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Mindworks Prep / Tour de Broward

Sunday, February 19th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Andrea Catseekis, Founder and President of the test prep service, Mindworks Prep. She explains how prepping students can be critical to their academic success, especially those hoping for higher education. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Craig Cohen, Director of Sponsorship Development for Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation and Jennifer Mossadeghi, Manager of Special Events for Memorial Healthcare System, about the upcoming 8th Annual ANF Tour de Broward, ride, run, walk, fundraiser, the biggest fundraiser of the year to help the Hospital expand programs and provide services, where no one is ever denied care because of an inability to pay. 

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on 11 point five flight SN. FHD woman WLY yes my anytime we're always pull strings now here's laid FM community affairs correspondent. They're welcoming Andre Kathy gift founder and president of mine works progress in this organization he is quite amazing. I'm really talked with a. Of course this. Scholarships that are now available global. High school students and why she thought this service was so important to have here in South Florida how are you doing this morning how are you actually. I'm good in super excited talk about this. Mine who works for a you are the founder and president why did you think this kind of organization was needed in South Florida and what exactly is you do. Might guidance counselor is what who really pushed for me to get into college. And to change my direction in life because it. It normally would it didn't I would of gone to a community college. I quite get a lot of meat to those hands but she got into this state university. And so. I didn't want to try to change the direction of each student life by getting higher and they chi squared that they can they can get into a state school where they might not have before it. Eventually act XP. Or at. Actually change an impact their lives. Right because the lure those scores of EC TE and SAT tests. Yes we we teach and strategies. And techniques how to take attack. And I hadn't really teach them critical thinking rather that memorization which and mean. That the skill that we teach you really go beyond the tactics and transfer and what they're. They're regular education and into there are certain that it higher education. Aren't. So it's not like they're just bloody terror attacks are able you'd need you know I'm heart attack. Critical thinking is what you guys are teaching rate which is more like a flying in the knowledge that you know the first is just reciting something that's you that's been beaten into your head correct. So what is is part of your goal through a neat through these prep courses. Teaching critical thinking on a wide scale across all like math science reading the whole gamut. Yes we teach it in wrapped Carol and so the eighteenth team. Are reading and writing. We teach them to be actually better readers. And they increase their comprehension of the beating traction and everything traction tend to each. A lot of different corporate America actually for undisputed regional arrangement act score pretty quick thing. That the infection is political more talent. Students. Do you think that's because right now we kind of live and a teenage we're teachers teach the test. And like in math is kind of a right or wrong. Subjects you know lake you're gonna learn a formula you're gonna apply the formula that memorization you were just talking about vs critical thinking. It won't matter. We find that Indians are ready and it they are. So they are past algebra to calculus. Or pre calculus and that actually have already algebra. Geometry algebra you know. Posted public outrage. Several Britain taking it won't hurt for so accurate arm. We can contact or pressure. Ed the book author of ways where they don't have you algebra. The problem where they do it more than happy. Show every step you know you're happy to host show every. He's always with it apparently eating out torrential every stat because they get locked out. And they make mistakes and so we teach them ways where they can you injured twice he may be important. You. And critical thinking you part in a situation in Beijing Tibet question and two I doubt. Won't answer it make it right there where we are at. We can strategies like that. Quite the next act like that bathroom can eat arm. Product rather quickly with the suddenly. Common core is something I've heard a lot about read a lot about my daughter is just in kindergarten but I'm starting to see how they're teaching it are you guys starting to implement common core philosophies as well when teaching for SE TE CT prep courses or has that new application of math not hit these standardized tests yet. No it don't not hit the standardized test here. We're not teaching content or. On this is it's so crazy which you guys are doing with mine works Pratt right here from reading the lower the income the lower the EC TS ET score. Do you guys offer any kind of scholarship program for those who wanna take your prep service. How can people sign up to be part of this truck service. Aren't yet when do you offer scholarships. Are offering 151000 dollar scholarship for our upcoming group or what people want coming up. And we really believed that every it is how the opportunity to learn. No matter what their background their income background or their education background. Because. You know there. As a prep courses and like you saw it and to see your toward apple it. And so are we really believe that every student should have opportunity to take. So you can register for the course or the scholarships. Are her right mind works crap doc. I think this is absolutely insane I'm reading the national center for fair and open testing on they had some calculations that he's not 2014. And he clearly showed students in every income bracket outscored students in a lower income bracket on. Every section of the SET so what you're doing here is really cool I mean it's definitely burning down the bridges and allowing for students to shine. How can you apply for one of these scholarships. If you go under on our web site mind works. Practice doc. Under the court this track and field scholarship at. And out of Vista won't need to beyond free and reduced lunch to qualify that's the qualifier. Ed out without question like what their goal. I'm content with what they wanna go to widgets out of inspirational questions to get it and making up their long term career. And it's just one page book scholarship application. What age should you start prepping in in if you start prepping for 87 years old. Isn't that big of a difference or. Are you just really starting to lay the foundations for apply critical thinking and not getting nervous while taking taxed. Yeah exactly you're laid a foundation are being got a that the little young. I. They can start. They should there be bought at that age of war even started yet at grade because they're that you can't RS. They take at sea floor. A lot of it is he that is set the test but yet there SAT that the youth to add. And that they until you are cropping after bad. I. Had agreed at. Is a duck too early to see our patents and actually see I. I I get these junior that had eight PR. And extracurricular activities that there's so much pressure that you're hearing here that earlier they can start with that there. That also brings up another question this scholarship these 151000 dollars in scholarships people cannot flock apply for. In order to get the mobile learning you have that mind works Pratt is there an age limit for the rest. You know they just have to be qualified our creator is it. Very cool what an amazing thing you're doing for South Florida here helping get our kids better educated in to better schools through mine works practice. They can grab details on mine works practice act. Mind works practice dot com. Are there any other important links or phone numbers we should get out to listeners who want to learn more about what you guys are doing and find out how they can apply for these scholarships. They can call one point 95 for a miracle or I was peppered you with any questions they have about. Our course into orchards in general and each each each and will be happy to walk. You talked a little bit about how you guys decent content refreshing what are some other things people can expect that sign up for mine works Pratt. Oh record expecting good try here no yeah it's not just. Study study study he the knee have a good time there Q we in 45 minutes object will be in the top. Because our students need a little bit of a great we played in the car breaks in between. And because their fashion and compete long. And so. We're having the court fact that BP anti foreigner with a foreign affairs for the you'd expect steady all day. And then that night they get to go to the at their scheme that no additional charts. And we are are in partnerships that oh well. That is so cool and again that that mind works practice dot com. Hey. The biggest pieces of advice you guys give it to people who come through your prep courses were cleaned it clearly just nervous. Mean Philip a lot of these big tests for. That's basically I mean I'll I don't wanna see determine your life but it. And they can never really influence on where you go after you've taken on what do you think those people who were just nervous about taking the test they've got the skills. But they've got nerves. Well one thing that we build on is this student test confidence. And confidence is one thing that we work aren't. And one point that we held is we bring you know I election fair and our session. That she works. Breathing techniques were executed. And testing society. Lassie is really cover all of the bases when it comes to taking these standardized tests. Preparing them all the way from what they need to know. Oh in order how to go ahead and calm their nerves what the most important thing is though that you guys are teaching at mine works per. I think like I can't slide it to competent at what we're teaching and give them opportunity for their future you know I like to say. Where impacting lives what corrective threaten our lives. So we're not just. Our teaching and they eat aura. Changing lives because this is I feel back in which there is education process. I'd as well back former NBA a couple of years ago at Wright he's usually skills. In my vote backed former NBA. In the classroom. And aren't they work perfectly and. So 151000. Dollars in scholarships for students of need in South Florida units and one of the mine works prep course as you said there were three of them are they all across the South Florida area. Yes we are more than popping into Boca at Palm Beach City College. We have what could be yet she setter with the Florida Panthers marched forward it to you one barge hit it the universe yet I meet you little bystander. You brought up a very interesting point at what age should you start prepping in in if you start prepping say seven years old. Isn't that big of a difference or. Are you just really starting to lay the foundations for apply critical thinking and not getting nervous while taking tests. Yeah exactly you're laying a foundation are being seven that the little aren't quite. They can start. They should there be a lot at that age of war even started yet at grade because they're there you can't aren't. They take acting T Forex. So a lot as it is it is set out attack it's yet they actually teach that that is set at. And that they until you outcropping Acker Brad. Out why did I agreed at. It's not too early to see our patents and actually he I. I I get these junior that had eighteen has. And more extracurricular activities that there's so much pressure did you hear a year earlier they can start the better. It data also brings up another question this scholarship is 151000 dollars in scholarships people can flock apply for. In order to get the mobile learning you have that mind works frak is there an age limit for the just. Yeah they just have to be qualified at three or at least one. Very cool what an amazing thing you're doing for South Florida here helping get our kids. Better educated into better schools through mine works Pratt they can grab details on mine works practice act. Mind works trek dot com are there any other important links or phone numbers we should give out to listeners who want to learn more about what you guys are doing and find out how they can apply for these scholarships. They can call one point 95 for Harold Ford and I was peppered you with any question that they have about. Our course into orchards in general and each hour each each each and will be happy to walk there. Mine works prep dot com is where you can go and get yourself registered for one of these scholarships download an application and find out more about what mine works track is doing. Here in South Florida for all of our SET EDT. About to take a big test takers. I like to wrap my interviews with one question of the three most important things are people should take away from our conversation today. Well I think Weiner. With pocketing about my work that opting for every one. And you should be doing some type of crap but at HTT yeah and they got their start. The better you because bush didn't start their junior year. And they're ready. Keep on such a heavy workload very do very here with a cute hair. And I. Me. They really should start earlier than that I had. It's started earlier at the grade it takes the pressure off I think Terry is at eighteenth at a High Court. Of a perfect score no problem. The other thing is out as early as all. Casual reading and he really played into the US AT. Much reading and it didn't have bill. Is. Is very important. Add. The third stage would be. They sure. You know what school you want to go chill. Because you could just keep pressing for a high scorer for a long tiny. You don't ask where necessary either had a perfect squirted out of this will be what a goat it. Gore I'll see before that or you could fight got a college work dot org. Which is who issued the task they have all the colleges are there with Eric. With their I ordered grade that you need to get a Ed are you you can crack spread the court that he. They think it's so much for coming on speaking with us today what a great thing you're doing for our kids. Thank you so much having actually as a race here. I'd now like to re introduce Elizabeth Warren an acclaimed author and over a dozen books and nutritional expert and spokesperson for the American dietetic association for ten years a she's gonna discuss tart cherries are you doing this morning this word. I'm doing just great they haven't they. Absolutely so eating healthy it's a very large movement taking over our country right now. What are the things that you see people and American families doing wrong when it comes to eating healthy. I thought yeah. Well all week Ali better it correctly in my family in and I have a lot of mom minute as a registered dietitians. You know I am I think it. Dead why I think I can say is that we. Really much you know as we vegetable eaten or making strides. In that area. What are few things that you could maybe do daily to help incorporate those kinds of better foods. He's capable look at that I played icon which is government says that I'm healthy and I giddy right. Keep your plates in these fruits and vegetables that's that's how it played at every meal. Did you I'm trying to think along those lines it it's much easier to try to work interest in vegetables. Not a regular basis. And try to save Paula let's say forget there. So I would say that just having the difference around in the hunt is really the first stat. It like getting paid I'm not afraid that he needs a (%expletive) a variety you know did I pick badly that we need a variety of fridge. And right now we are getting. You know vote to actually that set up are fruit from just four different true. So it's great to have a variety that helps you to play through it keeps telling you get hired at eating same food over applicant and not. Not for. Now one of the worst things about trying to incorporate fruits and vegetables into a family's meals are these kids as you know kids have lots of complaints so. What are some ways we can help keep these fruits and vegetables into their meals without them even knowing. I think he had just trying improved it yeah actually. Equated venture I think rooted much easier to work into their diet and vegetables so. What might eat grapefruit is actuaries. And there available all your laundry and dry. I personally didn't choose. So it get really. Let's hit it I you know at Pease it's hard carry that dietary and yes there are no more need to put and then trail next. For example. On it could make up half a and you could make it could be anything. This page is finished and well or are different century. You're all different way if I carried. A kid like it was nearly pretty. Can you say you've got a lot of Findlay health books. At a all of your publications what do you think the best piece of advice for nutritional needs is. I think intended target mom and pop my book and married him as. Part. Typically they decision maker and ended at one who. Bringing the food and an outfield. I only hit him on don't try to eat perfectly just charity. So just try to get more we dimensional on you played into your child's diet. I'm you know try to increase. A variety. Fruits and you're serving your cap if you don't let her from which they paid. Content and just really be aware that different vegetables. Very very important for children and Craig don't you help protect your heart. Permit and also are. There weight as they go right. Now recently the journal of nutrition reported this only one in five Americans are currently getting their recommended one to two cups of fruit each day in fact just for fruits oranges bananas apples and watermelons account for nearly half of America's fruit intake eating a variety of rich colored fruits is essential to an overall healthy diet. That most Americans are falling short kind of what she's a few minutes ago. But what's the big deal with the color of the fruit into injunction to its nutrition. Well you know in many cases that constant truth. I've sushi makes that. It's proved very powerful because the patent and making it is very pretty also until either one at a cost I don't age is there in pay off and various other compound. It helps to have self again every gate image that you would you know eight. Condi just in everyday life so each I don't engage in and making it it's very pretty brightly colored. All of that is these fighters you know in the key of unpacked charities. They have it hey inflammatory properties which do research has shown a deep enough but we have three after strenuous active side. And they also helps these kids at risk factors associated with prayed at heart felt Pollard is very very important when it comes. Did different colors may be represented various vitamins that you can get from the fruit. So much and not really related and I didn't get more related to that item and you change and that's protected I'm pretty compound so. The idea and I. And you know much about that nutrient. Rather you know. Eat it very colorful guy and it also on top of that it charity you're getting an African that you're getting into the brightly colored pencil and just. Out of the rut they may be and it's always easy to see kind of fruits and vegetables all the time I'm because they want yet either recommendation. Is it for I eighty indications here are you getting there one of the cost of I'm afraid that you need again. You are talking a little bit about using frozen. Tart cherries or or almost any other kind of fruit and assuming that since fruit is seasonal how good of a substitute canned frozen fruit to beat. Of heart and fruit is an excellent substitute for trash on the end of reason why is because truth is present in the eighty. The actors act. And in some cases it in trash there. Then what you might find in the store depending on you know what kind of that you're talking about oh. And I rely on frozen fruit I live in the northeast. So I realize and present risk. Yeah like crazy all winter and I feel really get about the present truth that does it not heavily padded shoulder to it. Omar isn't available in eight era on the left what I cannot eat myself and I eat my ailing. Is he is a study got to worry about as far as the freezing process is concerned with frozen fruits and may be feeding babies are younger kids or is that something that's not a problem. Not not have problems because they're printing technique that's so good now on this so quick it when you create something very quickly. You know preserved in nutrition and food out. Yeah it's. Really ENN you know Asian diet at this supermarket. Straight home and get it reading here and you know don't quit just aren't athletic are out and then we read that because you have adequate. But it's nutritional value. He should treat it right. You kind of coined this term fruit fatigue and with you it means that you're using the same amount of fruits on a daily basis and getting tired of them correct. What are some of the greatest ways to help us break out of that rut. Well I think he needs to think about using different fruits in different ways and I'd like to read. Is that just iPad cherry you know clean dishes. Next time and Alan. You know I need lots of movies I'm fresh fruit and fresh and pray. I'm Indian navy wave if people have not thought about eating. Bruce before you know I had the idea of conference is really dead or I'm here incorporating it into your into your diet. Well I'd maybe having a you know eight. Apple are you know poets paired as something I got to prove they. Desert you know rather than cookies or I can't let that. So it takes so little bit. Imagination. Could take part you know while. Didn't you afraid that that's how I'd like to try it and if this is what I am gonna do it it's good if it's another way of thinking about. You know what kind of proved guilty. End and how what and how you look at that group. You keep coming back to tart cherries now I know that charities can help prevents or. Or help break outs of doubt sometimes that this new super fruit that you say is so high an antioxidant properties what other health benefits Keyon we get from these tar cherries I mean what's so special about them. Well they. It's hit. Hacked and it really are happy with those powerful antioxidants called. Science and if the one that is this super fruit is very bright red color. They are also I want that the anti inflammatory. Agent. In the heart cherry. Which they could use those eighteen month old Curtis. Also maybe protect joints as well the other. Actually it's a offer up that they have to attack him and his champion here in new kids. It helps to lower your blood pressure and one of which is that it dietary guidelines and that we don't get enough you can simply don't get enough to ask him. Load just glad that the heart cherry concentrate actually he and they love this team has won and he's not. They can see how I act. Com and into the asking him to be attacked chase actually I don't really big gains in nutritional clock with a power carry. Yeah what's the difference between the tart cherries in any other variety of cherry you might find in the superstore the Gershon market. Well these parent these have like we packed a on May not get suites. Let's say at the turn at the other cherry. And it certainly have a slightly different turn. Profiling in terms of nutrition but not not radically different. Now the web site choose cherries dot com has a bunch of great information including recipes that helped incorporate this fruit in your family meals. A what is your favorite recipes from this site great now. Well I love you know Gilbert I say I love that. They'll have my own personal best he could think at. That I like is straight. I carry inundated if that is. It twit pick Corey called arrow which is very easy to hear loud and eight. And it kind of let departure from you know right that you might have all the time. Like you that would. And I wrote that it arrogant and a little bit and achieved and that dried sanctuary and it get a hold playing you get a sense of really good accrued any captaincy and is delicious. From understands some fruits even vegetables most of the nutrition is in the skin so is there a difference. In the nutrition you're getting if you eat the berries whole verse is just taking the the juice. Yes I mean there's that little dynamic big golf course is the big difference in terms of iPad you know you eat a whole fruit you can't I don't believe it's it. You don't get. IR and that's that's trying to make a look at it for the fiber in another way that it it is this the only way that you're gonna work in one of here. Fruits serving for the day I say have a confidence is rather than in item worry that you're missing a couple of friends I. Now I've talked about this web site say a few times can you give us more information on this website and maybe what you find the most helpful tip will be. Well I think that they web site has. Already actually. Wave of used same types carries. You know so I really can't say which it would be right for anybody but I'd there are some mini hip. I'm yeah I think someone what happened mobile I'm hoping that they can use there. Special because the recipes are so easy to make an end though. I'm accessible and because this truly is available. All year round. And you know I don't enjoy that they put page which is eighth but got her act flash she's cherry. Finally LA to an all my conversations just by asking what you think the three most important things are for listeners to take away from this conversation. We need you working more fruit into Larry I'm diet. Yeah we're suffering. How different itchy and we will not be getting different that we need because frigid hired at the paint or every eating most of the time. And thirdly that. It's hard cherries I asked foreign. Why possibly new way of working and fruit that you need every day. Thanks so much for coming on and talking with us this morning Elizabeth it was a pleasure speaking with you. I. You're here in South Florida in the spotlight on 101 point five laid SN now community affairs correspondent Neil garden. A week from today is the eighth annual gay an F group toured the Broward huge community fund raiser for Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital. To tell us all about it our Jennifer must that I eat. Manager and special events memorial healthcare system and of more health care system and Craig Cohen director or sponsorship development for Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital foundation I got so excited it. And I said the name right. Kind of denied. Come listen do you think part of it now because I don't even joked and I didn't actually run just like silent. He gave me to run country. The RA so anybody is losing lesson about whatever our guys we've heard about it eight years incentive like this that a man is it Susan. It's like everything. It is every really is a little bit of everything has won a South Florida's I think Arenas community events that gets put on. All the proceeds go back to benefit our pediatric patients at Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital. So the event you know going into our eighth year now is aimed right at 200 K fifty K right. We had a five K time to run and then we had 83 K walk that we have thousands of participants had come out and participate in any amount. And one thing that we also have. That a lot of we encourage kids to come out as well as one of DDoS I think. Kids zones and all of South Florida so you know we really encourage. You know families to come around individuals to come out Cree eighteen spring friends it's really all day event a little bit of everything that's true there's entertainment. So really like I. I venerate goes till noon or two or threes and it goes starts at 7 AM minimum until 1 PM and in between those hours is just a lot of fun and a lot of it. OK explain kids down so you've got a kid who's under thirteen. Thank you want to participate in this three case how does that work and we really encourage anybody searching an undertow registered to run or walk. That way it'll get them free access pass into the kids aren't so you know you coming out with your your family your friends. You know we encourage everybody to climb out. Go for the run go for the lock when you get back he would free entrance writing for decades until enjoy a lot of food. A lot of good fun and none this year we've expanded to kids learn to include a tennis court. An ice skating rink and much much more so these can't tell lots to look forward Tim ice skating rink. It has that memorial regional right. This'll be out there in Miramar concert Mary you are regional park at memorial mentoring. OK so if everything is there now that hundred K bike ride in a city where they writing. They're writing journal all of our Broward County they'll go they'll start out at Miramar go on through west and sunrise. On how to buy TV and come all the way back around it's a beautiful right are cyclists love it we have many people that I have been out here for. Going on there each year on and we just keep cool only in expanding and you know we we think our participants that have been around so long because they really help us spread those words and you love all I need participants like come on board and fall in love with the events. Now the rides themselves or they timed this well he's like serious writers through this people just haven't known definitely not a race and that's what I want to know we tried it say everybody is this is. A family fun events you know come announced. We do have professional cyclists that do come out and right in the group's. I'm we're very fortunate though we that we have a lot of law enforcement. Come from Miramar from BS alone. TV's sunrise in Pembroke Pines that help everybody from the professional cyclists all the way down it's Stanley Ryder. To be able to get through all those intersections very safely. Because there are a lot of amiga runs through residential areas that's a lot of intersection has so we have come off areas in the digital Florida every Blair as a lot of science to get people through that we really couldn't do without a law enforcement and all their support. So we feel have been Miramar Pembroke Pines Davey and sunrise. And come this date which is that it is a week from today. You that you don't need to watch your intersection because you're gonna see a boatload of bicycles goings yes we hope you're actually after the event the rally going and yeah yes belly on up Delorean on all the traffic because you'll be at the event having a lot of fun yourself and the fifty KM 100 K. Yes we are thought somebody's interested and do you have a walk and a run for gases in the end we have a we'll five K. I kind trying. On and then an hour later at 9 o'clock we'll start our three K walk. And so that's true we'll you know we'll have thousands of people just coming out having great time. Enjoying themselves and at the halfway mark at the roundabout. Near marsh fire brings other truck and have a little miss surgical people off if they so choose. On the people love that is just so full experience from the moment you arrive to a moment you leave we really focus on how the natural experience for everybody. So you're obviously you're doing something you're giving something your helping donate money and you have a good time items. Now the event that your calling these guys play zone area what is in there exactly said there's an ice skating rinks. Power play contempt can covers anything and kids can ever imagine. You have bounce houses in the area of the interactive activities. You have children's food and there are special we have some peace so we have some really. Healthy snacks and beverages and keeping them I mean you can stick it can stay there for hours. And the media it is it's a fenced in area so that parents can now for kids in there and not have to worry about them. Escaping my guess would be a good way to describe it but just so many different. Varied activities. One of the things we've been proud of is that the area itself has grown. And the variety. Of fun activities in there has changed every year. Alec and I'll I have in my head now is again having pizza going in a bounce house. First comes to mind so how many have been participating throughout the years I'm assuming it's getting bigger each time nightclubs last year's count. We've been we've been growing over these eight years where Emmy it's all going back to our community support our sponsors that come through last year on site you know between us 7 AM and close a line. We have 6000 people on site. On so we are just looking forward so it's more growth because it is an amazing cause that is far. And the more the more people we can get this word out to the more important and is. On one thing you know I was trying to get out to people is you know. Bring somebody hasn't come before you know you've come you supported for so long but. There's got to be a one person or multiple people that have come a far bring them twenty this year let's help spread it. And done you know keep crawling has as much as we can for the patience. OK so let's talk a little bit about how people can sign up Merck and go at this point or a week out I'm gonna start on the web site. Yeah they can go to torture Broward dot com. They can register themselves or nineteen. All the information won't be therefore then he questions about the events. On everything will be an outlet center didn't answer their questions but it's a very simple process literally you click on the register button. And you go from there you increase your team name we can register yourself from there. On people that are you have a team they cannot have a family and friends go directly to toward a Broward dot com. And they can go through the same process with searching for nineteen and Ayman registering themselves. We try to keep it as easy as possible so that way down. You know it's a quick process so people aren't too luck. Too worried about going through all the little functions and that's when I need you don't and to be faster now and I try to sums you want it to be simple. Yeah okay so what about sponsorship opportunities to. Well there's several different ways that you can sponsor the event. Some of them unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it have already been filled such as ours start finish line sponsor or mental sponsor. But we do have some basic sponsorship packages but people can see on the tour to Broward dot com the web site. They include the ability to be able to participate in the event. Our free ride or free walk or free run at registration. They get recognition on the command web site recognition at the event on our signage. Other things such as the recognition in the annual are reported that we put out from the foundations. But everybody has their season at signings and sees those flags and those banners. And everybody knows who the sponsors are from very very clearly. Okay now in terms of on fundraising you know it's critical. To Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital so tell us about the foundation. How much this race last year. And asked how does that make you spend. Well last year we raised about round number 525000. Dollars from this event. And as Jan says this has been a building process. This is the eighth annual event so it was the first time that we actually exceeded it. A half million dollars and our goal this year for China nice to remember perhaps you can do little bit better. But there are funds. That are available. People and it's an interesting thing because. If people say well I wanna help them. Okay good the best way that you can help is to register for this event. Do you have participant and come out and helped. People a lot of times you know all best intentions. We'd like to help the Children's Hospital all we wanna donate toys we want to donate clothing or things like that. And so. If anybody was ever come in the back and see a couple of trailers that we have. Still lose to always. That's. You know that's. What not exactly the best way the best way is it comes to an event such as sort of Broward. And be a part of it because that way they cash is there for what we need it for and it changes from day to day. Because one day could be formula. One day could be diapers and one day could be antibiotics and it does change day today so we need the funds we need these dollars. To support the programs. And the functions that we do it disposals hospital. So. And it's obvious you know some people don't like to go out and go to events. I'm so there is a virtual linked to do this yeah you can register. It's that it's a small fee. And you're almost there yeah you sitting in your living room. And your relaxant chair and you know that you're doing the right thing. I don't think this event and helping Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital you can do that on the web site also try to Broward dot com. Okay so the money can go anywhere and everywhere some diapers and formula antibiotics exactly. What other things you found. Its. Well we have well what we call our you know our specialties that. You know the when it comes to kids. It can be anything. You know you can talk about anything from ear infections. To broken arms to we just did our thirtieth. Pediatric heart transplant. Well which I don't believe anybody in this state of Florida. Can brag about. And it's not they're not easy procedures. As you can imagine. Cards he has those are the types of things that make us stand out against the competition. Our areas of specialty when we talk about pediatric cancer. When we talk about are Carty you know. Programs for kids. That's us that's all us. And you provide care and you don't turn anyone away. Absolutely that was the agreement that we made many years ago with Joseph DiMaggio. When he put his name on the Children's Hospital. He says you're not gonna charge anybody regardless of their ability to pay. And it was a handshake agreement nothing was ever written down and we've kept our promise to this deck. Pretty amazing if you just joined us we're talking about toward a Broward. It is a huge fender Internet fundraising event for Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Part of the fund raiser is the memorial healthcare foundation. That raises funds. Now. How can get involved if they can't run walk or do anything really physically active for the stolen again. I think it just like Craig sagging and they can come on as a virtual participant they can make a donation at the same website toward a Broward dot com. On everything can happen there. And we are. Very grateful for volunteers who you'll have home or hundreds of volunteers. On fund set up I mean this is a three day set up for this event that's how large it as. We start first thing Friday morning. And to get things going humor going all the way through Sunday morning before and I'll. Weekends so Hammond can volunteered is do various things like yes yes. So we have set up crews and you know following from banners to break down until water is so. Being out there at the rest stops passing out water. You know we have three Red Sox along the ride. Ralph switch you know we have a team of people have to be out there and it got to the other quite early in the morning so we are very fortunate. Our volunteers and we literally could not put this event on without health goes down. And so if anybody's looking to become a volunteer. Definitely go to toward a Broward dot com. You can learn more information on Al volunteering there and send an email to love sling Snowe of your interest. Now pin high schoolers volunteer and get credit for this though he asked me that's some of her big groups are high school students coming in and you know they work so hard frost and we're very thankful end on we have somebody already in place for them that day that. When they're dying. With their shifts and stuff that they alone. The other if reforms signed off before they relief. So Raikkonen then they can get it again yes and and we definitely sure we take care of our volunteers throughout the day you know it is all day event so we. I'm in addition I mentioned before that if you do you participate. In we had a food tents free to go and get free breakfast or free lunch so. On that's one thing our volunteers when they're done less chance they get to hang out enjoy the event themselves got some food watch some great stage entertainment's. And I truly enjoy themselves okay entertainment he didn't tell me anything about it as if to have him here to guess we are very excited we have I think really awesome entertainment this year around me three accent are coming ounce. We had two singers from rising star is that are gonna come out wonderful they're me easing amazing I think and saying. I we have hip hop kids gonna come on do routine. On and we had CNET T any and our own thing at center. On saloon till amazing dance group so I have no doubt that between the seniors and those dance troops everybody's going to be front school in San arraf. Didn't get excited along with sound so that's part of that you know makes after they're done writing running and walking to come he grabs and foods. And you love your field of entertainment get fueled up and recharged and enjoy the rest of the day. Yes but I'm face at least some of the stuff that they're going to do the videos of their press and man I was I was getting excited and the people around me in the office removing and shaken so. I can only imagine what that's going to be like on our big stage to do so if a high school. Lands. It's high schooler is listening do they just go to your website to sign up to be volunteered they have to cut that somebody special. I can definitely it's way is to go to the website toward Broward dot com. On the being email and that they can reach out to milk. And that'll get them connected to our volunteer oh lead who handles all those volunteers prepare perfect an apology can do anything from handing out water. She says ask something maybe somebody that isn't physically able to do a lot there would be something possibly for them as well yes I mean we have people checking in people on passing out you know food from a table handing out medals as people come thrill. And I think also the other and the elderly volunteers who might be interest and so are more money to make sure that there's something for everyone this. Yes that's telling me everybody from every age group coming out to help support. Okay sir if you can't ride block or run you can volunteer. So you really feel good about it. Ariza is there anything else that I can talk about what toward ever or what else can we talk about. Well I think the important thing if people have to keep in mind. What they're supporting. They're supporting Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital we are the primary. Children's hospital for both Broward and Palm Beach County so our reach is pretty far we go into you know into the Everglades and things like that. You'll see helicopters coming in every day we listen you know from from the islands and things like that. So ear making an impact ear making a difference if it's something that you don't think about until you need it. Thank you know we advertise we promote the facilities he has asked this dozens hospital. And what a great job we do but sometimes you don't remember until your kid is sick. Or something. Dramatic happens and we're always gonna be there and we wanna be able to provide the services. And the programs and getting out into the community. And making a difference where we are we don't we don't sit still and wait for things happen. Because we are more you know house there doing what needs to be done. And events such as as such just sort of Broward and help create an identity of remind people. That we're there and more out there this is such a big community fund event. You know this is where we get people who say well some here other events are a little over my head as far as you know having just. Buy a ticket for 250 dollars or or 300 dollars. But this you know 4050 dollars Q you start. You're out making a difference and you're supporting the community. Thank you quit what's awesome as well is. The fact that when you're out there running and walking here walking by any patients that had had open heart surgery that. You know. Has gotten cancer and they and they. They want. You know SARS patients speaker this year trysts and you know the age of eight. He got diagnosed leukemia and now he's doing amazing he's going to be out there to share his story with everybody. But that's something amazing thing is you just don't know who you're running buying so there's going to be a lot of patience yes we have a lot of patience and we support and that's what's key end. On many of the patient families will come out most of them will come around their shirts on line and now you know I'm running with my friend nor you know from running for my sister or daughter him. And this is a true testament to why we're out there doing what we're doing. Come last year you know looney Joseph was one of her heart transplant since she's out there it's doing well in college in succeeding and you get to scene. What the stories we we are able ten to talk about in and everybody else he started really coming across and that's pretty cool because. You know some of these kids at one point were fighting for their life and now they're out there and and you're participating with them in the money that you're getting to this offense. Goes right back to helping those that are currently. And the situation that they may have ended in a battle. None whatever that medical battle could be. Do it and our basketball and I come through. I'm not not yet not as good tenant we have a gentleman who has offered to German born basketball. The entire course. All of and now I guess we're still waiting to hear back on NASCAR to. If you're gonna see a lot of people out there having a good time. Still has some crazy stuff is there a way to some of these people come dressed to the event. Aren't they teams all have their own jerseys and things like that that they create she so they understand hey this is a good time. This is a fund this morning you know hey. Or office for and then there at six just ready Iraq can only open up those gates. It's a fun event and I guess that's the whole idea because some some fund raisers could be Steffi shirt place and raises this is not this is not one of them. Can definitely people people come on there they're costumes for example one of our teen super moms of Broward. I mean they're out there with all their kids and and they literally where two she's just like we do at the hospital and and their superhero outfits and I mean it is a fun event and that's. That's really what this is about is coming out there are being selling laughing having in the time because. That's what the hospitals and balance the power of play. And that's one thing that we try to emulate lived in this event is keeping that power of play keeping it fine. On because that's what we're doing at the hospital. Com one other thing I'd like to know is. Because this event has grown so much over the years. On the dance you'll have thousands of people Asa one thing I always encourage people to do is register and go visit one of our pre packet pick ups. We'll have about eleven. There should be one for somebody to go to say definitely go that way you can get your your shirt your goodie bag your event wrist band. So when you will rise of the day I love. You don't have to work after all those lines and the people coming that they have to register with us for persona he has such dreams into star lines and you said you had eleven and I'll around Broward everywhere they've mercy around the hospital any of you are an hour we'll have won each of our hospitals won't have couple bike shops around the area and we'll have a lot of runs shop so we we try to scatter them around. Un and the other from our sponsorships in the end they're just great supporters of our so we try to try to hit all areas to ensure that. People can come early and I think that helps because then you know fighting the crowds the morning on your common damn thing. You're ready to evaluate tough because I hear it at times lot a lot of fundraisers walks and runs and that's the one thing that comes up all the work that people staying in an online at the lines get longer and longer. And just wait to sign in so yeah that's great news so you you've got places to go I'm assuming toward a Broward outcome. Would be a place to find dislocations yes and I definitely encourage anybody and everybody to please go on and like our FaceBook page the event FaceBook page because that's really where you're gonna get a lot of very quick. News and information. How we do communicate via email site see our FaceBook page is really the best spot to get the latest and greatest of what's happening. Okay. And so in terms of. Other fundraisers since we have such a little bit of extra time. Is this considered the biggest fundraiser of the year. Well from may he's from a tactical standpoint yes when you have 6000 people at one event and it's hard to have anything larger than that. And the 525000. Dollars that we raised. Puts us right up there. It was C a larger sense we do. As several of the things through the I just the measures cousins hospital foundation and the memorial foundation. But nothing is more fun. Then toward a Broward. And if I may also take a second to mention. We mentioned sponsorship. I'd like to if I can give my direct line if anybody's interest in sponsoring the event because. It might be a little confusing on the site that anybody could feel free to call me. My direct line is 954265. 7241. There are some great benefits to sponsorship. But I'm gonna tell you my favorite benefit is something we have called the VIP tent. I licenses that this is formed specifically for our sponsors. We have all of our chefs and there we machetes of our hospitals. So we have the shaft for we have carving stations. No make you waffles a major pain case we have sushi bar. Inside there as well and again this is something special. For our for our sponsors and time and a way that we like to show our appreciation. And the only way to get in is to be a sponsor. And to have that wrist band on hand to be able to walk into that tent. And see what I call the world's biggest shrimp. OK. So does doesn't it just happens. You know he's a mature traveler. They're out of the southeast shrimp. Okay come. So we've got the fundraising if you wanna be a sponsor they can collier line. In in terms of I've got some other web sites that people are interested and but in terms of if they want to check out any other fundraisers and like this week that next weekend as the books for them but they still feel compelled that they wanted to give her do what we're we think that would be. BJ DC. HF. JD CH foundation for cash dot org. Which is where I don't see information. About. Really all of the special events and there is. Poker tournament that we do a casino night. It was too cynical the American icon forward. Golf tournament there's also a lot that goes on. We just try to spread the now of course here but that website. JD CH. Foundation. Dot org has everything complete with all of our offense. So that's perfect as someone who may not you don't wanna get out in the morning could go and do a nice thing is just. Poker tournament or casino under. OK perfect. Now I see our guys JE CH dot com has just basically. Anything and everything and. Joan Bosch and correct that's the the hospital. Website that is that you find out what services if you can services you can find information about ground referrals. Are finding a specific doctor or a specific. Specialist who is in their health care system. Everything that you can think of will be in there eye contact a phone number and even now. And a lot of times that's your first resource. Into finding press service or program to your health care system. So if someone doesn't have insurance or maybe they do and it doesn't cover anything. Or or most of whatever. Do you most people than just go to Joseph DiMaggio because of that or is it more than they got there because there's a service and I think greet children. We offer a lot of a lot of programs and services. That you won't find anywhere else in South Florida. So their reason for going to be married to you could be anything like he said. Could be an insurance issue it could be because we offer something. We had to we have one patient now. Who comes down from the northern part of Florida. That has an illness that here if this actually this time we saw it on one of the health care networks the national networks. That this doctor has treated this program has treated this illness. That they could not find anywhere else in the self. As an agent Eric Alia here for the day drive all the way down here hastily they have ten children know. So I know we're fortunate that we have a program called it a night club house. Named after Jeff and sandy conine mr. marlin. It's a 23 year old facility. Where families can stay free of charge while their children are getting treatment. But to have a physician who has such a specialist. And the way it is they found him and fortunately things are working out very well for the young lady. You know why do they come to us. A lot of times really where the only alternatives to. Okay. Well we have less than minutes against his QB salient information. And patted down and we're talking about sort of Broward center food Jennifer you and I guess. So we hope to see everybody out there helping spread the word. Twitter Broward is on February 26. To write run walk kids zone food tents breakfast lunch. Stage entertainment everything you ever want between 7 AM 1 PM as much as we can pack. But we look forward to seeing everybody out there and we need our community supports a helpless to spread the word. In any information that would be toward a Broward dot com. Jennifer Drake thank you so much thank you thinks. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of hosting guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of her staff. And for sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to the latest. M and a life Miami dot com best ally TE SNL. YTE Miami dot com this program. This season Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FMW a YF Miami ever pines oral spray.