Kimba Interviews Rick Springfield

Thursday, August 2nd

See Rick Springfield live on his ‘Best In Show’ Tour, August 28th at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater! 

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What a one point five lite FM it's his skin and on August funny that Tuesday night to lead a dam welcomes to the Pompano Beach campus theater Tommy two tone Greg can Loverboy the special guests of one Rick Springfield and that's who I'm about to talk to as soon as I a year. Hello hello Eric Springfield we spoke about seven years ago and this is the first thing that you said to me. Oh lord what law what do you do and I'm driving it must cart job if you look all I'm gonna let it sure broke up. I. And I want it to this day I use it as bragging rights I tell everybody that you broke a lot just it's hot it means facing fines and a possible court appearance and now I am the envy of every girl and I have. So thank you for that our. Program we are we're there we had a problem there is certainly did I am not sure you're aware of this. Yesterday. It was 37 years ago yesterday. That Jesse's girl hit number one on the billboard hot 100. Yeah actually an elder problem. And yet tracks and. Thank guard George and I'm not which is to manage our yacht but it was he part of that whole project. He played better but it bulletin board because car based similar but that's fantastic 370 yeah girls Kurdish urban Wear. I know I can't believe he recorded it in utero that's crazy act of my list and shall we are new blues record they came out that you're the Snake. River which is also a nickname I'm pretty sure. I agree. But should our blue truck you know and Ariel Debra Boogaard what that's for sure. Well they always say the blues had a baby and they called it rock and roll so I think they're kind of yeah tag team there. Are your neighbors include parent you know Richard in my first band should look told them like ultra music and not go to first kind of music I really. Church to try and because sellers are really attracted just get all the pops up. We will lower on the radio that the blues you have to think he'd. Just yet and certainly in Australia rather trumps. Yes always been an important part of our plan and the things I'm saying on the record change all that kind of musical approach shall. The leadership of. And will hear some of that on the twentieth. Yeah yeah I guess you're sure we do actually a couple of whom under what really Hurt Locker picture really well you can actually. Well I must say you're really great live. I had a monster of a band barrier and pedal to the metal on everything so I heavier stuff really works with the way we actually overshot. The last time we did speak that was placed at seven years up the documentary an apparent heart had just come out your book lately I had just mountain paperback. And since then you've had a novel out you've done all the acting which includes that blu Lucifer and supernatural. Which by the way and that moment I am pretty sure most women said yes Helmut such a bad place. I. Over 12100. Like playing people are against it though about laying up is against I think it appears there. And yeah we know you get the devilish side. All of that we're talking make his return man acting and writing and playing I'm certainly thinking that playing. Touring around is when your favorite things to do that when new do you do anything off time you have any off time got a those a lot of projects going on. While must come expend more art and they're not true it's a it's my hobby you know. Musical both pros whenever a lot too large and that what I do to relax only or dormitory many vacations may occur accord didn't like. Yeah. It's always good if you likely to do is let it didn't have a better brand in the morning Cher. And so wit me pulled the story together wins big Greg can and Tammy T town an all lover boy love the upper boy. Yeah they write that critics stronger another great band to ever I've been playing together for a normal although I have all go to great show pressure or wherever you're first to ever get it. Decent sized tour wants to Chicago that was great can openings so it personally played together and I used 37 years now shall. Well that's pretty cool electrical current everyone thinks there are 867 Montreal not my song anyway so appropriate. And make maybe now is Jesse's girl's phone number or something yeah no other countries shared air water species mom Jessie is go to our web all of them were great except Montreal and our nannies Nace. Let me you know the show is gonna be to sing along all sing alongs still dead pretty much get a little short trip where I'd been abroad great people. There's no jerks or privilege under an experience you last time when I saw you were touring with lovable. To reduce controller reverend her. Distrust so many great trawl. Oh for sure Mike Reid has voices stellar argued that art that is August when he the Pompano Beach amphitheater. Where you can see Rick Springfield and it's the best in show tour is that we'll work on it yeah yeah. I come first when the dog on it. But it's not very much totem animals are in Munich goes there are so it seemed appropriate tribal. No dogs on the show though by the way. Our long running role. Well there's and they had I think more. Two legged variety wink wink nudge nudge you know insane yeah Eric I know Rick Springfield thank you for taken time out let me talk about your gorgeous and it's a little bit as well. See in a couple weeks or.