Kimba Interviews Kenny Loggins

Tuesday, May 8th

101.5 LITE FM's Kimba interviews Kenny Loggins on May 8, 2018.

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"101.5 Lite FM, it is me Kimba and, very cool, I get to call Kenny Loggins." (dialing number) "Hello it's Kimba" "Hey, Kimba it's Kenny" "What a treat this is." "Cool." "It's very unusual that I get to call you- the first thing that came to mind is 'whenever I call you-friend'" "Friend. There you go! My daughter and I are singing that song together and she said 'Dad, isn't that weird to sing a love song to your daughter?' and I said 'It's not really what people thing it is. It's about the relationship of my first wife and her best friend from high school so it was never really meant to be a love song, in that way." "But still a love song nonetheless. And that's what I wanted to I ask you if you know this to be true because you are definitely one of the artists that would be part of my life's soundtrack and have you ever heard that you are an artist that's unsung in the way that people don't realize how much they love you and how many songs of yours that they know until they actually hear you performing them- does that ever get back to you?" "All the time. I hear that all the time. Yeah, they'll come backstage and (they) say I didn't know those were all your songs." "How do you process that?" "Hahaha, um alcohol." "Oh! You're a man after my own heart. The power of music. At a coffee shop that's near where I live, there's a barista that was making a latte or somethin'- this was a couple years ago- and danger zone was playing overhead. And he got so into the song I watched him get lost in your song into singing along and making this coffee and every time I go there, when I see him, I immediately start hearing that song in my head so I know how I feel when I hear a song and it reminds me of a moment or I'm in a moment and it reminds me of a song, but, I play a bad kazoo." "Haha, well kazoos are bad, so.." "Ha, mine is out being retissued right now, so I'll spare you. So, how is it for you, though, as the person who writes and creates the song? Do you have that same feeling come over you?" "You know, It happens when- as far as my own tunes go- it comes up when something evokes an emotional response that reminds me of a particular time in my life. Usually it has to do with children or a love affair that reignites, especially if I find myself, recently I find myself falling in love." "Oooh" "And it triggered memories of falling in love with my second wife, memories of being with my first wife- and some good memories and some not so good memories." "Haha." "Ok, I remember why I'm scared about this situation and yet at the same time it still happens- and you've got all this music. My stuff is very autobiographical." "Yeah." "So I get all of these memories coming back to me, things I want to share with her and things that come up as if they're like 'Don't forget about this.' So, like a memory being jogged" "So, so it kind of happens to you in the same way that it reminds you of your songs." "Right, there's a thing called love languages. People have different love languages and music is obviously one of mine and so I find myself doing like when I was a kid- I'll send her songs. Not just my songs, but songs that I'm reminded of, songs come up out of the grey matter in the morning." "Aw, that's sweet! I love that." "Ya know, music is an integral part of all our lives, thank God." "For sure. And I know, I had read somewhere, so I shouldn't say 'I know', that you had turned down a role in 'A Star is Born'?" "Ya know, that's kind of an urban legend." "That's why I asked." "When John Peters was with Barbara Streisand, I went to their house to show her ideas that might be created more fully, I had bits and pieces of ideas that I wanted to show them- to see if there was something I should finish for "A Star is Born". As it turned out, "I Belive In Love" was one of them." "Yes." "But, while I was there, and we were singing together, all she said to me was 'Have you ever considered acting?' And I said 'No, I'm not really big on that idea.' and that was pretty much the end of the conversation, so.." "Ahhhh." "John kind of amplified it." "Ah, the reason I was asking too though is because the remake coming out with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the starring roles and I didn't know if your song was going to play a part in that or be on the new soundtrack of if you're involved in any way." "Mmm, not that I know of, no. They'll probably come out with new material." "I guess we'll just wait and see. I'm speaking with Kenny Loggins who will perform at the Hard Rock Live! Event Center Tuesday, May 15th and was just awarded the first, ever Guild of Music Supervisors Icon Award Outstanding achievements in film, TV and movies. And that you also, I understand, "Celebrate Me Home" certainly one of the songs that will go down in history as iconic. You're going to come out with a line of home goods?" " Well, we're working on that idea. I have not, I don't know where you got that note from, but it's interesting because we have just begun talking about.." "Ha, I don't think I should reveal what I did to get that information, Mr. Loggins." "When I was a young parent, finding green products and how to turn my home in to a safe place for a crawling kid was a priority and there wasn't a lot of avenues back then. Uh, there's more now, but I thought, ya know, one-stop shopping- not a bad idea." "And I love the title, 'cause I'm always up for a pun of sorts and I saw on your website "The Manger Zone." "Oh, haha ya, I guess. Did you see the YouTube where we did that Christmas party." "That was FAN-tastic. Misheard lyric, I know a lot of people think you're saying 'I went to the danger zone.'" "No, highway to the danger zone. There is one variation- 'ride into the danger zone'" "Yes." "From Kenny Loggins' mouth. Highway. Kenny Loggins, I can't even tell you how excited I am to be able to be able to talk to you, I can't wait to see you. It's Tuesday, May 15th at the Hard Rock Live, at the Event Center. Thank you so much for takin' the time to talk to me and I'll see you soon!" "OK, good! Bye-bye" "Bye-Bye"