Julie & Tamara Talk with Dr. Masand Part 2

Wednesday, June 6th

Julie Guy & Tamara G. spoke to Dr. Masand on Wednesday, June 6th after the news came out that Kate Spade was lost to suicide. Dr. Masand explains what we can do to help individuals who are depressed or have psychiatric illnesses.

We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support. Talk to someone now: 1-800-273-8255

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I have one last question for you know you're very busy and we appreciate it and it's time to call us. I'm not many people yesterday posted on social media that they were an area that obviously hear the news of Kate State's passing etc. it's utter. And what's followed by many many people and they meant it in all sincerity saying. Please if you are feeling down if you are depressed please reach out. Call this number and while I know that they meant well I was actually rather aggravated to see those things yesterday because I thought if they really. They had that mental capacity to do that don't you think they wanted. You know yes they know some people who can not human being. Apple wants to kill themselves right we have the urge to live that's how we've been evolutionary. Common evolutionary perspective. So combine all the action to see if they want him on that somebody Ayers. And sometimes you cannot have access to social supports an error in Egypt suddenly won't get in Egypt friends. I'm so popular national suicide prevention lifeline that you can call 180270. Dole aide to. That light can be that other person who cares who are you what's going on mixture girl. And that can be off in the country. Repeat that number of police went out for just a minute doctor. BB number at the national suicide prevention lifeline its 100. Going 73855180270. Bill PK okay. And number it's always in your back pocket and that we need to be somebody nobody if you go for and they apparently are not available. Please you know we have this connection all that life like in life can be seen. 180273. Talk 1800. 273. Talk thank you doctor for tests ms. sign an outlet pronouncing that right now I don't think you art art but I hit that at the. Yeah absolutely. It's definitely a bit. City that Ingrid do league debut and Tamara.