Julie & Tamara Talk with Donny Osmond

Wednesday, June 6th


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Kisses on the phone Julie who needs us now is this Donnie I. Amateur I don't know. And we are so excited to talk CU there are no words seriously much. Yeah as seriously and the fact that you out on tour. With you know that other Osmond that we know so will lose their money is her name again I think he's known Victoria. Hot hot hot hot. And really be different so yes Donny and Marie are coming to South Florida. They are gonna be at the hard Iraqi been sensor June 28 so happy bin. I've been doing great work my butt off there were supposed to be. In Vegas for six weeks and we're now doing our chance here. Are you serious thought it's unbelievable heroes they're they're called the show won't dive. So it did you know when we first started there we just you know how are we gonna show she's just six weeks and here we are probably gonna do one more year of your limb here. I mean are you not aware that people I mean I and I'm sure it will listen you do we have been in radio long time until people often say I listened to you and high school and and we are like oh thanks a lot. But are you not aware that people have grown up with you Mike really and truly your beloved let let you know you I need your beloved in you. Did you know that it's really funny because after every show we have a meet and greets and their stories that I didn't. The box it's unbelievable. Come on Donny Meehan my brother I was always a little bit country and he was long willow and Iraq and drawn out very aggravated because I wanted to be a little bit more rock and roll and he just would never let me when you are load on him. Yes he is and I have always love puppy love and always heads of the he's just another it's decided not okay. I got a funny story about puppy love and I was when I was promoting soldier look you were sold to vote. I thought that some day. You mentioned it totally love that song. So okay in fact I'm going to be doing it as the hard rock. We got under soldier look at who thought reload but when I was promoted sultry look I never really wanted to sing popular wanna break out of that whole image. And does so thank everybody in the audience kept changing popular street -- of finally I just had a the show and I turned to the benefit guys give me a heavy metal version (%expletive) most know you can work. And they probably they were just as it was horrible version of others and everybody do paranoid. You know kind of laughed a little bit but after the show I was coming up the stage door. And this ladies stop me you should why did you make fun of populous. There in a very mostly kind of way I should well as much song I can do whatever I want to limit and that she has something that changed my life. She said yes you may have had a hit with a popular with the big part of my childhood memories and you have no right to mess with my memories. All I can. It stopped me in my tracks and every lead the best moment yet that belongs to so many other people not just Jews so I'm still be talking loads but I treated with respect now. He should did you sing to her did you apologize buzzing into her right there on my knee. You know I Donny because well that's part of your charm is that you're so genuine and sincere but so many artists don't realize what you just said she. Yeah I am I won't mention which ones annoys the unbelievable. Crap out of me. Pardon my French and you'll go to their shows Emma do another version of something and you're like. Know all our money here at the where listen to it in high school in my car with my friends when it was number one on each hour that's what everybody wants to remember that's why they still love you and that's why you are still beloved why you in my career still beloved. I tried on comes to see you on Broadway in always finds it shows because you just have that wonderful charm about you. Well thank you I appreciate the compliment because I've been doing this for so long and I totally agree with you when I go to a concert I wanna hear the way I fell in love with it. Wanna hear the way it was on the radio when I was younger when I first heard it. And yes you can feel like for instance soldier loves a beefed it up a little bit but it's still good old soldier loads. There is a whole new kind of rendition of it but what we see if you have done so to love it's fruitful. Or an eagle on an annex we used to things. It's still rare even good Donny and Marie's summer tour 2018. Coming to South Florida Thursday June 28 8 PM. That's a hard rocky men sinner. Get your take is this is going to be a great show and it will take you back in. He's a list he's on time he's good looking he instills aimed so thank you done and buried here. Pop it and I love he's gonna sing pumping you love the way he sang and back and whenever they went in hit those notes 1972. The artists and take no yeah. I didn't stress favorites fixed camera G pullen and that I.