claus we had two years ago is back in town. Till we owe it to him to. I have done something wrong and it's just that we yet. Excuse me. Hello. DC even restore all solid Richard walker. Up whatever you are going to miss that makes you want to see just even immediately. I'll be biting at. Well I'm afraid I'll have to be very abrupt switch you. I have to see mr. Macy UBK for the full week mr. Kringle announcing your check to better address. Well not mumble come right then none mrs. walker mr. Gonzales thank you mr. Macy now. About this new policy to initiated age. Macy's Santa Claus sending customers to Nordstrom boy and I I. I can't explain everything we domain see you don't have to explain a thing just looked at my desk 42 emails and over 500 phone calls. Grateful parents are expressing undying gratitude to Macy's department store why. Drew you're both so from now on not only will our Santa Claus continue this way but every salesperson in the entire store you mean if if we haven't got a the customer asks for word to send him where ever he can get it. No high pressuring. No forcing a customer to take something he doesn't really want. I think that's what are from mr. Macy why will be known as up and helpful store the beat the friendly store and the store that places public service ahead of profits. And consequently. Will make more profit slid. A pass for you mrs. walker. And you mr. Gonzales you'll find a more practical expression of my gratitude in New York Christmas envelope uncle who TO DA consumer you want to get a a year and tell that wonderful Santa Claus. I won't forget him either a matter of fact I'll tell myself on the morning kicks in eastern received good night. Good night. Good good me mister BC I'm thank you again sir. I don't have all of us. Yes we work co host a matter when you. Mr. Gonzales. I just fired him pool seem to clubs all known about it your career high. But they did he's. He's crazy mr. Gonzales she really thinks she is sort of clause I don't think that's easy money you came. And it was a frantic few hours the dar spent last night rushing out of the Brooks memorial home assuring Chris Kringle that Macy's wanted to come back as Santa Claus on now Chris is again presiding over the crowd and toy department while in her office Doris and mr. Gonzales. Don't you understand mr. Gonzales that old man with a nice white whiskers insists that he is Santa Clyde is quite he's out of his mooring. Should just just lose it one day who now I've got to tell mr. Macy can get its bottom be okay he shows I illegal Greeks. Sure he's a Salman. Listen to someone you're impartial now can space with some employees is a neat and now the way he can pay. What he's big he's. What isn't Steve the aged Adam. Mean she's she's sworn in blue morals newspapers. Macy's is running it. But it's all about the other stories Nordstrom and too hard you know I know mr. Macy's idea to hoe about customers find what they want. Say they want to know that Santa Claus certainly has started something. How well honed get a hold of a menace lunch hour in cinema to mr. Sawyer. Aren't changed my clothes mr. Sawyer and came right back home will then. Denture own beard and a almost hit a pair this Boone. Interesting complex and back that. What do you carry Cain. I always carry came mr. Soria who who had caddies when I win streak close. Clinton couldn't buy you I call this came out over a runoff from one of my old swing east watch that's quick to try and always taught back. Of course president of the United States. Give me and difficult one like yeah 'cause like Lowe's. Vice president under James Monroe and conducting this examination. And so he has done and you are deep talk Kindle so tolerant than you look under your brother nervous man home true mr. Soria and then what do you mean to me do you would you get enough sleep. Money personal habits and opens the no no one hand in my holding up right and how many singers do you see three. Oh dear oh dear. You might chill may use to pump that should stand up together. Arms extended and muscular coordination tests were taken dozens of these tests. This destroy him. Are you happy at home once. That will meet all mr. Quenneville to examination is over but I think you'll. I'm too yeah and it may interest you to know that I have been happily married for 22 years. Very happily married so delighted to hear it and by mr. soiled. Missed all. Mrs. walker on the phone. Except you wife. Mr. slack she wartime already. You tell mine mailing list exhibit and mind your own business. All right. I know. I was just gonna argue mr. Sawyer oh there's abductor appears stopping by this afternoon victory who don't do tears she's the position that the trucks home. I told her she might discuss mr. Pringles case. Well there's hardly any point in discussing it mrs. walker. Obviously the old man should be discharged. So doctor pierce Kringle should be dismissed immediately and send to a mental institution own town just a minute mr. Sawyer die he's deluded saying that he Santa Claus to delusion for good. I thought he only wants to be friendly and helpful is sold manners suggests aggressiveness. But the way he carries that Cain mrs. walker naturally I can't discharge stat freak so when he exhibit's his maniacal tendencies. Please realize the responsibility is completely yours. Well I'm right back where I started mrs. walker I assure you Kris Kringle hasn't you know maniacal tendencies by if there's the slightest possibility of his causing any trouble what trouble off. All the needs to happen as a policeman asked his name's Chris all clank clank and Macy's Santa Claus is opened the psychopathic ward well you can prevent that very simply now there must be so here at the storm could run in my room. Then they can both come to work together. I just as soon he avoided that metro rail ride from downtown anyway you mean sort of take custody Evan you know. Do you think it mr. Kringle agreed that comes well I'm sure you'll agree well in the in that case. And let me see who I know who could rid him room. And grasping hands daily testing sticking your foot in Q sushi and most of date tragic it looks early in your home worry. You talked in. Critics say he. What a fine young man that mr. gay music. Just think allowing me to schindler's opponent. Mesh screens yeah he can't deny their hopes and Serbian. Aluminum. Anyway I'm clear re great crew and learning a little girl and all you idol dreams. Any games laughs and very skinny teen sit home and not sure is in. Alice goes to being in her own much solution. We're just pretending that I asked him looks closer Sarah took a hall of course in order to openly gay games you need. Imagination. And actually see things that finger where only hair and her. Only two mutants we ask how much you don't need imaginations and police. All by itself and how you've you've heard of the French nation and the British nation Lance where he sees. The imagination. The very interesting place to. Now how would you like to be able to to make snowballed since so far no one or should Disney world in the morning and in the afternoon fly to Key West with a flock of McCain's people. I'm quite so I let it out or it's very simple very. Well anyway here. The next time they played patrol and you can be a T I don't know did you learn. Don't chew group how we show you now France to him over in the lake. Right this scene. No you nurture arms hang in Luke's seeing early yeah. Does that fine fine now what your hand over here and start scratching. Rural and it assists petitions. A just solution. Satisfying to go to scratching his I've ever seen. Now you start chattering Saturday it's no listen. She's she's cute CPU and scratching there's a job and can't we mourn together seemed. Sharper and scratch and then scratch and shattered seed who moved boo boo boo hoo. Hoo hoo. But through all that. And Susan are you doing beautifully. You really hit a fifty per. William maybe. Time for Santa didn't heed. Alone I don't want overstayed my welcome. Before I don't know about Christmas. We something you might for Christmas. Well I certainly talk about something mr. England you have we're all a what is it they're truly eastern right here on the coffee tables. ITunes each item or Maggie looked into your house poor. That's what you want instant. And old house sort of move seaside house isn't it I'm not adopt our own meal happens. You hoax ads and if you're really senate can't you can get through and I now know not only to manage who beat. What could you possibly do with the with the big house and it wouldn't do there. And she could and I am. Hello. Why even this message Susie. So he could and I know. I keep this picture just just in case I guess armed Q do you think you'll. Well mr. Daley's waiting for me and I think Monty and poor. If she did you know that. And this is your bedroom mr. Pringle. Your very kind every lead to only misty Gailey just what is it too. Do for relieving pain well I'm a lawyer Castro Castro Sherman and elevate the only moon and you weren't there like living here in the city. Well it's convenient but says some may have liked to get a place in the grove may be near the beach who. I'm not a big house just one of those who are junior partner deals co. One of those little seaside homes sink yeah a little seaside home would be great. Gordon Gordon yeah yes and you're road ahead. According fond of mrs. walker that you have to tell a lot of good and it does knew she lives and I'm. Cast iron shell and it's just a little difficult to penetrate. Well you must try a little harder and mr. Daly too could be you know mrs. walker in their child a rough couple of lost souls and. It's up to us to help them. Could well groomed good night trained company people don't know I'm not going to be cheated out of this you know all my life I've wondered about it then and now I'm gonna find out. Tell me to Santa Claus sleep with his whiskers outside or inside the covers nickel cobalt. Outside of course outside by all means. The cold air makes Motorola. Time. Now to thank you very much good night. Oh come on this walker command please thank you mr. Macy. Just heard something very exciting you have well let me tell you something very exciting our policy of being kinda customers has tripled sales know what do you figure that I have two wonderful mr. Macy and Norstrom thinks it's wonderful to. How Nordstrom no stumbled to her topping the same politics so well is that that's subtle and to act gives me an idea as to what is Nordstrom is doing the same thing why some pictures for the newspapers. Pictures yes. You and mr. Nordstrom shaking hands shaking hands RH Macy and and Nordstrom well but yes. Yes. Yes why not with Santa Claus it's a great idea mrs. walker. Macy's and Nordstrom shaking hands. OK that's enough pictures that's enough that you gentlemen thank. You very much. Well mr. Nordstrom come RH now we can go over demise story and get some really good pictures. Just amended I have something here for Santa Claus. You are mr. Kringle I checked in appreciation for all you've done popped me student BC why. That's most crude view I didn't think you were that generous RH that's quite a check. So war what do you do with a mr. Pringle. Where I eat I have a friend and I doctor Peterson she needs a new X ray machine Macy's will buy the machine for her well then. Put Nordstrom down for an MRI machine. That. You can't prenuptial agreement actually keep it up at this rate my friend we'll have all. Two hospitals. How the pictures journal mr. Pringle who try now free and fighting. How about a game of domino Lucia during the lunch date. Not today Chris I don't feel so good. Well we're still not sure Alfred. Home nothing much remember I was telling you and I like to place an a plus over into wine gives out packages to the kids' hands well. I was telling mr. Sawyer about it he says that's very bad psychologically it's all wrong room to be nice to to root. Well he says guys who play Santa Claus Stuart because when they was young they must've done something bad and now they do something they think is good to make up for a seat. It's what he calls and unplug deal complex yeah. I don't Brendan what else has he found wrong we knew nothing much. Just that I hate my father. I didn't know it but he says I do. Excuse me. Hey aren't you gonna have lunch. HM right now I have an appointment with mr. Soria. And. Why are what do you mean breaking into my office like this are you a licensed psychiatrist. Businesses and of yours I have great respect for psychiatry. And great contempt. For meddling amateur those who go around practicing at so shut up you ought to be horse whipped. Keno borne like Alfred and failing him up with. Complexes and flew arias and I think I'm better equipped to judge that and you. Joseph stick because Alfred wants to be trying to children you'll tell him he has had gudermes complex hick Hickey. In the same delusion you couldn't possibly understand. And don't you wait dad came at me I think you stop analyzing our friend or go straight to mr. Macy and tell them what are content to. Would you want to get out of here. Before I have you thrown out. They're they're the only way to handle a man like you. Some Mexican citizen to you. All grew. I ain't bad hole I hit a high hold it at that it would save me. All of please. This is walker couldn't get a psychiatric ward at Jackson memorial very. You can see mr. penal now mr. Kiely. Thank you nurse. Hello Chris the piano frame. Chris I've been speaking to the doctors they said they've given you some tests. Millions person tasks except this time you failed to pass them. Chris you deliberately failed why I had. Win because I had great hopes trade and I had a feeling mrs. walker was beginning to meet. And now. Win. Now I discovered she was only. Q mooring meal at a time that this was endorses idea at all mr. Sawyer had just set up here before she even knew about it. My blood why. Why didn't she come to see meet and explore themes. 'cause she didn't wanna hurt chew the we know it's not just misses wall creates. When I'm not take mr. so yeah he's content to move dishonest deceitful. And yet he's out there and I mean here. Well yeah extension normal I don't want to X but she can't just thinking yourself Chris what happens do you matters to a lot of other people. People like me who believe in what you stand for it. And and people like who like Susie is just beginning to. Chris you're letting us down. Buying them. Maybe you reached. The court she'll write acts. Are you ought to be ashamed of myself. To get out of here now wait a minute you flaunt your mental examination but good. Interest itself look good. It's been real anyway you'll run more do you fix it's I. Hateful look I can't just now I won't let you down and you won't let me down Chris don't take it easy. Look there have to be hearing if if you're going to be committed it has to be before judge. We hadn't well. If I can do anything at all it'll. Have to be in a courtroom. Sit tight Crist. I'll get an idea that I have to get an idea. Bob you lumps. And for me mister Lacey I certainly did mr. Sawyer I brought my family to the toy department to see our Santa Claus and our Santa Claus isn't there he's in Jackson memorial nine yeah yes and mr. may seek because he's mentally unstable yes there are none. Stable. Right unstable mine foot now you listened to me Sawyer you get that case drop him right away or you'll have another lump to match the one he gave you money it's out of my hands mr. Kringle goes to court in the morning well just see that he's back in the toy department by afternoon now I'm out of here. Alone mr. Daly a couple of missed mr. gig at least yes I tried to looking all over for you I mr. Sawyer follow. So you were Sawyer. Yes I eon I was just speaking to the court clerk Kenny said you represent mr. Kringle cup well and I represent mr. Lacey well then. I'll see you in court own only no Kiki she's dead. That's when I wanted to speak to about Mel mister Mason would like to drop the whole case right now. DC where most anxious to avoid any publicity no publicity firm. Well and it's very interest thing. Then he'll collaborate you know something Sawyer you just given me the idea I've been searching for. Our own include college if I'm gonna win this case I'm gonna have to have public opinion and plenty of it and publicity he's. Just the way to do it. Thanks and not so long mr. Sawyer the miss daisy thumb button missing really. These newspapers Christie here Miami Herald doctors doubt sanity of Santa who launched goodwill campaigned much. You think the sun sentinel Macy's Santa Claus to have sanity hearing from her. What's this one the Miami new times the impact he. This couldn't do it would receive your home court case coming back kid is current. Coach Monty. Driven the economy clear back to page five what get a good night's sleep Chris we go before judge harbor attend tomorrow morning. For a few weeks a jolly old man named Chris Pringle has been working minor miracle says Macy Santa Claus. But now his sanity has been seriously questioned and in a crowded courtroom judge harper listens patiently as the assistant district attorney. Someone's Crist to the witness stand. Now this is not a trial mr. Kringle it's just a hearing so you don't have to answer any questions. Now they know where you live please. Don't hate seems to me that's what this hearing will decide won't it. Mr. Kringle do you believe that you were set the clocks well of course I do more. And so you runner in this state rests its case. Well mr. gala in your honor. Mr. Morris contends my client is not sane. Because he believes he used Santa Claus an entirely logical conclusion. Anyone who thinks he's Santa Claus is crazy your honor you believe yourself to be judged harper yet. No one questions your sanity because you are judged harper connect mr. Kringle is the subject of this sanity hearing not 58. Well your honor I intend to prove that mr. Kringle is Santa Claus. I thought you said this was a cut and dried sanity hearing that he's taught what is your honor. I'm beaten and in view of mr. Gailey statement I'll have to review the entire background on this case courts adjourned until tomorrow morning. Doris Doris I'm sorry I'm late but but get ready we're really gonna celebrate tonight what are we celebrating. Ginger reasons. The paper's sale his mouthpiece throws bombshell in Miami courtroom a free hand. You're not really serious about this you can't afford proved to Chris Kringle in Santa Claus well you saw mr. Macy and mr. Nordstrom shake hands match. It wasn't possible leave or your firm have to say about it Haslett McKenzie in and the rest of them. How much that I've done jeopardize their prestige and and either I drop this impossible case serves they'll drop me deceit so I beat him to it I quit. And you threw away her career because of a sudden medal hauls well I'd open my own office what kind of cool toy you get over. Probably a lot of people like Chris or being pushed around it's the only fun in law anyway. Doris look don't have any faith in me at all. It's not a question of shade it's it is just common sense. Faith is believing in things in common sense tell him not to. Not just Chris that's on trial it's everything he stands for human kindness and love and pick. Friend listen we've seen a lot of regent of the last couple of weeks I well. It becomes why did you we've talked about some wonderful plans haven't we and do this you go on and I delisting binge throw away your security you expect we'd be happy about it and I expect too much is that it. Now that's bad I guess. And I endorse and. Yeah. Who here is this mr. Mara. Well can't wait until two hour meeting didn't. Who who's been subpoenaed. Well how do you guys feel about it cedar are less dear RH Macy he's been subpoenaed. My Yahoo! reporters they make me look like a sadistic monster who likes nothing better than to drown pussycat shouldn't care is all. Why is she clean to your tummy still awake and he can hear you co Q is it just break his heart if he knew what his daddy is doing I'm doing my job as assistant district could turn right well I'm not so sure that I don't agree with them you know mr. Pringle looks like a very nice old men and I don't see why you have to keep persecuting him I'm not persecuting him and prosecuting. Him like the old man until wit there's nothing I. I can do about it you know some think Thomas. I wish I'd marry a butcher our error well if I lose this case since very. Show bull he'll get your wish. Our feet from EC I wonder what he's gonna polls tomorrow. Proceed to the witness mr. nearly. Now than mr. Macy. If you recognize the defendants please tell us who we is why why Chris Kringle of course do you believe him to be of sound mind sound mind who wish I had a doesn't like them mr. Macy you are under oath do you believe that men and Santa Claus. Well you can't count that's a rather delicate. It's just that compose headlines tomorrow. These units is said to cause is full. Oh not. You keep now this Nordstrom. What did you sing Bob Bob none nothing nothing nothing mr. morrow nothing nothing at all nothing well I wish you would it is and that man Santa Claus is yes in my opinion most certainly yes. You're honored there is no such person is Santa Claus as everybody knows it can you prove there isn't any. And no one I won't try come wasted court time with such childish nonsense. You're honored the prosecution request an immediate ruling from the court he's there or is they're not a Santa Claus well now. I mean. And the court we'll take a short recess to consider the question. Hello Henrik why shot lead in what he's doing here cantonal trend is it union chambers. And if you ask me he never need friends like you do now this single case. I certainly don't see what they're making such a fuss about Henry. That's Santa Claus you've got a chance there. On trial for lunacy. Excuse is dynamite and you're coming up for reelection soon. But Charlene do you know what happened last night Laura brought the grandchildren over and then there wouldn't kiss grandpa. I wouldn't even talk to meet her suit I mean. If you grew business center console. You've been since the content chicken farm right now. I'm a responsible. Who challenged. How can I seriously ruled that there is a Santa Claus because of what happens if you don't. The kids recounted in the don't hang up their stockings now what happens to all the toys that are supposed to do in the seconds. Nobody buys them between manufacturers have to layoff employees but now you've got the whole working class against it oh yeah and they're gonna say it would vote CC. Oh and the department stores or contribute to lol yes sir Henry and what about the Salvation Army. The at a Santa Claus on every street corner kick taken a lot of money to help the pork cook the good and Henrik you go in there and really there isn't any senate cons but if you do. It can canning getting just two votes he rooms and that district to. See you later Henry. The off. Question of Santa Claus seems to need. Largely a matter of opinion. Via. Tradition. Of American justice demands abroad and on prejudice view of such a controversial matter what but curator at this course and therefore intends to keep its mind open. We shall last for evidence. I'm not either side but the burden of proof clearly wrestling my opponent. Can't he produce any evidence to support his views if your honor please I can. Will Thomas tomorrow please take the stand me he know Thomas Morris junior. I believe he and his mother are both in court today yeah. Tommy do you believe in Santa Claus. I sure do he gave me an agenda and he expressed here now from. What do Santa Claus look like Tony well there is shooting heroin there. Her honor I have checked all the rule thome thome. Why you're used to shore there's a senior class because my dad told me so I can't. Thank you time you can go back to your mother now CNN but you certainly will your honor I don't think San. This yeah on the print media can't quarter back don't. I worry Tommy. You will only get hit mr. Pringles if you don't mind I know I didn't I'm sorry sir. Your runner in the state of Florida concedes the existence of a shame that Clark's. But he and so conceding we demanded mr. Gailey stopped presenting personal opinion is evidence tie he insists he submit authority to prove that mr. Kringle here. He's the one and only Santa Claus. Ex well mr. Gailey. Are you prepared to show that mr. Pringle is Santa Claus on the basis of one. Prejudiced authority which will certain that no no not now I I I need a little time why not now tomorrow your honor. Very well. Courts adjourned until tomorrow morning's. Low around. Then the season and tomorrow. Come see your finish your supper. I can't learn how first six holes and then his papers and mr. cool car and mr. or they're having this trial because. He says TC clients. Saro but he still narrow narrow some jolly and key to our liking you are trying their clue less San. You know something. I think maybe you're right. And clerks and armor and I'm freaking must be. They are letter needed yeah thank you Alex yeah. No postman for us then again change would you mind taking this letter. Bush and the 81 point straight down to the post office now. I believe take a. Well what do you know lead. The letter from any cause. Age isn't one instead it must halt this kid's got adjusted crews could well look any Dade County courthouse where attic is right you know. And catch. He got lunch and down man. Lazy standing clause and a day claims he's. I hate I. And I mean you're not commonly Santa Claus letters we got down nearly dead letter office saying up who knows it must be 151000. And not all of it was in July dates do you meet. And above drinking wine match you know I wouldn't be nice to get rid of the all important and. Obama hey look weak Suzuki to the post office we go to cedar supervise and you know salt and that we all get. Hot hot hot. Berenson creepy laugh again their Frankie yeah. Fair and since the defense has been an able to submit one shred of proof that Chris. Pringle is the one and only Santa Claus. Tens since tonight is Christmas Eve. I ask your runner that this hearing be terminated without further delay I protest. I do have evidence five minutes ago you said you didn't during mr. Morris or ration the bailiff handed my client the evidence I referred to. Watch and they didn't spare this everyday and she your I'm not. Yes mister Crandall gifts from some some walk up. She believes in me. At least let him means more to meet him if anything in the war. That letter your honor was delivered by the United States post office and official agency of the federal government. Despite the computer raged the post office department is one of the largest business concerns in the world. Last year it did gross volume of over 77. Billion dollars and this year you're around her who. Bearing does this have on the sanity of that man my point is that the laws of this country make it a criminal offense to willfully in this direct mailer. Or intentionally deliberate to the wrong party you're runner that's all well and good and we're very happy to concedes mr. Daley's up. For the record mr. Mara for the record anything to get on wood this case thank you. Your honor that letter just received by mr. Kringle is positive proof that up one letter is. Hardly positive proof then I I have further exhibits your honor but. But I hesitate to produce them come come mr. Daley put them here on my desk but your honor I said put them on my desk. All right folks. They're Waterloo and. XMD goes mail sacks on George carlin's desk we'll bring them all end all be fine for contempt of Clark's. And all his. Just his second year and I'll we'll get on. We'll rankings please don't quite real neat thing where you go out our. Miss Jared. Your honor every one of those letters each and every one of those mail sacks is addressed to Santa Claus the post office delivered them. Therefore the post office recognizes Chris Pringle to be V one and only Santa Claus. Since the United States government declares this man to be Santa Claus. This court will not disputed. Chased this. Sink and. My a large room. So as soon as I got out of course I came shrieked at Macy's to see you Doris I'm Chris I'm so glad you whine. We're having a big Christmas party at the Brooks home tomorrow morning I blew off so much to see you wouldn't solution and we will be their Chris. Chris. Couldn't you. Couldn't come home now and have dinner with us now more than types who can mean. Oh my goodness heiress each each Christmas Eve. And. According to. Your friend Brooke look cool came all the way yelled into the hole and not just for on Christmas party. Chris yeah it's mr. Macy used to launch from drew. Hope excuse me Alfred mrs. walker institution have to leave now. And and I want to see them before they go home. Suzy turner and you've got so many precedents. We're blink and you were it not only littlest any gas from well who want to. It doesn't matter. Usually get a break on Tony. So king Eric and so Z. I am sorry Susie I try my best book and you can't can you saw it Klein yeah. Username and I like to say the hell I was more on when I told you dad you must believe in mr. Pringle. And keep more and I'm doing it you must have fainted. I don't think any extension and she'd just believing in things in common sense tells you know what to. I mean just because things don't turn out there when you won Conchita first time you've still got to believe in people. Send news hello Doris shrimp you missed me Merry Christmas Susan guy she just got here already hear me. Home alive in here well and if you're ready to leave home drive you home and before you go home. Here's a map I've made for you you don't miss a lot of traffic as. Five miles south juicy Stewart avenue now that and that's discreet she wants George avenue thanks Chris. And Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you Fred. And to you might yeah. At and T who solution. I believe mr. paying her eye and you. Yeah I should post that I didn't see him. I don't understand friend and an Chris gave definitely says Stewart avenue which have been on Stewart avenue now for I just. Can't actually see what at what her. Since Z. Know what she's wanting it to the house at least there's no one home X. It's brand it's just been oops yeah for sale. Except for sale why on earth that child into new. Susie paint Susie. And now comes here you know you should run around in other people's houses. Perhaps to change this I'll say then don't I mean this house I can see this house some where I know I have. New Teen Magazine nor do action. Our next story and 40. Mr. green. There are more money you are real soon he. He's been teacher parent says the way you run an actress he's still got to do need and I believe. You are right colonel. And it kind. Yeah where are you going. And remove your mind. And you and you told her that. About and believing well you told me Fred Francis. A sign outside. For sale on when. We can't let her down McKinley never really touting do you. Just my silly common sense. Imus be a pretty good lawyer guy take a little old man and legally prove to the world that he Santa Claus. Not you know that couldn't be trash cement. I just find your place following now know he can feed. It could. Cain. Chris is Cain. Why they couldn't beat two teens like this anywhere in the world so for Handel and oh yeah. You know something or maybe I didn't do such a wonderful thing after a long season. And this. Okay lure. His run. Please. Leave me room okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And I. Clearly just a few hours the most joyful day of the year will have come and go on they're honoring our time has it every time we'll see who foolish folks who deride the spirit of Christmas. Watch and every country and in every time they don't overwhelmed by those who find it the whole. Happiness of the future. Find those of us who believe in our hearts that there can be peace on this earth and goodwill among the law and and on behalf of the Miccosukee tribe of Indians for cash and all the fine folks at like a fan mail I wish all of you. Yes topologies. Merry Christmas. And to all that good night. Yeah. This is deep core producer and director of miracle in Miami. Thanks for tuning in tonight the latest employers include she McRae Tony Lewis now. Passionately tap. Daryl Lee OC loose Fernandez. Rookie Kyrie pat reverse and Gail garden. Ellen Jaffe and Cuba and Denis Collins played mister Mason bill Stedman was assistant DA Mara and Steve Gladstone start this judge heartburn. William advance plea mr. Gonzales Joseph Johnson was Sawyer. Rob Sydney star does bring dealing with Susan wise is Doris walker in the incredible chase wives start this season. Chris Pringle was. Portrays the anyway the miracle in Miami he was composed and performed by next Corning. On behalf of the latest and players thanks again for listening and Merry Christmas. Mr. Pringles reindeer are waiting on the roof but we've asked him to pause a moment before he leaves and come back to the microphones with Susan why this and rob Cindy. Oh thank you know. Thank you very much I got a strenuous time ahead Chris. Covering the entire world in one night oil rob if every one believed in Santa Claus. Peace would break out all over the world and 32 spot hope will be too busy to stop by my house if I'm my stock goes. Time oh well stop being booked how. I don't see much of the few. Why Chris is where. Mineralized couldn't possibly feel her stockings is really she does. See what's your name and.