Julie & Tamara Talk with Dr. Masand Part 1

Wednesday, June 6th

Julie Guy & Tamara G. spoke to Dr. Masand on Wednesday, June 6th after the news came out that Kate Spade was lost to suicide. Dr. Masand explains what we can do to help individuals who are depressed or have psychiatric illnesses.

We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support. Talk to someone now: 1-800-273-8255

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So doctor per Cashman sign you are New York City psychiatrists are also the founder of these centers of psychiatric excellence good morning good morning how we view we are great docked him a son of course we talk to me. With you this morning because yesterday the news came out that Kate Spade. Committed suicide and she's not the only one but we just wanted to talk with you because you know we're trying to figure out what do you do you suspect someone. Is thinking of taking their eyes what could there have been to stop office. So you know. Very important for the listeners to know what to the end Tamara that suicide today is that and Keating called look at the United States and read you 123. Americans commit suicide. So that a lot that we can do it control laws. We should all of these are individuals who art the prayers to have psychiatric illness. But that they've ever had talks about cutting themselves. They've ever felt a bit better off dead. Caller you know I've ever felt so down and despondent that you feel that lies not with living. We never ask questions that goes on of them at that that still exist is if you are somebody about suicide. Or kill themselves and apps immediately untrue. We have to think about suicidal idea should ask about suicide the action because we can intervene and make it different. Do you think that they will answer that truthfully. I was at a pediatrician yesterday with my daughter and she's twelve years old. And they had a full on form obviously it says he now and and she was to answer this particular part of the form by herself that said. How do you ever thought about taking your life and she put now and I was grateful this seat got but. Do you think that people would. Answer that on a sleep. Yes sentinel some individuals may be hesitant to that question many clinicians may be hesitant to our equipment so glad that your pediatrician. Get the PHQ nine which is now and of how do you recommend that our. You know children. Opted or does it but here is the important thing. Not questions on the PHQ nine. Even the individual that knocked tree yes. What that number nine. Let me say yes support the number one tree or six than your development and might be a depression. Expert clinicians responsibility. To follow up entry I don't know on this question number nine you at all. But it just wanted to bring this up again you know sometimes. Of people like you often have caught even creating about correcting itself but. Often have thought that like who populate living have you ever experienced and he's such a and that's really the therapeutic alliance between the yet friction between the primary care physician and the patient comfortable talking about it and then it put them back. Why do you think this suicide rates continue to rise. And what many people set about Kate Spade yesterday specifically as. You know she could have four afforded the hill she was very successful writings she was successful. She could've afforded to get mental hills he was embarrassed. So that several potential explanations forward but it is actually have gone up in our. Could be yours but I think the age group of teenagers and the intra party fight a 54 and these are the reasons why one. Is even today you mean you any of them in the truck to ignore that only 30% of patients in America the clinical depression received adequate treatment. Second. Many connections even today yesterday I had lunch with the chief operating as well be happy Madison program in New York City. Except that the screeners could not. But it's bigger or. Even to the stigma Amber's. Men around are asking about suicide more space and to compete suicide. They see a clinician wouldn't want to treat month's all competing to site 90% of fiction. Complete suicide happened I ignore the book psychiatric disorder. We have treatments that we can decrease suicidal ignition and 24 hours but you know nobody. Green bout nobody are about it they're still a stigma allotment.