Kids On A Plane

Wednesday, November 1st

How responsible is a parent for their toddler's behavior on a plane? In a restaurant? In any public place?  This discussion grew out of this twitter thread.


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I have to see cat. It and I want to talk to Libby about this one has yet. Went back and forth originated from a little kid kicking the back of a seat on an airplane. And little little kid the person who is terrorist getting kicked complained in their flight attendant wasn't that nice to the parents the kid who is kicking according to that there is spread but the threat winning in two little kids be taught to behave one woman says seventeen months old you can understand how to place to be quiet and sit still seventeen month old is really really young and that's what I am thinking about that's really young they don't have impulse control I mean they can be talked something's just not very gray gray area for me then I'm gonna I don't have enough information here but the same time it's like Calgary Terkel. I had a thorough reflection there mean what day was it did they can't eat the kid have a snag is that the first and the kid ever settled we took William he was just eleven months the spirit tray tables that don't have like the little acts that can keep them capital time that he discovered that it can be is why it falls down and if you're not. Controlling your children's. Flailing crazy arms at all times he's gonna bring Jim flipped that thing down the person in front music didn't -- it's gonna feel that probably be in all aid stuff you can't actually paying your child down there gonna scream but to the camp but on the other person sitting in for me if I had acute kicking the back of my chair usually I'm pretty tolerant. No matter what you wanna say about the kid Ager what child or whether he had a nap is a TU as the parent. To make sure that your kid is not kick in the back of my chair here do I need to do as best you and want what's unacceptable so that you can't control his child I just have to deal. That doesn't seem right now we don't know how many takes half the Indian how many times until he sang a few kicks and I'm thinking and not usually people don't complain over a few kicks you would usually. Usually think everything people complain on airplanes no matter what we parents are getting on planes with that piece of candies for everybody to suck up to them so they aren't big babies themselves because there's a baby on the plane. Who's grown up hearing who's not like. It's what eight. And how people are just so crusty on airplanes nothing can make them happy even if he picks and maybe they already were tents. And a few kicks they weren't among got a better nip this in the bud before it gets any worse kind of thing and that may very well have been trying to stop this kid from doing it or not you can't be sure that game where they're at that other problem I I agree people are less tolerant and there are a lot of parents who let their kids do what ever they want and it got headphones on -- may very will be sleeping and I don't care of their kid is acting I don't think that that's a lot I don't I think it's unfair to say there are a lot of parents like that because I I think there maybe some I think it's fair need every if you need a break you can't take it while you're on the airplane. That's not fair either I remember when I was a kid we just simply were not allowed to do that. So what do we had impulse control or not we were not allowed to do that we would run around like that we've gotten our bombs beat we will have been I don't agree with that either so there's got to be happy medium getting my butt beat because I was a little kid because you didn't plan properly as you'd think that you know album on my I had more impulse control the night that I control my behavior most of the time you were given no no choice but HD you'd have a choice whether it'll be able to act out of control or not. And and that source said a sign of how are we telling people that we need to hit their kids know what you're saying kids have no impulse control and I'm saying obviously they do well we have to be headed and that's the thing we have to be smarter than our kids get a new tool you're getting new book or something you know I'm not a proponent of sticking kids in front of the tablet but I am sure is second -- a -- tablet or something to watch but if it's going to keep him settled and still for however long you're gonna be on the airplane in my travels remembering anything kitchen -- -- that kids bowl word so they start kick it -- shore. It's so easy to sit and judge the what do they don't have the money what if all their money they to -- together to get to their mom's funeral we just did a money -- blog. -- right but you said plan ahead be prepared -- -- parents spank instead of working things out with using other tactics -- judging these are circumstances. That you cannot let your child disturb other people you just can't do that just. Because their kids and you don't have to push for them and you really can't expect other people to be accepting him back I certainly am not. Now we cannot my point adults. Who are very scared to fly and have never gotten over that fear just is there an adult does that make it any less scary and then a few cuts are you doing kick in the back you're Karen Yuri scared hopeless that's not helping. So it's about all of us working together certainly some people are being too harsh. On him but I think he's also playing it down well that's not fair because you really don't know what happened who I really annoyed about with all this is the flight attendant who's giving him crap about it what it's not fair either is there were only hearing his side you supposed to be that the middle purse and not that taking sides had emperor. The kickers kick check her if she and we don't goes up and says can you please have your child stopped kicking the chair look that's like we do not have enough information she may have not said it now nearly that nicely that would have been totally okay the maybe she said sir. It is a real pain in the butt. But you seem to be taken at his word. And no one else we don't have an aberration about him I either he could be playing is down completely or but we don't know no I go to that. That he's playing it down because he keeps alluding to an am referring to in his Twitter thread. 81 you talk about adults who have put their feet up and all that many talks about the fact that he's bomb kicked in jabbed on virtually every right he's on them so that everyone lose it at a minor disturbance. Says my seats been kicked many times only time I was minister was because it was a ten year old playing in his parents for four rows and like tickets just decided the circumstance which it's OK to have a chair connect nobody likes their had every right to complain about it but I fully agree with you on this level. And the flight attendant had every right to come over and say something that it rudely. That's not cool either remind me to not fly with you and my child damned with kids on planes damn good with kids period long as they kick in my state. You snuggled and you seemed an error saying you had the best time we've been very good. At this put it this early and everybody be happy on the escalate. Are you kidding me. Until next. Our camera and in the case each work day afternoon starting at three. He dot com.