Mayim -- What Do You Mean?

Monday, October 16th

Mayim Bialik sparked outrage with her op-ed column in the New York Times.  Is she defending Harvey Weinstein?  Is she victim-blaming?  Or has she been misinterpreted?

Read the piece here:


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Hi it's you guys. We can't settle in curry oh and one more thing because we're just not done. And welcome to our podcasts story of my lag is actually am really happy that we're podcasting today because I don't feel like we had the opportunity to really discuss this job my am not violate she wrote. I'm not dead on your on the New York Times about the whole Harvey Weinstein an innocent and not the man who she is she's going to play Sheldon is fiance on the Big Bang theory. Amy Farrah Fowler my lover named him and I wrote whether on blossom until I. So she wrote this big fan at its call I was tired of the title as being a feminist and Harvey Weinstein the world's. So you know she goes on to say anything I'm gonna paraphrasing Casey how to read the whole thing. That she's shocked and disgusted by the scope of his alleged predator Asian and yeah kinda says that she's not right so that this industry kind of it's makes money on that on women on the debt objective education of women right and you talked about that a lot but here's one quote that she said as a proud feminist that little desire to diet get plastic surgery or higher personal trainer. I had almost no personal experience with men asking me to meetings in their hotel rooms and those of us in Hollywood don't represent an impossible standard of beauty how about luxury. Yeah being overlooked in in many cases ignored by men in power and less who can make them money and quote. Wish you all these kind of things. Right as she makes choices every day of the 41 year old actress but she thinks her self protecting and wise eyes she writes. I dress modestly I don't act flirtatious thing with men as a policy. So. Part of that is probably the fact that she says in the beginning like when she was on blossom inches eleven. That she knew she looked different than everybody else in the industry that a TV guide critics NGL and men smashed shapes on her face like big chin big no right. And says she probably as a result from being you know. More awkward looking. He was more reserved you know not as flirtatious not as a going out as outspoken. And she's unfortunately not as beautiful as someone like Maine get Kelly. Hung in OK sure and that an I would agree with that doesn't just sorry to be honest but. She is actually not. Upset about that but her whole piece has been she's been skewed. I got a general and are calling her victim blaming mom had specifically. Women shaming women. One bit at Patricia Arquette actually said that she says score I have to say I was dressed non provocatively at twelve walking home from school and men master dated at me and quote. And then she had this one model her name is financially into some sweet end. She was really harsh she says quote my inviolate missed a perfect opportunity to comment in Hollywood instead she blames women. She celeb. And quote sell a lot of women took it as she was blaming the women. I think she was now I don't either I. Think that she's speaking up five think like personal experience she said do you think it's a accident that I played this. Androgynous awkward late bloomer on the big theory and I am not the hot girl in Hollywood right and so I think shoes just saying no it's her personal experience. And she in no way did it's how much is defending Harvey she was. She I don't know I don't know why people I think are. I'll try to give women are always gonna get ahead on more period end of story and you know as we all know beauty is in the high in the holder how many times I don't think women are as beautiful as some people. I think and vice Versa I. And I do think that the ban the more you put it up there the more it's gonna happen TO. That's true oh yeah but that doesn't doesn't mean you've asked for and in no I mean that you deserve it. Number one I also don't I don't think I really think they took her really wrong and I think that there are now pointing the finger at the wrong people so I Donna Karan. Who let me tell you what I absolutely love do you notice I read her autobiography in Europe since I notice not lucky to about it she was so inspirational luncheon so much good to say in the fact that she really did get blamed women and how they dressed. For this kind of stuff happening that was when I was blown away meanwhile Mike US industry yeah you know that I rank. So it yeah kind of and but you know I think that if we just stop it. Ladies just stop blaming one another need to see just have to stop it just because you're good looking or you wanna dress sexy. Again and does it means someone should try to hit on and you take advantage have you harassed you read Sadr. You know I agree it's just not acceptable and so if anything can come out of this. I just think it's the if you want to say. No. And there's people there's a weird sense on the Internet like on Twitter and things when things happen though dog jumped in. To be involved you see this app there are things like eight yes. He worries Nicholas sending my prayers like everybody wants to be involved and Ross to mourn together. Allen picked eyes everybody's tweeting about aren't they all right PU I didn't know him and it's almost like the same thing with her op Ed. You know someone does that on a guy can you believe this and then this next brother I had I can't imagine it's like. An artist wanna be outraged together or there's something weird about those to me your everybody wants to be in on it together all the new. Thing now is a hash tag meets you. Yeah it's just yell over Twitter and FaceBook today specifically about women who've been. And actually our men and not listen a lot of many have also been in this case I have to relieving them out and. Certainly not on purpose. On this is just you know where women number one and number two it's we're talking about my MI like which she wrote but this is also affected men. And the hash tag is basically people saying. This happened to me mom and I want you to know and you know have it happen to everybody in some way shape or form they're really not as. You know the sad part is that it's such she'd. I feel like a tree eerie sound however you'd say it of being a woman. He can be harassed all the time that I can't think of one scenario specifically because it happens to me. All the time thankfully I have never had anything like sexually or someone is touch me appropriate like that but like harassed all the time yeah you know like. And so it's so sad that it's almost like expected. Now as a woman I have to go through. Well it's funny show my husband and I were talking about it as well and he's been moved in together for over 21 years or you've seen a lot of things that I've gone through bread and you know I'll Wear. Shorts to go traffic garbage man and just threw to second and believe me I'm not looking sexy. I'm I mean that I'm making crazy and I'll go outside it's not the garbage but somebody will drive by honk the lord and I like and I looked at him and I said. And now we have a daughter she wears short shorts got these long legs I worry about that kind of stuff every day break is she asking for a no role in the house but what if you wearing some shorts to the model for dinner and you thought. Play Gillick sexy. I wouldn't change the hunger ranking one. Right somewhat right exactly so don't convince yourself and your head and even now I don't explaining to him now it doesn't matter whether I was trying to look sexy or I'm throwing out the guard but even if you're trying to look sexy he doesn't justify the high. The heart of course my eye well it doesn't matter what were wary as women we're going there's it's going to happen to a yeah I'm not I'm not your missing here I'm not blaming your saying you I'm saying that we are so used to this behavior as women we justify in our head. It was trying to look sexy in the short it doesn't matter Juli if you were trying to look sexy no one should haunt you anyway right is that I'm trying to think. I hope that all of this just silly talk about how she's doing this apply today around that's right we're gonna rush and yeah and besides we also want to. Say we hope that this just lets you. Be aware that it's okay say now it's a get tough somebody and it's really OK number one and finally because she's been taken so wrong she feels like everybody's taking all of her on. All of her words out of context she's gonna be doing or FaceBook live with the New York Times later on today yep. So check that out and thank you for joining an eerie the article huh. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry before. Workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and Blake Miami dot com.